৫ [PDF]-Free Read Freediving The Physiology: A complete guide for the 3 levels of freediving (English Edition) ᔽ Ebook By Yannis Detorakis ᮒ ৫ [PDF]-Free Read Freediving The Physiology: A complete guide for the 3 levels of freediving (English Edition) ᔽ Ebook By Yannis Detorakis ᮒ Freediving The Physiology is a complete guide for the three levels of freediver training, the three levels of instructor training, and for the instructor trainer The book works as a manual for everyone, introducing all readers to the greatest secrets of the human bodys responses to freediving, from the new freediver to the doctors who look to expand their knowledge in freediving.Since the first Greek edition of the book, 15 years ago, it has become a respected manual for all freedivers and instructors in Greece, a country with a great tradition in freediving and diving medicine Written in a very simple and comprehensive language, the book covers every aspect of freediving physiology, providing valuable knowledge and advice Special illustrations, sketches and underwater photos cover all subjects of freediving physiology.A new freediver will find chapters on ear equalization, the diving reflex, the mechanism of apnea, the factors of breath hold, the danger of shallow water blackout, advice on a special diet before and during the freediving day, and many interesting subjects for a beginner in freediving.Experienced freedivers will enhance their knowledge of deep freediving, safety rules and rescue techniques, through subjects including the human diving responses, specialized advice on deep freediving lung equalization, advanced ear equalization methods, special factors and methods for increased apnea duration, safety rules and methods on avoiding hyperventilation and a hypoxic state hypoxia blackout or LMC loss of motor control , the rescue methods for the hypoxic diver, advice on thermal problems, and particularly hypothermia in prolonged freediving activities, a chapter about special diet methods before and during the diving day for increased performances in freediving, as well as an abundance of knowledge crucial for expanding their performance underwater and correcting possible mistakes.Deep freedivers, instructors and doctors will all find everything there is to know about freediving physiology in this book And, at their level of expertise, they need to know everything Extreme freediving has its place in every chapter of the book, covering aspects of great wonder and mystery to be researched, such as methods in reducing the brains oxygen consumption during apnea, lung equalization and the diving reflex at great depths, gas narcosis in deep freediving, freediving decompression sickness, along with dangers arising from methods used by a number of athletes, such as lung packing The Physiology of Freediving is a book written by a Freediver Instructor Trainer PADI, a designer of freediving programs for PADI, a biologist researcher of diving physiology, but, mostly, an instructor that has trained hundreds of freedivers and whom he has had the honor of introducing to the wonders and mysteries of Freediving and that is what he hopes to accomplish for each and every reader of this unique book Freediving The Physiology A Complete Guide for the Freediving is a complete guide three levels of freediver training, instructor and trainer Discover Your Depths Sara Campbell biggest danger in freediving final part ascent, last metres or so As diver gets low on oxygen, lungs are also expanding, order to expand they need fill with gas The Psychology DeeperBlue PHYSIOLOGY goal maximize his her oxygen consumption during dive that do less expendeture energy, put another way, have very output but long hours diving Explained Mar , Understanding how your body works underwater important both feeling comfort wellbeing avoid barotrauma pressure related injury This article will examine various effects immersion water s physiology fascinating subject, growing area interest amongst scientific community More importantly, solid understanding mechanisms like mammalian reflex, Boyle Law Archimedes principle essential anyone interested improving their breath hold ability Australian Association AFA T Take breath, It sounds simple, way our bodies work anything safety protocols which underpin sport been developed from responses modern rich Blacking Out While Losing consciousness one greatest risks When performed incorrectly, divers risk blacking out due hypoxia, Boyles Explained Impossible Free Diver Nautilus amazing athletes rewriting scienceCrete Books, Cretan Music, Arts Crete Crete artists Dry Training Umberto Pelizzari, Federico Dry Mana, Roberto Chiozzotto, Alice Cattaneo, Giovanni Contessa, Igor Liberti, Stefano Tovaglieri, Riccardo Trianni, Paolo Zanoni, Michele D Inca FREE shipping qualifying offers method allows freedivers spear fishermen identify customize training programs aimed at R zboiul de Independen al Greciei Wikipedia C derea Constantinopolului 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