┟ free Hardcover Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth ▮ ePUB Author Reza Aslan ◎ ┟ free Hardcover Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth ▮ ePUB Author Reza Aslan ◎ QA with Reza Aslan Q Why did you title your biography of Jesus of Nazareth Zealot A In Jesus world, zealot referred to those Jews who adhered to a widely accepted biblical doctrine called zeal These zealous Jews were strict nationalists who preached the sole sovereignty of God They wanted to throw off the yoke of Roman occupation and cleanse the Promised Land of all foreign elements Some zealots resorted to extreme acts of violence against both the Roman authorities and the Jewish collaborators, by which they meant the wealthy Temple priests and the Jewish aristocracy Others refrained from violence but were no less adamant about establishing the reign of God on earth There is no evidence that Jesus of Nazareth was himself a violent revolutionary though his views on the use of violence were complex than it is often assumed However, Jesus actions and his teachings about the Kingdom of God clearly indicate that he was a follower of the zealot doctrine, which is why he, like so many zealots before and after him, was ultimately executed by Rome for the crime of sedition. Q Yours is one of the few popular biographies of Jesus of Nazareth that does not rely on the gospels as your primary source of information for uncovering Jesus life Why is that What are your primary sources A I certainly rely on the gospels to provide a narrative outline to my biography of Jesus of Nazareth, but my primary source in recreating Jesus life are historical writings about first century Palestine, like the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, as well as Roman documents of the time The gospels are incredible texts that provide Christians with a profound framework for living a life in imitation of Christ The problem, however, is that the gospels are not, nor were they ever meant to be, historical documentations of Jesus life These are not eyewitness accounts of Jesus words and deeds They are testimonies of faith composed by communities of faith written many years after the events they describe In other words, the gospels tell us about Jesus the Christ, not Jesus the man The gospels are of course extremely useful in revealing how the early Christians viewed Jesus But they do not tell us much about how Jesus viewed himself To get to the bottom of that mystery, which is what I try to do in the book, one must sift through the gospel stories to analyze their claims about Jesus in light of the historical facts we know about the time and world in which Jesus lived Indeed, I believe that if we place Jesus firmly within the social, religious, and political context of the era in which he lived, then, in some ways, his biography writes itself. Q You write in the book that you became an evangelical Christian in High School, but that after a few years, you abandoned Christianity and returned to the faith of your forefathers Islam Why did you decide to make this change and how did it affect how you understood the life and work of Jesus of Nazareth A When I was fifteen years old I heard the gospel story for the first time and immediately accepted Jesus into my heart I had what Christians refer to as an encounter with Christ I spent the next five years as an evangelical Christian, and even spent some time traveling around the United States spreading the gospel message But the I read the Bible especially in college, where I began my formal study of the New Testament the I uncovered a wide chasm between the Jesus of history and the Jesus I learned about in church At that same time, through the encouragement of one of my professors, I began to reexamine the faith and traditions of my forefathers and returned to Islam But the irony is that once I detached my academic study of Jesus from my faith in Christ, I became an even fervent follower of Jesus of Nazareth What I mean to say is that I live my life according to the social teachings preached by Jesus two thousand years ago I take his actions against the powers of his time and his defense of the poor and the weak as a model of behavior for myself I pray, as a Muslim, alongside my Christian wife, and together we teach our children the values I believe Jesus represents The man who defied the will of the most powerful empire the world had ever known and lost is so much real to me than the Jesus I knew as a Christian So in a way, this book is my attempt to spread the good news of Jesus the man with the same passion that I once applied to spreading the good news of Jesus the Christ. Q What do you hope readers, especially religious readers, take away from your book A My hope is that this book provides readers with a complete sense of the world in which Jesus lived We cannot truly understand Jesus words and deeds if we separate them from the religious and political context of his time Regardless of whether you think of Jesus as a prophet, a teacher, or God incarnate, it is important to remember that he did not live in a vacuum Whatever else Jesus was, he was, without question, a man of his time This is true for all of us The key to understanding who Jesus was and what Jesus meant lies in understanding the times in which he lived Thats what this book does It drops you in the middle of Jesus world and helps you understand the context out of which he arose and in which preached.Starred Review The person and work of Jesus of Nazareth has been a topic of constant interest since he lived and died some 2,000 years ago Much speculation about who he was and what he taught has led to confusion and doubt Aslan, who authored the much acclaimed No god but God The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam, offers a compelling argument for a fresh look at the Nazarene, focusing on how Jesus the man evolved into Jesus the Christ Approaching the subject from a purely academic perspective, the author parts an important curtain that has long hidden from view the man Jesus, who is every bit as compelling, charismatic, and praiseworthy as Jesus the Christ Carefully comparing extra biblical historical records with the New Testament accounts, Aslan develops a convincing and coherent story of how the Christian church, and in particular Paul, reshaped Christianity s essence, obscuring the very real man who was Jesus of Nazareth Compulsively readable and written at a popular level, this superb work is highly recommended Agent Elyse Cheney, Elyse Cheney Literary Associates July Zealot The Life and Times of Jesus Nazareth by Reza Aslan Aslan holds a BA in Religions, Masters Theology from Harvard Divinity, PhD Sociology Religions UC, Santa Barbara He is well publ Zealot study the historical Jewish Wikipedia book Iranian American writer scholar It account life analyzes various religious perspectives on as creation Christianity New York best seller This age zealotry fervent nationalism that made resistance to Roman occupation sacred duty incumbent all Jews And few figures better exemplified this principle than charismatic Galilean who defied both imperial authorities their allies hierarchy Still Firebrand Years Later Times Aug , was disciple John Baptist until s arrest Like John, preached imminent arrival kingdom God, which would be an earthly, political state ruled God or his anointed, messiah never intended found church, much less new religion FREE shipping qualifying offers NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A lucid, intelligent page turner Los Angeles challenges long held assumptions about YouTube Nov yields fresh perspective one greatest stories ever told even it affirms radical transformative nature mission Nazareth, book, based fact speculation Zealots Zealots were movement st century Second Temple Judaism, sought incite people Judea Province rebel against Empire expel Holy Land force arms, most notably during First War Zealotry term used Josephus for fourth sect philosophy period Definition Merriam Webster Recent Examples Web Venkaiah Naidu, Indian vice president referred English disease, southern but nevertheless Hindi zealot WSJ, India Should Show Humility, Sep Some anti Trump zealots are now claiming Russians actually swung election Judaism Britannica Zealot, member noted its uncompromising opposition pagan Rome polytheism professed aggressive party whose concern national led them despise peace Simon name Simon occurs Synoptic Gospels Book Acts each time there list apostles, without further details Simon, whom he also named Peter, Andrew brother, James Philip Bartholomew, Matthew Thomas, son Alphaeus, called Zelotes, Judas brother James, Iscariot, traitor Revelation Wounded Head Movement post continues series, Beast Revelation Was Led Israel introduction outline series can seen here In previous we looked at We considered how beast day had Babylonian, Persian, Greek traits leaders Is Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Is Done Aslan, with sociology religions University California author went FoxNews online show Spirited Debate promote only prodded why Muslim write Numerology Path Numbers Astrology Numerology Michael McClain sum birth date number represents you native will carry through Norsemen Netflix Official Site AD, Vikings Norheim have hectic schedule includes pillaging, plundering, enslaving others solving problems violence Watch trailers learn About REZA ASLAN internationally renowned writer, commentator, professor, producer, religionsHis books, including Bestseller, been translated into dozens languages around worldHe recipient prestigious Joyce Award addition role Consulting Producer Complete 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