ᷳ Download SEO Like I'm 5: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization pdf ⚨ Ebook Author Matthew Capala ⚶ ᷳ Download SEO Like I'm 5: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization pdf ⚨ Ebook Author Matthew Capala ⚶ 2015 UPDATED 2ND EDITION April 2015 30% NEW CONTENT Matthew Capala provides something different and necessary an overview of the SEO essentials suitable for any reader, even those without a strong technical background Dorie Clark, HBR Writer and Author of Stand Out Portfolio There are a multitude of resources available to inform marketers and business owners of how to stay up to date with online marketing, but one that s well worth reading is SEO Like I m 5 by Matthew Capala Brian Honigman on THE HUFFINGTON POST Matthew s book got me to act, and if you read it, you will certainly start acting I know SEO Like I m 5 is one of those books I will be reading daily, a page here, another page there Claudia Azula Altucher, Author of Become an Idea Machine, WSJ Bestselling Co Author of The Power of No Top 10 Best Marketing Books to Give as a Gift SmallBussinessTrends.com SEO Like I m 5 is written in a way that is accessible to anyone who is curious about how SEO really works without spending a lot of time on theory Linda Gharib, SVP, Digital Marketing at Citigroup While SEO has gotten harder than ever, Matt explains it in a way that will help you get in the game with a winning playbook Michael King, Founder of iPullRank Make no mistake this is no SEO for dummies Rather, SEO Like I m 5 is the ultimate beginner s training system for forward thinking businesses and entrepreneurs that will get you found on Google, social media, and blogs You will also learn how to attract followers and leads like a magnet by building a vibrant community around your content, which both users and search engines will love, and leveraging untapped, high growth platforms and social networks Lastly, you will learn how to make money online and monetize your content like a pro When it comes to SEO, you can spend all your time studying the roots, or you can just learn to pick the fruit With the 2nd, 2015 updated edition of SEO Like I m 5, our approach lets you focus on picking up the fruit, not studying the tree In addition to taking you through the strategic process of building and optimizing your online presence, SEO Like I m 5 features dozens of free tools, under the hood hacks, case studies, real world examples, and actionable tips Why Read this Book There is an overload of information on the topic of SEO on the Web, most of it misguided or outdated, coming from self proclaimed gurus Contrary to common knowledge, the art of SEO is not defined by your ability to write code or hack Google s algorithm The truth is that today, online success has to do with your ability to create amazing content, establish a strong social media presence, and build relationships with bloggers than writing lines of code or stuffing keywords into your meta data SEO Like I m 5 takes you through an action oriented, workshop style, pain free process to plan, build, and optimize your online presence, including Where to start Which free platforms and tools to use How to build a search friendly website How to build a killer content strategy How to become a rockstar blogger How to find the golden nugget keyword opportunities How to monetize your website How to attract backlinks to your content How to build relationships with bloggers and influencers How to build a winning social media strategy How to make money online Who is this Book for Entrepreneurs and startups Forward thinking small business owners Marketing executives who want to learn how to innovate like startups Students and professionals Authors, artists, and bloggers The cool thing about SEO Like I m 5 is that it offers than just text It comes with hundreds of screenshots and step by step instructions you can actually use while reading it. SEO Like I'm 5: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization

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