⇍ [PDF]-Free Read Washington: A Life ⣗ By Ron Chernow ⤠ ⇍ [PDF]-Free Read Washington: A Life ⣗ By Ron Chernow ⤠ Ron Chernow Shares Surprising Facts About George Washington Washington was the only major founder who lacked a college education John Adams went to Harvard, James Madison to Princeton, and Alexander Hamilton to Columbia, making Washington self conscious about what he called his defective education Washington never had wooden teeth He wore dentures that were made of either walrus or elephant ivory and were fitted with real human teeth Over time, as the ivory got cracked and stained, it resembled the grain of wood Washington may have purchased some of his teeth from his own slaves Washington had a strangely cool and distant relationship with his mother During the Revolutionary War and her sons presidency, she never uttered a word of praise about him and she may even have been a Tory No evidence exists that she ever visited George and Martha Washington at Mount Vernon Late in the Revolutionary War, Mary Washington petitioned the Virginia legislature for financial relief, pleading povertyand, by implication, neglect by her son Washington, who had been extremely generous to his mother, was justly indignant Even as a young man, Washington seemed to possess a magical immunity to bullets In one early encounter in the French and Indian War, he absorbed four bullets in his coat and hat and had two horses shot from under him yet emerged unscathed This led one Indian chief to predict that some higher power was guiding him to great events in the future By age 30 Washington had survived smallpox, malaria, dysentery, and other diseases Although he came from a family of short lived men, he had an iron constitution and weathered many illnesses that would have killed a less robust man He lived to the age of 67 While the Washingtons were childlessit has always been thought that George Washington was sterilethey presided over a household teeming with children Martha had two children from her previous marriage and she and George later brought up two grandchildren as well, not to mention countless nieces and nephews That Washington was childless proved a great boon to his career Because he had no heirs, Americans didnt worry that he might be tempted to establish a hereditary monarchy And many religious Americans believed that God had deliberately deprived Washington of children so that he might serve as Father of His Country Though he tried hard to be fair and took excellent medical care of his slaves, Washington could be a severe master His diaries reveal that during one of the worst cold snaps on record in Virginiawhen Washington himself found it too cold to ride outsidehe had his field slaves out draining swamps and performing other arduous tasks For all her anxiety about being constantly in a battle zone, Martha Washington spent a full half of the Revolutionary War with her husbanda major act of courage that has largely gone unnoticed Washington was obsessed with his personal appearance, which extended to his personal guard during the war Despite wartime austerity and a constant shortage of soldiers, he demanded that all members of his personal guard be between 5 8 and 5 10 a year later, he narrowed the range to 5 9 to 5 10 While Washington lost battles than he won, he still ranks as a great general His greatness lay less in his battlefield brilliancehe committed some major strategic blundersthan in his ability to hold his ragged army intact for than eight years, keeping the flame of revolution alive Washington ran his own spy network during the war and was often the only one privy to the full scope of secret operations against the British He anticipated many techniques of modern espionage, including the use of misinformation and double agents Washington tended his place in history with extreme care Even amid wartime stringency, he got Congress to appropriate special funds for a full time team of secretaries who spent two years copying his wartime papers into beautiful ledgers For thirty years, Washington maintained an extraordinary relationship with his slave and personal manservant William Lee, who accompanied him throughout the Revolutionary War and later worked in the presidential mansion Lee was freed upon Washingtons death and given a special lifetime annuity The battle of Yorktown proved the climactic battle of the revolution and the capstone of Washingtons military career, but he initially opposed this Franco American operation against the Britisha fact he later found hard to admit Self conscious about his dental problems, Washington maintained an air of extreme secrecy when corresponding with his dentist and never used such incriminating words as teeth or dentures By the time he became president, Washington had only a single tooth lefta lonely lower left bicuspid that held his dentures in place Washington always displayed extremely ambivalence about his fame Very often, when he was traveling, he would rise early to sneak out of a town or enter it before he could be escorted by local dignitaries He felt beleaguered by the social demands of his own renown At Mount Vernon, Washington functioned as his own architectand an extremely original one at that All of the major features that we associate with the housethe wide piazza and colonnade overlooking the Potomac, the steeple and the weathervane with the dove of peacewere personally designed by Washington himself A master showman with a brilliant sense of political stagecraft, Washington would disembark from his coach when he was about to enter a town then mount a white parade horse for maximum effect It is not coincidental that there are so many fine equestrian statues of him Land rich and cash poor, Washington had to borrow money to attend his own inauguration in New York City in 1789 He then had to borrow money again when he moved back to Virginia after two terms as president His public life took a terrible toll on his finances Martha Washington was never happy as First Ladya term not yet in useand wrote with regret after just six months of the experience I think I am like a state prisoner than anything elseAnd as I cannot do as I like, I am obstinate and stay home a great deal When the temporary capital moved to Philadelphia in 1790, Washington brought six or seven slaves to the new presidential mansion Under a Pennsylvania abolitionist law, slaves who stayed continuously in the state for six months were automatically free To prevent this, Washington, secretly coached by his Attorney General, rotated his slaves in and out of the state without telling them the real reason for his actions Washington nearly died twice during his first term in office, the first time from a tumor on his thigh that may have been from anthrax or an infection, the second time from pneumonia Many associates blamed his sedentary life as president for the sudden decline in his formerly robust health and he began to exercise daily Tired of the demands of public life, Washington never expected to serve even one term as president, much less two He originally planned to serve for only a year or two, establish the legitimacy of the new government, then resign as president Because of one crisis after another, however, he felt a hostage to the office and ended up serving two full terms For all his success as president, Washington frequently felt trapped in the office Exempt from attacks at the start of his presidency, Washington was viciously attacked in the press by his second term His opponents accused him of everything from being an inept general to wanting to establish a monarchy At one point, he said that not a single day had gone by that he hadnt regretted staying on as president Washington has the distinction of being the only president ever to lead an army in battle as commander in chief During the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, he personally journeyed to western Pennsylvania to take command of a large army raised to put down the protest against the excise tax on distilled spirits Two of the favorite slaves of George and Martha WashingtonMarthas personal servant, Ona Judge and their chef Herculesescaped to freedom at the end of Washingtons presidency Washington employed the resources of the federal government to try to entrap Ona Judge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and return her forcibly to Virginia His efforts failed Washington stands out as the only founder who freed his slaves, at least the 124 who were under his personal control He couldnt free the so called dower slaves who came with his marriage to Martha In his will, he stipulated that the action was to take effect only after Martha died so that she could still enjoy the income from those slaves After her husband died, Martha grew terrified at the prospect that the 124 slaves scheduled to be freed after her death might try to speed up the timetable by killing her Unnerved by the situation, she decided to free those slaves ahead of schedule only a year after her husband died Like her husband, Martha Washington ended up with a deep dislike of Thomas Jefferson, whom she called one of the most detestable of mankind When Jefferson visited her at Mount Vernon before he became president, Martha said that it was the second worst day of her lifethe first being the day her husband died Photo of Ron Chernow Nina Subin Starred Review An unabridged edition of Chernow s acclaimed biography of America s patriarch, on its face may not seem an obvious selection for general audiobook listeners who are not avid history buffs, but Scott Brick s talented performance makes the hours fly by As Chernow chips away at larger than life myths while exploring the practical qualities that shaped Washington s success, Brick provides compelling vocal inflection in portraying the narrative s many personal and political dramas Some of the most emotionally powerful renderings include the passages related to Washington s struggles with the issue of slavery and the experiences of daily life in the slave community on his plantations and in the family household Brick s reading of the later sections of the book focused on the depth of animosity between Washington and Thomas Jefferson also pack an especially effective bite A Penguin Press hardcover Nov c Copyright PWxyz, LLC All rights reserved. Washington A Life Wikipedia Washington took six years to complete and makes extensive use of archival evidence The book was released wide acclaim from critics, several whom called it the best biography Kindle Edition edition by Ron Chernow Download once read on your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Chernow Jan , deserves kudos for its painstaking primary source material re construct world in which George lived, but does not rise level my favorite historical biographies because too often eschews analysis Chernow, Paperback Barnes Noble is an encompassing This marvelous breaks wooden image brings out character man we all learned about with his charm personality prize winning author books recipient National Humanities Medal His first book, House Morgan, won Book Award, Pulitzer Prize Biography, Alexander Hamilton inspiration Broadway musicalHis new biography, Grant, will be published October Life, Penguin Press strapping feet, a celebrated horseman, elegant dancer, tireless hunter, fiercely guarded emotional life vivid dashing, passionate fiery opinions many moods Modern Mrs Darcy In this groundbreaking work, based massive research, shatters forever stereotype as stolid, unemotional figure Review BookPage indispensable Founding Father He unanimously chosen four straight times lead commander chief Continental Army president Constitutional Convention two consecutive terms United States eBay Watch Video Read Surprising Facts About From winner landmark biographer provides PenguinRandomhouse richly nuanced portrait father our nation With breadth depth matched no other one volume Washington, crisply paced narrative carries reader through troubled boyhood, precocious feats French Indian War, creation Mount Book, WorldCat nation, dashing man, revealing astute surprising canny political genius who knew how inspire people Washington: A Life

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