ᙣ level 1 reading ዺ I Am the Cheese online free ᛥ Kindle Ebook Author Robert Cormier 츦 ᙣ level 1 reading ዺ I Am the Cheese online free ᛥ Kindle Ebook Author Robert Cormier 츦 I am riding the bicycle and I am on Route 31 in Monument, Massachusetts, on my way to Rutterburg, Vermont, and I m pedaling furiously because this is an old fashioned bike, no speeds, no fenders, only the warped tires and the brakes that don t always work and the handlebars with cracked rubber grips to steer with A plain bike the kind my father rode as a kid years ago It s cold as I pedal along, the wind like a snake slithering up my sleeves and into my jacket and my pants legs, too But I keep pedaling, I keep pedaling.This is Mechanic Street in Monument, and to my right, high above on a hill, there s a hospital and I glance up at the place and I think of my father in Rutterburg, Vermont, and my pedaling accelerates It s ten o clock in the morning and it is October, not a Thomas Wolfe October of burning leaves and ghost winds but a rotten October, dreary, cold, damp with little sun and no warmth at all Nobody reads Thomas Wolfe any, I guess, except my father and me I did a book report on The Web and the Rock and Mr Parker in English II regarded me with suspicion and gave me a B instead of the usual A But Mr Parker and the school and all of that are behind me now and I pedal Your legs do all the work on an old bike like this, but my legs feel good, strong, with staying power I pass by a house with a white picket fence and I spot a little kid who s standing on the sidewalk and he watches me go by and I wave to him because he looks lonesome and he waves back.I look over my shoulder but there s no one following.At home, I didn t wave goodbye to anybody I just left Without fanfare I didn t go to school I didn t call anyone I thought of Amy but I didn t call her I woke up this morning and saw an edge of frost framing the window and I thought of my father and I thought of the cabinet downstairs in the den and I lay there, barely breathing, and then I got up and knew where I was going.But I stalled, I delayed I didn t leave for two hours because I am a coward, really I am afraid of a thousand things, a million Like, is it possible to be claustrophobic and yet fear open spaces, too I mean, elevators panic me I stand in the upright coffin and my body oozes sweat and my heart pounds and this terrible feeling of suffocation threatens me and I wonder if the doors will ever open But the next day, I was playing center field I hate baseball but the school insists on one participating sport anyway, I stood there with all that immensity of space around me in center field and I felt as though I d be swept off the face of the planet, into space I had to fight a desire to fling myself on the ground cling to the earth And then there are dogs I sat there in the house, thinking of all the dogs that would attack me on the way to Rutterburg, Vermont, and I told myself, This is crazy, I m not going But at the same time, I knew I would go I knew I would go the way you know a stone will drop to the ground if you release it from your hand.I went to the cabinet in the den and took out the gift for my father I wrapped it in aluminum foil and then wrapped it again with newspaper, Scotch taping it all securely Then I went down to the cellar and got the pants and shoes and jacket, but it took me at least a half hour to find the cap It would be cold on the road to Vermont and this cap is perfect, woolen, the kind that I could pull over my ears if the cold became a problem.Then I raided my savings I have plenty of money I have thirty five dollars and ninety three cents I have enough money to travel first class to Vermont, in the Greyhound bus that goes all the way to Montreal, but I know that I am going by bike to Rutterburg, Vermont I don t want to be confined to a bus I want the open road before me, I want to sail on the wind The bike was waiting in the garage and that s how I wanted to go By bike, by my own strength and power For my father.I looked at myself in the mirror before I left, the full length mirror on the side of the closet door in my parents bedroom upstairs I inspected myself in the mirror, the crazy hat and the old jacket, and I knew that I looked ridiculous But what the hell, as Amy says, philosophically.I thought longingly of Amy But she was at school and almost impossible to call I could have faked it I could have called the school and pretended that I was her father and asked to speak to her, saying that there was an emergency at home Her father is editor of the Monument Times and always speaks with emergency in his voice, his sentences like headlines.But I have to be in the mood to pull off a stunt like that in fact, those kinds of stunts are Amy s specialty And besides, my mind was on the road to Vermont I love Amy Hertz It s ridiculous that her name is Hertz she s probably heard a thousand car rental jokes and I have vowed never to make one Anyway, I decided not to call her Not until I m away I will call her on the way to Rutterburg, Vermont And I will soothe myself by thinking of her and her Numbers and all the times she let me kiss her and hold her But I didn t want to think about all that as I prepared for my journey.I went to the kitchen and took out the bottle of pills from the cabinet and decided not to take one I wanted to do this raw, without crutches, without aid, alone I opened the bottle of pills and turned it over and let the pills fall out they are capsules, actually, green and black and I watched them disappear into the mouth of the garbage disposal I felt strong and resolute.I got the bike out of the garage and walked down the driveway, guiding the bike before I swung into the seat I had my father s package in the basket above the front wheel I was traveling light, with no provisions or extra clothing.Finally, I leaped onto the bike, feeling reckless and courageous At that moment, the sun came out, dazzling and brilliant an omen of good fortune I swung out into the street and a car howled its horn at me for straying too far into the roadway and I wavered on the bicycle, the front wheel wobbling I thought, This is ridiculous, this trip to Rutterburg I almost turned back But I didn t I thought of my father and I started pedaling away, and I gained momentum and knew I would go, nothing would stop me, nothing.And now I am leaving Monument and crossing the town line into Aswell A sign by the side of the road says that the Aswell Rotary Club meets every Monday at noon I have only gone four or five miles and my legs don t feel strong any My legs are weary and my back sings with pain because I am out of condition Frankly, I have never been in condition, which is a source of delight to Amy Hertz, who dislikes all kinds of physical exercise.I keep pedaling despite the weariness and the pain I am determined to go to Rutterburg I suck in the cold air and it caresses my lungs My forehead is damp with sweat and I pull the cap down over my ears I have all those miles to go.Take it easy, I tell myself Take it easy One mile at a time.And suddenly there s a long hill slanting down before me and the bike picks up speed and my legs are whirling madly, without effort, the bike carried by the momentum, and I let myself join the wind, soaring over the road as I coast beautifully down into Aswell.A horrifying tale the buildup of suspense is terrific School Library Journal, StarredAN ABSORBING, EVEN brilliant job The book is assembled in mosaic fashion a tiny chip here, a chip there Everything is related to something else everything builds and builds to a fearsome climax Cormier has the knack of making horror out of the ordinary, as the masters of suspense know how to do The New York Times Book Review AM Dolce Vita The MCM style Andresen console table from All Modern was the jumping off point for room Now I have a perfect window spot to sip cup of tea while catching up on some quick reading 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