⌞ Find 梨 Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit  ୨ Kindle Ebook Author Bobby Maximus ᠉ ⌞ Find 梨 Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit ୨ Kindle Ebook Author Bobby Maximus ᠉ Introduction Like many people, I came from humble beginnings I grew up in a very small town in Northern Ontario, Canada, with two working class parents who, than anything else, instilled in me the value of having a strong work ethic I remember coming home from school as a kid with a 90 percent in math and my mother being disappointed I was naturally gifted at math, so I never had to study She told me that she wasnt proud of my grade because I didnt work for it I also remember coming home with a 65 percent in geography and her telling me how proud she was because she knew Id tried my hardest Id studied The point here is that my mother never focused on the end result She focused on the amount of work it took to get there She noticed and rewarded work ethic And it made me notice and reward it, too As I grew older, those lessons she taught me formed the basis of the person I am today I was never a naturally gifted athlete In fact, I was quite the opposite I was always the last picked for every team I tried out for, and I was bullied in elementary school and during my first few years of high school I was uncoordinated, shy, and weak, both mentally and physically Many of the people Ive met in my lifetime have had a hard time believing that I wasnt an athlete They look at me and make certain assumptions They see me as supremely confident, a great speaker, and successful in all I do The reality is that inside of me is a kid who got bullied on the bus ride to school, who was called names, and who was terrified to give public speeches My story of personal growth and change started when I was 14 years old You will learn about it in the first section of this book, but without the work ethic my mother instilled in me, none of my successes would have ever happened Because of that work ethic, Ive had many incredible life experiences Ive fought and been victorious in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, I was a highly decorated police officer in the city of Toronto, Im directly responsible for the success of one of the very best gyms on the entire planet, Gym Jones, and I even have a shoe named after me I remember dreaming about that when, as a child, I got my first pair of Jordans, and thinking how amazing it would be to have a shoe with my name on it It feels even better than I imagined Dreams can come true, but you have to work hard During my years as an athlete and a professional, I have worked for every accolade I have received, but dont think I didnt look for shortcuts When you are dedicated, when you are driven and passionate, youll look for any way to be successful I have bought numerous exercise books, spent money at the nutrition store than anyone should, ordered products advertised on television, and tried every so called magic exercise that was ever invented I worked my ass off to find the secret, and I am writing this book to tell you that the thing I learned is that there is no secret There is no magic pill You cant make three easy payments of 9.99 and hope to wake up fit Theres no easy way to get what you really want You have to work Millions of people a year go through a cycle of trying to get fit, making very little progress, and regressing back to where they started Why They focus on the wrong things Some people believe that fitness is merely a physical thing That if you simply go to the gym and eat a little better, you will achieve your goals I believe the opposite I believe that real, genuine fitness starts in your mind It is one of the reasons that there is such an emphasis on psychology in this book If you can make your mind strong, if you can learn to hack your psychology, then getting your body fit will be easy The most important muscle you can train sits right between your ears In this book, you are going to learn about psychology Specifically, youll learn how to 1 Improve your self image 2 Rid your life of excuses 3 Rise above negative voices 4 Work harder Then you are going to learn how to train in a way that will make you successful not only in the gym but also in every other aspect of your life You will learn how to harness the power of hard work, turn yourself into a functional athlete, and reinvent yourself, just like I did Youre going to learn about nutrition and recovery You will learn strategies to help you eat and sleep better and to effectively deal with your life stress Im going to help you become not only fitter but also healthier Throughout this book, I am going to use true stories to teach you all of these lessons Woven into each chapter is a story of a person who has inspired me Ill tell you about the friend or person I have been fortunate enough to work with and who has successfully used the information I am providing you with I hope that their stories inspire you like they inspired me Ill also share some of my personal stories and Bobbys Laws, which I live by every day I hope the lessons you learn here will help you to achieve the success you deserve so you can craft your own story and laws and, in turn, inspire others Finally, included in this book is a full training program to follow and a bank of my favorite workouts In fact, in Section V The Maximus Manual see page 149 , I provide you with than 100 of the most effective workouts in the world They are simple but certainly not easy Remember that there is no easy path to your success, no shortcut, and no magic pill But with old fashioned hard work, and some passion for what you do, you will be successful Section 1 Psychology You probably think that the hardest part about exercise is the physical work the lifting, running, and sweating You couldnt be wrong Ive spent than 20 years either as a professional athlete or as a trainer of professional athletes and special forces soldiers, and Ive come to believe otherwise Looking back on my own sports career and seeing exactly what makes the people I train successful, Ive come to one conclusion Fitness starts in your mind The quickest, most effectiveand, unfortunately, brutalmethod I have to demonstrate that the mind is primary in fitness takes just 60 seconds I use it on anyone who needs to quickly learn how powerful the mind can be, and I always close each of the fitness seminars I teach with the test Before I give the test at seminars, I ask the groupusually anywhere from 20 to 40 peopletwo simple questions Do you believe in yourself and Are you willing to work hard Invariably, when I ask that question, every single person says, Yes, of course The 1 minute fan bike challenge is the litmus test I wheel a fan bike out into the middle of the gym floor Then, I scribble each persons name on a big whiteboard in the gym, and jot a number next to their names I explain to the group Thats how many calories each of you has to burn in 1 minute If you dont, youtry again until you do Once people see the number by their names, they look terrified, like theyre lining up to face a firing squad In general, 1 minute of jogging burns about 10 calories, a minute of weight lifting burns about 8, and a minute of yoga burns about 5 Raw, unfiltered effort on a fan bike can burn far I often ask extremely fit people to burn than 80 calories, which are calculated by the bikes computer I even ask people of average fitness to burn 50 or I once asked a 65 year old man to burn 30 calories My personal record is 89 calories It still hurts to think about it If you truly work hard and go all out in the test, youll hit your calorie goal, or even burn a calorie or two above your goal If you dont try hard enough, youll failand theres no other excuse beyond that Done right, this test forces you to work harder than you ever have in your life Ive seen people vomit afterward Ive seen them hobble around dazed, jabbing at their legs for 15 minutes I saw one guy cry, and another go outside and sit in silence for an hour afterward If you want to try this for yourself but you dont have a fan bike, see What If You Dont Have a Fan Bike on page 4 You may think this test sounds cruel, but the discomfort is worth itonce the burning in your lungs and acid in your legs go away, you understand the power of hard work and feel just how valuable 1 single minute of your best effort can be You see the number of calories you just burned in a minute, and you begin to fathom what youre capable of Then, I hope, you start to wonder what else can I do if I just work harder and believe in myself Psychological barriers block people from reaching their goals If youre like the vast majority of people, you probably go to the gym for one of three reasons to become fit to do the things you love, to become healthier, or to look better naked For you to get in shape, you may think the answer is easy Show up to the gym, do some exercise, and go home Unfortunately, it doesnt work like that To get fit and achieve your goals, you have to do much than just show up and slog through the motions We all know a person who says they work out three or four times a week but hasnt changed in 3 years Investigate what that person actually does in a workout, and youll usually find there is a severe lack of hard workhe texts and looks at Instagram, he only does weight exercises that feel comfortable, and if hes running, its at a slow speed Hes probably done the same few workouts for years If that reminds you of yourself, thats okay, because were going to change that The people who become fit and stay fit are different They dont have secret exercises or eat some superfood, and they dont take a magic fitness pill Above all else, they have a solid work ethic The most successful people show up, yes But when theyre there, they work harder than most everyone else They believe, and they dont quit, make excuses, or take shortcuts After their workouts, they pay attention to their fitness outside of the gym by doing other things that help them improve, like eating right and sleeping enough All of those habits are built by that muscle in your skull Thats precisely why training should improve your mind first If you build a strong mind that powers hard work and dedication, then all this fitness stuff is easy Your workouts are reduced to picking shit up and putting it down, and placing one foot in front of the other If I only have a weekend with youlike I do with people in my fitness seminarsthe fan bike test is the best way I can demonstrate this fact But you and I have an entire book together In this section, Im going to break down four things that are paramount to getting your mind right Improving your self imageRidding yourself of excusesSilencing negative voicesLearning why the hard road is better The result Youll learn why your mind is the primary driver of just how fit you can get, and youll learn to hack your psychology to improve your body and performance across the board Over the course of my fitness career, Ive used these four rules to incite radical mental and physical changes in everyone from pro athletes to average Joes Real fitness starts here HOW DO I KNOW HOW MANY CALORIES YOU CAN BURN IN A MINUTE When I administer the 1 minute fan bike challenge, I give each person an individual calorie goal So, for example, I might assign you a goal of 60 calories, while I may give your friend only 50 How do I calculate that figure for each person When I work with you, I notice what you do in the gym and how you do it I pay attention to how you move weight, and how you breathe under distress Ive taken hundreds of 1 minute tests myself My calculations are an art than a science, but Im rarely wrong In fact, Im within a calorie of the persons finishing number about 9 out of 10 times I always set the bar exactly where it should be, and its always higher than you think it should be To find your own true potential, take the test once every 2 weeks Each time, throw yourself completely on the fire, and give it your all Try to improve your score each time Eventually, youll figure out what you are capable of WHAT IF YOU DONT HAVE A FAN BIKE The all out minute test puts you through a mental and physical crucible thats unlike anything youve ever done If you truly go all out, youll come out on the other side a changed person I use a fan bike and give people an individual calorie target But if you dont have a fan bike, you can see the exact same benefit from these two variations of the test A good way to gauge if youre going hard enough is that you should want to quit about 20 seconds in, then you just have to hang on and keep going your hardest Try it, feel some discomfort, and overcome your mental demons 1 MINUTE SPRINT Go to a track and set a timer for 60 seconds When the timer starts, take off and run as fast as you possibly can until the time expires You should aim to complete one 400 meter lap in that minute Thats well within reach for any adult male for women, I ask for about 350 meters If you cant do it, you have some mental work to do, even if you think its a physical problem To keep improving, simply go farther every time you take this test 1 MINUTE ROW Program a rowers timer for 1 minute, and set the screen so that it displays meters rowed Row as hard as you can until the minute is up Try to get as many meters as possible Aim for a minimum of 350 meters. Men s Health magazine s 1 personal trainer delivers cutting edge, high intensity workouts to help you pack serious muscle and become unstoppably fit From the man responsible for the gym that trained the actors in the movie 300 comes cutting edge fitness strategies, 100 workouts, and a training plan that has successfully transformed A list actors and actresses, elite special forces soldiers, all star athletes, and everyday men and women With Bobby Maximuss guidance you too can become one of the most insanely fit people the world has ever seen The diets and workouts that promise easy results in minutes per day have tricked masses into wasting their money on false promises Supplements, smoothies, and 4 minute workouts arent getting people any fitter Getting that shredded body requires real commitment and real workand Bobby can show you how Maximus Body features circuit style workouts that will push you to your limits and work your whole body With a plethora of exercises like Dont Ask Me About Your Abs, that work your core with a combination of sit ups, push ups, pull ups, and even leg raises, you can develop an exercise routine that fits your needs Whether you are overweight and trying to get back into shape, or a high level athlete trying to gain that extra edge, Maximus Body offers up thousands of once secret ways to burn fat, add lean muscle, reveal a shredded 8 pack, and build mind bending physical fitness. Bobby Maximus Every Damn Day Mind Over Matter Bobby is one of the hardest working and most respected fitness professionals in industry today He welcomes any challenge without a doubt fit individuals I know Gluteus maximus Wikipedia Gluteus superficial muscle hips, here visible at top centre with skin removed from entire leg Maximus comics fictional supervillain appearing American comic books published by Marvel ComicsThe character has been depicted both as member antagonist to InhumansCreated writer Stan Lee artist Jack Kirby, he first appeared Fantastic Four February portrayed television series Muscle Function, Origin Anatomy Body The gluteus located buttocks regarded strongest muscles human body It connected coccyx, or tailbone, well other surrounding bones Domain Maximus Where did it come In Switzerland, woman collapses arms an Indian journalist, her disintegrating into puddle gore She victim monstrous disease that will soon kill hundreds relentless fury Pedicab Rickshaws carry 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body, helps power you up hills stairs supports hip pelvis while squatting lunging Muscles Hip Pictures Information joint flexible joints many provide movement, strength, stability thigh Trigger Points A Real Pain Rear As name suggests, king gluteal muscles, ruler pain Many low complaints involve significant component, so therapist needs make habit addressing trigger points every treatment plan Inhumans Iwan Rheon Aidan Fiske Maps Manorexia, Venture cocktail party tropical vacation cinematographer GLADIATOR Story EXOVEDATE created site share my passion Ancient Roman history hope find something interesting useful currently have posted GLADIATOR which provides true historical background Ridley Scott film Gladiator read, enjoy, perhaps help plus preview work progress, book patented design our massagers allows them be used completely hands free advantage over prostate Aneros massager position user wantsMaximus Physical Mental Training Plan That BOBBY MAXIMUS creator famed Gym former police 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