羅  Format Kindle Read [ ǃ The Ghost and Mrs. McClure ] For Free 塚 Book By Alice Kimberly ﬠ 羅 Format Kindle Read [ ǃ The Ghost and Mrs. McClure ] For Free 塚 Book By Alice Kimberly ﬠ Table of ContentsTitle PageCopyright PageAcknowledgementsEpigraphCHAPTER 1 The Big EndingCHAPTER 2 The Author ArrivesCHAPTER 3 A Postmortem PostCHAPTER 4 A Drink before DyingCHAPTER 5 Hard Boiled Bogey ManCHAPTER 6 The Morning AfterCHAPTER 7 Crime SceneCHAPTER 8 Curious JackCHAPTER 9 Dying for ProfitCHAPTER 10 Inquiring MindsCHAPTER 11 Shadow BoxingCHAPTER 12 Dark and Stormy NightCHAPTER 13 Dont Know JackCHAPTER 14 Strangers in the NightCHAPTER 15 An Open BookCHAPTER 16 RevelationsCHAPTER 17 A Worthy SuspectCHAPTER 18 To Quibble or Not to QuibbleCHAPTER 19 Things That Get Bumped in the NightCHAPTER 20 The Girl in the Frame UpCHAPTER 21 BookedEPILOGUEDont miss the second charming mystery in the Haunted Bookshop series. The Ghost .When Jack had been alive the very blood in his veins pulsed to the beat of the city streets when hed had bloodand veins, that is.Why couldnt he have spent eternity in a place like that Instead he got eternity in cornpone alley.Now the only excitement Jack ever had was scaring the crap out of small town operators . and Mrs McClureHer name was Penelope Thornton McClure And he had to admit she showed moxie than a lot of grown men hed pranked in the past fifty years.Certainly, she was the first living entity hed even considered shifting himself toward since hed crossed over, which was hilarious because, if hed read her thoughts right, she didnt even believe in ghosts.Well, he hadnt believed in them either .This is a work of fiction Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.THE GHOST AND MRS MCCLUREA Berkley Prime Crime Book published by arrangement with the authorPRINTING HISTORY Berkley Prime Crime mass market edition February 2004Copyright 2004 by The Berkley Publishing Group.All rights reserved This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable by law Please purchase only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encourage electronic piracy of copyrighted materials Your support of the authors rights is appreciated For information address The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group USA Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014.eISBN 978 1 101 01044 0Berkley Prime Crime Books are published by The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group USA Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014 The name BERKLEY PRIME CRIME and the BERKLEY PRIME CRIME design are trademarks belonging to Penguin Group USA Inc. ACKNOWLEDGMENTSThe author wishes to thank Senior Editor Kimberly Lionetti and literary agent John Talbot for their valued support in giving this distinct physical incarnation to what began as the ghost of an idea.Andvery special thanks to Major John J Leyden, Jr Field Operations Officer, Rhode Island State Police for his helpful answers to procedural questions.AUTHORS NOTEAlthough real places and institutions are mentioned in this book, they are used in the service of fiction No character in this book is based on any person, living or dead, and the world presented is completely fictitious.You mean there is a hell asked Lucy Some people might call it so, said the captain Theres a dimension that some spirits have to wait in till they realize and admit the truth about themselves.R A Dick, The Ghost and Mrs MuirPROLOGUEMy life is my own, and the opinions of others dont interest me .Carroll John Daly, Three Gun Terry, Black Mask, May 1923 cited as the first published appearance of a hard boiled detective Quindicott, Rhode Island 1949Cranberry What kind of a cornball name was that for a street Jack Shepard hauled his powerful frame out of the black Packard and slammed the heavy door, sending a violent shudder through the mass of metal.Five hours Hed just spent five dusty hours behind the wheel of this boiler, hunched up like some luckless clipster trying to crack a bag mans safe.With easy fingers, Jack buttoned closed his double breasted jacket The suit was gunmetal gray, rising in a V from his narrow waist to his acre of shoulders Closing his eyes, he imagined a pretty set of hands working over the kinks and knots Tonight, thought Jack After the drive back to Manhattans crowded dirty noise, hed find a willing pair in some suds club, like he always did.Casing the scene, Jack scanned the two and three story buildings that lined this lanea kiddie version of the towering steel and glass where he usually ranged Town, he muttered Thats what two farmers had called it about ten miles back, out by the cow pasture and old mill, where hed asked for directions The Welcome to Quindicott sign came next Farmland after, of the monotonous rolling green hed driven through on the way up Then came the gradual density of houses Trees and lawns and hedges trimmed by do right guys Barking dogs and chubby cheeked kids You had your quaint town square, your manicured lawn, and your white bandshell with red trim The whole thing looked so doggone cheery, Jack expected to see a Norman Rockwell signature in the sidewalk.The townsfolk in this homespun little picture looked cheery enough, too, soaking up the last hours of the orange suns late summer juice Young men in flannel Old men with clay pipes Farmers wives in gingham, and shop girls with bare legs.These people were off the cob, all right, Jack thought, starting a casual stroll Corny as they came Some rocked on porches, some gabbed on benches, some ambled along the cobblestone laneand all eyes were on him Who are ya, fella Curious eyes Waddaya want Small town eyes Ya dont belong.Jack lit a butt from his deck of Luckies, then used a single finger to push back his fedora You people want a look at my mug Go on then, look.Jacks face wasnt pretty, but no dame ever complained His forehead was broad with thick sandy brows his cheeks were sunken, and his nose like a boxersslightly crooked with a broken a few times bump His jaw was iron, his chin flat and squarewith a one inch scar in the shape of a dagger slashing across itand his eyes were sharper than a skiv Freddie once told him they were the color of granite and just about as hard.Maybe he was hard, thought Jack But baby, this was one hick town No painted dolls or groghounds here No nickel rats, cheap grifters, or diamond dripping dames looking to have their husbands set up Just clean air, families with kids, potluck socials, and farm fresh moo juice.A town for settling down Thats what this place was, thought Jack A few of those bare legged, unpainted country dolls passed him, gave him the shy version of the whats your name big fella once over Nice, thought Jack, eyeballing them right back Shapely gams Milky skin Curves the way he liked thembountiful Jack took a long, slow drag from his Lucky and turned away A man like him had to be careful in a place like this Say the right thing to the wrong broad and hed make her about a thousand times miserable than he was.With a slight limp, Jack continued his slow strollcasual, easy, hands in pockets, the ache in his shin an unwanted souvenir from that underpaid job hed done for Uncle Sam over in Germany Jack ignored it Continued to case the scene.Ahead of him, a row of shops beckoned Bakery, grocery, dress joint, beauty parlor There it was one twenty two A little class than the other places Probably did business with that fancy Newport set not far away Wide plate glass window Words etched in We Buy and Sell Books.Yeah But did they have the book he was looking for The one they were looking for The one they killed Freddie for The sun was sinking like a popped balloon now The day was done, the lights nearly out, and just around the corner, a shadow stained the sidewalk, a city suited figure, waiting.Jack cursed low Thought hed shaken that tail.He turned the brass handle, pushed The shops bell tinkled like a bad girls giggle A chill up his spine like a foot on his grave.The shadow moved closer.Jacks hand rose, dipped into his suitcoat, caressed his rods handle, smooth from wear He got a bad feeling, but Jack had gotten them before And when he started a thing, he never turned back.Besides, this job was for Freddie, and Jack promised his dead friend hed ride this train out All the way to the end of the line. I stake my everlasting life on it.When the shadow receded, Jack refocused his attention on the job at hand Investigation and interrogation were things hed polished as a private eye, but hed learned as a copback before hed joined up In the service, hed learned a lot About men and the things theyd do and say under pressure About the enemy how and why theyd lie, and, importantly, what methods would pry the truth out of them.The moment of truth came today.For Jack it came sharp and hard and quick, landing at the back of his skull But the blow didnt kill him The gunshots did To the head, to the face, to the heart Enough to make sure Jack Shepards everlasting promise to his friend began today along with his everlasting life. CHAPTER 1 The Big EndingMurder doesnt round out anybodys life, except the murdered and sometimes the murderers.Nick Charles to Nora Charles in The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett, 1933Quindicott, Rhode Island TodayWe killed him I was beside myself In a frantic state of hand wringing and head shaking, I paced the length of the bookshops aisle from Christie to Grafton and back again.Calm down, dear, said my aunt, her slight frame tipping the Shaker rocker back and forth with about as much anxiety as a retiree on a Palm Beach sundeck. How can I calm down I asked We killed a best selling author on the first night of his book tour Well, the milks gone and spilled now No use crying over it If you need help calming down, why dont you have a belt I was not surprised by this rather unladylike suggestion from my aunt Sadie may have been seventy two, and barely four feet eleven, but for an aging bantamweight she had a big mouth and a good right hook The Quindicott Business Owners Association never forgot the day shed spotted a shoplifter at ten yards putting a Hammett first edition down his pants Shed taken him out with one sharp Patricia Cornwell to the head.Praise for The Ghost and Mrs McClureA deliciously charming mystery with a haunting twist New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs Quindicotts enigmatic townspeople come alive in this quirky mystery and readers will eagerly anticipate future installmentsand the continuing easy banter and romantic tension between Jack and Penelope RT Book ReviewsMs Kimberly has penned a unique premise and cast of characters to hook us on her first of a series.Rendezvous A charming, funny and quirky mystery starring a suppressed widow and a stimulating ghost who is attracted to her even though they can only meet in her dreams He is hard boiled in the tradition of Phillip Marlowe and she is a genteel Miss Marple yet the two opposites make an explosive combination Alice Kimberly definitely has a hit series if the first book is anything to go by.Midwest Book Review What a delightful new mystery series I was hooked from the start.I adored the ghost of Jack.Pairing him with the disbelieving Penelope is a brilliant touch.Roundtable Reviews Ghost Official Limited Edition Bundles featuring Colored Vinyl with D Lenticular Cover Art, Track Cartridge, Cassette Tape, Rats die cut picturedisc, plague mask, musical eucharist case, pins, and available exclusively in the Ghost Shop IMDb is one of my favorite films It romantic touching shows love that transcends even death The chemistry between Demi Moore Patrick Swayze incredible The Shadowlands Ghosts Hauntings Welcome to Hauntings page, Internet s original ghost website We have assisted people through this alone Ghostscript, Ghostview GSview Ghostscript, GSview This was home page for an interpreter PostScript language PDF, related software documentation Ghosts Spirits Pictures, Apparition Pictures Official web site Ghoststudy Largest gallery authentic pictures, spirit evidence shadow anomalies Biggest best free photo world hunters will find it all, apparition, demon As well as true orb photographs also a huge community forums message board answer all your questions spooky paranormal oddities Real fastest growing library scary videos on internet Island Map Castle Inn, Newport Inn oldest pub Newport, dating back very active haunted here include Cavalier, whistling stable lad, cats, generous which leaves p pieces around bar Towns History American West Ghosttowns ultimate towns Old West indexed by state 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