← Reading ⫸ Strong Women Stay Young for kids ⠹ ePUB By Miriam Nelson ⡀ ← Reading ⫸ Strong Women Stay Young for kids ⠹ ePUB By Miriam Nelson ⡀ Maida Lois used to stop her mother, also named Maida, when she startedto lift something heavy Let me carry that, she d say After all, I m younger Maida Lois is 39 and she runs five miles five days a week The older Maida is 66 and until she began strength training, she had never been physically active.Recently the two Maidas took a series of tests to compare their strength Maida Lois didn t hold back I got competitive, she admits I tried hard.It didn t help Maida outscored her daughter on three of the four tests These days, she does her own lifting After all, she tells Maida Lois, I m stronger In high school, Evelyn wore a size 16 At age 30, she had her firstchild and her weight climbed to over 200 pounds Then she came to work at Tufts University I started doing aerobics and got down to 160 pounds I was thinner, but complete flab, she recalls What s , her weight loss stalled Inspired by her colleagues research and the success stories all around her Evelyn started strength training, and dropped the last 30 pounds.Now 38 and the mother of two, Evelyn recently attended her twentieth high school reunion She recalls a thrilling evening Some of my girlfriends never got back in shape after having kids and there I was in a slinky blackevening dress, size 6 Miriam E Nelson, Ph.D., author of Strong Women Stay Young, is one of the Tufts University scientists who developed this remarkably successful exercise program Her research created news worldwide when the results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.Dr Nelson s study followed 40 postmenopausal women for a year All were healthy, but sedentary none was taking hormones Half the volunteers the control group simply maintained their usual lifestyle The others came to the Tufts University laboratories twice a week and lifted weights.Most women begin to lose bone and muscle mass at about age 40 in partbecause of this, they start to slow down And that s exactly what happened to the women who didn t exercise One sedentary year later, their muscles and bones had aged, and they were even less active than before The women who lifted weights changed too but in the opposite direction.After one year of strength training, their bodies were 15 to 20 years youthful They became stronger often even stronger than when they were younger Without drugs, they regained bone, helping to prevent osteoporosis Their balance and flexibility improved They were leaner and trimmer, though eating as much as ever The women were so energized, they became 27 percent active.No other program has ever achieved comparable results.What strength training can do for you A challenging, progressive strength training program can build muscles and increase strength in women of all ages But Miriam Nelson s study provedthat the benefits go even further Besides the great gains in strength, here swhat strength training does Halts bone loss and even restores boneEach year after menopause, a woman typically loses one percent of her bone mass even during the first five post menopausal years Over time, she may develop osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become so porous they easily break Strength training stopped the clock here too The women who didn t exercise lost about 2 percent of their bone density over the year of the study But the women who strength trained not only didn t lose bone, they gained 1 percent Improves balanceOur ability to stay in balance declines with passing years As a result, falling becomes a significant hazard later in life, especially if bones are weak The women who didn t exercise showed an 8.5 percent decline in balance over the study period In contrast, the women in the strength training group improved their balancing ability their test scores went up by 14 percent Helps prevent bone fractures from osteoporosisThe improvements in strength, bone density and balance have special significance for women because they dramatically reduce the risk of fractures from osteoporosis This is a serious problem a woman of seventy faces 30 percent odds that she will break her hip if she lives another twenty years.Hormones, calcium supplements and medications offer a degree of protection from bone loss However, strength training not only builds bone, it cuts the risk of fractures by improving strength and balance to help prevent falls What s, all these benefits come without worrisome side effects Trims and tightensParticipants in the JAMA study were asked to maintain their weight over the year Though the scale didn t change, their appearance did Instead of dropping pounds, the women who exercised lost inches Helps control weightStrength training is a dieter s best friend First, it promotes aerobic activity, which burns calories Second, it boosts metabolism That s because muscle is active tissue and consumes calories stored fat, on the other hand, is inert and uses very little energy Energizes and revitalizesAfter a year, the non exercise group became 25 percent less active But the women in the strength training program were 27 percent active than before It makes sense The stronger you are, the easier it is to move The most exciting part of this study was something harder to measure the transformation of the volunteers They didn t expect their bodies could change much, not at their age But after just a few months they were stronger, trimmer and energetic than they ever dreamed they could be again and they were thrilled.Who wouldn t be Features of this book Strong Women Stay Young is based on a scientifically tested exercise program developed at Tufts University, so you can rely upon its safety and effectiveness The book will be helpful even if you ve done strengthtraining before Unless you received accurate information, you may not be getting the full benefit you deserve for your efforts For instance, many women, misled by popular advice, faithfully lift soup cans in hope of improving their muscles Or they work out with three pound weights week after week in a Tone andFirm class Sadly, these approaches don t make you stronger Weights must be considerably heavier than soup cans to make a difference And if you don t systematically increase the load as your muscles develop, you won t progress very far.Before you begin, you ll answer a few simple strength assessment questions to determine a safe starting point As you grow stronger, you ll add weights.No matter how fit you are now, no matter how quickly or slowly you progress, the program will always be right for you The Strong Women Stay Young program features Eight simple exercises done standing or sitting down no sweat, no special clothes Fully illustrated step by step instructions that you can customize toyour needs Important new information on muscle, bone, balance, and fitness Progress logs for the critical first twelve weeks Bonus complete strength training program to do at the gym.Is this book for you Have you lost strength over the past decade Do you ever say, I know I should exercise, but I just don t have the energy At the end of a normally busy day, do you feel tired and worn out Do you notice fat where there used to be muscle Do you feel older than you d like Is it difficult to maintain your weight even though you re eating less Are your favorite sports harder and less fun than they used to be Do you look at your older female relatives and worry that someday you ll be just as limited physically as they are now For many women past 35, these changes the loss of strength, the lack of vigor are painfully familiar If you re experiencing them, you may have figured it s all an inevitable part of getting older Wrong Scientists at Tufts and elsewhere now know this isn t true The main reason most people slow down when they get older is that they lose about a third of their muscle mass between ages 35 and 80 Yes, aging plays a role However, inactivity is a major factor and that s something you can address.If you ve lost strength, you can regain it.If your energy has sagged, you can raise it.If you ve lost muscle and gained fat, you can reverse it.If you ve become flabby, you can get trim.If you feel old, you can feel younger, stronger and vigorous perhaps better than you ve ever felt in your entire life.Strength training, we have learned, is a fountain of youth From the Hardcover edition.This terrific book, which has changed the lives of so many women, is now even better Robert N Butler, M.D., International Longevity Center, USA, Ltd.You can begin to get strong even if you wait until you are 90 and without taking hormones Strong Women Stay Young is an inspiring and motivational program Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women s Bodies, Women s Wisdom From the Trade Paperback edition. Active Classrooms StrongWomen with Miriam Nelson our process white paper developing a transformable classroom an academic and administrative project student led design Strong Women Stay Young Nelson, Sarah Wernick PhD Strong is inspiring motivational program Christiane Northrup, MD author of s Bodies, Wisdom From the Trade Paperback edition by E Nelson Goodreads Jan , To ask other readers questions about Young, please sign up Be first to question When rating exercise health building book, I myself several Is plan based upon scientific study Does that apply someone my presents concepts practical developed at Tufts The take home message you can enhance your strength quality life delay aging whether re or StrongWomen, Bones training programs are designed help women become stay fit, strong, healthy Dr well regarded book series Exercise Tape YouTube Jul First HealthCare This video has been posted for educational purposes only It does not belong me young shows how any woman achieve same benefits home, in tailored her individual needs A bestseller its edition, it now revised be even easier use exercise reviews Young Bonnie Falbo just did this last night after previewing few days ago think would very good intro weight men Based on name, leads through exercises strengthen all major muscle groups build strong bones, reverse get remarkable office, working out twice week Individualized instructions couch potatoes started buffs break plateaus strong dvd eBay product ratings Revised Edition Trending price prices over Reasons Best Single Longest Being single as long possible is, least some women, way go Here why best longest maybe forever Often Longest who going sngle reasons prefer being single For Women, Staying Long Possible Actually Way Go Their Top Priorities Do Not Involve Someone Wife Girlfriend enjoy pleasures They may find have casual sex without attachments How Independent Woman wikiHow Nov How independent means able happiness own We cookies make wikiHow great Other 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