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Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. pdf ᚙ E-Pub Author Atul Gawande 휘 Best Books of the Month, December 2009 With a title like The Checklist Manifesto, it would be natural to expect that Atul Gawande is bent on revolutionizing that most loved hated activity of workers the world over the to do list But it s not the list itself he wants to change there are no programmatic steps or tables here to help you reshuffle daily tasks What you ll find instead is a remarkably liberating and persuasive inquiry into what it takes to work successfully and with a personal sense of satisfaction The first thing you ll realize is that it takes than just one person to do a job well This is a toppling revelation made all the powerful by Gawande s skillful blend of anecdote and practical wisdom as he profiles his own experience as a surgeon and seeks out a wide range of other professions to show that a team is only as strong as its checklist by his definition, a way of organizing that empowers people at all levels to put their best knowledge to use, communicate at crucial points, and get things done Like no other book before it, The Checklist Manifesto is at once a restorative call to action and a welcome voice of reason Anne Bartholomew Exclusive Malcolm Gladwell Reviews The Checklist Manifesto Malcolm Gladwell was named one of TIME magazine s 100 Most Influential People of 2005 He is most recently the author of What the Dog Saw a collection of his writing from The New Yorker as well as the New York Times bestsellers Outliers, The Tipping Point, and Blink Read his exclusive guest review of The Checklist Manifesto Over the past decade, through his writing in The New Yorker magazine and his books Complications and Better, Atul Gawande has made a name for himself as a writer of exquisitely crafted meditations on the problems and challenges of modern medicine His latest book, The Checklist Manifesto, begins on familiar ground, with his experiences as a surgeon But before long it becomes clear that he is really interested in a problem that afflicts virtually every aspect of the modern world and that is how professionals deal with the increasing complexity of their responsibilities It has been years since I read a book so powerful and so thought provoking. Gawande begins by making a distinction between errors of ignorance mistakes we make because we don t know enough , and errors of ineptitude mistakes we made because we dont make proper use of what we know Failure in the modern world, he writes, is really about the second of these errors, and he walks us through a series of examples from medicine showing how the routine tasks of surgeons have now become so incredibly complicated that mistakes of one kind or another are virtually inevitable it s just too easy for an otherwise competent doctor to miss a step, or forget to ask a key question or, in the stress and pressure of the moment, to fail to plan properly for every eventuality Gawande then visits with pilots and the people who build skyscrapers and comes back with a solution Experts need checklists literally written guides that walk them through the key steps in any complex procedure In the last section of the book, Gawande shows how his research team has taken this idea, developed a safe surgery checklist, and applied it around the world, with staggering success. The danger, in a review as short as this, is that it makes Gawandes book seem narrow in focus or prosaic in its conclusions It is neither Gawande is a gorgeous writer and storyteller, and the aims of this book are ambitious Gawande thinks that the modern world requires us to revisit what we mean by expertise that experts need help, and that progress depends on experts having the humility to concede that they need help Malcolm Gladwell That humblest of quality control devices, the checklist, is the key to taming a high tech economy, argues this stimulating manifesto Harvard Medical School prof and New Yorker scribe Gawande Complications notes that the high pressure complexities of modern professional occupations overwhelm even their best trained practitioners he argues that a disciplined adherence to essential proceduresby ticking them off a listcan prevent potentially fatal mistakes and corner cutting He examines checklists in aviation, construction, and investing, but focuses on medicine, where checklists mandating simple measures like hand washing have dramatically reduced hospital caused infections and other complications Gawande gets slightly intoxicated over checklists, celebrating their most banal manifestations as promethean breakthroughs First there was the recipe, the most basic checklist of all, he intones in a restaurant kitchen He s at his best delivering his usual rich, insightful reportage on medical practice, where checklists have the subversive effect of puncturing the cult of physician infallibility and fostering communication and teamwork After writing a checklist for his specialty, surgery, he is chagrined when it catches his own disastrous lapses Gawande gives a vivid, punchy exposition of an intriguing idea that by the book routine trumps individual prowess Jan Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. The Checklist Manifesto Atul Gawande The is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post, Los Angeles Boston Globe, and San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller How to Get Things Right Kindle Like no other book before it, at once restorative call action welcome voice of reason Anne Bartholomew Exclusive Malcolm Gladwell Reviews was named one TIME magazine s Most Influential People Wikipedia non fiction by Gawande It released on December , through Metropolitan Books focuses the use checklists in relation several elements daily professional life To Right, Gawande, an interesting power complex scenarios doctor famous author, examines mostly from medical perspective I read sitting yesterday, which amazing tribute that has crafted Not only loaded with fascinating stories, but it honestly changed way think about world Summary, Quotes, Lessons In summary, shows successful advanced technology requires too many simple tasks remember, using checklist solution own words, volume complexity what we know exceeded our individual ability deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or Best Month, With title like Manifesto, would be natural expect bent revolutionizing most loved hated activity workers over do listBut not list itself he wants change there are programmatic steps tables here help you reshuffle Summary AL Does this sound sort person who open idea being told That main problem ran into first large scale implementation hospitals worldwide Even skeptical readers will find evidence staggering found host studies show dramatic drops death infection certain procedure hospital implemented CapitolReaderCom Page MAIN IDEA situations such as those arise almost every profession industry today solutions problems Checklist for Checklists Project Check following designed aid creation process ensure your helps instead hurts created Dr Brigham Women Hospital Center Surgery Public Health Dissemination Team, Dan Boorman Boeing Faculty Utilizing QSEN based orientation day clinical rotation How Build A Steps Management Hacks powerful tools all need Earlier year, shared my Weekly Review article, explain how build improve performance work Adding toolbox best ways reliably One Packing One Bag page been refined years, changes infrequently though detailed, annotated version Web site updated often PCI DSS annual compliance UK Cards Complete Risk Assessment environment where card data handled touches cardholder Ensure third parties store, transmit connected provide they have maintained their PCIDSS still registered Card Schemes A Criminal Justice Report Writing This report writing can write effective reports Create Your Financial Emergency Plan Wallet Years later, learn value checklists, even basic ones, taking decision making out emergency responses When something unexpected happens plane, pilots don t next, follow Insanely Awesome Inspirational Manifestos lifehack Holstee seems pioneered could termed onslaught typography manifestos pseudo some Yet nothing quite original, Times bestselling author Better Complications reveals surprising ordinary We live great increasing complexity, expert professionals struggle master face Longer training, ever technologies neither prevent grievous errors What Pack features extensively copy packing use, years miles travel, both business pleasure intended convenient starting point create customized For actual while packing, course, compact format preferable DevOps Checklist Thank evaluate team hope begin form better understanding art focus feel free contribute back submitting ideas Atul staff writer Yorker, four books Yorker Yorker since He selling Complications, finalist National Book Award Better, selected About MD, MPH, surgeon, writer, public health leader CEO profit seeking care venture formed Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase outcomes, satisfaction, cost efficiency Harvard TH Chan School Health his colleagues focused research intersection surgery Much examined error heal medicine TED Talk Our systems broken Doctors capable extraordinary expensive treatments, losing core actually treating people Doctor suggests take step look new fewer cowboys pit crews Being Mortal Illness, Medicine Matters End Being FREE shipping qualifying offers Brand Ready shipped Want get coach Go deeper topics original video series Letting explores difference between standard hospice terminal patients landed job celebrated journalist, said closest had come knowing Bezos fleeting hello Talk But hopeful turn, acclaimed surgeon finds The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right - Kindle edition by Atul Gawande. 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