龍 $0.00 Read @Locked In: The Will to Survive and the Resolve to Live For Free 碑 By Victoria Arlen דּ 龍 $0.00 Read @Locked In: The Will to Survive and the Resolve to Live For Free 碑 By Victoria Arlen דּ Victoria Arlens life drastically changed in 2006 when she developed two rare conditions known as Transverse Myelitis and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis In 2010 after almost four years, she began the fight back to life, learning how to speak, eat, and move all over again She not only recovered, but she has since become an accomplished motivational speaker, actress, model, and swimmer She has won three Silver medals and a Gold medal for swimming from the London 2012 Paralympic Games and has broken multiple World, American, and Pan American records In April 2015, she joined ESPN as one of the youngest on air talents hired by the company, reporting for espnW, X Games, and Sportscenter across all platforms She has become world famous not only for her story and accomplishments, but for her message, Face It, Embrace It, Defy It, Conquer It She is the author of Locked In.Locked In 1 HOW DID I GET HERE January 2009 I hear commotion in the darkness I gasp for air, but I feel like Im drowning A strong pressure crushes my chest, forcing my lungs to contract against my will Air I need air I need to breathe Somebody, please help me Machines urgently ping Panicked voices shout all around me Suddenly, bright light blinds me as I struggle to grab whatever is down my throat I realize my arms are strapped down and cant move Multiple hands hold down my convulsing body, and my bed is being quickly pushed through a white walled hallway at an alarmingly fast speed You are okay, Victoria, I hear over and over again Im confused All I can think is BREATHE And then, I plunge again into total darkness My eyes open to searing bright light, and I hear a loud, screeching noise My body begins to shake uncontrollably, and a painful electricity surges through my body, causing it to convulse and thrash about I see strangers running into the room, yelling Their voices sound scared their hands push me down As the seizure subsides, I try to get my bearings Where am I Brightly colored balloons are tied to my bed, and several stuffed animals are around the room My vision is blurry, but as I focus my eyes, I see cheery cards and posters on the wall, saying, We love you Get well We miss you Stay strong Why would anyone say they miss me Where have I been Get well Stay strong Whats wrong with me I feel fine I dont get it Where am I What is going on Am I in the hospital Why How long have I been out of it I hear my mom in the background Surely, she can tell me whats going on Mom, Mom I shout, but she doesnt react HELLO Why cant she hear me Can anyone hear me I quickly realize I have no control of my body, not even my eyes I can see, but only whats directly in front of me When I try to sit up, I feel disconnected from my body I cant move or make any sound I am literally locked inside my own body This cant be happening This cant be happening Help Somebody, please help me My heart races and my head spins I try to make sense of whats going on I have so many questions What year is it I think, 2006 But Im not certain How long have I been here I hope not long What happened My memory is fuzzy Am I going to be okay Im not sure Im overcome with panic I want to scream for help I try to calm down, but that only makes things worse Im lost and confused Why wont someone just please tell me what is going on Im scared Im really, really scared I cant move a single muscle No matter how hard I try to scream for help, nothing comes out I want to breathe and scream and speak I have so many questions, and I have no memory of how I got here I gotta get outta here Help Somebody, help Claustrophobia creeps in, and my panic escalates I have to find somethinganythingto keep my brain sane and ease the panic thats overtaking me Think, Victoria Wait You can think clear as day My body refuses to function, but my brain is somehow operating normally Completely normally How can this be My brain My memories My knowledge Its all here Youre still here, Victoria Youre still you My mind is the only reassurance and calm I have It is the only thing I can control And then it dawns on me that my ability to think is the most important function of all The thought of literally losing my mind is beyond terrifying Thankfully, I can think and understand Sanity check Okay My name is Victoria Arlen I am the daughter of Larry and Jacqueline Arlen My brothers are LJ, William, and Cameron I enjoy swimming, dancing, and hockey I love my fluffy dog, Jasmine My favorite color is pink Okay, lets make it a little challenging Whats two plus two Four Four times four Sixteen Youre good, Victoria Your brain is okay Thank you, God I have my mind and my memories, and as far as I know, I have my sanity Im still hereI remind myself of that over and over again But, how did I get here Nothing comes to mind I remember an absolutely excruciating head pain, and I remember being rushed into an ambulance, and then everything goes dark Now, Im alive and can think But I have no memory of how I got here or why I cant move or talk I try so hard to remember Think, Victoria Remember When I try to think back before the headaches and the seizures, all I can remember is being healthy Id always been healthy In fact, I was probably the healthiest of the Arlen bunch although we were a relatively healthy family Id always had a crazy amount of energy and would go and go and go until my mum made me go to bed I craved adventure and always allowed my imagination to go for miles and miles I loved running around with my brothers, and I played every sport my parents would allow There were never enough hours in the day to do all I wanted to do Even then, Id wanted to change the world and make a difference How could I lose all of that How could the girl who could do everything not even be able to wiggle a finger I keep forcing myself to think Since I cant work any other muscle in my body, I might as well use the one that works, my brain I remember back to the summer before fifth grade, when I was ten My mummy took me to the doctor with what seemed to be a bug bite in my left ear The doctor hadnt been concerned about it, but then I started getting ear infections, which continued throughout the entire summer The doctors diagnosed me with swimmers ear, but that didnt make sense because I had swum for years without any problems I remember that Id developed asthma in the fall Then, I had several rounds of pneumonia alternating with what the doctor called the flu These episodes often included fainting spells It seemed Id have one or two good weeks, but then Id come down with something I still did well in school and sports, but somehow, as my mummy would say, it was as if the stars were misaligned But no one was too awfully concerned because I always bounced back and went back to my normal routine But about a year later, on April 29, 2006, I do not bounce back Locked In Can You Escape Time Locked The Game is a fun and challenging real life adventure for groups of people Your team works together finding clues solving puzzles to escape from locked in Definition by Merriam Webster Medical affected with, characterized by, or relating the syndrome patients have lost ability control body Wikipedia Total syndrome, completely state CLIS , version wherein eyes are paralyzed as well Fred Plum Will Survive Resolve Live Victoria Arlen s story an amazing one illness, misdiagnosis, abuse, coma, recovery, achieving fame Paralympic athlete, ESPN correspondent, Dancing With Stars competitor, all age IMDb I want write this review without hinting at anything which may spoil it you plot hovers around estranged couple their young daughter getting Christmas As result accident whilst driving home comatised Lock Idioms Free Dictionary lock on To focus someone something target fighter pilot enemy fired crude set design failed Syndrome NORD National Organization Rare rare neurological disorder there complete paralysis voluntary muscles except ones that movements Individuals with conscious awake, but no produce outside eye movement speak aphonia Is live experience designed test your wits get heart racing friends will be our custom built rooms given just minutes yourselves out definition confine exclude if means dog night criminal up cell fix place so impossible hold fast ship was ice through winter Room Bucharest games also available English What minimum participate participants years old For players aged under parental supervision requiredThe Lesson How can effectively councils Jun Church Did About Arlen drastically changed tender eleven when she developed two conditions known Transverse Myelitis Acute Disseminated EncephalomyelitisThis incredibly scenario quickly speak, eat, walk move Victoria arlenv Instagram photos videos k Followers, Following Posts See videos Arlenv Twitter We pleased announce keynote speaker Women Power Lunch luncheon April Delta Hotel Center Home Facebook K likes president Victory Foundation, world renowned motivational speaker, Sportscaster, Arlen, Producer Motionless born September Boston, Massachusetts, USA She producer, Motionless, Entertainment Tonight Access Hollywood Dancing Incredible Story Last year, former swimmer regained after spending nearly decade waist down Foundation Story mEET VICTORIA Encephalomyelitis MediaZone UILA Paralympian gold medalist joined December features reporter now host Hired became youngest Hottest Photos Of Reporter youngest, brightest stars overcoming plenty personal adversity earn job Worldwide Leader Sports One small step My year journey wheelchair May, espnW weekly essay series new beginnings changes This week, writes about learning EXCLUSIVE Former Swimmer Joins making her ballroom debut A source exclusively tells ET paralympic has signed season Own Morning womenshealthmag When record holder not mention fierce competitor old, Wiki Bio Everipedia wiki current television personality ESPN, actress, model, American paralympian triplet brothers Bio, Facts, Family Famous Birthdays Learn birthday, what did before fame, family life, trivia facts, popularity rankings, attends ESPY Awards Nokia Theatre LA July Los Angeles, California How Went From Being Paralyzed Competing If re following Stars, ve probably heard contestant used Given backstory, kind Way Starts Every Make Rethink Routine serving some major inspo Meet Woman Who Was Her Body Apr Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes mother, Jacqueline, who talk four ordeal trapped inside own body, aware Locked In: The Will to Survive and the Resolve to Live

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