డ Download $0.00 ڑ Harvest of Rubies For Free ಆ By Tessa Afshar ಢ డ Download $0.00 ڑ Harvest of Rubies For Free ಆ By Tessa Afshar ಢ Sarah is a Jew in ancient Persia, cousin of Nehemiah, and the daughter of the scribe Simeon, whose attention she wins only when she proves to possess literary abilities of her own In this latest by Afshar Pearl in the Sand , the Bible s ancient Near Eastern context is the setting for an engaging story of pluck, friendship, and faith Sarah becomes a professional scribe and wins the affections of the queen only to find herself bound to marry a man she doesn t know and forced to give up the job that she loves When she botches her wedding, and is abandoned to a rural estate, it would seem that all is lost But Sarah finds wisdom and strength in the texts and traditions of her people, and knits together an unconventional community of support Afshar s story challenges misconceptions about harem life and the roles of ancient women while introducing readers to a lovable heroine whose good heart wins out over bumbling ways to prove a boon to others, too Agent Wendy Lawton, Books and Such May Publishers Weekly, 5 14 12Almost two years ago, I reviewed a book titled Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar I absolutely loved the story, and next week her brand new book Harvest of Rubies will be released I was thrilled to have a sneak peak at this one Imagine a young woman struggling to make a way in a man s world Education for women was almost unheard of in the ancient Persian society, yet Sarah found herself working as the chief scribe to the Queen She did such an outstanding job that she was rewarded by the Queen Only problem is, her reward was absolutely the last thing that Sarah wanted What impacted me the most in this book was Sarah s journey of faith She started out feeling unworthy, unloved and forgotten by God and her family As everything she cherished is torn from her life, she had to reach out to God as her anchor in the storm Harvest of Rubies is a tender, richly inspirational, beautifully passionate, and often humorous story that I highly recommend Reviewed by Janet Hovis, Net Galley 4 27 2012Iranian born, Tessa Afshar weaves a lovely tapestry in this novel It is rich in detail about the customs, clothing and culture of this time period Her characters are fully fleshed with both strengths and flaws The storyline is quick paced and believable and leaves readers thankful that she will pick up Sarahs story in her next book Paula Parker, BuddyHollywood.com, 5 12 12There is so much depth to HARVEST OF RUBIES that readers will happily drown in its message of Gods unfailing love and mercy, while diving headfirst into the captivating plot and precarious romance Characters are realistically flawed, likable and earthy Emotions run the gamut from insecurity and fear to passion, pain and the indescribable joy that can only come with the realization of Gods grace This is a great read Susan Miura, BookReporter.com, 5 23 12I read Ms Afshar s debut novel,Pearl in the Sand, last year and thoroughly enjoyed it It was recently offered free on Kindle and, of course, I snagged it In the course of a conversation on Facebook about it, I learned she had a new release When I saw it on NetGalley, I grabbed the new one, excited to see if her sopho offering was as good If anything, it was better The story revolves around Sarah, a fictional cousin of the prophet Nehemiah She s forced into an arranged marriage where her lack of social graces think Mulan at the beginning of the movie only worse cause no end to problems But, at the same time, the talents God has given her will prove to be most valuable to her husband and others This is a romance, so it s little shock to find out that Sarah and her new husband, Darius, will grow to love each other Carol Moncado, Net Galley 5 30 12Harvest of Rubies is the second book by Tessa Afshar her first book was Pearl in the Sand the story of Rahab In Harvest of Rubies Tessa tells the story of Sarah Nehemiahs cousinwho unlike most women of the time can read and write and speak many languages She becomes the main scribe to the queen The story sort of reminded me of the Biblical story of Esther That Sarah become the queens scribe when the queen needed her most, because Sarah discovered a plot against the queen What I love about Tessa Afshar is that when she writes novel she remains as close to the Biblical record as possible Ms Afshar makes her characters come alive and allows the reader to be drawn into the story Harvest of Rubies is a fiction read that will entertain you, but it will also encourage you Tessa Afshar books in my opinion will encourage you to pick up your Bible to confirm that she stays true to the Biblical account as much as possible Carissa Miller, Net Galley 6 1 2012I felt so similar to Sarah as I read through this book Her fears, her insecurities, and her doubts have been similar to my own I feel as though I am going through a spiritual journey along with her as we both learn of our importance in the eyes of God Pearl of the Novel It s a book that I must have a highlighter and pen on hand because there are so many amazing passages and I gain a lot of inspiration to jot down It is full of so much insight and spiritual passages It is insightful and helps me become a better person Kris Ellsworth, Net Galley6 13 12I simply love Tessa Afshar s novels When I read Pearl in the Sand, I had to buy a paperback copy to add to my collection After reading A Harvest of Rubies on ebook, I have to also buy a paperback copy These are wonderful books that I would eagerly recommend everyone to have in their library They are wonderful expressions of people s own self doubts that can be dissolved into peace when they turn their lives over to God I felt so similar to Sarah as I read through this book Her fears, her insecurities, and her doubts have been similar to my own I feel as though I am going through a spiritual journey along with her as we both learn of our importance in the eyes of God Anonymous, PearlsofGreatWorth.com, 6 20 12The author transports us to an ancient time for a story that will touch any woman today who ever has struggled with defining herself through her work and accomplishments I loved the unusual perspective of Nehemiah the cupbearer from a relative s cousin point of view The writing is a cut above for the genre and Afshar incorporates well developed characters, history, humor, mystery and biblical truths to weave an interesting and encouraging tale with many lessons hidden just below the surface Lauren Y., BookBargainsandPreviews.comI cracked open Tessa Afshar s book, Harvest of Rubies, after the kids were fast asleep, and I didn t put it down until I read the last page in the wee morning hours.It was well written, gripping, and very inspirational.It even brought a few tearsI want to read it again with highlighter in hand I dont want to forget anytime soon the lesson of the grapevine How often do I hold onto the pruned branch, wanting that life back I might find an image of a grapevine and frame it for my home If youre wondering what Im talking about, youll have to read it for yourself One element that I really enjoyed was that the heroine wasnt perfect She struggles with things common to all of us Im sure that if I were to meet her today, shed have uneven fingernails, a stain on her shirt, and she might have misplaced her glasses a little like me A little like all of us BeckyE, 6 20 12Ms Afshar has once again woven a vividly written, emotionally engaging story Sarah s struggle to find acceptance through her accomplishments and her eventual realization that her worth doesn t depend on them is poignant The main characters are all well developed and believable, with foibles and imperfections Ms Afshar has a talent for creating characters that you feel like you really knowdown to even the loyal dog The depiction of palace life in ancient Persia and the dynamics of various relationships nobility, royalty, commoners, harems, and so forth, are well researched and realistic The thread of intrigue is woven into the story seamlessly and doesn t at all feel like an added on plot device It adds to the overall theme quite nicely And even though the book delivers a serious message and delves into serious issues, there s plenty of humor too There are scenes that are laugh out loud funny Harvest of Rubies delivers romance, mystery, adventure, grace, and humor It s endearing, entertaining, and funny while still delivering a worthy message Highly recommended Kara, Home with Purpose, 6 28 12It s always fun to run across a new author To borrow a sports analogy, sometimes, you just have to take a chance that an unknown author will hit it out of the park and provide you with something you can t stop reading I m so thankful that I took a chance on Tessa Afshar.Afshar is an amazing storyteller Her first book made me really dive into an old Bible story in a new way Her second, well, it really makes you take a second look at where a person finds value In all, I m thrilled to have discovered a new author I highly recommend her work and will probably put them on my re read list On the scale of one to five, I give her books a solid four They are enjoyable and easy to read but will definitely leave you thinking All in all, a great showing for a new to me author Kaylea Hutson, MyScrappyLife.com, 7 9 12What I loved so much about Harvest of Rubies was Sarah s journey Afshar seamlessly weaves Sarah s tale of personal growth into the setting of biblical times I felt like I was learning something about history and about the Scriptures as I was reading, but without feeling preached to I loved watching Sarah grow and change I especially loved how she quotes the psalms of David for strength and guidance.So many times while reading, I thought, Yes, this is exactly how I feel I love that I felt like Afshar was really speaking to me personally I felt encouraged and lifted up after reading Harvest of Rubies Until I realized there was going to be a sequel, I was not totally thrilled with the ending There were certain things that were left unfinished, things I wanted to see finished But, I will have to wait until the next book for Sarah and Darius story to be completed I can t wait to read from Tessa Afshar I highly recommend Harvest of Rubies Kelli, Idsoratherbereading.com, 7 14 12This was my first book to read by Tessa Afshar I was amazed atRemarkable talentThreatens to cloud a lifeThe prophet Nehemiah has a cousin who can speak several languages, keep complex accounts, write on rolls of parchment and tablets of clay, and solve mysteries This cousin is catapulted into the center of the Persian court working long hours, rubbing elbows with royalty, and completing high level tasks as a scribe for the queen Not bad, for a woman living in a mans world The talented Sarah has a glowing future, and those closest to her believe her good fortune is the product of none other than Gods glorious design Yet a devastating past has left Sarah with two strong conclusions that God does not love her, and that her accomplishments are the measure of her worth The only thing that will help her escape her idol of success, Sarah must learn to love and be loved a task that could prove dangerous. Harvest of Gold Book Tessa Afshar Harvest on FREE shipping qualifying offers A hidden message, treachery, opposition, and a God given success will lead to an unlikely bounty In Brain Harvest Posted January nd, The Relative Densities Seawater Blood by An Owomoyela I went little crazy when the squid washed up Mission Beach, not for reasons everyone else did wasn t bothered oil tanker size thing, or eyes that kept roving even as it rotted Texas Calendar crop harvest calendar When fruit Texas s pick your own farms orchards fruit, vegetables, pumpkins website also has canning freezing instructions, related events fun listings every other state many countries Florida Citrus Pick own What in season , timely information Florida Dates Availability Welcome Fieldco Foods is family owned Welcome operated business situated Kaipara near Dargaville Kumara Capital New Zealand undoubtedly most ideal micro climate growing Today Events Smithsonian Institution Due US federal government shutdown, museums 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Paperback Rubies, Afshar Mar sequel previous book,Harvest have been so eagerly waiting ever since ve say very awesome inspiring Bookreporter believes reached pinnacle station life beyond wildest dreams, doing work loves palace, no less rubies Large print book, WorldCat Get library early death mother, becomes scribe Queen Persian until sets arranged marriage Darius Pasargadae, wealthy aristocrat Resourcing Church Product Description prophet languages, keep complex accounts, rolls parchment tablets clay, solve great mysteries PDF Download Of truccoclashofclans Epub Ebook ,MB Chasing Do you really need document It takes me hours just right download link, another validate Internet could harsh us looking free thing New Savings beautiful pendants multi faceted, they cut angles surface catch light encourages removal negative energies path overcomes exhaustion lethargy imparts potency vigor Audiobook Audible Laural Merlington produce exciting novel hard put down appreciate historical references end which my revisit carrier provided Trade tender, richly inspirational, beautifully passionate, often humorous highly recommend quote Reviewed Janet Hovis, Net Galley Iranian born, weaves lovely tapestry Reading Vlog YouTube Jan Hello Here reading vlog So took days record video, but only half those lot footage out because extremely TOO long OverDrive Rakuten Rosehips Wildfoodsandmedicines hips glow like fading colors They red orange colored, round fleshy pregnant belly seeds tiny jewels bestow wealth medicine them easy dry baskets paper bags Thief Corinth Thief First century city teeming commerce charm filled danger corruption perfect setting Ariadne greatest adventure years spent living mother oppressive grandfather Athens Land Silence Land INSPY winner, general fiction category Before Christ called daughter stole healing touching hem his garment Elianna young girl why wash feet biblical times TESSA AFSHAR Bless you, Tessa, didn know before what wrote Since Maunday Thursday again, ll probably Forums Rapture Ready If visit, sure check FAQ clicking link above You register post click proceed To viewing messages, select forum want visit selection below Booknificent Link Up Party Mommynificent About Tina Chen loving, globe trotting, home schooling mom kids Her passions learning husband how live love Jesus teaching others Adult Fiction Ridge Regional Library View list new grownups available Library Excellence Indie Publishing GIVEAWAY Guest Post Sondra As Excellence genre giveaways going week here RimSP, am delighted welcome several participating authors share glimpses into journey hearts Kraak kicks off today Read Author Interview Giveaway Laura Beers Author Saving Shadow October Carrie Interview, giveaway, historical, Beers, mystery suspense, romance introduce childhood nose stuck dreaming becoming author Mansfield Public Mansfield guidance access materials enhance enrich lives people all ages Christian Books, Music, Bibles, Gifts, Home School Products CrossRoads Bookstore crossroadschristianbookstore Releases Fresh Fiction Mystery Historical Widows Jess Montgomery Set Appalachia inspired Ohio true female sheriff, WIDOWS two Rahab Wikipedia profession ishah zonah describe Joshua literally means prostitute woman name presumably shortened form sentence r b N, god N opened widened wombThe z n refer secular cultic prostitution, latter widely believed invariable element Hi friends, Booknificent Mommynificent m glad re had good got review books Connilyn Cossette Misty M Beller And now, party Please any Harvest of Rubies

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