ᘴ free  Format Kindle ῳ No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain (English Edition)  ⚨ Kindle Ebook Author Peter Osborne ⚾ ᘴ free Format Kindle ῳ No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain (English Edition) ⚨ Kindle Ebook Author Peter Osborne ⚾ No Grain, No Pain CHAPTER 1 WHATS THE GRAIN PAIN CONNECTION Why Healthy Foods Make Us Feel So Bad All truth passes through three stages First, it is ridiculed Second, it is violently opposed Third, it is accepted as being self evident Paraphrased from the writings of Arthur Schopenhauer, nineteenth century German philosopher The gluten free diet has been all the rage these past few years Lots of plans show you how to cut sugar, wheat, and other empty carbs out of your diet to lose weightand those approaches generally work, very successfully Other diet books argue that eliminating grain will improve your memory and brain function, both today and tomorrow There is solid research backing this thesis improved memory now, and memory protection in the future, is a clear side effect of a grain free diet Many of the people who come to my clinic in Sugar Land, Texas, come through the doors because they are in pain the kind of debilitating pain that infiltrates every aspect of life and makes each day a little darker and a lot challenging For them, changing their diet isnt just a lifestyle choice its the difference between relief and chronic pain Sometimes its even the difference between life and death If youre in such pain, youve probably tried many ways to deal with it, including physical therapy and massage, as well as the use of over the counter and prescription painkillers None of these solutions likely worked for long Quite possibly, youve experimented with some form of a so called gluten free diet, again without any lasting improvement You may be at your wits end Hold on Help is at hand In No Grain, No Pain, Im going to offer you something revolutionary a 30 day, step by step plan that will get at the real root cause of your pain Youll learn Why foods youve always been told were healthy may actually be making and keeping you sick How painkillers and other drugs deplete your body of vitamins and minerals vital to healing, actually aggravating the root cause of the pain That just because you dont test positive for celiac disease doesnt mean you arent sensitive to gluten Because glutens are present in all grains, not just wheat, barley, and rye, why following a traditional gluten free diet rarely results in a cure Why removing all grains and often certain other foods can eliminate chronic pain once and for all Why other health problems you may never have associated with grain may also be caused by gluten sensitivity How to detect hidden grains in processed foods and even personal care products How to replace the nutrients of which your body has been robbed with the right food and targeted supplementation How intermittent fasting can help speed your return to pain free health and vitality Why eliminating grains can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight Finally, you will receive reinforcement that your pain is not just in your head, but instead arises from a physical cause, one that you have the power to change SENT HOME TO DIE A little girl I worked with once desperately needed just such help Ginger was only 9 years old when her mother brought her to my office She had been diagnosed with a debilitating disease called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and her doctors didnt know if she would make it In fact, her situation was so dire that the Make A Wish Foundation stepped in and granted Ginger her wish to go to Alaska to see whales off the coast with her family Gingers condition wracked her body with headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, indigestion, and stomach pain She had been suffering since her introduction to normal foods at 20 months of age She was in and out of the hospital so frequently that she had to have a permanent stent placed in her arm so that whenever she was hospitalized, it was easier to give her an IV Imagine going through years of hospital trips, doctors visits, and horrible pain all before you reach the age of 10 This was Gingers daily realityuntil I saw her After an extensive exam and laboratory testing, I identified Ginger as having non celiac gluten sensitivity We changed her dietnot just cutting out wheat, but overhauling even the hidden sources of gluten that Ill tell you about shortly Today, Ginger is gluten free and very much alive She no longer has a plastic stent in her arm She is growing normally She doesnt need to take any medications She plays on her school volleyball team and has a new lease on life As long as she avoids all grains, Ginger is symptom free, but if she does eat food that contains gluten, her joints swell Despite her youth, Ginger is able to stick with her diet because the correlation between what she eats and the swelling and pain is undeniable There is no question that Ginger is alive today because she is grain free Does this sound like a fad diet GETTING TO THE ROOT This youngster was an extreme case, but she is only one of the thousands of success stories Ive treated in my practice in the past fifteen years Youll meet lots of them throughout this bookpeople who have suffered from ailments as diverse as depression, vertigo, irritable bowel syndrome IBS , osteoarthritis, and eczema Some of them have overcome debilitating pain and illness Others have improved their lives in subtle ways, exchanging discomfort after every meal and sore joints after every physical exertion with energy and exuberance All of them share one thing in common by identifying and eliminating the root cause of their pain, they have been able to get on with their pain free lives So what is the root cause of their pain As youll soon see, so often its the hidden sources of gluten in our diets Many of us think that if we cut out bread and pasta and buy the official gluten free bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, and other products available at every major health food store and increasingly in every supermarket , were eating a gluten free diet Thats just not the case Im going to show you why those so called gluten free processed foods usually made with rice, corn, sorghum, or other grainsas well as soy can be just as much of a trigger to gluten sensitive people as a bowl of Wheaties or an English muffin And youll learn how to make smarter choices, ones that will utterly revolutionize the way you feel every day Yes, many of my patients lose some weight on a grain free diet, sometimes a substantial amount Meanwhile, those who are malnourished as a result of intestinal issues stemming from the grain in their diet are able to add crucially needed pounds And yes, many of them also report feeling sharper, mentally clear, and able to focus But when I see a patient whose joints have bothered her for years enjoy walking again, then resume jogging, and then finally run a 5K, I know Ive made a measurable difference in her quality of life When I see another patient who was in too much agony to get off the couch unassisted now able to plop down on the carpet and roughhouse with his grandkids without wincing, thats a real measure of success In addition to their remarkable physical transformations, I like to think that I also offer my patients something else hope Hope that there is a solution to their physical and emotional suffering This book will offer you the same Follow my Grain Free, Pain Free program, and youll feel dramatically better within 30 days Did You Know The suffix itis, derived from Greek and Latin, means inflammation So arthritis is inflammation of a joint colitis is inflammation of the colon bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial tubes hepatitis is inflammation of the liver When you see any word ending in itis, its describing inflammation We tend to think of inflammation as swelling, a blister, or redness However, it can also occur internally without symptoms and, over time, lead to painful diseases And guess which is one of the common causes Right, grain consumption WHAT DOES GLUTEN HAVE TO DO WITH PAIN This book focuses on chronic pain in the joints, muscles, and nerves, appearing as hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hormonal changes that lead to pain, and migraine headaches And thats just for starters Pain can also take the form of emotional paindepression, for example When you get used to living with constant pain, you may fool yourself into thinking that its normal to get headaches, feel joint pain, or have a persistent backache, even though you may regard yourself as perfectly healthy It is vital that you understand that pain is never normal rather, it is a signal from your body that something is wrong Likewise, the older you get, the likely you are to assume that aches and pains are a normal part of aging Your doctor probably tells you to just accept the discomfort In my experience, most doctors prescribe a pain pill, espousing the old its just normal arthritis line But thats crazy This lie has only become truth because most doctors reinforce it over and over again Having seen thousands of people escape the prison of painat any agewhen they change their eating habits, I refuse to accept this as trueand so should you.1 I can assure you that a pain free future awaits you As were now learning, theres a clear connection between the inflammation caused by certain foods containing gluten and similar substances and the pain that manifests itself in our joints and other parts of our body Well talk about inflammation later, but first what exactly is gluten, anyway The traditional use of the word gluten implies that it is a single protein found in wheat, barley, and ryeand sometimes oats All four are grains, which are the seeds of a grass End of story But as youll soon see, that definition is overly simplistic The true definition of gluten is that it is a large family of storage proteins found in all forms of grain, including rice, corn, and many others.2 The word comes from the Latin for glue Each grain contains different forms of gluten The primary gluten in wheat, for example, is gliadinsee How Much Gluten Is in Different Grains But for the sake of simplicity, Ill use the singular gluten when talking about the family or the glutens in than one grain If you are gluten sensitive, you will likely react to any form of gluten in a similar way, regardless of its source Individual responses can vary greatly, although inflammation and pain are common denominators Gluten may trigger migraines and gut pain in one person, for example, while another presents with psoriasis and arthritis I created the term glutenology, meaning the science of gluten, to help people understand that the effect of this family of proteins is comprehensive than the one currently held by the mainstream gluten community The celiac disease support network, patients, most doctors, and the food industry still narrowly define gluten and its impact on health THE HIDDEN SOURCES OF GLUTEN IN OUR DIETS Some peoplean estimated 1 in 133 peoplesuffer from celiac disease, a chronic intestinal condition resulting from a genetic predisposition meaning it is inherited in combination with exposure to forms of gluten found in wheat, barley, and rye Consuming any of these foods triggers an immune response in celiac patients, which damages the mucosal lining of the intestine Celiac disease causes pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, as well as bone loss, anemia, and malabsorption of minerals and vitamins If not diagnosed early, celiac disease can be life threatening The ancients described the symptoms of celiac disease than two thousand years ago, but its cause was unknown until the 1950s A few years ago, when an archeological excavation of a site that dated back to the first century BCE in what is now Tuscany, Italy, unearthed the skeleton of a young woman, it revealed typical damage from celiac disease failure to thrive and malnutrition.3 Her remains also contained the positive gene marker for gluten sensitivity Writing about a hundred and fifty years after her death in a treatise on disease, the Greek physician Aretaeus of Cappadocia described the symptoms suffering in the bowels now known as celiac disease It has been around a long time During World War II, wheat, barley, and rye were rationed in Europe Dr Willem Dicke, a Dutch pediatrician who cared for children hospitalized with celiac disease, noticed that the change in their diet no bread had eliminated or alleviated their painful symptoms.4 He also observed that after the war ended and the three grains were once again available, the kids relapsed Bingo This was the first conclusive evidence that grains trigger celiac disease But which component in grains was to blame Initially, researchers targeted the carbohydrates in the grains,5 but soon after, another study concluded that the protein components, the glutens,6 were the culprit An unintended consequence of finding the cause of celiac disease was that it mistakenly established the truth that these three grainswheat, barley, and ryewere the sole sources of gluten Later oats were added to the list.7 Some studies have found that the gluten in oats does provoke a gluten reaction others have not.8 For this reason, most celiac centers warn of the potential for a reaction without declaring, go oat free But heres the thing these kids lived in the Netherlands, where wheat, barley, and rye are staple grains Rice and corn werent really a part of the traditional diet in that part of the world, so no one thought to remove them or test their bodies reaction to these foods And for decades after, conventional wisdom said that rice and corn were safer grains to consume for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity Fact is, rice and corn have both been shown to provoke inflammatory responses.9 But sixty years later this flawed assumption still holds among many physicians According to Mintel, a market research company, annual sales of gluten free processed foods are expected to hit 15 billion in 2016.10 Products such as crackers, breakfast cereals, and bread made with corn or rice are purported to be acceptable for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to consume In fact, the supposedly gluten free industry is largely responsible for the persistent suffering of the vast proportion of people eating these products Yes, read that sentence again The very products being hawked as gluten free are contributing to the poor health of those trying to avoid all gluten How do we know that there is gluten in many gluten free products In one study, 82 percent of patients who had previously strictly followed a traditional gluten free diet without relief of their symptoms were put on a three to six month diet of whole, unprocessed foods This meant no so called gluten free processed foods The gluten contamination elimination diet succeeded in eliminating symptoms for most of the subjects.11 In another study, eating such products and avoiding only wheat, barley, rye, and oats did not result in complete recovery meaning reversal of intestinal damage for 92 percent of adults with celiac disease.12 The bottom line is this the majority of gluten sensitive people who eliminate only wheat, barley, rye, and oats but continue to consume other grains dont get better Discovering the cause of celiac disease was a huge medical breakthrough To this day, it is the only autoimmune condition for which we know the cause with 100 percent certainty But the 1 in 133 people who have celiac disease arent the only ones who can benefit from a gluten free diet Whether non celiac gluten sensitivity NCGS exists was hotly contested for years, but recent research has confirmed that it is possible to be sensitive to gluten without having celiac disease.13 In fact, a much larger number of people have this related condition, known simply as gluten sensitivity Although the research community is excited about this groundbreaking work, most of the medical establishment is either unaware of or unwilling to accept its implications Most doctors still confuse gluten sensitivity with celiac disease But gluten sensitivity clearly activates other autoimmune diseases and other manifestations of pain We know this both from the large body of scientific research and because when patients with diverse autoimmune diseases remove all grains from their diet, they also eliminate the pain and quell other symptoms CELIAC DISEASE AND GLUTEN SENSITIVITY ARENT SYNONYMOUS Imagine that you told ten thousand individuals who regularly took aspirin to report their side effects over time Some would develop ulcers or gastric bleeding, others would have an allergic response, some would experience relief of their symptoms, and a few would vomit blood.14 This single drug provides a variety of responses Its the same thing with gluten sensitivity when gluten sensitive individuals consume grains, they experience numerous responses Gluten sensitivity is not a disease It is a genetic predisposition, meaning not that the genes are bad, but rather that they activate an inflammatory cascade within the body, triggered by grain consumption Enough inflammation over time contributes to autoimmunity, meaning your body becomes confused and your immune system starts attacking your own tissues We know that celiac disease is one of the autoimmune diseases gluten causes Therefore, we could say everyone with celiac disease is gluten sensitive however, we cannot say that everyone with gluten sensitivity will develop celiac disease To date, gluten has been shown to cause or contribute to than a hundred symptoms and medical conditions.15 If youre gluten sensitive and continue to eat grains, youll eventually develop inflammation, which over time is likely to lead to an autoimmune disease The most commonly studied gluten induced disease is celiac disease Gluten sensitivity can be elusive, because most people wait to see a doctor until they have a gluten induced disease or symptoms they can no longer ignore As of 2012, it was estimated that 18 million Americans have gluten sensitivity.16 Thats 20 to 30 percent of the population And that number could be considerably higher Compare that to the less than 1 percent of the population with diagnosed celiac disease THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GLUTEN SENSITIVITY AND CELIAC DISEASE Celiac disease is caused by gluten sensitivity, but celiac is only one of many autoimmune diseases also triggered by gluten sensitivity If you or a family member is genetically predisposed to be sensitive to gluten, the sooner you confirm that and begin to proactively deal with it, the better Gluten induced damage can begin at conception and continue through the gluten in breast milk assuming Mom is eating foods with gluten in them.17 A family history of gluten sensitivity increases the likelihood that you share this predisposition EIGHT MYTHS ABOUT GLUTEN All progress starts with the unvarnished truth, but until you deal with the truth right in front of your nose, you cannot move forward My mission is to shine a big light on the myths perpetuated about gluten out of ignorance, an unwillingness to acknowledge error, or for mercenary reasons , reveal the truth based on the latest research and the experiences of thousands of people, and change the message That message is based on a definition of gluten that hasnt evolved over than sixty years Only when you understand and accept that truth will you be able to rid yourself of pain and restore your health Lets look at the eight myths and eight truths that underlie the No Grain, No Pain program Myth 1 Gluten is found only in wheat, barley, and ryeand sometimes oats Not true Gluten is not a single protein found in a few grains rather, it refers to a huge family of proteins And only one protein, gliadin, found in wheat, barley, and rye, has been extensively studied Each grain has one or types of gluten proteins A recent study identified four hundred new forms of gluten, forty of which were damaging than the form of gluten for which doctors most commonly test.18 Myth 2 If you are gluten sensitive, you can safely eat whole grain substitutes such as corn and rice Not true All grains contain some form of gluten Research shows that corn and corn oil also produces numerous intestinal and health problems for the gluten sensitive.19 Remember, corn is a grain, not a vegetableand it is in thousands of Frankenfoods, aka junk food products Well discuss this in greater detail in part 2 For a list of hidden cornbased ingredients, visit glutenfreesociety.org hidden corn based ingredients Myth 3 Eating dairy products is safe because they are gluten free Not true It has been found that milk looks like gluten to your immune system, so if youre gluten sensitive your immune system may react to it.20 Myth 4 If you dont have celiac disease, you can eat all the gluten you want Not true Celiac disease is just the tip of the gluten sensitivity iceberg and only one of many autoimmune and other conditions it can cause.21 Myth 5 Gluten sensitivity is the same thing as celiac disease Not true Most people and most health professionals think gluten affects just the gut They dont realize that gluten sensitivity is in fact indicated by a host of other symptoms, from headaches to muscle pain, arthritis, and hypothyroidism Celiac disease is only one manifestation of gluten sensitivity, which is a genetic state that can express itself through multiple painful disorders when triggered by gluten Myth 6 Lab testing for gluten sensitivity is accurate Not true There is no lab test for all of the different forms of gluten When doctors test blood for gluten reactions, the test measures only one type of gluten found in wheat, barley, and rye, creating a potential false sense of security Even the most progressive lab in the world only looks at a dozen distinct gluten proteins Myth 7 Eating a gluten free diet is dangerous if youre not gluten sensitive Not true In fact, if one member of the household is gluten sensitive, getting and keeping that family member on a gluten free diet works best if the whole family supports him her by eating the same way There is no scientific evidence that humans need to eat grains Myth 8 Gluten free processed foods are safe Not true These foods are usually full of grains and soy to which gluten sensitive people are likely to react.22 Dont eat these foods if you value your health HOW MUCH GLUTEN IS IN DIFFERENT GRAINS GRAIN PRIMARY FORM OF GLUTEN PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL PROTEIN Wheat Gliadin 69 Rye Secalin 3050 Barley Hordein 4652 Oats Avenin 1216 Millet Panicin 40 Corn Zein 55 Rice Oryzenin 5 Sorghum Kafirin 52 Teff Penniseiten 11 SYMPTOMS APLENTY When Ginger became my patient, her condition was a matter of life and death Fortunately, not all grain induced conditions are life threatening, but chronic pain certainly does threaten the quality of life Such as the case with Lynette, who came to see me initially suffering from migraine headaches, stomach pain, insomnia, severe fatigue, sinus congestion, and blurred vision She had been hospitalized for almost a week due to intestinal inflammation, but her traditional medical treatment had not led to satisfactory improvement And her debilitating headaches and fatigue made her unable to take care of her family What had made her so sick You guessed it grain Lynette was gluten sensitive, but in combination with the inflammation from her intestinal infection, she was experiencing a one two punch Her intestines were so badly damaged that she was severely malnourished, deficient in ten different nutrients including iron carnitine vitamins B12, B6, D, and E glutamine, glutathione, chromium, and overall antioxidants Although deficiencies of vitamin B12 and iron are known to cause migraine headaches, unfortunately most doctors dont measure them They are also the two most common deficiencies caused by grain consumption Within a month of changing her diet and correcting her nutritional deficiencies, Lynettes symptoms were dramatically improved She had energy The headaches had dramatically subsided in intensity and frequency She was sleeping well Within two months, her symptoms were completely resolved All of them HOW MUCH DO YOU HURT Here is the first thing I want you to do before you start the No Grain, No Pain program Just as you would weigh yourself before beginning a weight loss program, measure your pain level, using the simple chart, opposite, as well as in the self test below That way you can establish a baseline for both the intensity and the frequency of pain This will enable you to quantify your improvement over the next 30 days and beyond After all, you need to know your starting point to get where youre going Pain is relative My tolerance of pain may be very different from yours That makes pain difficult to quantify Also, we tend to forget the actual experience of pain over time This explains why research on pain can be so confusing and so subjective But perform this quick pain test now so you can track how your pain level diminishes over time ARE YOU GLUTEN SENSITIVE A SELF TEST As the title of this book promises, if you think you are gluten sensitive you may simply stop eating grains to see if you feel better within 30 days After reading this chapter, you probably have a pretty good idea whether or not you are indeed gluten sensitive Nonetheless, it could be motivating to take the following self test You may well see that something you never connected to the source of your pain is actually a factor, or that two separate conditions may share a common cause you hadnt previously associated Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms, or have you been diagnosed with any of these conditions If you answer yes to two or of these questions, you may be gluten sensitive If so, the sooner you stop eating grainseven small amounts can cause damagethe better If you see improvement after 30 days, you may decide to forgo any testing and just continue to follow the Grain Free, Pain Free program However, if you need confirmation to motivate you to stick to the program going forward, or simply for peace of mind, you can opt for the conclusive approach of genetic testing, which is discussed in chapter 11 GUT SYMPTOMS Do you crave cake, cookies, and other baked goods Do you crave high sugar foods Do you frequently experience intestinal bloating or gas, especially after eating Have you been diagnosed with or suspect you have irritable bowel syndrome IBS Do you often experience heartburn, acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD Do you often have indigestion How about constipation What about diarrhea Do you feel nauseous or vomit often Do you have difficulty gaining weight Are you deficient in iron HEAD AND NERVOUS SYSTEM SYMPTOMS Do you have frequent headaches Are your sinuses often congested Do you get migraine headaches Do you suffer with frequent vertigo dizziness Is your memory poor Do you have difficulty recalling words Do you experience brain fog Do you find it hard to concentrate Have you been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD Are you depressed Are you often anxious Do you have neuropathy in your arms and legs numbness, pins and needles, sensations of heat and cold, or dull pain Are you irritable for no reason Do your moods swing back and forth Do you have restless leg syndrome Have you been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome Have you been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or Parkinsons MUSCLE AND JOINT SYMPTOMS Do you have frequent joint pain with or without activity Do your muscles ache chronically Do you have migrating joint pain without injury Do you have frequent muscle spasms especially in the legs Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia Have you been diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, or Sjgrens Do your bones hurt Are you feeling growing pains Do you have osteoporosis or osteopenia HORMONAL SYMPTOMS Are you always fatigued Are you unable to lose weight Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep Are you unable to conceive Do you have a history of miscarriage or spontaneous abortion Do you have menstrual problems or PMS Do you have thyroid disease Have you been diagnosed with hyperprolactinemia Have you been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes Are you hypoglycemic Do you have polycystic ovary syndrome Do you have endometriosis IMMUNE SYMPTOMS Do you get chronic urinary tract infections Do you have chronic respiratory infections Do you have asthma Do you have vaginal, oral, or nail bed yeast infections SKIN PROBLEMS Do you get fever blisters or mouth ulcers Do you have a skin rash Do you have eczema Do you have psoriasis Have you been diagnosed with dermatitis herpetiformis This skin condition is caused by gluten consumption If you have been diagnosed with this disease, you are gluten sensitive Do you have vitiligo OTHER INTERNAL DISEASES PROBLEMS Do you have gallbladder problems Are your liver enzymes elevated Do you have non alcoholic fatty liver disease Do you have autoimmune hepatitis Do you have lymphoma Do you have platelet disorders Once you test your pain level and your sensitivity to grains, your answers will give you a good idea of whether this program is going to work for you or a family member or not Of course, I know its going to work, but whats important is that you know it, too To fully understand how pain and grain are entwined, youll want to read this whole book Youll learn the sources of your pain and, of course, how to banish that pain once and for all Pain is such a huge and varied subject that I devote the following four chapters to the whys, hows, and wheres of grain induced pain In part 2, well get into the specifics of the true gluten free diet WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Gluten is a kind of protein found in all grains Celiac disease was initially identified as an immune system response to three and later four grains Eliminating the classic three or four gluten grainsbarley, rye, oats, and wheat BROW from the diet does not remedy all symptoms in the vast majority of people with celiac disease Celiac disease is only one example of gluten sensitivity Gluten sensitivity leads to a hyperimmune response, which results in inflammation and pain and can appear in almost any part of the body People with gluten sensitivity respond well when they remove all grains from their diet Pain is never normal and signals that something is wrong that needs to be addressed Each gluten sensitive individual may respond differently to eating grains BONUS FEATURE Video on gluten sensitivity What Is It glutenfreesociety.org video tutorial gluten sensitivity what is it.In NO GRAIN, NO PAIN, Dr Peter Osborne destroys prevalent gluten free myths, showing the widespread damage grains create and providing an easy to use, powerfully effective program that helps you become lean, healthy, energetic, and pain free This book s a must read JJ Virgin, New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet If there is one thing I appreciate from the smart people I m privileged to call friends, it s when they put their knowledge out there for the rest of the world to read Peter has done just that with this brilliant book Well researched and well written, this book is a must read Leanne Ely, CNC, New York Times bestselling author of Body Clutter and founder of SavingDinner.com A must read book for anyone suffering with chronic pain Dr Osborne transforms the way we need to look at not just gluten, but most grains and their impact on autoimmune disease and inflammation Sara Gottfried, M.D., New York Times best selling author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet There are a few people I turn to when I need sound health advice Peter Osborne is one of them He s one of the smartest natural practitioners and easily one of the world s leading authorities on going gluten free This book is far overdue and brings together Peter s immense knowledge and years of experience helping hundreds of pain suffers regain a happier, pain free life Yuri Elkaim, New York Times bestselling author of The All Day Energy Diet Dr Osborne offers many exciting new insights, in plain language, into the dynamics of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and how our immune systems react, and overreact, to large families of food proteins This important book provides clear and unique instructions for following the path back to pain free wellness It also clarifies a variety of processes such as gluten free whiplash for those who have tried avoiding gluten with either transient or no success, along with a host of dietary insights into these widespread maladies Dr Osborne also delves into the dynamics of sugar driven illnesses and gluten driven obesity There are few individuals in the industrialized world that would not benefit from reading this book Ron Hoggan, Ed D., coauthor of Dangerous Grains We have a new normal and it, unfortunately, includes chronic suffering that falls through the cracks of conventional medical attention Pain, in its many manifestations is an arena where prescription treatment can generate further complexity and leave patients with issues of incomplete relief, side effects, and dependency Here we have an elegant solution that can offer, not only real time results around pain, but also the potential for full body transformation Dr Osborne provides the history, the why s, and the how s to take back your health, one meal at a time Kelly Brogan, MD This book is the much needed evolution of the conversation about gluten Dr Osborne takes the topic to a whole new level of understanding and sheds light on the fact that gluten is not the only enemy within grain that is capable of causing pain and disease Dr Osborne also creates a brand new awareness about pain being from hidden internal chemical causes as well as the obvious structural causes Any one of the millions of people with unexplained pain can benefit from this material Alan Christianson, NMD, New York Times bestselling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet and founder of Integrative Health Dr Peter Osborne brings hope and healing to people with pain in his new book No Grain, No Pain by looking for the underlying root causes of pain disorders This book will give you the information you need to become pain free without the use of habit forming medications If you are currently suffering with pain, please read Dr.Osborne s book it may just save your life Dr Izabella Wentz The relationship between grain consumption and pain has never been so thoroughly analyzed as with Dr Osborne s new book After many years of tireless research and clinical experience, Dr Osborne has produced an excellent resource on the theoretical motivation and practical tools needed to take back control of one s health Sayer Ji, Founder of GreenMedInfo.com No Grain, No Pain A Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Peter Osborne on FREE shipping qualifying offers must read book anyone suffering from chronic pain Sara Gottfried, MD , Grain Kindle Edition Grain Free Pet Food Supreme Source Wheat, Corn is a grain free dog and cat food packed with vitamins proteins to provide complete nutrition pets in all stages life Healthy Bake Samoa Cookies Free, Vegan The These healthier, vegan samoa cookies are delicious treat that everyone can enjoy Made simple, wholesome ingredients your family will love these no bake Added Sugar, Grains, Easy Amazing Paleo Banana Bread Bread Sugar I had bunch really brown bananas my fruit basket knew it was time either use them or peel freeze Our Daily Whole Knead Sourdough bread just about everyday, an knead sourdough doubtlessly our favorite Not only its simplicity, but also beautiful soft 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