じ Free Format Kindle Read ◥ Hoot  ⏑ By Carl Hiaasen ⏳ じ Free Format Kindle Read ◥ Hoot ⏑ By Carl Hiaasen ⏳ Roy would not have noticed the strange boy if it weren t for Dana Matherson, because Roy ordinarily didn t look out the window of the school bus He preferred to read comics and mystery books on the morning ride to Trace Middle But on this day, a Monday Roy would never forget , Dana Matherson grabbed Roy s head from behind and pressed his thumbs into Roy s temple, as if he were squeezing a soccer ball The older kids were supposed to stay in the back of the bus, but Dana had snuck up behind Roy s seat and ambushed him When Roy tried to wriggle free, Dana mushed his face against the window It was then, squinting through the smudged glass, that Roy spotted the strange boy running along the sidewalk It appeared as if he was hurrying to catch the school bus, which had stopped at a corner to pick up kids The boy was straw blond and wiry, and his skin was nutbrown from the sun The expression on his face was intent and serious He wore a faded Miami Heat basketball jersey and dirty khaki shorts, and here was the odd part no shoes The soles of his bare feet looked as black as barbecue coals Trace Middle School didn t have the world s strictest dress code, but Roy was pretty sure that some sort of footwear was required The boy might have been carrying sneakers in his backpack, if only he d been wearing a backpack No shoes, no backpack, no books strange, indeed, on a school day Roy was sure that the barefoot boy would catch all kinds of grief from Dana and the other big kids once he boarded the bus, but that didn t happen Because the boy kept running past the corner, past the line of students waiting to get on the bus past the bus itself Roy wanted to shout, Hey, look at that guy but his mouth wasn t working so well Dana Matherson still had him from behind, pushing his face against the window As the bus pulled away from the intersection, Roy hoped to catch another glimpse of the boy farther up the street However, he had turned off the sidewalk and was now cutting across a private yard running very fast, much faster than Roy could run and maybe even faster than Richard, Roy s best friend back in Montana Richard was so fast that he got to work out with the high school track squad when he was only in seventh grade Dana Matherson was digging his fingernails into Roy s scalp, trying to make him squeal, but Roy barely felt a thing He was gripped with curiosity as the running boy dashed through one neat green yard after another, getting smaller in Roy s vision as he put a wider distance between himself and the school bus Roy saw a big pointy eared dog, probably a German shepherd, bound off somebody s porch and go for the boy Incredibly, the boy didn t change his course He vaulted over the dog, crashed through a cherry hedge, and then disappeared from view Roy gasped Whassamatter, cowgirl Had enough This was Dana, hissing in Roy s right ear Being the new kid on the bus, Roy didn t expect any help from the others The cowgirl remark was so lame, it wasn t worth getting mad about Dana was a well known idiot, on top of which he outweighed Roy by at least fifty pounds Fighting back would have been a complete waste of energy Had enough yet We can t hear you, Tex Dana s breath smelled like stale cigarettes Smoking and beating up smaller kids were his two main hobbies Yeah, okay, Roy said impatiently I ve had enough As soon as he was freed, Roy lowered the window and stuck out his head The strange boy was gone Who was he What was he running from Roy wondered if any of the other kids on the bus had seen what he d seen For a moment he wondered if he d really seen it himself That same morning, a police officer named David Delinko was sent to the future site of another Mother Paula s All American Pancake House It was a vacant lot at the corner of East Oriole and Woodbury, on the eastern edge of town Officer Delinko was met by a man in a dark blue pickup truck The man, who was as bald as a beach ball, introduced himself as Curly Officer Delinko thought the bald man must have a good sense of humor to go by such a nickname, but he was wrong Curly was cranky and unsmiling You should see what they done, he said to the policeman Who Follow me, the man called Curly said Officer Delinko got in step behind him The dispatcher said you wanted to report some vandalism That s right, Curly grunted over his shoulder The policeman couldn t see what there was to be vandalized on the property, which was basically a few acres of scraggly weeds Curly stopped walking and pointed at a short piece of lumber on the ground A ribbon of bright pink plastic was tied to one end of the stick The other end was sharpened and caked with gray dirt Curly said, They pulled em out That s a survey stake asked Officer Delinko Yep They yanked em out of the ground, every damn one Probably just kids And then they threw em every which way, Curly said, waving a beefy arm, and then they filled in the holes That s a little weird, the policeman remarked When did this happen Last night or early this morning, Curly said Maybe it don t look like a big deal, but it s gonna take a while to get the site marked out again Meantime, we can t start clearin or gradin or nuthin We got backhoes and dozers already leased, and now they gotta sit I know it don t look like the crime of the century, but still I understand, said Officer Delinko What s your estimate of the monetary damage Damage Yes So I can put it in my report The policeman picked up the survey stake and examined it It s not really broken, is it Well, no Were any of them destroyed asked Officer Delinko How much does one of these things cost a buck or two The man called Curly was losing his patience They didn t break none of the stakes, he said gruffly Not even one The policeman frowned He was trying to figure out what to put in his report You can t have vandalism without monetary damages, and if nothing on the property was broken or defaced What I m tryin to explain, Curly said irritably, it s not that they messed up the survey stakes, it s them screwing up our whole construction schedule That s where it ll cost some serious bucks.It seems unlikely that the master of noir tinged, surrealistic black humor would write a novel for young readers And yet, there has always been something delightfully juvenile about Hiaasens imagination beneath the bent cynicism lurks a distinctly 12 year old cackle In this thoroughly engaging tale of how middle schooler Roy Eberhardt, new kid in Coconut Cove, learns to love South Florida, Hiaasen lets his inner kid run rampant, both the subversive side that loves to see grown ups make fools of themselves and the righteously indignant side, appalled at the mess being made of our planet The story is full of offbeat humor, buffoonish yet charming supporting characters, and genuinely touching scenes of children enjoying the wildness of nature He deserves a warm welcome into childrens publishing BooklistA wonderful tour de force The Boston GlobeA rollicking, righteous story The Miami HeraldYou dont have to be a young adult to enjoy it The New York Times Book ReviewYes, it is a hoot The Washington Post Book World Hoot Definition of Hoot by Merriam Webster We could hear an owl hooting in the woods I hooted at car front me The crowd booed and when it was announced that show canceled its disapproval speaker IMDb A young man Lerman moves from Montana to Florida with his family, where he s compelled engage a fight protect population endangered owls definition hoot Free Dictionary ho ot v hooted, hooting, hoots vr To utter characteristic cry make loud raucous cry, especially derision or contempt shout down drive off jeering cries platform express convey their disgust n Define definition, out shout, See novel Wikipedia is adult Carl HiaasenThe setting takes place Florida, new arrival Roy makes two oddball friends bad enemy, joins effort stop construction pancake house which would destroy colony burrowing who live on site book won Newbery Honor award film adaptation Hiaasen Goodreads has , ratings reviews Gorfo said thought too old for message but Hiassen proved wrong Hoot, wonde creates NYC manufactured, small batch essentials intrepid woman American family comedy film, based same nameIt written directed Wil Shriner, produced New Line Cinema Walden MediaThe stars Luke Wilson, Logan Lerman, Brie Larson, Tim Blake Nelson, Neil Flynn Robert WagnerThe released May Full Cast Crew cast crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers After finds himself mission find shoeless boy mysterious tries save losing homes constructCarl Official Web Site born raised still lives graduate University age joined Miami Herald as general assignment reporter went work newspaper weekly magazine prize winning investigations team h March writerA long time columnist Herald, also than novels can generally be classified humorous crime fiction often feature themes environmentalism political corruption native Hoot

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