ₐ Knights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys to read ₫ Author Heather Haupt ⃠ ₐ Knights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys to read ₫ Author Heather Haupt ⃠ Chapter 1 Charting a New Path ONE DAY, long ago at the almost grown up age of twelve, I made my way to the neighborhood candy shop A group of boys was loafing around and throwing barbs at one another They were calling each other every variation of body parts and functions that you could dream up and laughing at their own supposed cleverness I knew what came next Cringing inside, I picked up my pace As I passed them, their banter paused momentarily before altering direction I was now the target, and the teasing took on an overt sexual nature Some of them teased, while others looked the other way, perhaps embarrassed Two of them started to follow as I ducked into the safety of the candy shop The kind old man who ran the shop would not tolerate that kind of talk in his store and told the boys to leave With an apathetic shrug they wandered off in search of new diversions We see these kinds of boys everywherethe ones who are rude and crude, the ones who find entertainment in picking on others, the ones who, for all of their bravado, become speechless and weak when someone needs to stand up against the bully The entitlement mentality is firmly entrenched, resulting in teens doing what they please and behaving like tantrum throwing toddlers when someone stands in their way They expect life to be handed to them on a silver platter while they sit back and enjoy themselves Boys are increasingly disengaged, turned off to all that matters Many struggle in school, preferring the allure of video games, and fewer are going to and graduating from college Instead of boys eager for independence, young men choose to stay home now than ever before, relying on parental support far longer than their female counterparts Within this modern state of boyhood, mediocrity and apathy are the growing marks of manhood Idealism to Fatalism Most of us enter into parenthood with a sense of idealism We hold a cute little baby and stare in wonder at his fresh skin, rosebud mouth, and perfect round ears As his tiny fingers curl around ours, an unspoken resolve fills our heartto raise this little one well, to raise a child who will make a difference in this world And then reality hits If the sleepless nights or the unexplained crying that cannot be soothed does not cause doubt to set in, the first time your child throws a tantrum out in public just might Maybe it happened when he pulled out all the toys after you had just tidied up or you caught him in a little white lie after working on truthfulness over and over again You might have felt like throwing up the white flag of surrender as he races laps around you insisting that he is not tired at bedtime or magically disappears right after you ask him to help you with something When they get wild and crazy, it can be tempting to calm and contain them with video games or a tablet We all agree Parenting is not for the faint of heart It takes dedication and a whole lot of consistency as we learn in a radical way to put our childrens needs not wants above our own It is easy to get tired and weary, because some days it is just inevitable It can be tempting to ease up and allow our children to do things we said we would never let them do or to let bad behavior slide because we just do not want to deal with it at that moment Between the idealism of new parenthood and the drudgery of day to day parenting, fatalism can set in, and we begin to accept the cultural stereotypes about boys We must not let this happen There are a lot of people talking about the problem But where are the solutions We all need practical ideas for inspiring this next generation of boys and changing the microculture in which our boys will grow up We need a road map, if you will, pointing the way to go Something that provides direction but also the flexibility to allow each family and each boy the ability to make the path his own The aim of this book is to do just thatto give you a strategy and plan to inspire the imagination of young boys and lay the groundwork for creating a family and community culture that prepares our boys to thrive and make the world around them a better place Is it possible to raise these boys of ours to be confident and yet kind Is it possible to capitalize on all the energy and drive of young boyhood to captivate their imagination as they are propelled toward adulthood Enter the world of knights Theyve mesmerized boys ever since medieval times, when real ones roamed the land My boys were no different If it is possible to be both starry eyed and stoically focused, this is how I would describe my boys when we first delved into the history of the Middle Ages This is when I read about chivalry for the first time What I learned surprised me I had always thought of chivalry as merely how a man treats a woman But it is far than that It is an entire code of conduct As my boys waged imaginary battles all around me, I read and was filled with the vision of raising modern day knights I desired to raise my boys to treat others with respect, to fight for what is right and good, to stand against injustice and evil, to defend and protect those who are weak Although the culture at large increasingly demeans women, I wanted to raise strong sons who would show thoughtfulness and care, not only for the women they encounter each day but for everyone I saw an opportunity to inspire my boys to seek to build one another up instead of tearing others down In a me focused culture, I wanted to emphasize loving God first and from there loving others So as we learned about the history of the Middle Ages, we delved into character development too The deeper we delved, the inspired my boys became They wanted to emulate knights in every way Why wouldnt they A knights life is full of adventure Knights are respected and admired for their heroic bravery they are called on in the time of need, and they rise up to rescue and help others This was my lightbulb moment Why not train these boys to become knights Whoops of delight and resolve met this announcement as they were eager to start The training was rigorous for little boys and included daily running, archery practice, sword fights, stick horse rides to the park in full armoryou should have seen the curious looks of our neighbors , mock battles, and jousting practice They even shined my silver because their armor and weapons consisted of cardboard, foam, and papiermch But we didnt stop there Nope In the name of raising modern day knights, I introduced them to the idea of chivalry As expected, my boys were drawn to this too, and so we took extra time in their knighthood training to include instructing, practicing, and rewarding chivalrous behavior There are an amazing number of opportunities, even for young boys, to implement the code in their own lives They were to aspire to live out the following 1 Love the Lord your God with your heart, soul, mind, and strength 2 Obey those in authority over you 3 Stand against injustice and evil 4 Defend and protect the weak 5 Respect and honor women 6 Refrain from wanton offense 7 Speak the truth at all times 8 Be generous and willing to share 9 Persevere and finish the task at hand 10 Pursue excellence in all you do My boys love charts that show their progress, so we printed out knight training charts for the two older boys Stars were bequeathed when I spotted heroic feats of chivalry Soon I started to catch them stepping up and defending their baby brother against injustice warring other brother or racing out to open the car door for Aunt B The boys were eager to carry groceries from the cart to the car and then into the house I even saw the son who was struggling with lying, confess and speak the truth, even though it meant facing consequencesa true sign of bravery and strength Afterward, we had a dubbing ceremony in which the boys were each knighted by the king of the house They were quite serious about it all, preparing the throne room and kneeling so reverently Even the three year old slowed down from his frenzied running to watch and participate Long after we moved on from our initial foray into the Middle Ages, the boys were still eager to continue their knight training and grow in strength and valor I have come to realize that this training in chivalry was only the beginning We have revisited this challenge with advanced training many times We introduced intense physical training by graduating from a suction cup bow and arrow to a genuine kids archery set and hay bale in the backyard They comprehend the importance of the strength of character at a deeper level now than they did when we first introduced the challenge at the ages of three, four, and six years old Now, six years later, they are excited to grow in strength and stature as they eagerly look forward to manhood Our resolve to use this fabulous tool has only grown as they continue their journey of knights in the making Throwing Down the Gauntlet As you progress through this book, the phrase throwing down the gauntlet will become very familiar It refers to the medieval tradition of throwing down ones glove and challenging another to stand and defend himself or what he knows is true Right now I am issuing that challenge to you I am throwing down the gauntlet, challenging you to step into your role to raise an honorable man I am challenging you to raise a modern day knight This chivalry challenge might make you uncomfortable at times It will stretch you to live up to the integrity that you are challenging your son or sons to pursue But it is entirely worth it because they are worth it Yes, there are problems in our culture But we do not need to be consumed with fear or fatalism It is possible to raise boys entirely different from the cultural norm So be a warrior, not a worrier Be fiercely loyal and dedicated to raising your boys up Now, lets tackle this challenge together Chapter 2 Why We Dont Want to Raise Typical Boys EMBRACING THE CHIVALRY CHALLENGE allows us to tackle the problems of modern day masculinity head on We do not have to raise a typical modern day boy But to do this, we need to have a clear idea of what we do not want as well as a vision for what we do want our boys to become in order to chart a course that prepares our sons to become the men that they really want to becomemen who are respected and strong, tender and considerate Let us take an honest look at the state of modern day boyhood and explore what it looks like to reverse this trend It will take thoughtfulness on our part as we assess how we are parenting our children or not parenting them and whether this lines up with our long term goals We Promote Civility and Politeness No matter what anyone else appears to be doing, or not doing, we promote civility and politeness in our homes These lessons present themselves in the everyday moments of ordinary days A few years ago, a friend came into town with his wife and eight year old son We arranged to meet up with them, bringing our same aged boy As we drove across town, our son talked excitedly about the opportunity to meet a new friend Unfortunately, he was in for a big disappointment After sitting down at our table, the other boy promptly pulled out his iPad In an attempt to help this boy feel at ease, my son asked him what he had done since arriving in Arizona The boy mumbled something about swimming at the resort without even bothering to look up As he put on his headphones, his father chided him He unplugged the headphones, casting a sullen look toward his father In response to further questions, he gave a few one word responses and simply switched over to playing some kind of game My son learned that even when we are polite and friendly, it is not always reciprocated I left resolved to be mindful to watch my own children and help them develop social awareness and courtesy toward others The other boys parents were not bad people in fact, they were quite friendly But they were not helping their son develop the skills he needed to make friends or be sympathetic When we think of the typical modern day boy, we often think of boys who are sullen and bored, rude and crude At least that is what we see in the shows and movies we watch, and it is often the behavior of the young people around us Of course, lack of civility certainly is not only a boy problem it is growing increasingly systemic.1 As we walk into this brave new world transformed by online interactions and instant everything, we must set the example of what it means to pursue civil discourse and work to shift the pendulum back toward the realm of civility What ever happened to being polite Many parents these days have lost their way when it comes to training their children to be polite We hear gimmies rather than please and thank yous It is cool to rag on others and tear them down with constant teasing instead of challenging or encouraging them Our kids have lost the perception and ability of how to treat people whether by showing respect and deference toward their elders, looking people in the eye when talking, taking turns, or empathizing with those around them We Teach Our Boys to Define Themselves by Virtue Rather Than Potty Humor or Sexual Innuendo When they were little, one of my boys could say something as simple as poop, and his brothers would burst into fits of unadulterated giggles and outright guffaws It seems to be something hardwired into all little boys and manifests itself around the age of three 1 Rebecca A Clay, Thats Just Rude, Monitor on Psychology 44, no 10 2013 34 Available at apa.org monitor 2013 11 rude.aspx.Knights in Training is a breath of fresh air in today s world In this must read book, Heather Haupt provides an inspired and powerful roadmap for anyone raising boys to be polite, compassionate, honorable gentlemen Highly recommended Amy McCready, Founder of PositiveParentingSolutions.com and author of The Me, Me, Me Epidemic A Step by Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over Entitled World Chivalry does not have to die and civility does not have to be a lost art form, but the only way for these to make a comeback in society is to start in families and at home Heather Haupt offers fascinating insight into the current state of boyhood and manhood, alongside a practical and fun guide for training our boys in the ways of courage, kindness, and honor I m inspired to raise my three boys to be modern day knights who will love God, respect and serve others, and leave this world a better place than they found it Erin Mohring, co founder of The MOB Society and Raising Boys Ministries, writer at homewiththeboys.netI often talk with parents about the importance of teaching boys to be gentlemen Then parents ask me, How, exactly do I do that How do I raise my son to be a gentleman From now on, I will know just how to answer I will tell parents Read Heather Haupts book Knights in Training Leonard Sax MD PhD, author ofthe New York Times bestseller The Collapse of Parenting,Why Gender Matters, Boys Adrift, Girls on the EdgeAs a father seeking to raise a son in an environment that seems at times hostile to the idea of manhood, I found Heather s book both challenging and refreshing I pray that the 10 principles espoused in this book would by God s grace become normative for how we seek to raise our boys into men Matt Chandler Author, Lead Pastor of The Village Church, President of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network I am so grateful to see a fresh perspective on an age old quest raising boys into men Using the time honored code of the Knights, Heather reminds parents that not much has changed when it comes to raising the next generation of young men Treat women with respect Tell the truth Be generous Thanks, Heather I needed that We all need it Heidi St John, Author, Speaker, Creator of thebusymom.com Heather Haupt has written a much needed guide for raising boys into menChivalry is all but dead, but Haupt s excellent book will tell parents how to bring it back to life Family psychologist John Rosemond, author of Parenting by The Book London Knights Official site of the London Knights Nathan Dunkley scored a pair goals in road win over Rangers Knight Wikipedia A knight is man granted an honorary title knighthood by monarch, bishop or other political religious leader for service to monarch Christian church, especially military capacity Historically, Europe, was conferred upon mounted warriors During High Middle Ages, considered class lower nobility Jedi training Wookieepedia FANDOM powered Wikia Certain Force sensitive individuals who were strong and proper age would leave their respective families be taken Jedi Temple on Coruscant begin younglings studied clans up 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