げ $0.00 Download [ The Plant Messiah: Adventures in Search of the World's Rarest Species ] ⎠ By Carlos Magdalena ␉ げ $0.00 Download [ The Plant Messiah: Adventures in Search of the World's Rarest Species ] ⎠ By Carlos Magdalena ␉ A gripping account The work done by Magdalena and others like him is nothing short of miraculous The Plant Messiah illustrates just how much can be done to save even species that all but the greatest optimist would consider doomed The New York Review of Books I t is fascinating to follow Magdalena as he travels from remote Australian billabongs full of rare water lilies to the dry forests of western Peru, where the last gnarled huarango trees grow in the shadow of the Andes But the greater accomplishment of The Plant Messiahis the compelling case that Magdalena makes from caring about plants in general Los Angeles Times The Plant Messiahs storytelling structure and loving descriptions of rare plants are an unabashed appeal to emotion, attempting to light the same passion for the living world in Magdalenas readers Los Angeles Review of BooksIn a world whose ecology is changing so fast, only a special kind of obsessive would concern himself with saving endangered plant species Thats Magdalena who recounts adventures that have taken him from the to the jungles of Mauritius on a quest to preserve as much flora as he can New York Times Book ReviewFor anyone who might have considered plants dull stuff, Mr Magdalena delivers a thrilling and inspirational account of adventures in the botanical world Wall Street JournalAn entertaining, planterly romparound the world and a glimpse inside one of the world s great botanical institutions Financial Times Magdalenas claim to be a green fingered Jesus has its merits His record of propagating plants that others have consigned to botanical history is impressive Some 30,000 plants have recorded uses for humans Most people, the messiah preaches, are blind to these everyday miracles This book will teach them to see The Economist Thisfull throttle memoiris a window on the exploits that underpin the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew His quests reveal the rare mix of zeal and patience needed to hunt vanishing plants NatureThis book about Magdalenas hunt for an endangered plant is as much about the wild places like the he journeys through Chicago Review of Books The Best Nature Writing of 2018 So Far A page turner exalting biodiversity a memoir of a plant obsessed man including warm, familial stories of his Spanish childhood and scores of knuckle biting, worldwide adventures of a modern day plant hunter Library JournalBound to enthrall readers and get them thinking fully about plants Publishers Weekly starred review A book that will inspire wonder, even hope BooklistMagdalena s excitement about plants and their propagation is contagious, and even those lacking green thumbs should be fascinated by his travels and adventures in science KirkusNot everyone imagines plants to be much fun But for Spanish horticulturist Carlos Magdalena, also known as the Plant Messiah, the secret lives of plants are fascinatingMagdalenas poetic prose and attention to detail drew me in EartherCarlos Magdalena is a man on a mission to rescue and propagate the world s disappearing plants, and to spread the gospel of conservation Throughout the book, Magdalena returns to his key message plants are vital to the health and survival of our planet, and all of them or as many as possible must be saved Shelf AwarenessAn inspirational and suspenseful memoir of his botanical adventures and plant advocacy He effectively alerts the reader to the dangers of plant blindness The Missourian The Plant Messiahreads like a detective novel This isa thrillingly uplifting book There is a beguiling energy to his prose that clearly he has in person Daily Mail UK Botany, on its face, doesn t sound particularly thrilling This book will change your mind Bill McKibben, New York Times bestselling author of Eaarth Making a Life on a Tough New Planet and Radio Free Vermont Carlos has been able to achieve things with plants that no one else can do Richard Barley, director of horticulture, Royal Botanic Garden, KewCarlos is an inspiration to me He s the perfect spokesperson for the plants of the world Jane Goodall, primatologist and UN Messenger of PeaceCarlos Magdalena is Botanical Horticulturist in the Tropical Nursery at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, an international lecturer, and Chairman of the International Waterlily Water Gardens Society He is renowned for his unique skills as a plant propagator who is saving the world s rarest plants. 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