⊀ Free Read Format Kindle [ The Secret Nature of Matter ] ⊢ Kindle Ebook By Richard Gordon ⋆ ⊀ Free Read Format Kindle [ The Secret Nature of Matter ] ⊢ Kindle Ebook By Richard Gordon ⋆ Richard Gordons The Secret Nature of Matter is a gift to all those who have asked the question, What is the reality of existence Readers, prepare yourselves to expand beyond any cherished beliefs you currently hold about the scientific and spiritual laws governing the universe and how you may apply them to unveiling the mysteries that permeate our seemingly ordinary, everyday lives Read this book Then read it again, allowing the beauty of its liberating wisdom free your spirit Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning It is a delightful read to follow Richard Gordon as he experimentally discovers that consciousness is fundamental, that an intent infused with love serves as the organizing principle of consciousness, and that our so called physical reality is a virtual reality computed by the Larger Consciousness System Better yet, Gordons process provides a scientific evidential path that allows scientists and laymen alike to unequivocally experience for themselves ancient wisdom and spiritual truths that reduce materialism to an irrational belief What could be useful and significant than that Thomas Campbell, physicist and author of My Big TOE Theory of Everything Richard Gordon presents many convincing phenomena demonstrating that our consciousness affects the world around us He shows the limits of materialistic thinking by outlining the paradoxes of quantum physics In the double slit experiments, the presence of the consciousness of an observer changes the behavior of atomic particles With infectious childlike curiosity, he then reports on a series of personal experiments He charges objects like coins with healing intent, and finds that these are later able to produce postural alignment in others Told with a warm and enthusiastic tone, Gordon provides mind bending evidence that holds profound implications for the domains of science and of healing He shows how we can use these gifts to heal our own bodies and those of the people around us, and by changing our subjective consciousness, change the objective world This practical and provocative book is of great interest to professionals as well as anyone seeking optimal wellness Dawson Church, PhD, award winning author of The Genie in Your Genes Once in a great while, someone comes along and challenges the status quo and all that we know to be true Inspiring and inviting us to open our minds and to become pioneers in new ways of seeing and thinking about our reality Richard Gordon is one such person In The Secret Nature of Matter, Richard Gordon takes us on a fascinating journey, pointing out new ways to experience matter and our very own consciousness He brings a significant contribution to many unanswered questions about energy healing, offering key teachings and deep insights about the role of consciousness in the quantum world I am particularly excited about conscious entanglement and the new laws of matter and look forward to the momentous shift they will bring to the world Marie Mbouni, MD, 1 bestselling author of Reclaiming Your Gifts A Guide to Awakening Your Purpose This groundbreaking and thought provoking book challenges scientific dogma about how reality works by systematically examining how matter responds to consciousness and the importance of entanglement Gordons brilliant exploration of how his Quantum Touch technique can create a spontaneous postural alignment is a demonstration of real magic, a seminal contribution that builds a bridge between science and spirituality Gordon teaches everyone how to replicate his experiments that have empirical and undeniable results He encourages everyone to join his journey of discoverya do it yourself paradigm shift Lisa Tully, PhDRichard Gordon maps out new territory in the rarely explored intersection of science and spirituality in this fascinatinginvestigation of the profound relationship between matter and consciousness Building on the Quantum Touch technique he developed in previous books, Gordon explains how the hands on energy healing technique that he uses to help to alleviate nerve pain, headaches, back pain, hip pain, TMJ, and provides a unique window onto the secret nature of matter He explains how, by examining pelvic and occipital torsion, and then aligning people without the use of touch or suggestion, he is able to run a wide range of simple experiments that challenge many dogmas of science This book teaches readers the technique along with 57 easy to reproduce experiments that allow them to test the results These experiments clearly demonstrate that our consciousness can profoundly influence matter, and that an object charged with energy and intent can dramatically affect us physiologically in seconds. 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