✊ Free Read Format Kindle @Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity: Unexplained Mysteries of the Past ͋ Ebook Author Frank Joseph ᾮ ✊ Free Read Format Kindle @Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity: Unexplained Mysteries of the Past ͋ Ebook Author Frank Joseph ᾮ Chapter 23 Illinois Gold Pyramid, Iowas Grotto of Gems, and Tennessees Greek Temple Drivers speeding along Highway 94, forty miles north of Chicago, occasionally catch a glimpse of a glittering anomaly in the otherwise ordinary suburb of Wadsworth, Illinois Built in 1974, Americas own pyramid is the private home of the James Onan family, who, until the mid 1990s, opened their untypical domicile to the public each summer Visitors emerged from the dazzling recreation of the tomb of Tutankhamun through a south exit and followed the sidewalk to the Pyramid House The house is surrounded by a moat, and its twelve thousand square feet of walls are covered with twenty four karat gold plate At fifty five feet in height, the Gold Pyramid is a 1 100th scale replica of Egypts Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau Like the original, the six story structure is oriented to true north Its interior contains seventeen thousand feet of living space, featuring a full sized re creation of Tutankhamuns ceremonial chariot covered entirely in gold The Chariot Room also displays some authentic Egyptian artifacts, many statues, another solid gold coffin lid, and hundreds of marvelous objects The Pyramid House is unquestionably an evolving sacred site, one of the latest in North America, although that is not the original intention of its builder and owner Yet, from its very inception, it has evidenced many qualities typically identified with sacred centers As an experienced and successful contractor, James Onan knew not to build over an underground water source Even so, weeks after the foundations of the Pyramid House were laid, a freshwater spring inexplicably bubbled forth at the very center of the construction It grew so large that it completely surrounded the structure Remarkably, archaeologists know that, during its civilized heyday, the Giza Plateau was likewise completely surrounded by water from the river Nile Access to the Great Pyramid then was via a bridge, just as the Illinois Gold Pyramid is reached today What mysterious forces required that North Americas 20th century version of the Great Pyramid be encircled by a moat like its ancient Egyptian counterpart Tests of the spring surrounding the Gold Pyramid House reveal its excellent purity and high mineral content Just before the unexpected arrival of the freshwater spring, a bulldozer broke its steel teeth against a large, immovable outcropping of black rock Chunks of it were sent to the Colorado Assay Office in Denver for analysis Meanwhile, the spring continued to rise ever higher, eventually drowning the black rock lying just outside the perimeter of the foundation under twenty feet of water It was then that the Colorado report arrived, informing the astounded Onan that the sample pieces were gold ore He is the only person to have found gold in Illinois So far, he has been unsuccessful in retrieving the submerged mass of gold at the bottom of the moat Claims that pyramid structures exert some kind of preservative influences are born out at Onans unusual home He experimented with different kinds of food placed at various locations inside and in its immediate vicinity They naturally spoiled over time, save one banana, which he left at the midpoint between the very center of the Gold Pyramid and its south wall, halfway up the structure, on its second floor Incredibly, the fruit desiccated but refused to rot To this day, than twenty years later, Onan still shows visitors the dried banana, preserved through the unseen energy coursing through the Gold Pyramid House Indeed, the place also does seem to exert unusual influences on human behavior Some years ago, I was fortunate enough to be an overnight guest at the Gold Pyramid House where I had a precognitive dream The vivid psychodrama featured a small aircraft, which narrowly missed colliding with the structure to crash on the street just outside the main gate Later that same month, a private pilot, while sightseeing over the Gold Pyramid, lost control of his single engine plane and crashed on the street out front, just as foreshadowed in the dream But humans are not the only creatures apparently affected by the Gold Pyramid House Strange animal events are also known to have occurred there For two summers running, beginning in 1986, hundreds of jellyfish suddenly appeared in the moat, an impossible event in the Midwest, according to experts at Chicagos renowned Shedd Aquarium As suddenly as they arrived, the creatures vanished and never returned No similar occurrence has ever been reported in Illinois, or anywhere else The Pyramid House has been home to other bizarre animal phenomena.Families of vicious birds roost above its eaves outside the north exit of the Chariot Room, which is no longer usable, because the birds boldly swoop to attack anyone approaching its glass doors Coincidentally, the Chariot Room contains the faithful replica of Pharaoh Tutankhamuns coffin lid, its golden side panels illustrating his judgment and spiritual apotheosis In ancient Egyptian religion, the kings resting place was guarded at its northern end, the Pathway of the Soul, by Sokar, a bird that attacked anyone seeking entry to the royal burial chamber An ancient arcane principle states that the faithful re creation of a sacred object or place infuses some energy of the original into the duplicate This explanation accounts for the sacred power, say, of even a cheap, plastic crucifix, which nonetheless resonates with at least something of the power of the Cross it is meant to simulate The same principle appears to be at work at Illinois Gold Pyramid House, whose faithful if downsized reproduction of the Great Pyramid has attracted to itself a portion of the mysterious power still in evidence at Egypts Giza Plateau.I have known Frank Joseph as a fellow researcher and author for years, and with his latest book, he has outdone himself He makes me wish I had his ability to see so deeply into the otherwise unseen Franks writing is a journey of the mind, especially in Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity John DeSalvo, Ph.D., biophysicist and author of Power Crystals I have heard many of Frank Josephs well researched lectures over the past twenty years, and he has put the same attention to facts and detail into his latest book By collecting over thirty modern and ancient power places from around the world, Frank demonstrates that the power and wisdom of the ancients is still with us today This work connects many locations across time and space and uncovers some common threads between them The adventurous soul would do well to use this book as the start of a bucket list of sacred sites both ancient and modern throughout the world Kevin Reger, Wisconsin coordinator of Edgar Cayce s Association for Research and Enlightenment For decades, Frank Joseph has unraveled with compelling evidence the vast hidden and complicated history of Earth and the rise and fall of advanced civilizations across every continent In his latest book, Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity, he unwinds the mystery of mysterious ancient sites left here by these advanced cultures whose knowledge of the multidimensional universe empowered them with expanded consciousness and otherworldly science Break free from the old paradigms that lock you into a fixed illusion of hopeless reality by unleashing the unbridled beliefs, told brilliantly in Frank Josephs writings, that shift us into immortal sovereignty A courageous warrior of truth, Frank leaves you with the deepest yearning for the truth of where we came from and why we are here Debbie West, producer and host of Lost Knowledge radio show If you have an appetite for the mysterious and the unexplained, the latest from tireless researcher Frank Joseph, Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity, is essential reading and a must have for your library J Douglas Kenyon, editor and publisher of Atlantis Rising Power Tab Power Tab Librarian is a tool used to catalogue your guitar and bass tablature The software scans user selected folders for files, extracts the metadata Title, Artist, Album, etc places information in database where it can be easily searched edited Northeast blackout of Wikipedia Northeast was widespread power outage throughout parts Northeastern Midwestern United States Canadian province Ontario on August just after pm EDT Some restored by Most did not get their back until two days later In other areas, took nearly week or The Official Electric Shopping Website the Depending home business within PA, you have choose electric supplier Compare, switch save electricity bill today Grammar Bytes Noun Noun Recognize noun 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