鞍 In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines for ipad ꘪ By Stanley Karnow 떗 鞍 In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines for ipad ꘪ By Stanley Karnow 떗 By September 1986, after four years as secretary of state, George Shultz had grown accustomed to presiding over official dinners for foreign dignitaries visiting Washington the rigorous protocol, the solemn oratory, the contrived cordiality But he could not recall an occasion equal to this night He was honoring Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, the new president of the Philippines, and a spontaneous charge of emotion electrified the affair Americans and Filipinos had shared history, tragedy, triumph, idealsexperiences that had left them with a sense of kinship Shultz captured that spirit exactly A Cory doll pinned to his lapel, his Buddha like face beamed and his nasal voice lilted with rare elation Breaking with routine, he delivered his toast before the banquetin effect telling the guests to relax and enjoy This, he said, is a family evening Corys appeal transcended her American connections Seven months earlier, she had toppled Ferdinand Marcos in an episode almost too melodramatic to be truea morality play, a reenactment of the Passion The pious widow of Marcoss chief opponent, the martyred Benigno Ninoy Aquino, she had risen from his death to rally her people against the corrupt despot, his egregious wife and their wicked regime Throughout the world she became an instant celebrity, a household icon the saintly Cory who, perhaps through divine intervention, had emerged from obscurity to exorcise evil Elsewhere in Asia, in Taiwan and in South Korea, demonstrators invoked her name in their protests against autocracy Most Americans may have forgotten, perhaps never even knew, that the Philippines had been a U.S possession for those who remembered, Cory symbolized anew that special relationship During its half century of colonial tutelage, America had endowed the Filipinos with universal education, a common language, public hygiene, roads, bridges and, above all, republican institutions Americans and Filipinos had fought and died side by side at Bataan and Corregidor and perished together on the ghastly Death March The United States was still in the Philippines, the site of its two largest overseas bases, and than a million Filipinos lived in America By backing Marcos, even as an expedient, the United States had betrayed its protgs and its own principles, but, as if by miracle, Cory Aquino had redeemed her nationand redeemed America as well Shultzs role in her achievement, though belated, had been decisive He was frustrated by unresolved challenges Central America, the Middle East, negotiations with the Soviet Union Not the least of his problems were his rivals in President Ronald Reagans entourage, constantly nibbling at his authority Here he had scored a visible victory He had finally won the Washington debate over dumping Marcosdespite recollections of the disasters that had followed past U.S maneuvers against such unwanted clients as South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem and the shah of Iran At his urgent behest, Reagan begrudgingly consented to discard Marcos and hustle him off to Honolulu A bloodbath had been narrowly averted in Manila, and Cory had restored democracy to the Philippines Now, on this autumn evening, Cory beside him, Shultz savored her success, his success In what for him was an explosion of enthusiasm, he remarked that the occasion had a real good feel to it Even the chronically foul Washington weather felt good The summer heat had faded, leaving the air as soft as satin From the terrace outside the State Departments top floor dining room, the capital resembled a tourist poster Lights flooded the Washington Monument and the majestic dome of the Capitol and between them, like a giant lantern, hung a full harvest moon as yellow as butter Aquino, while enduring her husbands imprisonment under Marcos, had borrowed yellow as her signature color from the poignant Civil War ballad Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree When a guest noted the felicitous coincidence, Shultzs spokesman, Bernard Kalb, quipped, The CIA can do anything Cory desperately needed economic aid and investment, and Shultz had carefully reviewed the guest list, inviting a heavyweight contingent from Congress along with some of Americas major bankers and corporate executives Present, too, were the handful of State Department officials who had lobbied for her against Reagans reticence and the opposition of his staff Diplomats, publishers, journalists, scholars and lawyers were also there, and a group of influential Filipino businessmen had flown in from Manila The place was loaded, Shultz said proudly, with important people who make things happen By seven thirty, the guests were filing through the reception chambers furnished with elegant American antiques, their walls adorned with vintage portraits of Americas founders Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, John Quincy Adams With Shultz towering above her in the receiving line, Cory wore a pink gown with butterfly sleeves, reserving yellow for her address to Congress the next day Nobody who knew her, as I had for twenty years, could have foreseen this magic moment Nor could she, for all her belief in providence, have ever thought it possible I imagined her reply had I, possessed of some superhuman faculty, predicted this occasion even a couple of years before Golly, Stan, she would have remonstrated, you must be crazy Yet here she was, a woman of fifty three, a grandmother, serene and poised, shaking hands, bussing an old friend, her broad smile and amazing grace radiating a natural incandescence And, as we dined in the spacious Benjamin Franklin Room, a euphoric glow kindled the gathering Guests table hopped to exchange nostalgic anecdotes One effusive congressman was appareled in a lustrous yellow matched set of bow tie, cummerbund and handkerchief, and another sported a yellow badge proclaiming I 3 Cory As entertainment, Shultz had brought in a loony washboard combo from San Franciscoa frivolous touch described by one of his assistants as real American Vice President George Bush, acting as official greeter, had paid a call on Aquino the previous day at her hotel suite As they posed for the photo opportunity, she smiled stiffly Of course she would not spoil the occasion by dredging up old grievances, but Bush was anathema to her for his effulgent praise of Marcos during a visit to Manila in 1981 The Marcoses, masters at lavishing attention on important guests, had laid on an opulent dinner for him at the Malacaang, the presidential palace Scripted by the State Department to reassure Marcos of the Reagan administrations friendship, Bush toasted Marcoss adherence to democratic principles and to the democratic processes The inane remark had clung to him for years, and he knew that Cory remembered it Now, however, he sought to reassure her There was no resistance of any kind to you within the administration, he told her, predicting that she and Reagan would get along very wellin terms of chemistry He was wrong A man who prized loyalty, Reagan stuck by those who had been faithful to hima trait he displayed in his reluctance to dismiss unethical subordinates Nor did he easily shed illusions, as in his tendency to confuse movies with reality Whatever Marcoss faults, he still esteemed him an old friend and ally, an intrepid anti Japanese guerrilla during World War II and a veteran freedom fighter in the struggle against communism Besides, he had never forgotten his first trip to Manila in 1969, when he was governor of California President Richard Nixon had sent him and Nancy there to represent the United States at the opening of a cultural center, and the Marcoses had treated them like royalty By contrast, he instinctively distrusted Cory On one occasion he had proposed that she compromise with Marcos, which to her was tantamount to a pact with the devil, and despite massive evidence of chicanery by Marcoss followers during the election, he publicly suggested that her supporters had been equally fraudulent He was angry when she banished Marcos from the Philippines rather than permit him to retire to his native province Not until April, a full two months after her victory, did he personally congratulate her by telephone She interpreted the delay as an indirect reproachand, a few days later, he exacerbated it with a gesture that she could justifiably consider an insult En route to Asia, he had stopped for a few days in Hawaii and actually contemplated driving over to see Marcos, who was now living there in splendid exile Shultz had all he could do to dissuade him, and Reagan telephoned Marcos instead Marcos, his voice slurred, carried on almost endlessly, insisting that he was still the rightful president of the Philippines, denouncing Cory as incompetent and soft on communism and complaining about his confiscated property His wife, Imelda, pouring out her heart to Nancy, blubbered that the press had maligned her with exaggerated reports of the thousands of shoes and sundry glitz she had left behind in Manila The maudlin performance embarrassed the Reagansall the so because Imelda, to show that the Marcos connection with the United States was intact, had violated the privacy of the conversation by arranging for a Honolulu television station to broadcast a silent segment Administration spokesmen, fearing that Reagans contact with Marcos might alarm Cory, hastily expressed his endorsement of her, but she was unconvinced She continued to believe that Reagan still yearned for Marcoss restoration to power And now, five months afterward, as her motorcade sped to the White House, she was rankled as well by Reagans refusal to elevate her journey to Washington to the full panoply of a state visitan honor that he had accorded the Marcoses in September 1982, which in diplomatic semiotics signified unqualified 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