ᅼ Free  Format Kindle @Triathlon For Beginners: Everything you need to know about training, nutrition, kit, motivation, racing, and much more (English Edition) ᇬ By Dan Golding ቀ ᅼ Free Format Kindle @Triathlon For Beginners: Everything you need to know about training, nutrition, kit, motivation, racing, and much more (English Edition) ᇬ By Dan Golding ቀ This latest, updated version of Triathlon for Beginners Jan 2016 is now packed with extra strategies, practical tips and tools you can use immediately to super charge your progress and your training Are you thinking about getting into triathlon or doing your first race Have you finished a couple of races and are keen to improve your time Are you a little intimidated by everybody else who looks like they know what they are doing Read this book and make sure YOU turn up on race day feeling confident, prepared and ready to go

This easy to understand and insightful book is packed with practical ways you can master your triathlon training and it will help you

Understand the sport of triathlon what is triathlon and how does it work Develop a comprehensive triathlon training plan that simplifies your season and removes the guessworkTrain smarter, not harder so you get maximum results for very little time spent and minimise the risk of getting injuredHelp you decide on the right triathlon wetsuit, triathlon shoes, triathlon bikeTeach you mental toughness so you feel confident when you are on the start lineDecide what race length is best for you from sprint triathlon to Ironman triathlonBuy the right triathlon gear to suit your ability and your aspirations

A personal note from the author

This book is gathered from years of training and racing, not only from my triathlon experience but from the experience of champions I have trained with and raced with elite athletes and winners from all over the world but I started not knowing what I was doing and was scared to death when I did my first race I wish I had this book when I started out I would have saved myself a lot of heart ache and stress I wrote this to help all triathlon rookies get over their nerves and enjoy this fantastic sport Triathlon For Beginners is the start to finish complete guide which covers all the areas of triathlon training and racing including Where to start types of races, what you need to know and where to beginJargon buster helping you understand the terms of the sport so you can understand what people are talking about when they say T1 or Brick Triathlon training rules and techniquesSwimming technique and etiquetteRunning technique and how to prevent injury and run fasterCycling in a pack what to do and what not to doTransition how to lay it out, what to bring and how to be effectiveUnderstanding triathlon nutrition and why it is key, how best to manage your race day fuel and does triathlon nutrition vary between triathlon training and racingRace day what to look out for, how to prepare and what to expectThis guide takes you from start to finish so you can feel confident and comfortable when you train and race.

Here are some of the comments we have had from readers

I loved this book I have completed a few triathlons sprint, Olympic and 70.3 distance This book really simplified what is important to focus on There is so much to know and learn that sometimes you feel overwhelmed It is an easy, entertaining read but packed with good knowledge that made a big difference to my racing.Charlotte Campbell, World Games triathlon gold medallistI wish this was around before I did a number of Triathlons over the last few years When I first took it up I had to ask peoples advice which at best was disjointed and worst, confusing I also read some very good stuff on the internet, however this was also disjointed and incomplete This book would have been ideal, as it puts it all together clearly and concisely.Liam Harrington sprint triathleteI discovered the triathlon world in 2005 It is fair to say I became slightly obsessed This has probably happened to many of you Triathletes tend to be an obsessive bunch I love it hey there are worse things I could be obsessed about Triathlon has been a massive force for good in my life and given me structure, superb fitness, a bunch of cool friends who kick my ass and a lot of travel opportunities My favourite distance is Olympic and 70.3 I am planning Ironman in 2017 Triathlon has taught me some important lessons To never give up no matter how hopeless it seems right now Pain is temporary, results last forever To set unrealistic goals and work through every obstacle to make it happen no matter what That no matter how rubbish you feel right now, things will get better eventually No matter how much you prepare, things sometimes still go wrong Keep a sense of humour And much I mean the lessons keep coming right So what do I do now I have written a best selling book, I am half way through my next book on 70.3, let me know if you want to go on the wait list for pre launch I am also fortunate to have been invited to write with the excellent team at Triathlon Hacks, I coach clients 1 1 and online and I still swim, bike, run I think this is in my blood now I dont know that I will ever stop, though I certainly train smarter now and have added a lot of gym strength work, yoga and I am diligent with my nutrition I travel a lot and currently live in Asia I love surfing this feeds my soul and is my meditation I love House of Cards and James Bond movies I keep waiting for the call up to be the next Bond Family is super important to me I have one gorgeous son name Toby he is now 3 years old and of course has his first bike though my wife wont let me get him an aero helmet I am the best cook in our household I absolutely love it, I love being creative and getting grateful thumbs ups from my guests Triathlon Training for Beginners Are you a triathlon beginner wondering what training need to get started Train with confidence our advice from troubleshooting open water fears and the fourth discipline of transitions complete guide conquering your first Best Triathlon Bike For Beginners in DocTriathlon Aside aforementioned items there is not much difference between high end road bike as far components go But if are looking best beginners one important feature that it needs have Everything know about training, nutrition, kit, motivation, racing, Dan Golding on FREE shipping qualifying offers thinking getting into or doing race Have finished couple races keen improve time Do find whole sport daunting confusing Beginner Races ACTIVE First timers will soon hooked triathlons Find perfect started, learn how train it, this Week Sprint Plan You can do Follow map cross finish line just eight weeks If re brand new triathlon, trying figure out swimming, cycling running an organized progression be little Watch Updated Buyer s Guide The worst thing could happen athlete guessing number laps done miles run Hills Club Embracing Triathlon, Hills Club was founded spirit friendship, family, fun Our club men, women juniors all abilities, seasoned We largest NSW over members, GARMIN TRI SERIES sanctioned events Australia A This plan created specifically classic distance at Nautica Malibu presented by Equinox, which includes half mile ocean swim, segment four runThis program assumes limited multisport experience beginning straight off couch Home Ipswich East Anglia leading clubs, we aim promote levels athletes, whether junior, expert Everyone welcome especially newcomers members A Complete Guide Think takes compete Once reserved only hardcore, advanced Triathlon For Beginners: Everything you need to know about training, nutrition, kit, motivation, racing, and much more (English Edition)

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