ᆼ  ┲ The Sympathizer: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) online Ꮪ Kindle By Viet Thanh Nguyen ឬ ᆼ ┲ The Sympathizer: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) online Ꮪ Kindle By Viet Thanh Nguyen ឬ An Best Book of April 2015 Viet Thanh Nguyens The Sympathizer brilliantly draws you in with the opening line I am a spy, a sleeper, a spook, a man of two faces Its thrilling, rhythmic, and astonishing, as is the rest of Nguyens enthralling portrayal of the Vietnam War The narrator is an undercover communist agent posing as a captain in the Southern Vietnamese Army Set during the fall of Saigon and the years after in America, the captain spies on the general and the men he escaped with, sharing his information with his communist blood brothers in coded letters But when his allegiance is called into question, he must act in a way that will haunt him forever Political, historical, romantic and comic, The Sympathizer is a rich and hugely gratifying story that captures the complexity of the war and what it means to be of two minds Al WoodworthPraise for The Sympathizer Winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for FictionWinner of the 2016 Edgar Award for Best First NovelWinner of the 2016 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in FictionWinner of the 2016 Dayton Literary Peace Prize for FictionWinner of the 2015 Center for Fiction First Novel PrizeWinner of the 2015 2016 Asian Pacific American Award for Literature Adult Fiction Winner of the 2016 California Book Award for First FictionWinner of the 2017 Association for Asian American Studies Award for Best Book in Creative Writing Prose Finalist for the 2016 PEN Faulkner AwardFinalist for the 2016 PEN Robert W Bingham Prize for Debut FictionFinalist for the 2016 Medici Book Club PrizeFinalist for the 2015 Los Angeles Times Book Prize Mystery Thriller Finalist for the 2016 ABA Indies Choice E.B White Read Aloud Award Book of the Year, Adult Fiction Shortlisted for the 2017 International Dublin Literary Award Named a Best Book of the Year on than twenty lists, including the New York Times Book Review, Wall Street Journal, and Washington PostA layered immigrant tale told in the wry, confessional voice of a man of two mindsand two countries, Vietnam and the United States.Pulitzer Prize Citation A remarkable debut novel Nguyen brings a distinctive perspective to the war and its aftermath His book fills a void in the literature, giving voice to the previously voiceless The nameless protagonist narrator, a memorable character despite his anonymity, is an Americanized Vietnamese with a divided heart and mind Nguyens skill in portraying this sort of ambivalent personality compares favorably with masters like Conrad, Greene, and le Carr Both thriller and social satire In its final chapters, The Sympathizer becomes an absurdist tour de force that might have been written by a Kafka or Genet.Philip Caputo, New York Times Book Review cover review This is than a fresh perspective on a familiar subject The Sympathizer is intelligent, relentlessly paced and savagely funny The voice of the double agent narrator, caustic yet disarmingly honest, etches itself on the memory.Wall Street Journal WSJs Best Books of 2015 Nguyen doesnt shy away from how traumatic the Vietnam War was for everyone involved Nor does he pass judgment about where his narrators loyalties should lie Most war stories are clear about which side you should root for The Sympathizer doesnt let the reader off the hook so easily Despite how dark it is, The Sympathizer is still a fast paced, entertaining read a much needed Vietnamese perspective on the war.Bill Gates, Gates Notes Extraordinary Surely a new classic of war fiction Nguyen has wrapped a cerebral thriller around a desperate expat story that confronts the existential dilemmas of our age Laced with insight on the ways nonwhite people are rendered invisible in the propaganda that passes for our pop culture I havent read anything since Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four that illustrates so palpably how a patient tyrant, unmoored from all humane constraint, can reduce a mans mind to liquid.Washington PostThe great achievement of The Sympathizer is that it gives the Vietnamese a voice and demands that we pay attention Until now, its been largely a one sided conversationor at least thats how it seems in American popular culture Weve never had a story quite like this one before Nguyen has a great deal to say and a knowing, playful, deeply intelligent voice There are so many passages to admire Mr Nguyen is a master of the telling ironic phrase and the biting detail, and the book pulses with Catch 22 style absurdities.New York TimesBeautifully written and meaty really compelling I had that kid like feeling of being inside the book.Claire Messud, Boston GlobeThrilling in its virtuosity, as in its masterly exploitation of the espionage thriller genre, The Sympathizer was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and has come to be considered one of the greatest of Vietnam War novels The books unnamed narrator speaks in an audaciously postmodernist voice, echoing not only Vladimir Nabokov and Ralph Ellison but the Dostoyevsky of Notes from the Underground.Joyce Carol Oates, New Yorker Gleaming and uproarious, a dark comedy of confession filled with charlatans, delusionists and shameless opportunists The Sympathizer, like Graham Greenes The Quiet American, examines American intentions, often mixed with hubris, benevolence and ineptitude, that lead the country into conflict Los Angeles Times Both a riveting spy novel and a study in identity Entertainment Weekly This debut is a page turner read everybody will finish that makes you reconsider the Vietnam War read everyone will have an opinion Nguyens darkly comic novel offers a point of view about American culture that weve rarely seen.Oprah.com Oprahs Book Club Suggestions The novels best parts are painful, hilarious exposures of white tone deafness the satire is delicious.New YorkerThe Sympathizer reads as part literary historical fiction, part espionage thriller and part satire American perceptions of Asians serve as some of the books most deliciously tart commentary Nguyen knows of what he writes.Los Angeles TimesSparkling and audacious Unique and startling Nguyens prose is often like a feverish, frenzied dream, a profuse and lively stream of images sparking off the page Nguyen can be wickedly funny His narrator has an incisive take on Asian American history and what it means to be a nonwhite American this remarkable, rollicking read by a Vietnamese immigrant heralds an exciting new voice in American literature.Seattle TimesStunned, amazed, impressed The Sympathizer is so skillfully and brilliantly executed that I cannot believe this is a first novel I should add jealous to my emotions Upends our notions of the Vietnam novel.Chicago TribuneA very special, important, brilliant novel Amazing I dont say brilliant about a lot of books, but this is a brilliant book A fabulous book that everyone should read.Nancy Pearl, KUOW.orgDazzling Ive read scads of Vietnam War books, but The Sympathizer has an exciting quality I havent encountered A fascinating exploration of personal identity, cultural identity, and what it means to sympathize with two sides at once.John Powers, Fresh Air, NPR Books I Wish Id Reviewed Powerful and evocative Gripping.San Francisco ChronicleWelcome a unique new voice to the literary chorus The Sympathizer is, among other things, a character driven thriller, a political satire, and a biting historical account of colonization and revolution It dazzles on all fronts.Cleveland Plain Dealer Nguyens books perform an optic tilt about Vietnam and what America did there as profound as Ralph Ellisons Invisible Man and Toni Morrisons Beloved were to the legacy of racism and slavery.John Freeman, Literary HubFor those who have been waiting for the great Vietnamese American Vietnam War novel, this is it More to the point This is a great American Vietnam War novel It is the last word I hope on the horrors of the Vietnamese re education camps that our allies were sentenced to when we left them swinging in the wind.Vietnam Veterans of AmericaWhat a story An absorbing, elegantly written book If you are an American, of any culture or color, you will benefit from reading this book which offers, in exquisite thought and phrase, the multi layered experience of a war most Americans have blotted out of consciousness, suppressed, or willfully ignored Ive been waiting to read this book for decades.Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple Magisterial A disturbing, fascinating and darkly comic take on the fall of Saigon and its aftermath, and a powerful examination of guilt and betrayal The Sympathizer is destined to become a classic and redefine the way we think about the Vietnam War and what it means to win and to lose.T.C BoyleTrapped in endless civil war, the man who has two minds tortures and is tortured as he tries to meld the halves of his country and of himself Viet Thanh Nguyen accomplishes this integration in a magnificent feat of storytelling The Sympathizer is a novel of literary, historical, and political importance.Maxine Hong Kingston, author of The Fifth Book of PeaceIt is a strong, strange and liberating joy to read this book, feeling with each page that a broken world is being knitted back together, once again whole and complete As far as I am concerned, Viet Thanh Nguyens The Sympathizerboth a great American novel and a great Vietnamese novelwill close the shelf on the literature of the Vietnam War.Bob Shacochis, author of The Woman Who Lost Her SoulRead this novel with care it is easy to read, wry, ironic, wise, and captivating, but it could change not only your outlook on the Vietnam War, but your outlook on what you believe about politics and ideology in general It does what the best of literature does, expands your consciousness beyond the limitations of your body and individual circumstances.Karl Marlantes, author of Matterhorn and What It Is Like to Go to WarNot only does Viet Thanh Nguyen bring a rare and authentic voice to the body of American literature generated by the Vietnam War, he has created a book that transcends history and politics and nationality and speaks to the enduring theme of literature the universal quest for self, for identity The Sympathizer is a stellar debut by a writer of depth and skill.Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange MountainThe Sympathizer is a remarkable and brilliant book By turns harrowing, and cut through by shards of unexpected and telling humor, this novel gives us the conflict in Vietnam, and its aftermath, in a way that is deeply truthful, and vitally important.Vincent Lam, author of Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures and The Headmasters WagerI think I d have to go all the way back to Nabokovs Humbert Humbert to find the last narrative voice that so completely conked me over the head and took me prisoner Nguyen and his unnamed protagonist certainly have made a name for themselves with one of the smartest, darkest, funniest books you ll read this year.David Abrams, author of FobbitAudaciously and vividly imagined A compelling read.Andrew X Pham, author of Catfish and MandalaNguyens cross grained protagonist exposes the hidden costs in both countries of Americas tragic Asian misadventure Nguyens probing literary art illuminates how Americans failed in their political and military attempt to remake Vietnambut then succeeded spectacularly in shrouding their failure in Hollywood distortions Compellingand profoundly unsettling.Booklist starred review A closely written novel of after the war Vietnam, when all that was solid melted into air As Graham Greene and Robert Stone have taught us, on the streets of Saigon, nothing is as it seems Think Alan Furst meets El Leonard, and youll capture Nguyen at his most surreal Both chilling and funny, and a worthy addition to the library of first rate novels about the Vietnam War.Kirkus Reviews starred review An astonishing first novel Nguyens novel enlivens debate about history and human nature, and his narrator has a poignant often mindful voice.Publishers Weekly starred, boxed review Breathtakingly cynical, the novel has its hilarious moments Ultimately a meditation on war, political movements, America s imperialist role, the CIA, torture, loyalty, and one s personal identity, this is a powerful, thought provoking work It s hard to believe this effort is a debut This is right up there with Denis Johnson s Tree of Smoke.Library Journal starred review I cannot remember the last time I read a novel whose protagonist I liked so much Smart, funny, and self critical, with a keen sense of when to let a story speak for itself and when to gloss it with commentary Hes someone I would like to have a beer with, despite the fact that his lifes work is the betrayal of his friends Nguyen proves a gifted and bold satirist.Barnes Riveting The Sympathizer is not only a masterly espionage novel, but also a seminal work of 21st century American fiction Giving voice to the Vietnamese experience in the United States, Nguyen offers profound insights into the legacy of war and the politically and racially charged atmosphere of the 1970s.BookReporter A shimmering debut novel Leaping with lyrical verve, each page turns to a unique and hauntingly familiar voice that refuses to let us forget what people are capable of doing to each other.Asian American Writers WorkshopArresting One of the best pieces of fiction about the Vietnam warand by a Vietnamese Stunning Could it be that Nguyen has captured the shape of the devolution of war itself, from grand ambition to human ruin One of the finest novels of the Vietnam War published in recent years.The Daily Beast An intriguing confessional a tour de force So taken was I by the first quarter of the book that I believed myself to be reading an actual confession The character himself and the quality of the narration seized me, leaving me almost breathless in my pursuit of an ending.Sewanee ReviewTremendously funny, with a demanding verbal texture Both tender and a bit of a romp, the book reminded me of how big books can be.Guardian Best Books of 2015 Astounding The unnamed narrator will be compared to the morally exhausted spies, intelligence officers and double agents of Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene, and John le Carr.Toronto Star Non Aryan Sympathizer Page American Nazi Party Non SYMPATHIZER noun Someone who shares your feelings or opinions and hopes that you will be successful To share understand the ideas of another sympathized with goals committee The A Novel Pulitzer Prize for Fiction The Kindle edition by Viet Thanh Nguyen Download it once read on device, PC, phones tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading What Will You Choose Foreign Policy Reuben Brigety is dean Elliott School International Affairs at George Washington University an adjunct senior fellow 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Ville Archdiocese Catholic Thnh Vietnam latest news Nien Daily Vietnamese language dailies Provides domestic commentary First FictionKILA Congrats Winner Tommy Orange There pleased announce awarded novel, Alfred Knopf Last year winner, Julie Lekstrom Himes, presented award Annual Benefit Awards Dinner December th MacArthur Genius Grants Here Are Recipients Oct MacArthur genius grant recipients D Catherine T Foundation hide caption Opinion Forgotten Victims Agent Sep Phan Hung Duc lies immobile silent, midsection covered haphazardly shirt ornate Cambodian temple design Viet Cong Vi C ng v k w m also known Liberation Front, mass organization South Cambodia its own army People Armed Forces PLAF fought against United States governments during War, eventually emerging winning side Vo Giap Biography War Vo Giap, An Xa, died October Hanoi military leader whose perfection guerrilla well conventional strategy tactics led victory over end colonialism Southeast Asia later North CURRENT STATUS AND STRATEGY TO DEVELOPMENT VIET CURRENT VIET NAM RAILWAY BY VISION Busan, rd June AUTHORITY Address Tran Dao str Hoan Kiem dist Nam Google Search information, including webpages, images, videos Google many special help find exactly what re looking V Nguyn Gip V n z p August Army considered greatest strategists century first grew prominence World II, where resistance Japanese occupation Nguyen Gallery, Artworks Paintings Gallery Authentic Original Paintings gallery original quality top best fine art galleries name means objective promote arts artists Thanh Long Truong Son Phai International Bienvenue sur le site de l cole Pha Books immigrants, foreigners minorities don May PhD student Berkeley, told English department chairman, famous Americanist, wanted write dissertation Nguy most common family nameOutside Vietnam, surname commonly rendered without diacritics pronunciations south north similar, except distinct tone two dialects citation given By some estimates forty percent people bear The Sympathizer: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction)

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