⑁ Free Read CD [ ᯨ The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight ] ② Kindle Ebook By Satchin Panda PhD ┙ ⑁ Free Read CD [ ᯨ The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight ] ② Kindle Ebook By Satchin Panda PhD ┙ CHAPTER 1We Are All Shift WorkersIf you are a card carrying shift worker who wakes up in the middle of the night to go to work, returns from work late at night, or stays awake all night, you know how it feels to be living against a primitive, primordial drive to sleep at night and stay awake during the day But even if youre not, Im sure you can remember a time when you were fighting against your internal clock The truth is, we are all shift workers There are times in life when we go through chronic sleep disruption, and for many, those habits linger If you pull an all nighter at school or work, stay up late studying for a test, have a bad nights sleep, travel across several time zones, stay awake late into the night to tend to a sick relative, or wake up a few times to feed and change a baby, then you too are a shift worker A full time job with long commutes combined with a regular home routine is like working two shifts and going to bed past midnight Even one late night of partying can be just as disruptive as traveling from one time zone to another Thats why we call it social jet lag.The statement that we are all shift workers isnt just an idea Data points to this fact For example, Professor Till Roenneberg, a researcher in Munich, surveyed than 50,000 people in Europe and the United States and found that the majority of people either go to bed after midnight or wake up early with insufficient sleep.1,2 Similarly, people also follow different bedtime schedules on weekdays and weekends At the 2017 World Sleep Congress, Roenneberg presented his data showing that roughly 87 percent of adults have social jet lag and go to bed at least 2 hours later on the weekend.About 6 years ago, my lab started monitoring the activity and sleep patterns of close to 200 college students, and we found the same pattern that Roenneberg has reported So far, theres been only one person in the whole group who actually went to bed every day at the same time, within half an hour, including on weekends There has been only one other student who went to bed before midnight for at least two days in a week.We also monitor pregnant women and working moms with babies, and their patterns are also very erratic In fact, their patterns are most similar to firefighters, who expect to be awoken a few times every night For many women, the hardest part of motherhood is working against your clock to stay awake at night and trying to catch up on sleep at odd hours of the day The only time new moms actually got good sleep, not surprisingly, was when they had some help beyond their spouse partner, like in laws or parents who could share some of the work at night.Working mothers have the roughest time syncing their lives to a daily rhythm because their day is affected by everyone else in the home Typically, working mothers wake up very early to get breakfast ready for the family, prepare the kids, pack the lunch bags and backpacks, get the kids to school or day care, and then get themselves to work After dinner, they oversee homework, exercise, or work at home late into the night As the week goes on, their circadian disruption becomes severe For instance, when my daughter was an infant, by Friday my wife would literally fall ill, and it would take her all weekend to recover.No matter what the cause, we all know how it feels the day after a particularly rough night You feel sleepy, yet you cannot sleep Your stomach may feel upset, your muscles are weak, your mind is foggy, and you are certainly not in the mood to hit the gym Its as if your body and mind are confused half of your brain may be telling you that it is time to catch up on lost sleep, but the other half is insisting that its daytime and you should not sleep You may resolve to push on and reach for a strong cup of coffee or energy drink to stamp out the urge to sleep or try to get back into your regular routine as quickly as possible.A brain on shift work cannot make rational decisions According to a recent article in Popular Science magazine,3 a single night shift has cognitive effects that can last a week These lapses in memory or attention can also make us vulnerable to bad habits A few days of reduced sleep can change our appetite, both for the kinds of foods we crave and how much we want to eat when we stay awake at night Often, we are prone to eat calorie dense junk food late at night when our stomach is meant to rest and repair.Living in the shift work zone can also cause difficulty in getting to sleep Some turn to alcohol or sleeping pills, both of which can trigger depression But important, they are addictive remedies that create bad habits that continue even when our lifestyle does not demand us to be awake at night.And if it werent bad enough that a shift work lifestyle affects the way we feel the next day, our family members are in essence secondhand shift workers, as we may inadvertently disrupt their sleep as they wake up early or stay awake late to match our crazy schedules and keep us company The effects on their health are equally troubling For instance, in a 2013 analysis of published papers on the topic, researchers found that children of shift workers not only had cognitive and behavioral problems as compared to children raised by nonshift workers, they also had a higher incidence of obesity.4While a day or two of staying awake late into the night, or a couple of days after traveling through a few time zones, may be uncomfortable, repeatedly disrupting your circadian clock can have adverse health consequences, as every system in your body starts to malfunction It makes the immune system so weak that germs and bugs that dont usually cause any trouble can upset your stomach or even cause flulike symptoms It has been well documented that shift workers experience health problems than nonshift workers, particularly gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Surprisingly, the number one cause of death and work disability for active duty firefighters is not fire or accident it is heart disease, which is now thought to be linked to a disruption of the circadian rhythm.17, 18 In many studies, shift work increases the risk for certain types of cancer to such an extent that, in 2007, the World Health Organizations International Agency for Research on Cancer classified shift work as a potential carcinogen.19If we are all shift workers, then we will all suffer This is why we have to understand how our circadian clock works, and how to optimize our lifestyle to nurture the natural rhythm of the body.Which Kind of Shift Worker Are You A person who stays awake for than 3 hours between 10 00 p.m and 5 00 a.m for than 50 days in a year fits the official European definition of a shift worker Yet I believe we are all shift workers simply due to the way we live our lives Which kind of shift work do you experience Traditional shift work Roughly 20 to 25 percent of the nonmilitary workforce in any developing or developed country is involved in shift work This includes emergency responders firefighters, emergency dispatchers police workers in health services nurses, doctors , manufacturing, construction, utility services, air transportation pilots, flight attendants, ground staff , ground transportation, and food services custodial staff and call center customer support workers.Shift work like lifestyle This includes high school and college students, musicians, performing artists, new mothers, in home caregivers, and spouses of shift workers.Jobs in the gig economy This includes part time drivers for ride share services and food delivery services, flexible workers, and freelancers.Jet lag This occurs when you travel across two or time zones within a day Nearly 8 million air travelers take to the air each day,20 and half of them travel over at least two time zones.Social jet lag This occurs when someone sleeps late and wakes up at least 2 hours later on the weekends More than 50 percent of the population in modern society experiences social jet lag.Digital jet lag This happens when you chat with friends or colleagues that are several time zones away over social networks or digital devices and as a result have to stay awake for than 3 hours between 10 00 p.m and 5 00 a.m.Seasonal circadian disruption Millions of people living in extreme north and south latitudes residents of northern Canada, Sweden, Norway, and southern Chile, for example experience less than 8 hours of daylight during winter and than 16 hours of daylight in summer These extreme exposures disrupt their circadian rhythm.Circadian Rhythms Are RealWe used to believe that our day night cycles were only guided by the external world The light in the morning would wake us up, and seeing the moon was our cue to go to sleep Many scientists discounted the entire field of circadian biology, even until the mid 1970s While it was known as far back as 1700 that there was an internal clock in plants, the idea that animals and humans were internally driven rather than externally motivated was hard to prove The common wisdom was that humans, a evolved species, must be driven by outside or environmental factors beyond the sun and moon.The plant experiments were easy enough A plant placed in a dark basement will still move its leaves up and down in a particular rhythm each day.21 Many plants move their leaves up during the day to capture energy from sunlight At night, their leaves can drop, because it would be a waste of energy to keep the leaves raised Similarly, many flowers only bloom during the day, when pollinating bees and birds are flying around, yet some, like the jasmine tree near my grandparents home, bloom at night These plants depend on wind, not other animals, for pollination.The next set of studies was exponentially difficult, and scientists started with insects, birds, and then animals They researched the timing of larvae turning into fruit flies, which is circadian because it only happens in the morning, when there is less wind and humidity They studied the migration patterns of birds and the waking patterns of other animals Laboratory mice were also studied under a controlled environment.22 When they were put under constant darkness without any outside timing cues, they also woke up and went to sleep with clockwork precision, every 23 hours 45 minutes Similarly, the circadian clocks of many plants and fungi are close to but not exactly 24 hours.It was almost impossible to investigate if humans had these same internal clocks because there was no easy way to remove all of the external timing cues of every connection to the outside world However, in the 1950s, researchers had an idea They created a simple telephone that could connect a volunteer to only one other person The volunteer went deep into a cave far in the Andes Mountains All he brought with him was enough food, candles, and reading materials to keep him occupied for weeks Each time he felt sleepy enough to go to bed, he would call his partner on the other side of the phone, who would record the time He would make the same call when he awoke The study showed that his sleep wake cycle continued with clockwork precision for several weeks in the cave However, the volunteer went to bed a little later every day, implying his clock was slightly longer than 24 hours In fact, he was going to bed and waking up within a cycle that covered exactly 24 hours 15 minutes His cycle was so predictable that it could only be guided by an internal clock.231 D Fischer et al., Chronotypes in the US Influence of Age and Sex, PLoS ONE 12 2017 e0178782.2 T Roenneberg et al., Epidemiology of the Human Circadian Clock, Sleep Medicine Reviews 11, no 6 2007 429 38.3 L Kaufman, Your Schedule Could Be Killing You, Popular Science, September October 2017, J Li et al., Parents Nonstandard Work Schedules and Child Well Being A Critical Review of the Literature, Journal of Primary Prevention 35, no 1 2014 53 73.5 D L Brown et al., Rotating Night Shift Work and the Risk of Ischemic Stroke, American Journal of Epidemiology 169, no 11 2009 1370 77.6 M Conlon, N Lightfoot, and N Kreiger, Rotating Shift Work and Risk of Prostate Cancer, Epidemiology 18, no 1 2007 182 83.7 S Davis, D K Mirick, and R G Stevens, Night Shift Work, Light at Night, and Risk of Breast Cancer, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 93, no 20 2001 1557 62.8 C Hublin et al., Shift Work and Cardiovascular Disease A Population Based 22 Year Follow Up Study, European Journal of Epidemiology 25, no 5 2010 315 23.9 B Karlsson, A Knutsson, and B Lindahl, Is There an Association between Shift Work and Having a Metabolic Syndrome Results from a Population Based Study of 27,485 people, Occupational Environmental Medicine 58, no 11 2001 747 52.10 T A Lahti et al., Night Time Work Predisposes to Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, International Journal of Cancer 123, no 9 2008 2148 51.11 S P Megdal et al., Night Work and Breast Cancer Risk A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis, European Journal of Cancer 41, no 13 2005 2023 32.12 F A Scheer et al., Adverse Metabolic and Cardiovascular Consequences of Circadian Misalignment, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106, no 11 2009 , 4453 58.13 E S Schernhammer et al., Night Shift Work and Risk of Colorectal Cancer in the Nurses Health Study, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 95, no 11 2003 825 28.14 E S Schernhammer et al., Rotating Night Shifts and Risk of Breast Cancer in Women Participating in the Nurses Health Study, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 93, no 20 2001 1563 68.15 S Sookoian et al., Effects of Rotating Shift Work on Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome and Inflammation, Journal of Internal Medicine 261, no 3 2007 285 92.16 A N Viswanathan, S E Hankinson, and E S Schernhammer, Night Shift Work and the Risk of Endometrial Cancer, Cancer Research 67 no 21 2007 10618 22.17 E S Soteriades et al., Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Firefighters A Prospective Cohort Study, Obesity Research 13, no 10 2005 1756 63.18 E S Soteriades et al., Cardiovascular Disease in US Firefighters A Systematic Review, Cardiology in Review 19, no 4 2011 202 15.19 K Straif et al., Carcinogenicity of Shift Work, Painting, and Fire Fighting, Lancet Oncology 8, no 12 2007 1065 66.20 International Air Transport Association, New Years Day 2014 Marks 100 Years of Commercial Aviation, press release, J J de Mairan, Observation Botanique, Histoire de lAcademie Royale des Sciences 1729 35 36.22 J Aschoff, Exogenous and endogenous components in circadian rhythms Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 25 1960 11 28.23 J Aschoff and R Wever, Spontanperiodik des Menschen bei Ausschlu aller Zeitgeber, Naturwissenschaften 49, no 15 1962 337 42.When you get in sync with your bodys instinctive circadian rhythm, everything you do feels easier Losing weight, having energy, and sleeping well just happen naturally Read Satchin Pandas book to take advantage of this brand new science It works, and I use it Dave Asprey, New York Times bestselling author of The Bulletproof Diet and Head Strong One of the essential factors to ensure longevity is to align your life with your body s circadian rhythms The Circadian Code, written by one of the worlds leading experts on circadian rhythms, offers a complete program to recalibrate your day night activities, optimize sleep, lose weight, learn work, and exercise Valter Longo, PhD, author of the international bestseller, The Longevity Diet A very readable and enjoyable introduction to what is a major topic in the circadian field paying attention to your circadian clock, what one might call circadian hygiene, including the benefits of time restricted eating Michael Rosbash, Nobel Laureate Physiology and Medicine , Peter Gruber Professor of Neuroscience Brandeis University HHMI The Circadian Code offers some of the most powerful insights on health available today, written in a riveting and easily accessible style By bringing to light the latest research on circadian rhythms, Dr Panda gives us the gift of understanding how we can access the wisdom of the body, easily support healthy circadian rhythms, and, in the process, prevent or reverse disease, easily manage weight, and feel well rested and renewed every day Ive spent decades working in high tech, and have studied the impacts of technology on our health The Circadian Code offers practical advice for vitality and health in our modern, technology saturated world Linda Stone, Former Apple and Microsoft executive I found Satchin Panda s research inspiring when I wrote The Fast Diet I m fascinated by the work his team has done on time restricted eating because it gets results and is based on real science Michael Mosley, New York Times bestselling author of The Fast Diet In recent years, weve learned so much about the primacy of circadian rhythm Satchin Panda, one of the fields most influential scientists, takes us from the knowledge base to practical impact in our day to day lifestyle in The Circadian Code Eric Topol, MD, author of The Patient Will See You Now The Future of Medicine Is in Your Hands Satchin Panda s research is an integral part of my 4 Pillar Plan The Circadian Code explains the crucial when aspect of healthy living You ll learn the best times to eat, exercise, work, and sleep, and if you follow his instructions, your whole family will benefit I highly recommend this program Dr Rangan Chatterjee, author of The 4 Pillar Plan and How to Make Disease Disappear The beauty of Satchin Pandas philosophy of time restricted eating is its simplicity It is an elegant lifestyle intervention everyone should arm themselves with The message When you eat can be almost as important as what you eat Rhonda Patrick, podcast host for Found My Fitness myCircadianClock Salk Institute Survey questions will periodically ask you about general health and how feel your overall quality of life Insights into Circadian Clock After at least days collecting data, myCircadianClock start providing feedback eating, sleeping, activity patterns Signs That You Have a Rhythm Sleep Disorder Discover whether one these five sleep disorders is keeping from best night s rest If have hard time falling asleep waking up when need to, might what known as circadian rhythm disorder Typically, body clock regulates regular daily Why Light Matters Designing with Health in Mind Why ZGF Architects outlines six vital principles to follow designing spaces that support The Human ScienceDirect The temporal programme found organisms all phyla It an adaptation earth rotation, conferring h structure on processes Genomic Landscape Pharmacogenomic Interactions Ye et al comprehensively analyzed alterations genes rhythms across multiple human cancers revealed strong interactions between clinically actionable genes, which highlights the clinical utility timing cancer chronotherapy Non hour wake Wikipedia Non non or NSWD several chronic CRSDs defined steady pattern comprising delays onset times individual living society Polyadenylation Many protein coding than polyadenylation site, so gene can code for mRNAs differ their end Since alternative changes length untranslated region, it change binding sites microRNAs region contains MicroRNAs tend repress translation promote degradation they bind Earth Runners Earthing Adventure Sandals Made California Utilizing minimalist Vibram soles, Earth Grip footbed our grounded conductive lacing system offering ultimate sandal experience Inspired by ancient Tarahumara huarache sandals, combine barefoot benefits earthing shoes functionality running sandals offer closest thing truly kind How artificial light wrecking sleep, A good laugh long are cures doctor book Irish Proverb evidence adequate, restful overwhelming Decades research has shown sleeping hours per relieve stress, reduce risk many diseases, improve memory cognitive function, may even help weight loss Behavior Natural Selection bozemanscience Paul Andersen explains behavior various shaped natural selection action phototropism photoperiodism Seminars Orthodontics Home Page semortho x This issue Seminars update Digital Technologies millennial orthodontist probably practice zone where impressions, two dimensional D radiographs photographs, lot other chairside procedures considered norm until just recently fade away orthodontic history Oura Ring most accurate tracker Oura tracker measures physiological signals body, understands lifestyle, guides make own optimal choices ring features scientifically validated tracking personalized guidance Toronto Clinics, Ontario Clinics For Welcome We hope find clinics program represented website informative exciting There unique including INSOMNIA SELF MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME, downloadable leaflets specific childhood disorders, information counselling group therapies considerable emphasis well self Satchidananda Panda Institute Biological Studies Satchidananda explores molecules cells keep whole same section hypothalamus called suprachiasmatic nucleus SCN lies center master gets input directly sensors eyes, schedule Code Satchin Panda, PhD About Dr leading expert field He Professor a, founding executive member Center Biology University California, San Diego Satchin SatchinPanda Twitter latest Tweets Author book, THE CIRCADIAN CODE crownpublishing Learn Author Interview Code author Code, some lifestyle modifications, restore balance reap term rewards better greater health, reduced disease Penguin Random House Audiobook Written PhD, narrated Chris Sorensen Sign download listen this audiobook today First visiting Audible Get free sign day Trial Principal Investigator pandalk professor Regulatory Laboratory, interested understanding molecular mechanism biological mouse model oscillator coordinates physiology dark cycle Science Blog such wake, heart rate, blood pressure etc generated clocks few decades ago Dr Time Restricted Feeding Its Jun , Effects Obesity, Muscle Mass Heart One surprising effects restricted feeding mice eating full Department Studies mechanisms The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight

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