ᑤ Hardcover Download ῳ The Second Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is (Still) Wrong  ⚭ PDF by John Lloyd ⚼ ᑤ Hardcover Download ῳ The Second Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is (Still) Wrong ⚭ PDF by John Lloyd ⚼ QA with Authors John Lloyd s the one fact that stands out as your favorite The one you find yourself still bringing up in dinner conversation There are so many And they change, depending on what one is researching, so often the favourite is merely the most recent The one we often come back to is that for the first 21 years after basketball was invented in 1891, it didnt occur to anyone to cut a hole in the bottom of the basket Until 1912, every time anyone scored, someone had to climb a ladder up to the basket or poke the ball out with a long pole Then theres female mosquitoes being the only ones that bite you Oh, and of course, the strange reproductive layout of the female kangaroo Stop us now Do we think theres enough out there we still dont know for a third book A fourth A tenth Absolutely The next books will be slightly different in format, but its an important part of our philosophy that absolutely anything is interesting if looked at long enough and int the right way Its like the levels of magnification on a microscope Each level brings a new world of detail So what might appear to be unremarkable and ordinary like water for example turns out to be the weirdest stuff in the known universe, able to coexist in three different states simultaneously So far there are 66 listed anomalies of water So, we are pretty confident that we can fill as many books as our esteemed publishers are prepared to commission hint, hint If you had to choose, do you think the general reader is interested in acquiring knowledge or in being able to tell others that theyre wrong I dont think anybody likes being told theyre wrong What we aim to do is to say hang on, theres a little to it than that Or even Look over here, theres some really great stuff nobodys noticed What drives us as a species is curiosity we want to know how things work and we are remarkably generous in sharing what we find with others When you find a great fact or quote or one liner , theres an overwhelming need to share it with the next ten people you meet Its in that spirit that the books are written Compare British vs American ignorance There are obvious stereotypes Americans arent supposed to know or care about other countries but we enjoy overturning those In fact, weve always found Americans to be fantastically curious about the world around them look at all the factual TV channels And the Brits talk a good game we always sound like we know stuff but dont be fooled A recent poll about our Civil War found that ninety percent of Britons couldnt name a single battle eighty percent do not know which English King was executed by Parliament in 1649 and sixty seven percent of schoolchildren have never heard of Oliver Cromwell I dont think wed have sold the book in 30 languages if ignorance werent a universal phenomenon Would you like to be an immortal jellyfish On balance, no They have very poor eyesight and no real brain Plus their mouths and bottoms are interchangeable I think being able to live forever under those grim conditions isnt so appealing We both very much like the word polyp though it originally meant many footed in Greek but is used to describe the immature jellyfish We could introduce our kids as a shoal of polyps a very satisfying sentence to pronounce Do you ever get told youre wrong especially by someone who quotes your book back at you Frequently We do get stuff wrong We said the Welsh had no word for blue they do glas We said the male kangaroos member has a split ending it doesnt But this is all to the good We never claim to be always right thats the point no one ever is The books are meant to inspire the reader to find things out for themselves and add to their own pile of interest and wonder Which John is the most ignorant We get ignorant the we know John M knows very little about embroidery I mean almost nothing And John L dont ask him about 17th Dutch porcelain Hes interested, dont get us wrong He just hasnt had time to study the form Neither of us fully understands the rules of American football neither of us have ever been to Nauru although we know there are no dry cleaners on the island because the former President used to airfreight his trousers to Melbourne, 2,500 miles away, to get them cleaned and pressed How do you two Johns work together so well Whats your process for coming up with questions answers We are very fortunate to have a small group of researchers who have complimentary areas of knowledge They track down and source a huge percentage of our facts John and I ask lots of questions and try to shape the basic research into something that entertains and informs simultaneously QI isnt about lists of trivial facts, as weve said, its about making connections Were burrowers not grazers What starts out as a simple observation why do pigeons not fly away from an oncoming car until the last moment might lead to an investigation into how the brain processes visual information the truth about carrots and night vision the history of pigeons as a communication device the Dickin Medal for Animal Bravery how migratory animals navigate the chemical constitution of bird dung the design and ornamentation of medieval dovecotes Its like making a lovely rich soup We work well together because we love what we do Its a relationship based on trust, humour, and friendship Oh, and beer also helps What do you hope readers will take away from the General Ignorance books Hopefully the sense of the world being a much richer and wonderful place than it might at first appear And that nobody knows the whole truth.John Lloyd is the producer of the hit British comedy shows Not the Nine OClock News, Blackadder, and Spitting Image He earned a lifetime achievement award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.John Mitchinson has been both a bookseller and a publisher and looked after authors as diverse as Haruki Murakami, the Beatles, and a woman who knitted with dog hair He and John Lloyd are in charge of research for the hit BBC show QIand have written many bestselling books, including such titles as The Book of General Ignorance, 1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off, and 1,411 QI Facts to Knock You Sideways. Zweites Buch Wikipedia The Zweites pronounced tsva t s bu , Second Book unofficially published in English as Hitler Secret and then officially Book, is an unedited transcript of Adolf thoughts on foreign policy written it was after Mein Kampf not his lifetime The Jungle Rudyard Kipling Kipling FREE shipping qualifying offers tales includes five further stories about Mowgli are fables, using animals anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons Hitler Unpublished Sequel Mein the first complete annotated edition manuscript dictated shortly before rise power four year publishing It contains a catalog shocking statements previously undisclosed plans world conquest at core Nazi ideology that concluded were too provocative for Banana Get Welcome second Banana book Like one, packed full worksheets can be photocopied freely use classroom, well being ideal tool students work through home Northwestern University Press An award winning collection from promising young Bosnian writer protagonists 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bestselling series, Theo Boone, ever clever lawyer training back, still dispensing legal advice friends strangers alike exciting, new case pops set Heroes will parts, book, Apollo, who turned into punishment journey How Avoid Slump Live Write Breathe This exactly where am writing based few paragraphs hardest part finding heart tug, now m very messy draft, story becoming important John Lloyd tennis born August former professional player reached ATP ranking July ranked UK He works sports commentator During career, one Grand Slam singles final three mixed doubles titles partner Wendy Turnbull French Gallery Rolling Away Oil Linen x Available Three Kind Canvas cm On Flat inventory invisible TED Talk Nature mysteries meet tack sharp wit hilarious, minute mix quips fun lessons, comedian, TV man plucks substance several things seen animated tour Gravity stars Thoughts genome Time Atoms So really matters impossible see A stunning animation classic TEDTalk make question actually know Lloyd, 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