ῴ Free Format Kindle [ The Age of Overwhelm: Strategies for the Long Haul ] ´ By Laura van Dernoot Lipsky ” ῴ Free Format Kindle [ The Age of Overwhelm: Strategies for the Long Haul ] ´ By Laura van Dernoot Lipsky ” For those who battle worrying over everything from daily to global issues, best selling author Lipsky Trauma Stewardship says the first step is to separate what is and isnt within our control the second step is to act on that which is in our power to change and relinquish what is not Combining New Yorkercartoons and sage advice, Lipsky moves readers through the process of minimizing distraction and heightening intention By paring away the unnecessary, advises the author, people do less of what erodes them and of what sustains them, asserting that only then can we be a force for good in the world.VERDICTAn engaging read that will appeal to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and looking for support Library Journal The truth is that there is almost no place left to hide from overwhelm The media is constantly asking us to be upset about something new Our neighbors attempt to relieve their stress by making nerve shattering noise all night If you move to an unpopulated rural area to escape the overstimulation, the next thing you know theyre building a high density housing development next door, or illegally dumping toxic waste in your backyard, or using eminent domain to take your home and put a superhighway through Overwhelm is becoming the definitive problem of our age This book asks readers who are overwhelmed to begin their recovery process by believing in change individual and collective change But before you cross this book off as just another change yourself, change the world musing, consider the real world applications which Lipsky has created Building on her cutting edge work with trauma exposure Trauma Stewardship , she has developed clear cut guidelines for digging out from under overwhelm and reclaiming a sense of balance and empowerment Let your customers know that shell help them learn how to recognize what they can and cant control, how to take a moment to recalibrate, and how to remember that they are ultimately responsible for responding appropriately to their situation With examples, from the segregated south to The Gates Foundation, she shows how seemingly small individual actions, ripple through peoples lives with ongoing manifestation Lipsky shows us that we can do this if we are willing to try Anna Jedrziewski,Retailing Insight Scientists worldwide are devastated by the knowledge that humans are causing the mass extinction of life on earth However, in the face of epic overwhelm, this thoughtful, generous, and inspiring book offers a path forward and a ray of hope for all of us Dr Vance Vredenburg, Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University University of California Berkeley and the California Academy of Sciences This is a useful guide for managing the perpetual, trademark overwhelm of adolescence, and it also realistically addresses my experience as a first generation Ethiopian American With specific ideas to help shift attitudes and habits, this book is a great resource for teens and adults alike Faisal Mustafa, high school student As a reminder that we must tend to our own needs so that we can be fully present for others, this book is of great significance The Age of Overwhelm should be within hands reach of every judges bench, every court administrators desk, or anyone serving others in trauma saturated environments Its a timely resource for us all Hon Elizabeth Berns, King County Superior CourtThis resource is an invaluable addition to our personal tool kit, offering direction to help us recognize and address chronic exposure to stress within our lives and our world, andproviding important guidance to help reduce and heal that stress Dr Arne Graff,Division Chair, Child Abuse Pediatrics, Mayo Clinic The Age of Overwhelm tells the truth about how todays culture of overdrive, distraction, rapid response, and scarcity affects our lives, our relationships, and our well being This book shows us how to not just cope and survive, but how we can thrive by creating conditions for contented lives Deepa Iyer, author of We Too Sing America With this profound and critically important book, Laura shows us how to maintain hope, well being, and integrity when faced with challenges greater than we can solve on our own Laura s first book, Trauma Stewardship, has become a cornerstone for the international community The Age of Overwhelm will, without a doubt, do the same Franoise Mathieu, author of The Compassion Fatigue WorkbookWhether we are overwhelmed by work orschool our families orcommunities caretaking for others orourselves orengagement in social justice,environmental advocacy,or civilservice, just a few subtle shifts can help sustain us.Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, bestselling author of Trauma Stewardship, shows ushowby offeringconcrete strategies tohelp usmitigate harm, cultivate our ability to be decent and equitable, and act with integrity The Age ofOverwhelmaims to help ease our burden of overwhelm, restore our perspective, and give us strength to navigate what is yet to come. 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