お Best site to download pdf ◩ The Fast Beach Diet: The Super-Fast Plan to Lose Weight and Get In Shape in Just Six Weeks free ⏟ Book By Mimi Spencer ␅ お Best site to download pdf ◩ The Fast Beach Diet: The Super-Fast Plan to Lose Weight and Get In Shape in Just Six Weeks free ⏟ Book By Mimi Spencer ␅ The FastBeach Diet Chapter 1 The FastDiet Revisited and an Invitation to the Beach A year from now, you will wish you started today There are many good reasons to start the FastDiet You may be inspired by your sister or your best friend, your dad or your doctor You may have decided you want to cut your risk of age related disease You may want to reduce your cholesterol, boost your brain, improve your mood, lower your blood pressure, lengthen your life Or you may just want to look good in a swimsuit I say just But looking good and importantly feeling good about your body is no mere vanity project It can have a real emotional impact on a life Im reminded of one FastDieter who told me that, after years of fruitless yo yo dieting, six months of 5 2 had given her enough body confidence to go to the local pool and swim with her young daughter for the first time ever Thats not vanity Its the glorious stuff of life Not long ago, a magazine survey found that women think about their bodies every 15 minutes which is, apparently, than men think about sex There are times of the year, of course, when we put ourselves under greater scrutiny still On the beach, in summer, in our shorts and bikinis, we think about the shape were in even oftena constant background hum, the helicopter moaning overhead Men may not go on about it quite as much, but they tend to be just as aware as T shirt weather creeps up to ambush those hibernating pecs and paunches So now is the time to act The beach beckons and this is your call to arms The most challenging weeks of the year may be looming on the sun kissed horizon, but thats no reason to bury your head in the sand or collapse into a kaftan for cover We have a plan It is called the FastBeach Diet Think of it as 5 2, the Next Generation It promises to shake things up, with a wealth of new tips, tricks, and takes to help you break the plateau, make the leap and reboot your 5 2 for summer In the words of the late, great Janis Joplin, were gonna try just a little bit harder But first, lets recap on the original FastDietwhat it is and how it works What Is the FastDiet It may be radical, but the FastDiet is also wonderfully economical with its rules I like that The Times has called it the haiku dieta pithy, almost poetic agenda All you really need to know is that You eat normally for five days a week and then, for the other two days, you consume a quarter of your normal calorie intakearound 600 calories for men, 500 for women So, it is not total fasting, but a modified version It is not continual fasting, but intermittent Our experience is that nonconsecutive Fast Days work best, though you can do them back to back if you prefer Most people divide their calorie allowance between breakfast and an evening meal, aiming for a lengthy fasting window between meals But you can skip breakfast and have a substantial evening meal containing your whole calorie quota if it better suits your day It does matter what you eat on a Fast Day plan your calorie quota by sticking, as the recipes in chapter 7 do, to the FastDiet mantra Mostly Plants and Protein That way, youll stay full longer and get adequate nutrients in your diet Why 5 2 In the beginning, Michael tried several different fasting regimens the one he settled on as the most realistic and sustainable was five days off, two days on, which meant that the majority of the time was spent free from calorie counting On this program, in 12 weeks Michael lost than 20 pounds of body fat and his blood glucose fell to a healthy level I lost 22 pounds and returned to my pre motherhood body weight and, importantly, shape That was only a little over 18 months ago Were still learning about the true long term benefits of IF, and we dont, as yet, have a comprehensive account of potential pitfalls, particularly why some people flourish on 5 2 and others may find it harder It may be that there is no one size fits all What we do know is that thousands of people have followed the FastDiet, lost weight, gained health, and found it surprisingly sustainable, effective, and life affirming New studies are underway and we hope to bring together the latest thinking in a fully updated new edition to be published in 2015 So Wheres the Catch Really, there isnt one The FastDiet, dont forget, is simply a modern take on an ancient idea Fasting, in one form or another, has been practiced for centuries by most of the great religions, and if done properly seems to be extremely safe There is no evidence of significant side effects though some people may experience headaches and constipation, particularly at first these can generally be prevented by drinking lots of water or calorie free fluids, such as black coffee and herbal tea, and eating foods rich in fiber Indeed, the FastDiet has helped to debunk some of the myths that have developed around the way we eat in the Westfor instance that You need to eat whenever you feel hungry Eating every few hours will increase your metabolic rate If you dont eat every few hours your blood sugar will fall and you will feel faint None of these widely held beliefs is backed by science You will discover that short bouts of hunger are manageable and soon pass Similarly, there is no metabolic advantage to spreading your calories over the day, nor is there any evidence that short periods without food will cause your blood glucose to plunge to seriously low levels Most nights, dont forget, you happily go 12 hours without eating, and many people feel fine with a late breakfast, especially on a Sunday when the start can be in delicious slow motion Should You Be Skeptical Michael and I certainly were After all, anyone who has ever gone on a conventional diet knows that they are hard work they may deliver results in the short term, but then life gets in the waywere soon bored and the weight creeps back on Weve found, however, that the 5 2 FastDiet does workfor exactly the reason that other diets dont there is none of the boredom, frustration, or serial denial that characterises standard diet plans eating is still a pleasure theres no cutting of food groups, no pathologizing of eating And indeed, even the turbo version laid out here is full of forgiveness, generosity of spirit, and the crucial adaptability required to fit it into a busy life A Word on the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting The reason behind IFbriefly but severely restricting the number of calories you consumeis that it fools your body into thinking it is in a potential famine situation and that it needs to switch from go go mode to maintenance mode Fasting is the shock that resets the clock Its many benefits include Fat loss of 12 pounds a week A reduction in a hormone called IGF 1, which means that you are reducing your risk of a number of age related diseases The switching on of repair genes Improvements in cardiovascular health and cholesterol levels A rest for your pancreas, boosting the effectiveness of the insulin it produces in response to elevated blood glucose Metabolic changes that tweak your body into burning fat and increase its insulin sensitivity this in turn will reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline Increased levels of neurotrophic factor in the brain, which should make you cheerful, even when contemplating your summer swimsuit The FastDiet and Weight Loss While clinical studies into IF in general, and 5 2 in particular, are still in their early stages, theres a great deal of convincing anecdotal evidence that the approach can be startlingly effective for many people Anecdote, as Michael often says, makes poor science, but it does tell a story Many thousands of people have adopted the plan and witnessed significant improvements in their weight, cholesterol, and general health, and have gone on to post their success stories online we have included just a fraction of these in the testimonials chapter at the back of this book We regularly meet people on the street and see friends and family whove lost weight and gained health My father, for instance, has lost 56 pounds over the course of a year on the FastDiet Thats about the weight of an eight year old child I can now get my arms all the way around him when we hug hello Its a seismic change, and a joy to behold.HOW FASTING TARGETS FAT What people sometimes forget in their drive to lose weight is what they really want to lose is not weight as such, but fat Carrying excess fat is not just a bummer on the beach its bad for your health Heres what we know about the effect IF has on fat It achieves a gradual weight lossand its almost all fat It increases fat burn More of the calories you use for fuel during a fast come from fat stores than muscle A study from Nottingham University1 found that the proportion of energy obtained from fat rose progressively over 1272 hours of fasting, until almost all the energy being used was coming from stored fat When we eat, we use the carbohydrates and fat supplied by the food for fuel, instead of tapping into our stored fat reserves Constant grazing may be whats keeping fat from being burnedand fasting is one way to release it Interestingly, the heavier you are, the likely it is that fasting will lead to substantial fat loss with muscle being spared A bonus for Intermittent Fasters is that it seems to lead not just to fat loss generally, but specifically to fat loss around the gutthis is the visceral fat and is particularly dangerous because it increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes One reason why its important to preserve as much muscle mass as possible is that muscle is metabolically active Lean tissue burns calories, even at rest So Why the FastBeach Diet The FastDiets unique selling point seems to be its high level of compliance we do it and we stick with it because most of the time, were not thinking about dieting at all But some fasters want to boost the process at certain times of year You may be one of those for whom the 5 2 has not proved the magic bullet you hoped for Others among you may want to nudge yourself off a plateau and budge any reluctant pounds that are hanging on despite your adherence to 5 2 Ive written this book to be used as a primer for the summer holidays the idea is to start the six week regimen in May, June, or July, in good time for take off thats clothes, not planes The longer, brighter days and fresher produce of late spring and early summer make it an ideal time to embark or improve upon a weight loss program And, as weve already established, theres nothing like an approaching bikinior T shirtto make you think twice about that piece of pie That said, the principles of the turbo driven 5 2 diet laid out here are applicable at almost any time of the year You might like to use its additional hints and ideas if you are preparing to get married, if you have a big event coming up, if youre starting a new phase in your life, if youre ready to lose some baby weight, or if youve had a particularly sedentary and glutonous couple of months after Christmas perhaps You may, of course, be coming to The FastBeach Diet cold, without having read or acted upon the original book This book is an adjunct Think of it as a boot camp for the 5 2 It is a condensed, modified program of greater intensity with the aim of helping you achieve a reasonable target weight in a six week period Note now that on the FastBeach Diet, you will be encouraged to step it upto get a bit tougher, a bit bolder, with your FastDiet But this extra commitment is intended to be short lived Just a bit effort For just six weeks Why Six Weeks In truth, the six week figure is fairly arbitrary I have used my own experience and a 25 year career in the fashion and fitness business, together with what I have learned from many other dieters, to come up with a reasonable period during which I believe the average individualsomeone with a little willpower and plenty of good intentionscan commit to and concentrate on a intense 5 2 regimen It hinges on attention span and compliance six weeks should be enough time to see measurable results without boredom setting in Its also, by happy coincidence, about the length of time we usually give ourselves to prepare mentally and physically for our summer vacations the Six Week Sprint to the pool You may choose to extend the FastBeach Diet, perhaps to two months But be clear it is only meant to be a short term option afterwards, you should return to the classic FastDiet rules, without undue concern for calories on a non Fast Day Remember it is this flexible and sociable foundation that lends the FastDiet its psychological advantage If the FastBeach Diet seems unnecessarily faddish to you, or if youre not keen on a fast fix message, if you treasure the absolute simplicity of the original FastDietwell, I empathize and understand Just stick with your original 5 2 FastDiet This book is aimed at people who want a short term booster plan to get them from A the sofa to B the beach by undertaking a reasonable but vigorous protocol Its not designed to be a forever plan like the 5 2 Its the FastDiet, just a bit faster So are you in Heres what to expect The FastBeach Diet includes A clear six week plan to encourage fat loss Plateau busting techniques to jump start the 5 2 and make it work for you Mindfulness methods to help you tough out a fast and eat with understanding every day Habit changing ideas to sharpen up on non Fast Days A High Intensity Training HIT exercise program for fitness and fat loss, achievable in just a few minutes a day Lots of brand new, calorie counted summer recipes, with plenty of healthy, speedy ideas for busy days Motivation, meal plans, and 5 2 support to rev up your FastDiet and help get you beach fit for summer When Should You Start If you do not have an underlying medical condition, and if you are not an individual for whom fasting is proscribed see the disclaimer on this page , then there really is no time like the present But first, a bit of prep.PRAISE FOR FASTEXERCISE A nice narrative introduction to HIIT excellent practical advice on how get started with Fast Exercise and some really nice tips on how to keep going informative, easy to understand offers not only good health but a host of spillover benefits besides Fast Exercise is the way of the future Professor Stuart M Phillips, Ph.D., FACSM, FACN A great practical introduction into the field of high intensity exercise The personal perspective matched with references to the both old and new scientific literature provides compelling reading Carl Johan Sundberg, MD, PhD, Professor, Dept of Physiology The biggest diet revolution since Atkins Daily Mail Fans of the FastDiet report becoming radically healthier by fasting two days a week Good Morning America The only diet you ll ever need Mail on Sunday The Fast Beach Diet The Super Week Programme to fast beach diet includes a clear six week plan encourage fat loss of up lbs per new tips and tricks get you through your days plateau busting ideas jumpstart the brilliant hit exercise programme maximise fitness in just five minutes day calorie counted summer recipes, plenty healthy speed cooking for busy with detailed meal Lane Long Beach, CA Yelp Jan , reviews I work building where this store is so initially shopped here out convenience After coming several times owners started remember me learned my name Now we always greet each other by our first Book review Get Gloss More That s right, it all about High Intensity Interval Training HIIT By tightening on fasting introducing HIIT, Mimi states dieters are much likely lose weight quickly as well improve their overall fitness, strength health Beach 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