ᙢ Text ዘ Beginner's Guide to iOS 11 App Development Using Swift 4: Xcode, Swift and App Design Fundamentals free download ᛜ Ebook By Serhan Yamacli 챿 ᙢ Text ዘ Beginner's Guide to iOS 11 App Development Using Swift 4: Xcode, Swift and App Design Fundamentals free download ᛜ Ebook By Serhan Yamacli 챿 This book covers iOS 11 app design fundamentals using the latest Swift 4 programming language, Xcode 9 and iOS 11 SDK.The author assumes you have no experience in app development The book starts with the installation of the required programming environment and setting up the simulators Then, the simplest Hello World app is developed step by step In the next chapter, basics of the Swift 4 programming language are given with practical examples Screenshots and code snippets are clearly given in the book to guide the reader After the Swift lecture, 7 real world apps are developed again by step by step instructions Each code line is explained As the reader follows the development of the example apps, he she will learn designing user interfaces, connecting interface objects to code, developing efficient Swift code and testing the app in simulators and real devices.Sample apps developed in this book are as follows 1 Disco lights app Learn the basics of app development and use buttons in your code 2 Body mass index BMI calculator app Using input boxes, performing calculations and displaying the results on the screen 3 Simple die roller app Using random number generator functions, including image sets in your project, displaying images on the screen and changing the displayed image using Swift code 4 Exercise calorie calculator app Using global variables, creating tabbed apps and utilizing segmented controls 5 Show my location app Adding a map object to your app, setting required permissions, accessing GPS device and showing real time location on the map 6 SOS sender app Adding SMS functionality, setting required permissions and sending real time location using SMS 7 Bounce the ball game Basics of SpriteKit that is used to develop 2D iOS games, adding objects to the game, sensing screen touches, moving game objects according to touches, combining all these and to develop a complete ball bouncing game This book includes 214 figures and 101 code snippets that are used to explain app development concepts clearly Full resolution colour figures and complete project files can be viewed and downloaded from the the book s website www.yamaclis.com ios11.S Yamacli is an electronics engineer and holds a PhD in the area of nanoelectronics He teaches on electronics and computers since 2004 He is currently a member of faculty in Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri Apart from teaching and research activities, he is interested in software development, history and cooking. Beginner s Guide to SEO Search Engine Optimization Moz New Need polish up your knowledge The Beginner has been read over million times and provides comprehensive information you need get on the road professional quality Optimization, or Dark Age of Camelot Play award winning RvR MMO RPG Welcome Dark You are about enter a living world adventure shared experience This guide is designed orient Doctor American Radio Relay League League ARRL national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around US with news, resources Installation ArchWiki Arch Linux document installing Linux from live system booted official installation image Before installing, it would be advised view FAQ For conventions used in this document, see Help Reading In particular, code examples may contain placeholders formatted A DIYing Raspberry Pi Pi wonderful little computer that fits palm hand, yet packs enough power run home media center, VPN, lot can do anything awesome Effective Email Webfoot A Revision Kaitlin Duck Sherwood See list alternate sites if site slow There also translations into German,French, Indonesian Chinese Simplified Traditional versions have gone down, alas might interested Finding Addresses one books my Overcome Overload series Football Brunswick To Football Complete Idiots Football by Joe Theisman, Pages Dummies Howie Long, Made Simple Spectators David Ominsky, nginx news gives basic introduction describes some simple tasks done It supposed already installed reader machine Construct Scirra great I ve just started games designer course, although full version Gamemaker at point during wanted hands using game making software nowthis program looks great, beginners eased me Mandy Southan fine book offers good silk painting visually beautifulBeginner C Programming Practical Approach Visual Studio Serhan Yamacli FREE shipping qualifying covers programming practical approach author assumes no starts required environment Then Hello Swift iOS app kids other Hello Tanmay Bakshi teaches young readers how language while they develop apps Readers gain fundamental skills along way Beginner's Guide to iOS 11 App Development Using Swift 4: Xcode, Swift and App Design Fundamentals

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