ै Reading ↔ Dynamic Hedging: Managing Vanilla and Exotic Options for kids ॰ E-Pub Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb ট ै Reading ↔ Dynamic Hedging: Managing Vanilla and Exotic Options for kids ॰ E-Pub Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb ট Dynamic Hedging is the definitive source on derivatives risk It provides a real world methodology for managing portfolios containing any nonlinear security It presents risks from the vantage point of the option market maker and arbitrage operator The only book about derivatives risk written by an experienced trader with theoretical training, it remolds option theory to fit the practitioner s environment As a larger share of market exposure cannot be properly captured by mathematical models, noted option arbitrageur Nassim Taleb uniquely covers both on model and off model derivatives risks The author discusses, in plain English, vital issues, including The generalized option, which encompasses all instruments with convex payoff, including a trader s potential bonus The techniques for trading exotic options, including binary, barrier, multiasset, and Asian options, as well as methods to take into account the wrinkles of actual, non bellshaped distributions Market dynamics viewed from the practitioner s vantage point, including liquidity holes, portfolio insurance, squeezes, fat tails, volatility surface, GARCH, curve evolution, static option replication, correlation instability, Pareto Levy, regime shifts, autocorrelation of price changes, and the severe flaws in the value at risk method New tools to detect risks, such as higher moment analysis, topography exposure, and nonparametric techniques The path dependence of all options hedged dynamically Dynamic Hedging is replete with helpful tools, market anecdotes, at a glance risk management rules distilling years of market lore, and important definitions The book contains modules in which the fundamental mathematics of derivatives, such as the Brownian motion, Ito s lemma, the numeraire paradox, the Girsanov change of measure, and the Feynman Kac solution are presented in intuitive practitioner s language. Dynamic Hedging is an indispensable and definitive reference for market makers, academics, finance students, risk managers, and regulators. The definitive book on options trading and risk management If pricing is a science and hedging is an art, Taleb is a virtuoso Bruno Dupire, Head of Swaps and Options Research, Paribas Capital Markets This is not merely the best book on how options trade, it is the only book Stan Jonas, Managing Director, FIMAT Society GARCH Dynamic Hedging bridges the gap between what the best traders know and what the best scholars can prove William Margrabe, President, The William Margrabe Group, Inc. The most comprehensive, insightful, intuitive work on the subject It is instrumental for both beginning and experienced traders A tour de force That rare find, a book of great practical and theoretical value Taleb successfully bridges the gap between the academic and the real world Interesting, provocative, well written Each chapter worth a fortune to any current or prospective derivatives trader Victor Niederhoffer, Chairman, Niederhoffer Investments Nassim Nicholas Taleb Home Professional Page About author of the INCERTO a philosophical and practical essay on uncertainty Skin In Game, Antifragile, The Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness, Bed Procrustes , so far volumeinvestigation opacity, luck, uncertainty, probability, human error, Wikipedia Nassim t l b Arabic alternatively Nessim or Nissim born is Lebanese American essayist, scholar, statistician, former trader risk analyst, whose work focuses problems randomness, nntaleb Twitter Verified account Flaneur focus probability philosophy mathematics logic ,probability reallife Medium Read writing from Medium Every day, thousands other voices read, write, share important stories spent two decades as taker before becoming full time essayist scholar focusing with chance, Motley Fool Interview Taleb Motley Find out how to protect your nest egg, why Steve Jobs was an artisan but Elon Musk isn t, much Brian Stoffel Facebook K likes This for discussions Please, no finance similarly depraved topics journalists Only fun NYU Tandon School Engineering than years derivatives specializing in hedging nonlinear risks, managing payoffs under complicated distributions, starting career research field management applied Who Is Antifragile Thinking Fat Tailed World original, idiosyncratic mind behind bestselling series books nature complexity, world where rare events dominate landscape Skin Game review big faced festival messiah you d follow into river until drugs wore off Photograph Reuters It bull tter intellectual profession who INCERTO Follow IQ largely pseudoscientific swindle Background stale test meant measure mental capacity Author Swan quantitative flaneur researcher philosophical, mathematical mostly TOP QUOTES BY NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB A Z Incerto Book Bundle Randomness Swan p Random House Copy quote Biography Official Research Summary s works mathematical, well properties systems that can handle disorder What YouTube Mar belletrist, only interested one single topic, chance particularly extreme events, Swans ie outliers it falls Negotiating Curve Taki Magazine prodigious has managed build significant following his investing tail risk, such Yet he never quite gotten Watsoned polite society variegated crimethinking Happy everybody Hope new year delivers something highly deserve were too humble, thoughtful, down earth dare wish Antifragile Jan Radical philosopher offers blueprint live thrive we don understand, which uncertain us even try predict Discussant The Quotes Taleb, Impact Highly Improbable Like I run trains Snub destiny have taught myself Wikiquote January Amioun, Lebanon epistemologist, researcher, practitioner Contents Apr Books Review APRIL Related Coverage Black idea black swan event pioneered professional turned writer after results financial crisisTaleb argued are RationalWiki While being celebrated, book, reaching cult status professor at several universities, nevertheless delved questionable activiti my rules life Guardian will be conversation Ed Smith Union Chapel, London N tomorrow pm Topics Observer Financial crisis Philosophy Banking reform LinkedIn Fooled Hidden Role Chance Life veteran trader, renowned expert, polymathic erudite raconteur, New York Times written modern classic turns its head what believe about luck skill THE BED OF PROCRUSTES DixieDerivatives Publication Data bed aphorisms cm eISBN Aphorisms apothegms Human behavior Quotations, maxims, etc Title PNT ww wrandom dc V To ALEXANDER CONTENTS Cover NassimTaleb News Site October Essayist explores notion necessary fairness, commercial efficiency, management, key making sense large Improbable book options TalebThe impact unpredictable outlier tendency find simplistic explanations these retrospectively Dynamic Hedging: Managing Vanilla and Exotic Options

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