⤪ [PDF]-Free Read Online  ᔚ Parables of Jesus  ⧇ By Benjamin Galan 䎜 ⤪ [PDF]-Free Read Online ᔚ Parables of Jesus ⧇ By Benjamin Galan 䎜 Jesus used parables to communicate important truth about God s Kingdom Parables of Jesus is a 14 page full color pamphlet that will introduce you to the parables of Jesus All 39 of these heavenly stories with earthly meanings are explained the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, the Lost Sheep, the Mustard Seed, the Talents, and . Includes Helpful Features, such as A chart explaining all 39 of Jesus parables Includes simple summaries, Bible references, and comments on how to practically apply its message to your life A side by side comparison chart showing the scriptural location of each parable in Matthew, Mark, and Luke Easily see where to find the parables at a glance 7 Key Characteristics of Jesus Parables Provides great insight for teachers Overview on what parables are and their purpose Parables of Jesus is an excellent way to learn about the stories that show God s purposes in the world Parables of Jesus also includes tips for studying parables for Bible Study groups 8.5 x 5.5 inches unfolds to 38 inches 14 panels Fits inside a Bible cover. Parables of Jesus discussion and study questions Jesus used parables to explain truths about God s Kingdom These stories bring us wisdom, comfort, and instruction Read panels 1, 11 13 on Interpretation of Parables to understand the basics of parables and how Jesus used them Using the suggestions on panel 12, study these parables to get started The Pharisee and the Tax Collector 38 Read from Luke 18 19 14The Good Samaritan 23 Read from Luke 10 30 37The Rich Fool 25 Read from Luke 12 16 21 Using the steps on panel 13, go deeper with each of these parables You may want to use a study Bible or a commentary to find out the cultural and historical background Now that you have studied these three parables, read through the remaining 36 parables and choose three to study How are they similar How different Continue through the rest of the parables Identify the main points Application What is the most important characteristic of God you identified in each of these parables Knowing this about God and his kingdom, how should people live and make their decisions Pick one area in your life that you would handle differently as a result of this insight What specifically will you do this week Parables of Jesus

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