⇝  な The Red Bandanna: A Life. A Choice. A Legacy. free download ⦈ Book By Tom Rinaldi ⧑ ⇝ な The Red Bandanna: A Life. A Choice. A Legacy. free download ⦈ Book By Tom Rinaldi ⧑ I TAKE A MOMENT Take it out Unfold it Press your hand down upon it and flatten it, into the surface of your desk, or the edge of the bed, or along the line of your leg Twenty two inches along any side, four ounces in your hand, barely enough weight to notice Polyester and cotton, dyed and printed, cut and packaged, folded and shipped, to reach you, one way or another, and land in your palm. Pick it up Look at it. What do you see there, in the red, white, and black Is there something in the ancient pattern and the Persian fig shape, the paisley teardrop and the flat pointed stars A childs thing, a trifle, a rag What do you carry, what truth could it possibly contain What meaning could it hold Fear and strength Smoke and blood Doubt and faith Terror and valor The dead and the maimed The way out and the walk down The sacrifice given, and the salvation granted Living Dying. Its all in there, the father says Its all in that bandanna.They searched for the right name He was their first, and they felt the weight of the decision A name is the label for a life, the first thing youre given upon entering the world, and the heading for all you leave behind when youre gone.Should they look to their lineage, to honor their bloodlines, or pick a name that would be free of the past, to accrue its own meaning over time In the end, history won, as it usually does On May 17 , 1977, in New York City, the first child of Alison and Jeff Crowther was born Welles Remy Crowther.The boy was named after a man his parents never met.Henry Spalding Welles was Alisons great uncle in several senses of the word, a figure shrouded in stories and tales, legends shed heard about since childhood A favorite of Alisons father, Frank, Uncle Henry led an outsized life, certainly by the familystelling Despite living in Manhattan, he was an accomplished professional sportsman, working as a hired shot and public marksman, for Remington, Americas oldest gun maker As legend had it, Uncle Henry once hit two hundred clays in succession in competition, a display to prove the accuracy and effectiveness of Remingtons newest shotgun He also worked for True Temper, a manufacturer of fishing rods and reels, and was accomplished as a fly fisherman Uncle Henry invented and held a patent for a diving plug, a wooden lure carved and weighted to penetrate the surfaceof the water, to help catch fish in any type of water, any time of day.For Alison, it wasnt so much the tales as the way they were told, the spark that came into her fathers voice when he spoke about Henry Spalding Welles, the look that crossed his face.I thought, what could be a better name Alison recalled There was just this magic about Uncle Henry The stories about the man, the ones her family loved to tell with laughter and pride and wonderabout beating Annie Oakley in a shooting competition, about sailing wooden boats across the ponds of Central Park, about President Eisenhower using his trout fishing fliesall shared the theme of taking a bold and unpredicted line through life It was a name they hoped their son would make his own.Alison Remys own line was a gentle loop, from the suburbs of Westchester to a campus in New England, then back south to Manhattan She grew up in the house where her father did, the house her grandfather built on Shawnee Road in the wealthy village ofScarsdale, north of Manhattan Her grandfather and father, Frank Remy Sr and Frank Remy Jr., shared than the family home both were graduates of New York University, both were dentists, and both were athletes.When Alison graduated from Scarsdale High School in 1966, she didnt follow the family path to NYU Instead, she enrolled in Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts Founded as a female seminary in 1834, Wheaton was one of the oldest colleges for women in America There were antiwar protests during her time there, but the small school was far from an epicenter of the countercultural unrest exploding across American campuses in the late 1960s, and the academic environment was serious and challenging The student body, twelve hundred women by the time Alison graduated, was expected to be diligent, studious, and involved That worked for Alison, who was a dedicated student with a passion for environmental studies She headed the first Earth Day celebration on campus.The summer before her junior year, she went on a blind date set up by another couple Alison got the call only after the woman originally scheduled for the date had to cancel and the matchmakers didnt want to stand the suitor up or hurt his feelings When Jeff Crowther walked into the room, Alison had a completely novel reaction It was love at first sight, she recalled It really was.For Jeff Crowther, the fact that his first date had canceled, upsetting the nights original plans, fit his own line well enough If there was a prescribed path, odds were he wasnt following it.Jeff had grown up in White Plains, a larger, diverse city just north of Scarsdale His family had its roots in Maryland, but his fathers work brought them to New York Bosley Crowther, a New York Times reporter, writer, and critic, spent forty years with the paper As a student at Princeton, he entered a current events contest cosponsored by the Times and a new weekly magazine called Time His essay, on why the Calvin Coolidge administration should withdraw its forces in Nicaragua, won first place The prize A five hundred dollar check and a job offer with the New York Times.Starting as a cub reporter in 1928, Crowtherworked his way upto general reporter, rewrite man, feature writer, and then, in 1940, the papers chief movie critic He held the position for twenty seven years, becoming an institution Bosleys reviews held extraordinary weight, often setting up films for success or failure.Though his father and grandfather had attended Princeton, Jeff went in a different direction At his mothers suggestion, he headed to Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, a respected academic institution, though not overly challenging for him, at least not at first He sailed through freshman year without developing any impulse to study, or even to attend classes regularly By the end of his sopho year, after spending his time betting on horses at a local track, playing pool in the basement of his dormitory, and impressing buddies as the social director for his fraternity, he was summoned by the dean and told he needed a break, to refocus I got thrown out is how he characterized it.Without telling his parents he had been suspended, Jeff took a step few saw coming in the summer of 1965, he joined the navy, and was stationed in San Diego for his two years of service By the time he returned east, he held a different, wiser view toward his college opportunity He met Alison Remy just as he was getting ready to resume life as an undergrad, this time at NYU.That first date was a smashing success Alison returned home that night, found her father still up working in his office, and declared Dad, I think Ive met the man I want to marry.Her father was considerably less moved Dont be silly was his reply.A few miles north, Jeff told his mother the very same thing that night.Alison had an intuition, a burgeoning feeling, about the night, about all connected to itthe man shed met, the feelings he sparked, the summer fading and the autumn approaching Even about the date itself.I will never forget thinking, she recalled than four decades later, this day, its going to have a special meaning for us I had a powerful sense about it, not only that we just met on this date, but there was something else that was going to make this an important day for our family Her voice trailed off.The year was 1968.The date was September 11.She graduated in 1970 with a degree in biology and landed a job in medical research at one of the most prestigious addresses for research in the country, Rockefeller University Alison was going back to New York.At Rockefeller, she was assigned to help with lab work on a project led by Dr Vincent Dole and his wife, Dr Marie Nyswander,who were pioneering the use of a new treatment for heroin addiction The couple had developed a synthetic medication, methadone, to reduce the intensely painful symptoms of withdrawal that so many addicts experienced in trying to get clean At the time, addictionwas widely seen as something other than a medical problem, viewed through a moral lens, as a defect of character The doctors rejectedthat notion and pioneered the use of methadone to help addicts weanthemselves from heroin For his work, Dole would receive the Lasker Award, one of the greatest prizes in American medicine.Alison was working on lab experiments with mice and rats, injecting the rodents with radioactive methadone to track the effects over a span of months She was also dating And on a ferry ride to Marthas Vineyard in the fall of 1970, Jeff proposed The wedding was the first day of May 1971.They moved to an apartment in Hastings on Hudson, a quaint village in Westchester, and began a life together, Jeff as a banker and Alison continuing as a research assistant They wanted to start a family, but it took awhile to happen Alison stopped working at Rockefeller in 1976, to avoid any further exposure to the radioactivity in her lab Later that year, she and Jeff told the family the news Alison was expecting The slide show still plays in the fathers head, a perpetual reel No conscious decision clicks its carousel to life or chooses the sequence theres no beam to ignite the dust floating between lens and screen There is no screen at all, no place outside his head to play the slides The pictures explode across the sides of his mind, sometimes with enough force to tighten his chest and steal his breath. Every frame contains his son A boy blossoming, awkward and beautiful, unfolding into his own life Rarely are the portraits from milestones, from the passages through the razor wire of adolescence, the first Communions and junior proms, the formal poses and family events, the birthday parties and holiday dinners Those have moved to the background somehow. The father cant stop the show, even if he wants to He knows he wont ever keep them away The visions come, uninvited and beyond any governing, a tax on his sorrow The pictures thrill and sear him, comfort and afflict him. The picture just now is the first frame in a short movie The son is just a toddler, not even three years old He is down on the floor in the living room, playing with the family dog The two wrestle over a toy, which is the dogs property, the dog biting and the boy pulling, each holding on with all his might The dog is bigger, stronger From room to room, the father watches as the dog drags his son around, both wild with delight, neither willing to let go They play until each is exhausted. At times when the boys grip weakens, his balance falters, and he slides into furniture and crashes into walls But in the picture in the fathers head, the boy wont stop, or cry, or look for help In his tiny movie, flashing frame by frame, his son goes right back at the dog, until the dog is too tired to keep fighting The game always ends the same way, with the toy in the boys hands.He knew what he wanted to do, and to be.From the time Welles was in preschool, when he was asked about his future, he had an immediate and confident answer he would be a fireman Not like the ones in childrens books, but like the people who shared his name and his house From the time he was a tyke, both his grandfathers would take him to the firehouses in their respective citiesAlisons father, Frank, to the red tiled, brick faced, double doored Fire Station No 2 in Hartsdale Jeffs father, Bosley whom the grandchildren called Geeps , to the firehouse in White Plains, just a few blocks from hishouse They made the visits not because they were volunteers themselves they saw the shine in their grandsons eyes, and fed his wonder.Welles also liked to spend time with Geeps in his home office, playing business, as the boy called it, hiking himself up behind his grandfathers enormous desk in the sunroom, where Bosley would spend time writing The interest in business would also last through most of his life But it was an interest Something to do Not something to be It wasnt firefighting.The firemans ideal was a magnet for Welles, as it is for so many boys of a certain age The jubilant blast of the siren, the unpredictable call in the night, the monstrous gleam of the ladder truck, the fearsome power of the hose guns, the boots and turnouts and helmets, and the real and irresistible pull of fireits brilliance and drama and danger A living thing, a real and attacking beast The appeal lay in all of it, and something , the chance to live out and execute an edict every child is taught but most forget fast to help.Christmas 1981, when Welles was four, his grandparents had a special gift for him, a blazing red ride on fire truck Upon first seeing it, Welles, who was formally dressed for the holiday in his little Eton suit, stood back for a few moments, as if uncertain how to proceed.He was afraid to go near it, Alison said, picturing the scene He couldnt believe it was real He was just so in awe of his firetruck Maybe he was trying to figure out how they shrunk the truck down So Welles simply stared at the small metal engine, with its black wheels and bright chrome and beckoning seat behind the steering wheel How did Santa get it down the chimney Eventually, he walked toward it, sat down in it, and attempted to maneuver it around the room.He climbed in and tried to pedal it, Alison said It was not easy to pedal.The pedals were indeed difficult to crank, and soon the gleaming red sides wore a coat of dust Even though Welles would ride it at times down the sloped driveway, screaming with joy, wild to the world, he outgrew its small frame soon enough, and the toy went downstairs in a corner of the house somewhere, ignored and unused.But the memory of the day, of the gift beside the tree and Welles under its spell, remains.A lovely bookPeople see the fallen, beat up world around them and ask What can I do Maybe Be like Welles Crowther Take your bandanna, change the world.Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street JournalAmid the myriad stories of Sept 11, there are many moments of heroism Thisbook tells one of the most memorable.Rinaldis reconstruction of that final morning is gripping His recounting of how Crowthers family slowly learned of his valorand of how many now honor him, is deeply moving.The payoff comes when President Obama tells Crowthers mother after the death of Osama bin Laden, I know about your son For her, he autographs a red bandanna and adds the message, We wont forget Welles The New York Times Book ReviewA beautiful bookThrough one hero of that day, Rinaldi really tells the story of all of them, all those who saved others and couldn t save themselves I tell you about a lot of books Buy this one In the spirit of all the ones who kept going back up the stairs Mike Lupica, NY Daily News How often does a book make you feel so deeply you need to just stop and breathe Rinaldi is a masterful storyteller Sure, the obvious time to have reviewed this gem of a book about a gem of a man would have been on Sept 11 Yet the obvious time to donate to food pantries is Thanksgiving The need for both, however, is all year a must read Newark Star LedgerRinaldi writes a memorable and compelling account of the classic American hero.For those looking for an inspiring modern day narrative, herein a young man goes beyond himself to help othersand makes the ultimate sacrifice Library JournalA meticulous and vivid portrait Publishers WeeklyThe inspirational story of a modern day hero who escorted dozens to safety during the 9 11 attacks Rinaldi captures the compelling urgency of the indelible event and fondly tips his hat to Crowther, an exemplary embodiment of human compassion and selflessness A moving, deeply felt tribute to a courageous individual who sacrificed his life to save others Kirkus ReviewsTom Rinaldis The Red Bandanna could very well become one of those classic books that are handed down through generations, for than any book I have read in a very long time it convincingly tells the story of how great men and women become great how cultural, community, and spiritual drives can develop that inner character that will make the world a better place It is all found here in these pages the intellectual and moral strength of a close and loving family, determination, guts, and the sense of service that brings alive this memorable and beautifully written story of the 9 11 death of Welles Crowther This book will always be set aside in my house to illustrate the art of writing, but mostly to honor the life of this courageous man a volunteer firefighter, champion athlete, well positioned stock trader a true friend and loyal son whose inner inspiration was to become a New York City firefighter Every first responder will want to read this book, every high school and college English teacher will want to assign it, and every thoughtful reader will give it to someone they love.Dennis Smith, retired FDNY firefighter and author of Report from Engine Co 82 The Red Bandanna A life, Choice, Legacy Tom Rinaldi For her, he autographs a red bandanna and adds the message, We won t forget Welles The New York Times Book Review beautiful book Through one hero of that day, really tells story all them, those who saved others couldn save themselves by Rinaldi, Paperback Barnes Noble He was good student Despite his ordinary physical build, excelled in lacrosse always wore father gave him Even when began job being junior associate Wall Street firm, kept pocket or on desk Life Choice Rinaldi MY RATING PUBLISHER Penguin Press PUBLISHED September , powerful thought provoking what man did last hour life Saved Man Sep idea mysterious rescuer tale Mr Weiss decided had to help spread penguinrandomhouse About bestseller What would you do your Crowther, whose actions offer lasting lesson character, calling courage One Sunday morning before church, Crowther young boy, handkerchief for back In Story Of Heroism On And so, too, finest moments, selfless, fatal choice Nearly people packed Lafayette Theater, grand movie palace from s decorated with big evening That largest Shop show support CanTeen National Day Support Australians living cancer this Day CLICK HERE buy just Carolina Mfg Paisley Bandana REI Co op purpose Carolina bandana absorbs sweat, cleans off trail grime offers multitude other camp uses Available at REI, % Satisfaction Guaranteed Southwestern Bandanas, BandanaWorld, Bandanas Novelty each Over styles choose Skull Caps bandana, bandanas, bandanna, bandannas, skull cap THE WILD COWBOY Cowboy boots,cowboy hats, 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Customers Please Note Google checkout which we used several years been discontinued Therefore, please call Great Western Art Gallery ARTS The Red Bandanna: A Life. A Choice. A Legacy.

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