⫸ Early reader series ✷ By Mark Hyman ⇹ ⫸ Early reader series ✷ By Mark Hyman ⇹ Our country faces huge challenges Every Citizen must be healthy, creative and energetic if we are to adequately address those challenges With Food, Dr Mark Hyman has given every American a clear and straightforward field manual on how to get and stay healthy, for themselves and for our country We must get a little healthier now or the cost of health care will sink our economy in the not too distant future This practical book could not have come at a better time Congressman Tim Ryan, Ohio, author of The Real Food RevolutionJust about every time someone leaves the doctor s office, they are told to exercise and eat well Sadly, at this point in our collective human history, there is still not wide consensus on how to do either properly With nutrition in particular, it feels like near daily whiplash Yesterday coconut oil seemed a panacea, by tomorrow you may hear it causes heart disease Dr Mark Hyman, who has diligently dedicated his life to wellness, has a new book that may offer some much needed relief Food goes between the lines of nutrition research, providing a clear roadmap for the confused eater Sanjay Gupta, MDDr Hyman eloquently answers what may well be the most important question we all ask ourselves every day Food brings the very best in nutritional science to a place of clarity and implementation for everyone David Perlmutter, MD, author of Grain Brain and Brain MakerMark Hyman knows as much about food and our health as any human being alive His new book, Food, is an invaluable guide to what we should eat and, perhaps importantly, what we shouldn t, to get healthy and stay healthy Gary Taubes, author of The Case Against SugarFinally, a book that puts common sense and integrity back into the discussion about what to eat despite decades of being fed a steady diet of nonsense by so called trusted authorities Bravo, Dr Hyman this book is good medicine Christiane Northrup, MDFood has turned out to be a much powerful medicine than we were all taught, yet for so many of us, the many different diets available paint a confusing picture In his new book, Dr Mark Hyman has provided exactly what we need an expert analysis, clear headed description, and effective solution to what the heck we should all be eating to optimize our health and longevity This may be the most important book you read on this critical topic, and Dr Hyman is one of the precious few with both the expertise and writing skill to make this information available and digestible Dale Bredesen, MD, author of The End of Alzheimer s In a world of increasing dietary anxiety, Dr Hyman offers a roadmap to respecting food as medicine Mehmet Oz, MDIn the diet wars, no battle is contentious than low fat vegan versus high fat paleo Mark Hyman finds common ground with paleo vegan Pegan , a plant based diet supplemented moderately with animal foods as condi meat Food offers a delicious recipe for restoring our health, as we care for the planet David Ludwig, MD, PhD, author of Always Hungry Food and the way we produce and consume it is at the center of most of our world s health, environmental, climate, economic, and even political crises With his new book, Food What the Heck Should I Eat , Mark Hyman, MD, shows us that food is powerful medicine, and it contains information that speaks to our environment and our genes, programming our body with messages of health or illness Deepak ChopraFood is at the center of our well being, and how we get our food is directly connected to the health of our planet But we re drowning in bewildering information and advice about what to eat In his new book, Food, Mark Hyman, MD, breaks down all the science into practical advice about what to eat and what to avoid This is a manual for how the food we eat can help us thrive Arianna Huffington, author of ThriveMark Hyman, MD, is the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and founder and director of The UltraWellness Center He is the bestselling author of numerous books, including Eat Fat, Get Thin The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet and The Blood Sugar Solution. 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