‾ Free Format Kindle Read ⇁ Walking Your Blues Away: How to Heal the Mind and Create Emotional Well-Being  ⁕ ePUB By Thom Hartmann ₎ ‾ Free Format Kindle Read ⇁ Walking Your Blues Away: How to Heal the Mind and Create Emotional Well-Being ⁕ ePUB By Thom Hartmann ₎ from Chapter 4 NLP and the Modern History of Bilateral TherapiesI told Ralph that the way this technique worked, the therapist would first ask the client where they held the picture of their trauma Ralph said that his was right in front of him, about two feet away, in a square area that roughly encompassed his chest, and he started to tremble and tears came to his eyes as he pointed at it I told him and the group that it had been my experience that most people with PTSD held their traumatic memories in roughly the same place, and when memories were elsewhere they were usually not the source of true PTSD symptoms I then told Ralph that to do Eye Motion Therapy a therapist would not have the client look in the direction of the traumatic picture, but would instead direct his eyes everywhere else As he looked away from that spot, he regained his composure.Ralph sat opposite me, facing me directly, our knees about six inches from each other I held up a felt marker pen just above his eye level and told him that with EMT the therapist would ask the client to hold his head steady and just follow the tip of the pen with his eyes I suggested that he consider the intensity of the emotion he was experiencing right now as 100 on a scale of 0 to 100, and wed check it again as we went along Then I began moving the pen around in regular, rhythmic patterns, from side to side, going just to the edge of his field of vision across the top of his field of vision, sort of like I was wiping a blackboard at that height I continued this for about two minutes, then stopped.Whats the intensity of the emotion now I asked.Ralph glanced down and said, Around 80 percent.Fine, I said, and repeated the process, this time moving through the center of his visual field as well as above it, but always being careful not to move the pen into the area where he said the painful picture was located After another two or three minutes of having his eyes follow the pen from side to side again, I stopped and asked how he was doing.Its down around 60 percent, he said.We repeated the process again, and this time he said it went to about 40 percent.One of the keys to doing EMT and avoiding abreactions is to not enter the picture until the intensity is below 50 percent, so when he reported it was at 40 percent, I again moved the pen from side to side but this time did it across his entire visual field, from top to bottom to top, as if I were thoroughly washing a blackboard Whenever I noticed his eyes tic seize up for a moment and interrupt the smooth flow of motion following the pen Id revisit that area a few times until his eye motions were smooth there After about two minutes of this, he took a deep breath as his eyes were following the pen, let it out, and began to grin broadly, then chuckled under his breath.I stopped the pen and said, Whats up He looked at me with an expression of mixed amusement and astonishment I cant believe what a dummy Ive been all these years, he said.What do you mean I should have just let that go and gotten on with my life Instead, Ive wasted than thirty years.Are we talking about the event that was bringing you to tears fifteen minutes ago I said.We sure are, he said I was with a medivac unit in Vietnam, and after a really nasty firefight I called in two choppers to carry out the wounded I was pretty sure all the enemy were dead, so after the choppers were loaded, I signaled them to take off They got about two hundred feet up into the air and two rockets came out of the jungle and exploded them both, raining down helicopter parts and bodies on those of us on the ground He shook his head with an expression of regret, although his tone was matter of fact I blamed myself for their deaths, and every day since that day in 1970 Ive seen those choppers explode and heard those men screaming as they fell out of the sky.And now He lifted his shoulders and dropped them I still remember it But while you were doing that last pass there with the pen, suddenly it seemed like the pictures flattened out and took on the quality of an old newsreel And I heard my own voice in my head say to me, You did what you thought was right at the time It was a mistake, but you did it with good intentions You wanted to get those men to medical care, and you saved a lot of other lives while you were in that war And now its over and done with, theres nothing you can do about it, and its time to forgive yourself and get on with your life If nothing else, thats what the guys who died would want you to do, because its what you would have wanted them to do if the situation had been reversed And whats the intensity of the emotion right now I said.He shrugged again Close to zero I mean, damn, its been thirty years Its over and done with Its been several years since Ralph participated in that teaching demonstration, and Stephen tells me that hes doing well in his life, has a job, and is no longer tortured by his past Hes cured of his PTSD.Thom Hartmanns work with bilateral movement is a fascinating and important contribution to holistic healing modalities and a timely tool for healing many crises of our modern times James Endredy, author of Ecoshamanism and Earthwalks for Body and Spirit This book is a prescription for mental wellness that has no bad side effects Walking, like drawing, is a human activity that calms the brain and induces insight Buy several copies youll be handing this book out to friends Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain In presenting respectable research and scholarship on how the mundane seeming, everyday activity of walking balances the brains laterality, Thom Hartmann brings a scholars concentration to his subject, a storytellers sense of enchantment, and a humanitarians concern with the issues that matter Stephen Larsen, author of The Healing Power of Neurofeedback Walking Your Blues Away How to Heal the Mind and Create Walking Emotional Well Being Case studies have shown dramatic results consciously, while holding a distress or desire in mind, can rapidly dissolve rigidity of traumatic memory negative mind state, dispersing its unpleasant associations as little half hour s time your gave me insights on why I felt so good after long walk about, be it Midwest, Colorado, California shoreline, wherever The only writer who has taught is Thomas Moore with his soulful books Paperback by Thom Hartmann at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping EIGHT Coach Therapist NINE for Creativity Problem Solving Is Simple, Effective Therapy best possible exercise Habituate yourself very far Jefferson Seeing correlations between bilateral therapies from Franz Anton Mesmer today, knowing that eye motion REM sleep associated healing traumas, Best all, if reading an e book, you buy paper version Read book quite powerful experience Inner Traditions Ourselves ONE Trauma Sticks Mechanism PTSD TWO Discovering History Bilateral Therapies THREE Why Bilaterality So Important FOUR NLP Modern FIVE Developing Technique SIX Do Session SEVEN Amnesia Healing Hartmann hours While walking always been natural part life, OverDrive Shows how stimulates both sides brain promote restore mental health Provides simple, yet potent, exercises use Walk Care Healthy Living Walk They are Define issue Before going walk, consider issues still hanging around life feel unresolved This could range past hurts, angers, embarrassments relationship people no longer access including died YouTube Nov , Provided YouTube Warner Music Group Professor Longhair New Orleans Piano Atlantic Records Drums AL Miller Profe Book Official A new approach using heal emotional trauma bring forth optimal functioning Explores Article Article simple technique allow following excerpt Bass Through Bar TalkingBass In this lesson m providing bass line through bar blues progression jazz style trough courses informative thank much all fallowing great again Thom News info progressive radio talk show host US York Times bestselling author, Project Censored awards, Wikipedia Carl born May American personality, former psychotherapist, businessman, political commentator hosted nationally syndicated show, Program, since nightly television Big Picture, September ThomHartmann Twitter latest Tweets live every weekday PM ET Talk Portland, OR IMDb Hartmann, Writer Green World Rising writer, known Restoration th Hour Program Monday Friday Call Watch re run three program supporter Patreon http Home Facebook Oregon K likes official Facebook Fan Page nation host, four Award winning, selling author currently print over dozen languages five continents The tunein podcast demand uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion offices our politicians, exposes con conservative KPFK FM Description fields psychiatry, ecology, politics, economics, United States Show Progressive Commentary Videos Commentary For decades, Johnson knew their baby powder contained carcinogens like asbestos Walking Your Blues Away: How to Heal the Mind and Create Emotional Well-Being

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