ῳ Popular online ↺ T Is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help You Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger, and Live Your Best Life torent ῾ Ebook Author Shaun T. „ ῳ Popular online ↺ T Is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help You Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger, and Live Your Best Life torent ῾ Ebook Author Shaun T. „ CHAPTER ONETHE SEVEN SUPERPOWERSThis book isn t about me It s about you.I want to share my life story to show you what I ve been through and how I handled it, so that you know that I ve been there I want you to believe that the lessons I learned from my challenges can cross over into the life you re living, and they can help you figure out where you want to go from here.You have frustrations So do I.You ve fallen short of your goals Me, too.You ve been disappointed by the people closest to you Read on.But this isn t only about failures and screw ups.It s about that awesome feeling when you lose the first 4 ds on a weight loss journey.Or, when you find a love that surprised you with its intensity.Or, when your job provides rewards that go way beyond the paycheck.You see where I m going Shaun T has been there and done all of thatdownside, and upside.Sometimes, it feels like we re on a hamster wheel, running as fast as we can and ending up exhausted but in the same place as we ve always been Listen up I know about rat racing Neither of us should go there, and it s time to get off the wheel Unless being a rodent is just a step along the way to an amazeballs outcome you couldn t have imagined I actually played a rodent on stage see , and that experience taught me a lot But on that later.It s past time to step off that wheel and make real progress I m not just talking about building a six pack or losing 100 ds or shutting up your annoying sister in law Here s what I want for you to identify what s actually important to you, to find a way to achieve that, and to make your gains an authentic part of who you are That kind of growth and progress will last the rest of your life, and nobody can ever take it away.To help you build your transformation toolbox, I ll be giving you a test that will help you learn about who you are, plus exercises to help you find pathways from where you are to where you want to be I ll be asking what you want out of your life, and challenging you to figure out what s holding you back I ll also suggest strategies and life experiments that can move you forward.By the end of this book, you will have built interior strengththe only kind that really sticks with youto fend off failures, answer the haters, and give you the energy to move upward I m also going to give you some tools to build your physical strength, because, sometimes, it helps to practice pushing yourself physically in order to get better at doing it mentally.People always ask me What is the key is to losing weightexercise or diet I always tell them Neither The most important thing is your mind, and that s a muscle you can build just like any other.I m here to help you build yours, starting with two key truthbombs TRUTHBOMB The only meaningful obstacles are mental ones.TRUTHBOMB Nothing looks as good as confidence feels.Whatever your goal islosing weight, finding your life s work, meeting The One, tapping into your passionsyou re now on the path to achieving them.The pathway of your life may wander a bit, and that s okay It can go anywhere you want it to.Mine has wandered a lot That s why I m going to tell my storythe good, the bad, and the uglyand I m not going to hold anything back It s the only way I know how to be.Parts of my life story are embarrassing for me But even the most difficult things that have happened to me have made me who I am today If not for the bad parts, I never would have made it to the best parts And the best parts are worth looking at, too, because they flow in a direct line from the worst I m not complaining about anything I m celebrating the good, and acknowledging how it sprang directly from my biggest struggles.If you bury your painful experiences deep, or hide them in the closet, or deny them completely, you ll never be able to move past them.I ll never do that again It hasn t always been that way for me, as you ll see.But right now, I m asking What are you hiding from yourself and others What pain, embarrassment, or difficulty are you holding onto because letting go of it seems too hard Trust me I know what that struggle feels like.If you re holding something back, it s holding you backfrom true happiness now, from the better future you dream of If you don t deal with the most difficult aspects of your life, past or present, you ll keep living them every day you have left.TRUTHBOMB You get stronger by unpacking the baggage, not by stuffing it into the closet.People see me today, smiling on Facebook or leading a workout, and they re thinking, this is easy for him I m here to tell you, nothing was easy about getting Shaun T where he is today, and it still ain t easy.And anyway, easy isn t the point.The pain is.The work is.The process is.And finally, the progress is.THERE S NO BETTER PLACE TO STUDY human motivation than a workout studio I ve led thousands of workouts in my life, so I m super sensitive to what holds people back, and also what allows them to break through The people who fail do it in the same old waysnegative self talk, not showing up, excuse makingand those who succeed show similar strengths scheduling workouts, setting goals, recruiting a supportive posse Just as developing certain muscle groups and cardio endurance can help you get through an INSANITY session, developing certain skills can help you move on to a whole new life And that means helping you to help yourself.Think about that word core for a minute You ve heard thousands of exercise coaches talk about the need for core strength I talk about it a lot, too But what I really care most about is your personal corethe values that drive your choices, the people you surround yourself with, your attitude toward yourself The same way strong abs and back muscles support every move you make, a strong personal core can help you move decisively into your future It s your choice You ll either suffer with every move, or go strong into the future.That s why you have to learn What s important to you.Who s important to you.What s driving you forward.What s promising to take you to that place you ve only dreamed about, but didn t dare expect for yourself.There are core exercises that can give you a six pack, and there are core exercises that can give you the strength to absorb the gut punches life delivers I ve shaped plenty of abdomens in the last 20 years Now, I want to empower you to reshape your life by working at what s most important to you Your core values.Change has knocked me sideways plenty of times, but then, success is seldom a straight line You can zig and zag your way to the promised land In fact, there s no other way to get there.BAD TIMES ARE LIKE BOOT CAMP You go through them to build up strengthto reach a better place Every tough step you take moves you forward, and the tougher they are, the strength you build and the greater the leap you can make.I ll help you find the purpose to your pitfalls, as you learn about my hard times, too Like I say in my workouts Use your own body to build your body It s the same with every difficult thing you ve done and experienced Use your lifewhatever it bringsto build your life When strength comes from within, nobody can take it from you.Not the relative who molested you.Not the spouse who beat you.Not the boss who harassed you.Not the mean kids who bullied you.Not the people who counted you out, told you that you didn t matter, brushed you aside.When you build the strength to move past those people, or climb over an obstacle, you have a new superpower nobody can take from you I ve been building new superpowers since I was a little kid, and now I use them everywhere I go When another big challenge or problem comes up, I deploy what I need to overcome it or make it disappear.Zap Poof Maybe you don t even realize it, but you re building superpowers, too That s another reason I wrote this book To help you realize just how strong you are already It s amazing what you ll accomplish when you start pulling out the tools whenever you need them.This book is about finding out who you really are, how much you trust yourself, and what you truly believe you can do.I ve boiled down all of the lessons I ve learned into what I think of as the seven superpowers of personal transformation I ve lived them and used them, and I want you to build and use yours as well.You and I probably have a lot in common than you think If you pay attention to what went down with Shaun T, you ll get some ideas about how to bring about your own happily ever afters, too.Let s run through the inventory of the T Is for Transformation superpowers that can help you survive the zigs and accelerate through the zags.In order to advance, it helps to be .UNCOMFORTABLE Wait What Life begins at the end of your comfort zone And that s fine, if you re willing to plan for and take smart risks.FULL OUT Here s your force multiplierthe enthusiasm, excitement, and commitment you put into every plan that can drive you forward.CREATIVE You can find or make the tools you need to cut your way out of personal traps, and you can identify helping hands that can lift you up.FLEXIBLE You can swerve through the twists and turns, and accelerate through changes to reach for the life you really want.SELFISH That s right Shaun T is giving you permission to be the center of your universe, but in a good way.FEELIN IT You identify your passions and feel them all the way, because that s ultimately what determines success.BANANAS When you re pushing your life forward, there are bound to be surprises, disappointments, eye openers, and other WTF moments Plan for them, accept them, enjoy them, learn from them, and move forward because of themI know you can make these seven superpowers work in your life and bring incredible change How do I know that Because I did it And I wouldn t ask you to try anything that hasn t worked for me, first.Starting after , you ll find ways to test your superpowers, plus specific exercises that will help you practice using them.Ready Press Play on the next awesome phase of your life.I know Shaun T as the tough love motivator and butt kicker behind my favorite workout videos His workouts are HARD, but I always feel amazing after themI cant believe I survived, and I cant believe that my body can do all that crazy stuff But I had no idea where Shaun learned the techniques that help to inspire, push, heal, and help me and the millions of others who have gotten fit along with him Serena Williams, 4 time Olympic gold medalist and 23 time Grand Slam championShaun T has motivated millions to change their lives and it has little to do with his chiseled physique It is through his courageous truth, overcoming childhood abuse and insurmountable challenges that you realize it starts with mind set T is for Transformation is for everyone who is ready to face their truths, move past their pasts, reclaim the greatness that was always inside of them, and take control of their lives Chalene Johnson, New York Times bestselling author, host of podcast The Chalene Show, and creator of SmartSuccessShaun is a unicorn He s super fit, an incredible motivator, and dances better than Shakira He s helped millions of people transform their bodies and change their lives And he s the most genuine, down to earth dude you ll ever meet I feel blessed to know him and to be able to call him a friend And I can t recommend this book enough to people who want to take control of their lives and maximize what they ve got.BJ Gaddour, Mens Health Fitness DirectorShaun Ts new book was a game changer for me I knew Shaun would help me guide my fitness, but I had no idea that he could also inspire my personal success goals so greatly Cody Alan, host of Country Music Televisions CMT Hot 20 CountdownNot only has Shaun inspired millions of people to transform their bodies, his incredible personal transformation in this book will no doubt help millions transform their souls and hearts as well.Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer and New York Times bestselling author of The Body Reset Diet T is for Transformation is so much than just a personal memoir I finished the book feeling like a better version of me Ive been lucky enough to have Shaun T as personal mentor and friend for years, so it was no surprise to FEEL his motivation exploding out the pages of his book.Bob Ruff, host of the Truth Shaun T is the most caring person in this world, and his book will be life changing for those who truly want to dig deep and transform even if they ve had a rough go at life so far You just gotta Trust and Believe in Shaun T and he will show you the way.Drew Manning, New York Times bestselling author of Fit2Fat2FitIf you want to be a better human, let Shaun T be your guide This groundbreaking book is a crash course on how to thrive in a world so often stacked against us With your newfound superpowers and Shaun on your side, your obstacles dont stand a chance Abel James, New York Times bestselling author and award winning host of Fat Burning ManShaun T is in a class by himself and knows the struggles we all face day to day Having been fortunate enough to work with him on set, this book T is for Transformation encompasses all the magic and positivity he exudes in person, while giving the mental tools we all need to succeed.Albert Bianchini, executive producer, Milojo Productions T is for Transformation is a testament to the fact that within every obstacle there is opportunity Shaun T is a life changerI dare you to read this book and not want to take on the world.Andrea Boehlke, Survivor contestant and host of PEOPLE NowShaun T s raw and authentic energy is like a wildfire that will sweep over all your excuses and transform you into the unstoppable sexy beast you ve always had within you Trust and Believe that Shaun T will be sweating, burning and digging deeper right there next to you every step of the way.Bethanie Mattek Sands, Olympic gold medalist and 8 time Grand Slam ChampionNot long ago I tweeted that at 43 I found myself in the parking lot of a gym, contemplating the fact that I had been dieting and exercising to lose weight since I was 9 years old It was a sobering and ultimately demoralizing realization and, if anything, really undermined any motivation I had to keep at it But Shaun s book T is For Transformation and his message changed my perception of what the struggle really needed to be about His Truthbombs, It isn t about the weight, fit isn t about a number, if you re chasing a number you ll never catch it made me pause and reexamine what my goals of the last 30 plus years have been His message to simply do better each day than the previous day with consistency is what I really needed to hear Focusing on how the journey makes you feel versus arbitrary numbers on a scale is the mindshift I ve needed to think about fitness not as unachievable, but as something I can achieve every single day by simply moving my body and putting good things in it Shaun shares his personal stories of struggle and the mental breakthroughs that help him overcome them, which means he knows what we are going through and is not lecturing from a pedestal I know that I ll visit and revisit this book for years to come, every time I need a pick me up and a voice telling me to keep going Rabia Chaudry, New York Times bestselling author of Adnans Story and co host and co producer of the podcast UndisclosedAs someone who knows Shaun T well, I still found myself deep into this book finding out even about him than I knew before and being motivated and inspired in new ways I finished this book feeling inspired to take action, ready to tackle my life, and motivated to truly trust and believe in who I am Danielle Natoni, creator of Fit This one touches my soul to the very core Being authentically and unapologetically me is something that I pride myself on but also something that takes an immense amount of hard work and perseverance As someone who is a people pleaser and a Yes Girl, it s easy to fall into the trap of compromise compromising your true self.I can t even begin to imagine what little Shauny endured for so many years To see him fight his way out of that dark place not only inspires me to be braver, it shows me that no matter what life has in store for us, we can all have a Secret Backpack We can unleash our superpowers whenever we are faced with life struggles and challenges.I m so proud of him for all that he has overcome and accomplished and am extremely grateful to have been impacted by his strength, courage, friendship, and love Tania Baron, founder of Team Machine and Beachbody LIVE Master TrainerI expected this book to be about the body How to get fitter and stronger, but it is so much Almost autobiographical, it creates pathways for your journey, body and mind.Many of us remember Come on from the Insanity program I keep hearing Dig Deep This is a perfect way to get the tools necessary to understand that nothing comes easy but as long as you know how to focus, anything is possible It is NOT a book about Shaun Tit is a book about you He and his life story are a conduit through which you can achieve your dreams.Find out how the kid who never knew his birth father and built up protective barriers against the world grew to become one of the most powerful forces in self improvement and one of the nicest and inspirational people I have ever interviewed Now I have some answers, and so will you.Eddie Nestor, host of BBC Radio Londons Drivetime with Eddie Nestor best T is for Alphabet images on Pinterest Brown Explore Debbie Jackson s board See ideas about bags, Crafts kids and Animales Pics For Answers All 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sociopath LevelCheat Solutions Cheats pics We hope our answers will solve as little trouble Fit Kids Club DVD Workout Ts get their groove fit bringing fitness age achieve healthy lifestyle Shaun Bio Workouts beachbody Your body built lean Engineered strong Made have And exact results work celebrity trainer Beachbody Beachbody LLC American multinational corporation uses response infomercials, multi level marketing, e commerce individual sales consultants, known coaches, sell fitness, weight loss, muscle home exercise videos company founded Monica, Among Programs T Don say dance because anyone CIZE Each step choreography broken down favorite music so everybody feel beat Welcomes Twin Sons Sander Vaughn Silas husband Scott Blokker first announced babies way via surrogate sweet Instagram post mid October Says How Often You Should Lift Weights creative force successful programs, Insanity shown need spend countless Trust Believe Own Transformation On episode Greatness, joined discuss importance continual transformation, how learn trust believe Maloney Richard born January Scottish former professional football player, now employed coach CelticHe represented Celtic ten years during his playing career played Aston Villa, Wigan Athletic, Chicago Fire, Hull City Scotland national team attacking midfielder or winger My Diet Better Than Yours Fat Burning Man HUGE heart think he inspirational people He truly cares Positive Approach Fatherhood Despite Celebrity expert been open dark past, revealing explosive memoir sexually molested young boy were demons Livingston Stats, News, Videos, Highlights, Get latest news, stats, videos, highlights Golden State Warriors point guard ESPN Doherty Show Highland Radio Latest Donegal column col Magazine type morning chat show providing forum listeners express concerns issues Biogas Digester Backyard What is Biogas perfect solution modern sustainable cooking mixture gasses produced anaerobic bacteria break organic matter Insanity Body Days Mar More Info Deluxe Package Transform CIZE Dance Real Dancing Amazing Results Watch where proves, SCROLL DOWN TRY THE DAY Hip Hop Abs Extreme Are ready sweat fest Okay mostly hip hop abs dvds love them But opinion far intense Dead Kate Ashfield, Tim Baggaley SHAUN OF DEAD smart, funny homage zombie movies while maintaining its own identity instead relying entirely genre cliches T Is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help You Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger, and Live Your Best Life

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