וֹ Read Kindle [ ᆏ Rule Makers, Rule Breakers ] For Free ᑂ Kindle By Michele Gelfand ᓭ וֹ Read Kindle [ ᆏ Rule Makers, Rule Breakers ] For Free ᑂ Kindle By Michele Gelfand ᓭ In Rule Makers, Rule Breakers celebrated cultural psychologist Michele Gelfand takes us on an epic journey through human cultures, offering a startling new view of the world and ourselves With a mix of brilliantly conceived studies and surprising on the ground discoveries, she shows that much of the diversity in the way we think and act derives from a key difference how tightly or loosely we adhere to social norms Why are clocks in Germany so accurate while those in Brazil are frequently wrong Why do New Zealand s women have the highest number of sexual partners Why are Red and Blue states really so divided Why was the Daimler Chrysler merger ill fated from the start Why is the driver of a Jaguar likely to run a red light than the driver of a plumber s van Why does one spouse prize running a tight ship while the other refuses to sweat the small stuff In search of a common answer, Gelfand has spent two decades conducting research in than 50 countries Across all age groups, family variations, social classes, businesses, states, and nationalities, she s identified a primal pattern that can trigger cooperation or conflict Her fascinating conclusion Behavior is highly influenced by the perception of threat With an approach that is consistently riveting, Rule Makers, Rule Breakers thrusts many of the puzzling attitudes and actions we observe into sudden and surprising clarity. 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