ఠ Format Kindle Download @January First: A Child's Descent into Madness and Her Father's Struggle to Save Her For Free ಈ Kindle Ebook By Michael Schofield ಡ ఠ Format Kindle Download @January First: A Child's Descent into Madness and Her Father's Struggle to Save Her For Free ಈ Kindle Ebook By Michael Schofield ಡ Chapter OneAugust 8, 2006Today is Jannis fourth birthday, and Im setting up her pool party at the clubhouse in our apartment complex.I place pool toys in the water Janni is already splashing around.Come in, Daddy Im coming, Janni I just have to finish setting up.Look, Janni Susan calls out Lynn and the twins are here Come say hi.I look over to the gate where Susan is letting them in Janni is the same age as the twins Weve known them since they were babies.Janni Susan calls again to her Come say hi to Lynn and the twins.No, Janni calls back, not even bothering to turn around and see.Janni, you have to welcome your guests, Susan says, a bit sternly.No Janni yells behind her, forcefully this time.Hi, January Lynn calls Happy birthday Im not January Janni screams, still not turning around Then calmly, Im Blue Eyed Tree Frog.Lynn is visibly taken aback a little, but recovers quickly shes known our struggle with Jannis constant name changing for a while now.A year ago, Janni stopped going by her name And this phase has gone on way longer than we thought it would Whenever someone calls her by her real name, she screams like somebody put her hand to a hot frying pan.We dont even try to force her to use her given name At this point were happy if she just picks one name and sticks with it The problem is that she changes it all the time, sometimes multiple times in the same day Shes been Hot Dog, Rainbow, Firefly, and now Blue Eyed Tree Frog, which was originally Red Eyed Tree Frog, from Go Diego Go , until a lady working at Sav On drugstore pointed out, But you have blue eyes, dear.Lynn and the girls have come to your birthday party, Susan reminds her You need to come and greet them.Janni gets out of the pool and comes over to the twins She is not pouting She is smiling and rubbing her hands rapidly, as if she is actually suddenly happy to see them Its like the previous outburst never happened.Susan gets the twins two juice boxes from the cooler.Hi, Janni How are you Lynn asks pleasantly.The hand rubbing stops and the smile vanishes Im not Janni Im Blue Eyed Tree Frog.Oh, Im sorry I forgot Lynn quickly corrects herself like she just received a mild electric shock.Girls, wish Blue Eyed Tree Frog a happy birthday, Lynn instructs her daughters.Happy birthday, Janni, they dutifully intone The twins have known my daughter as Janni since before they could talk It is all they know.Im not Janni she screams at the twins Im Blue Eyed Tree Frog.The twins look up at their mom, confused.Janni Susan warns Be polite.I say nothing Sure, I would like Janni to be polite, but I realize odd behavior is a by product of her genius She hit all of her developmental markers early and was already talking at eight months By thirteen months she knew all her letters, both big and small, even if they were turned on their side or upside down Then, at eighteen months, she was speaking in grammatically correct sentences, introducing herself to people saying, Im Janni Paige and I am eighteen months old.But I didnt fully comprehend what she was capable of until I came back from grad school one evening when Janni was two and Susan was telling me about their day.Ive been teaching her addition, Susan told me, which I already knew, so today we started on subtraction I asked her what seven minus four was.Did she get it right I asked.Yes, she did, so we did seven minus three is four Then she asks me, Mommy, whats four minus seven so I started trying to explain negative numbers to her.I stare at Susan She asked you what was four minus seven Susan, washing dishes, turns to me Yeah She sees the look of shock on my face Whats wrong She asked you that right out of the blue Yes What is it Negative numbers, I remember thinking Negative numbers are a totally abstract concept because they dont exist in the real world You cant see negative four apples At two years old, Jannis mind made the jump from what Piaget called concrete reasoning to abstract reasoning, something that typically happens at a much older age Janni could conceive of concepts that did not actually physically exist.I have fantasies of Janni going to Harvard or Yale or MIT before she is even a teenager My ultimate dream, when I close my eyes at night, is Janni winning the Nobel Prize For what, I dont know and dont really care But to be able to do what she can do at two years old, she must be a gift to humanity I think that trumps being impolite on occasion.Would you like some juice Susan hands the twins the juice boxes and they take them.Janni starts to laugh and flings her arm around the twins 400 is splashing mango juice on you, she chortles, without touching them.The girls flinch instinctively, then look up at their mother for guidance, not sure what happened.400 is splashing mango juice on you Janni makes the move again like she is throwing juice on the twins, but she has nothing in her hand.The twins retreat to either side of their mother.Janni, that isnt nice, Susan corrects.But its not me Its 400 400 is splashing mango juice on them She likes to splash mango juice on people Her arm shoots out with the imaginary juice again We dont even have mango juice.The twins look up at Lynn You both need sunscreen She looks down at them, taking each daughter in one hand and over to the lounge chairs and tables.Well then, tell 400 to stop, Susan tells Janni 400 is another one of her imaginary friends, she explains to Lynn.Janni turns away and says to the air, 400, stop that She waits, apparently for a response, before turning back to the twins.She wont stop Janni breaks into laughter again It is so funny 400 is throwing mango juice on you.The twins are clearly scared, as Lynn puts on their sunscreen Its okay, we know Janni is unique.This is frustrating Shes being imaginative, but the twins havent seen imagination like this Geniuses are often eccentric, I think to myself.Janni Susans voice goes up an octave Stop it Its not me Its 400 You control 400 Tell her to stop.Janni puts out her hands in exasperation I cant Janni , Susan begins, but I cut her off.Let it go.Janni comes over to me and and we get ready to go into the pool This is what I do I am her protector from the rest of the world.I see the look of frustration on Susans face, but she doesnt completely understand Janni like I do.She needs to greet her friends, she tells me imploringly Youre not helping her learn to be polite.Its her birthday Let it go, I reply.Susan opens her mouth to protest.Let it go, I say again, firmly Susan closes her mouth and gives me an annoyed look.I jump in the water and come up to the edge, holding out my arms Come on, Janni Jump to me.400 wants to jump in, too, Janni says earnestly.Cats dont generally like water.Okay, you stay here, 400.Janni jumps to me, and I carry her out into the middle of the pool Janni suddenly looks back at the edge.Oh, no 400 fell in the pool she cries out 400, dont drown I got 400, I answer I put Janni down in the shallow end and wade over to where I imagine 400 to be This is what I do that makes me different from everybody else in Jannis life I play along with her imaginary friends like they are real Ill be damned if Im going to get lumped in with the thirteens in her mind Janni says thirteens are kids and adults who dont have her imagination She considers herself a twenty, like me, and Susan a seventeen, while most of her friends are fifteens But the thirteens have no imagination at all.Got her I fish nothing out of the water Ah Now she is on my head 400 I pretend to sink under the weight of the imaginary cat I will not shut any aspect of Janni down I will not restrict anything, because I worry once she shuts down in order to conform, her full potential might be lost.Janni smiles and laughs.400 Get off Daddys head.I smile back, happy.You know, Janni, if you could find an ocean big enough to put Saturn in it, it would float This is how I teach her I engage her imaginary friends and then she pays attention.Do you remember what the atmospheric pressure on Venus is Ninety, Janni answers.Thats right You would weigh ninety times what you weigh on Earth Of course, if we were on Venus right now, wed be swimming in sulfuric acid And then there is the heat Venus is hotter than Mercury, even though Mercury is closer to the sun, about eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit.It gets up to two hundred degrees in Calilini, Janni says.Here is my chance to insert a little reality into her world.Janni, thats hotter than any place on Earth Thats nearly the boiling point of water Nothing could survive that temperature.My friends do.Its not possible Our bodies are mostly made of water, and at that temperature we would literally start to boil How can they possibly survive Janni shrugs They do.I open my mouth, ready to continue arguing the illogic of this, but Janni is drifting away from me so I let it drop.Janni, I call.She turns around.I still have a cat on my head.She smiles.I am looking at the pizza boxes on the table.Last year, I ordered six medium cheese pizzas and we ran out before all the guests had even arrived, so Susan wanted me to order nine this time I did, except that now six of them sit still unopened.Susan comes over and tells me it is time to do the cake.Have you told everybody to sing Happy Birthday to Blue Eyed Tree Frog I ask her.Yes, I have, Susan replies, knowing my fear and hers The last thing we both want is Janni flipping out on her birthday Hopefully, people will remember She turns and calls out that it is time to light the candles.Everybody gathers around the cake, which even says, happy birthday, blue eyed tree frog.Okay, you ready Susan asks me.I light the candles Janni stands between us, rubbing her hands at a speed so fast it looks like it must be painful on her wrists, but she shows no discomfort.Okay , Susan begins Happy birthday to you .Everybody sings along Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear .Susan looks at me, nervously.I sing Blue Eyed Tree Frog at the top of my lungs, trying to lead the guests in the correct name and cut off any mistakes before Janni can hear them.Happy birthday to you Everybody claps, including Janni I look up at Susan and see her exhaling with relief, as I am.As Susan serves the cake, I realize it is a smaller group this year Ive been paying attention to Janni, playing with her because she wont play with anyone else, and didnt notice That explains the pizza situation Last year people stayed for hours, long after the cake and the presents This year, some have already left Looking around, I realize that Lynn and the twins are gone, too Michael S Miller Book Developer Scribe, Inc www.scribenet.com 7540 Windsor Drive, Suite 200B Allentown PA 18195 telephone 215.336.5094 extension 121Imagine invisible demons that attack your beautiful child But this is no nightmare, and no supernatural fantasy The demons are real, and they come from inside her own mind The story of January Schofield, diagnosed at six with childhood schizophrenia is told by her father, Michael, with a father s tenderness, a novelist s consciousness, and a knight s grace We can hold our breath and pray, but not look away This modern parable may be the most compelling book you will ever read Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean January First is a riveting and compelling and also quite painful story of a fathers efforts to help his young daughter find a place for herself in this world in the face of a serious mental illness Schofield gives a glimpse inside the mind of a child who lives much of her life in another world, interacting with friends who are only in her mind Schofield takes us on his journey with Jani, starting with his thoughts that Jani is simply a misunderstood genius to recognition that something is really wrong, to the ultimate diagnosis of schizophrenia, a very serious mental illness, even so when it manifests in a child Schofield and his wife never give up Their dedication and steadfastness are inspirational Their story will be highly valued by the many families with a child with mental illness indeed, by the many families who have any kind of struggle with their kids The book ends on a hopeful note with Jani in a better place, yet we recognize that the battle is likely not over Elyn Saks, MacArthur Grant Recipient and author of The Center Cannot Hold In his memoirs January First, Michael Schofield chronicles his family s experience with a devastating mental illness, which usually presents itself at least a decade later Daily Mail UK An unflinching portrait of the scourge of mental illness Kirkus Reviews In this dramatic memoir, Schofieldexplains the mental illness of his young daughteroffers valuable insight for others in similar situations, and ends on a hopeful note Publishers Weekly January First A Child s Descent into Madness and Her Jan , January is a father memoir of his wild daughter, who was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia When years old, Michael thought she extremely intelligent acting up because bored needed mental stimulation Most three year olds are in bed by now, but most not geniuses like my begins Father Struggle to Save Her, Wikipedia the first day Gregorian Calendar There days remaining until end This known as New Year Day since marks beginning It also quarter half Month Time Date month our modern calendar, its predecessor Julian calendar consists Is Janus named after Roman god Schofield PenguinRandomHouse riveting compelling quite painful story efforts help young daughter find place for herself this world face serious illness gives glimpse inside mind child lives much her life another world, interacting friends only 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