↡  ႋ My Life in Middlemarch list ⣂ By Rebecca Mead ⤃ ↡ ႋ My Life in Middlemarch list ⣂ By Rebecca Mead ⤃ New York Times Bestseller New York Times Book ReviewEditor s ChoiceA San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the YearA Huffington Post Best Book of the YearA BookPage Best Book of the YearA Chicago Reader Best Book of the YearA Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the YearA Library Journal Best Book of the YearFeatured on the Entertainment Weekly Must ListOne of The Guardian UK Ten Best Books of the Year So Far My Life in Middlemarch is a poignant testimony to the abiding power of fiction Joyce Carol Oates, The New York Times Book ReviewClearly, this book was a pleasure for Mead to writeit s personal, intimate, yet rigorously researchedand it seems to have deepened her relationship with the novel she loves so much Her passion proves infectious for the reader as well, and My Life in Middlemarch will surely encourage readers to discover Eliot s masterpiece for the first time what an enviable experience or, like Mead, to regard it as a lifelong and steadfast companion USA TodayFans of this Victorian mainstay or, really, any book lover in a passionate long term relationship with a novel will find Mead s research and analysis deeply gratifying And if you haven t ever read Middlemarch, Mead s lucid writing will send you straight to the bookstore A Entertainment WeeklyAnyone who believes that books have the power to shape lives and that our own lives can teach us how to read a book will respond with fascination and delight to Meads evolving appreciation of the richness and relevance of Eliots masterwork Priscilla Gilman, O MagazinePart memoir, part biography, part literary appreciation, My Life in Middlemarch is pure pleasure NPRMeads middle aged rediscovery of Middlemarchand her insights into Eliots rich middle ageis not to be missed The Atlantic My Life in Middlemarch, which I loved, follows not just the different things Mead got out of Middlemarchat different times in her life, but her personal, even tactile attempts to better know Eliot Washington PostIf Eliots work is the candle, Meads is the bright sconce reflecting the flame Boston GlobeIt would be difficult to find a novel likely to reward multiple rereadings than Eliots or a richer, complete or moving demonstration of its lasting power than My Life in Middlemarch.Laura Miller, Salon My Life in Middlemarch is a deeply sympathetic and intelligent account of one womans profound experience with a book , without doubt a love letter to Eliots masterpiece, but also an important meditation on how our life experiences shape our reading, and our reading shapes how we choose to live our lives The Daily BeastMeads writing will make you want to read Middlemarch if you havent, and re read it if you have Meads is a wonderful close reading of not just a book, but also a life, and a life in reading Slate Mead invites empathy, an exercise of which George Eliot would be unmistakably proud.Emily Rapp, Boston GlobeMead s work stands out for its brevity beside its voluminous source , for its calm no violence and few sudden moves , and for its perfect match of writer and subject San Francisco Gate Generating the experience of sympathy was what her fiction was for, Mead writes of Eliot And that is precisely what Meads own book accomplishes as well Mead not only cements Middlemarchsstatus as a work of profound genius and inestimable import, but she returns the humanity to its pages The New RepublicMead beautifully conveys the excitement of living in a novel, of knowing its characters as if they breathed, of revisiting them over time and seeing them differently She conveys, too, not at all heavy handedly, the particular relationship one develops with an author whose work one loves.There is a meticulous underlying order to the book, structured to mirror Middlemarchitself, but as in a letter, the effect is of spontaneous movement, the particular thrill of following a mind untrammeled.Claire Messud, BookforumIn this nuanced look at Middlemarch, Mead offers a fresh and vibrant portrait of Eliot, an entrancing memoir and a passionate homage to the riches of rereading NewsdayMead s journey is in the service of an intellectual pilgrimage, her attempt to discern the ways in which George Eliot s life shaped her fiction, and how her fiction shaped her There are pleasures to be gleaned from this quest For one thing, My Life in Middlemarch serves as an astute primer on the novel Chicago TribuneThis is, quite simply, heaven in book form The Sunday TimesThis is Meads life inside a book, inside the fictional Midlands village Eliot created By the end, though, this could be your life, too As Mead writes, She makes Middlemarchers of us all NewsweekThough Mead s regard for Eliot is obvious, you don t need to be a Middlemarchfan to appreciate My Life in Middlemarch.If a book has ever truly spoken to you, you ll be able to relate The WeekGracefully executed Kathryn Schulz, New YorkOne need not read the lengthy 1874 classic to appreciate this new work, which pays tribute not only to Eliot, but also to all book lovers who see novels as good friends worthy of frequent revisits New York PostIt is delightful that a writer as thorough and serious as Mead draws attention to so many types of joy, including the larger vista, a landscape changed by books, reshaped by reading that might be the ultimate joy that comes from reading Thats what My Life in Middlemarchoffers a landscape changed, a powerful joy The RumpusMead elegantly intertwines the novels intersections with Eliots biography, as well as with Meads own plotline First as an intellectually curious adolescent in provincial England, yearning for lifes adventures to begin then as an aspiring journalist in New York, dating an older man and facing disappointment, professional and personal and finallyand most movinglyas a mother and stepparent opening her heart to an unruly brand of joy Vogue.com Mead s captivating and lucid book mixes biography, memoir and close reading to symphonic effect Financial TimesA combination of thorough research, elegant writing, and a willingness to admit when things remain unavailable or obscure makes Mead a commendable guide In My Life in Middlemarchshe is committed to telling the full truth of what she uncovers, resisting the temptation to downplay context and complexity to suit her own purposes The result is highly rewardinga reflection on the novel that contains compelling depths of its own Her thoughtful tribute to the power of Middlemarchwill send any reader back to Eliots work with eyes newly opened to its treasures CommonwealThere is lots to quote in this eminently quotable book, especially Meads many insightful reflections on the various characters besides Dorothea Brooke in Middlemarch The greatest benefit we owe to the artist, whether painter, poet, or novelist, is the extension of our sympathies, she quotes Eliot My Life in Middlemarch is Meads exploration of this benefit as well as an ambitious agenda for a memoir I feel pleasurably enriched to have read it Arts Fuse My Life in Middlemarch has a third major theme as well the enduring power of literature Reading is sometimes thought of as a form of escapism, and it s a common turn of phrase to speak of getting lost in a book, Mead writes But a book can also be where one finds oneself and when a reader is grasped and held by a book, reading does not feel like an escape from life so much as it feels like an urgent, crucial dimension of life itself Anyone who agrees with that sentiment is likely to enjoy this engaging book Associated PressIf there is a perfect book to start the year with it has to be Rebecca Meads My Life in Middlemarch The EdgeAmbitious, elegant, intense and absorbingeven if Middlemarch is not your favorite book Literary ReviewMead s long experience of profile writing shows in the effortless ease of her prose The Evening StandardRebecca Meads new book is thought provoking, wonderfully insightful and satisfying It speaks to any reader who may reflect upon the subliminal touch a remarkable book may have had on ones own life The Frederiscksburg Freelance StarMead is both learned and astute on the page she comes off as an inquiring mind, on par with Eliot and her beloved heroine, Dorothea Brooke sensitive, cunning, and winningly relatable My Life in Middlemarchachieves what good criticism strives to accomplish it compels the reader to seek out the original text and experience it for herself Mead reminds us why one is a book person in the first place Harvard Review OnlineIn this deeply satisfying hybrid work of literary criticism, biography, and memoir, New Yorker staff writer Mead brings to vivid life the profound engagement that she and all devoted readers experience with a favorite novel over a lifetime.Passionate readers, even those new to Middlemarch, will relish this book Publishers Weekly starred A rare and remarkable fusion of techniques that draws two women together across time and space Kirkus Reviews starred Mead demonstrates through her own story how literature can change and transform lives For this reason, even the reader who has never heard of George Eliot will find Mead s crisp, exacting prose absorbing and thought provoking Library Journal starred Mead performs an exhilarating, often surprising close reading of the novel, which Eliot began writing at age 51 in 1870 And she takes a fresh look at Eliots daringly unconventional life, visiting the writers homes and casting light not only on the authors off the charts intellect but also her valor in forthrightly addressing complex moral issues, cutting sense of humor, large, perceptive generosity, and the deep love she shared with critic and writer George Henry Lewes and his sons Mead injects just enough of her own life story to take measure of the profound resonance of Eliots progressive, humanistic viewpoint, recognition of the heroism of ordinary lives, and crucial central theme, a young womans desire for a substantial, rewarding, meaningful life Booklist starred In the wonderful and thoughtful My Life in Middlemarch, Rebecca Mead revisits her love of George Eliot s novel to consider what makes it great and the ways life and art inform and imitate each other The result is a lively, wide ranging appreciation of one of the greatest novels in the English language, through the lens of Mead s observations on its shifting resonance throughout her own life Shelf AwarenessRebecca Mead has written a singular and inventive tale about her favorite book, and how it has changed and changed her over many years of reading and re reading Anyone who has ever loved the characters in a novel as dearly as we love our own families will recognize the passion, the devotion, the intimacy and the joy of returning again and again to a revered classic Both a memoir and a biography, both an homage and a homecoming, My Life in Middlemarch is a perfectly composed offering of literary love and self observation I adored it, and it will forever live on my bookshelf next to my own precious paperbacks of George Eliot Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and The Signature of All ThingsRebecca Mead s My Life in Middlemarch is a wise, humane, and delightful study of what some regard as the best novel in English Mead has discovered an original and highly personal way to make herself an inhabitant both of the book and of George Eliot s imaginary city.Though I have read and taught the book these many years I find myself desiring to go back to it after reading Rebecca Mead s work Harold Bloom Not quite biography, not quite memoir, not quite literary criticism, My Life in Middlemarch is a wonderfully intelligent exploration of a great novel and its great author I loved Mead s empathy, her insight and her restraint and I devoured her deliciously readable pages Margot Livesey, author of The Flight of Gemma HardyRebecca Meads marvelous book tells us everything we need to know about the greatest of all English novels She gives us Middlemarchs characterstheir marriages, their worldand she gives us George Eliot herself, a woman whose self doubt led her into wisdom.But thats just the start.Mead reads with passion and care, and she allows the novel to irradiate her own lifeto tell her, with each successive rereading, just who she is and how shes changed Indeed she suggests that Middlemarch is the book that made her grow up, and in showing us the difference its made to her she shows how it can make a difference in your own life too Michael Gorra, author of Portrait of a Novel My Life in Middlemarchis both unclassifiable and irresistible a smart, absorbing glimpse into two livesGeorge Eliots and Rebecca Meadsas well as a lively meditation on Middlemarch Intelligent, insightful,and generous in her judgments, Mead is a delightful guidewinsome and engaging Adelle Waldman, author of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. From the Hardcover edition.A New Yorker writer revisits the seminal book of her youth Middlemarch and fashions a singular, involving story of how a passionate attachment to a great work of literature can shape our lives and help us to read our own histories Rebecca Mead was a young woman in an English coastal town when she first read George Eliot s Middlemarch, regarded by many as the greatest English novel After gaining admission to Oxford, and moving to the United States to become a journalist, through several love affairs, then marriage and family, Mead read and reread Middlemarch The novel, which Virginia Woolf famously described as one of the few English novels written for grown up people, offered Mead something that modern life and literature did not.In this wise and revealing work of biography, reporting, and memoir, Rebecca Mead leads us into the life that the book made for her, as well as the many lives the novel has led since it was written Employing a structure that deftly mirrors that of the novel, My Life in Middlemarch takes the themes of Eliot s masterpiece the complexity of love, the meaning of marriage, the foundations of morality, and the drama of aspiration and failure and brings them into our world Offering both a fascinating reading of Eliot s biography and an exploration of the way aspects of Mead s life uncannily echo that of Eliot herself, My Life in Middlemarch is for every ardent lover of literature who cares about why we read books, and how they read us From the Hardcover edition. 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