岨  Format Kindle Read ദ Night of the Living Trekkies  ꗓ E-Pub Author Kevin David Anderson 궳 岨 Format Kindle Read ദ Night of the Living Trekkies ꗓ E-Pub Author Kevin David Anderson 궳 something that will appeal to the inner fan boy in all of us Terror 4 Fun, August, 2010.Quirk Books have made a pile lately with fleetingly amusing splices like Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, but mixing Star Trek and zombies works much better Extremely enjoyable if you re a fan of both, this is top grade pulp nonsense It centres on former soldier Jim Pike, assistant manager of a Houston hotel hosting a Star Trek convention, as guests and staff start turning into flesh craving undead It works because the authors really know their onions they re aware that Janeway hair becomes a worse insult if you specify season one Janeway hair They also make some smart observations about the differing ethoses of Trek and zombie movies and how both differ from workaday reality Well structured, with some cunning twists and a neat SF spin on zombies these ones are the result of alien parasites, and cause people to sprout gruesome third eyes , it d make a superb film Sadly, we suspect rights issues mean we ll never see a Hummer ploughing through a crowd of zombie Borg trombonists long story on the big screen Shame.SFX magazine, September, 2010.Packed with hundreds of gags referencing Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, and fan conventions, Night Of The Living Trekkies reads like the strange lovechild of Galaxy Quest and Dawn of the Dead Journey to the final frontier of zombie science fiction satire SCi Fi pulse, August, 2010Night of the Living Trekkies is a brilliant sci fi concept, bringing fans and zombies together eek Ultra readable, once I was over the first couple of pages I couldn t put it down So well written it played in my head like a movie in fact, someone really should make a film of it What I particularly liked about this book was that the how and the why of zombies was fully explained there was a reasoning behind it, instead of the usual well, they all turned into zombies somehow and you have to shoot their heads off I would recommend this, and can t wait for the next one and I m not usually into zombies, trek, wars or any other sci fi.Woodwords dot com, Sept, 2010we can all agree that this is a story that needs to be told Its a tightly plotted story that tears along at a terrific pace, littered with jokes and references to Star Trek, Star Wars and geek culture If you don t get one, don t worry, there ll be another along in a few lines Or somebody eating someone s spleen Admittedly, some jokes are overplayed while others are under explored and there s some awkward exposition, but there s so much going on these are minor quibbles It s released on September 1st Splatter, girls in gold bikinis and some laugh out loud moments What s not to like..armyofdave dot com, Sept, 2010I thoroughly enjoyed Night Of The Living Trekkies, way than I thought I would, because I m not much of a Star trek fan and I don t watch horror movies unless I m tied to a chair with my eyelids taped open This however is not a disadvantage The book starts fast and gets straight into the story, moving at a pretty relentless pace all the way It s not a literary masterwork and there s some clunky exposition during the opening set up scenes but the prose is easy to read and the characters, Jim Pike in particular, are decently enough written that you ll be quickly drawn into their world, identifying with them as fellow nerds and geeks even if the Con scene is something that you d generally avoid like the plague Obviously the dialogue is brim full of jokes and knowing references to Star Trek, Star Wars, geek culture, comic books, fanboys and girls, conventions and generally nerdity but it flows so effortlessly that you needn t worry if you don t get them all, the underlying message carries across and you ll still be entertained Slice of Sci Fi, Sept, 2010Recently I spent a bit of time examining the phenomenon that is the mash up novel I reviewed the zombie Jane Austen trilogy that begins with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Overall, the experience was a lot of fun and it was nice to read various authors attempts to bring two dramatically different genres together in such a full on way For my next foray into the world of mash up novels I decided to stick with zombies but bring things bang up to date with something that is set this century rather than at the turn of the nineteenth Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin D Anderson and Sam Stall brings finds the hordes of undead taking on their most awesome foe yet, Star Trek geeks I should point out, in the spirit of full disclosure, I would probably fall into this category Jim Pike works at a large hotel in downtown Houston As an ex serviceman, after two tours of Afghanistan, he wants nothing than to quietly go about his life acquiring as little responsibility as possible His sister is coming into town to attend Gulf Con Star Trek convention at the hotel and Jim is looking forward to spending some time with sibling As the attendees start to arrive the zombies start to appear and make their presence felt One of the things I love to see in a zombie novel is a new spin on zombie mythology and I particularly enjoyed the premise here In keeping with the science fiction theme we have a space parasite that when exposed to organic matter, namely us, turns the host into mindless violent husk only interested in propagating the species and searching for hosts Almost all of the action takes place within the hotel and this adds a nice claustrophobic edge to events as they unfold Dark stairwells and long empty corridors help to heighten this effect In fact it is not until very near the end that the actions shifts outside and the reader gets to learn what is going on elsewhere Anyone who has ever attended a genre convention will feel right at home with this tale The humour in the novel is handled well I think, however, that it is fair to say, that the that you know about Trek and its various incarnations spin offs the you will get from the novel Most character and location names are guaranteed to raise a smile on the face of any Trek aficionado There are also some nice nods to another famous sci fi franchise which the majority of readers will be familiar with Night of the Living Trekkies isn t Shakespeare, but then I would argue that it s not supposed to be This is brain excuse the pun candy of the highest order It is exactly the sort of thing you want to pick up when you want some action, some laughs and at two hundred and fifty six pages an easy read The Eloquent page, March, 2011Ever since zombies invaded the pages of Jane Austen with great success, publishers have been searching for the next great mash up novel Earlier this year, we got Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, a funny take on the historical biography that asked what if Honest Abe was really a vampire slayer On the other end of the spectrum is the Hugo nominated zombie steampunk novel Boneshaker And then, somewhere in the middle is the mash up, Night of the Living Trekkies The story is a satire, bringing the horror of the zombie apocalypse to a Star Trek convention Trekkies is a clever satire that works well enough in small gulps Each chapter title is cleverly taken from the title of an episode of Star Trek, and each chapter is packed with in jokes and one liners for fans of each generation of Star Trek The story finds Jim Pike, a former special forces soldier who quit the military after stints in Iraq, working at small hotel that is hosting the local Star Trek con After Iraq, Jim wanted a quiet job where he wouldn t have to think too much and working at the hotel seems to fit the bill However, as the con gets up and running, Jim finds that things are slowly getting and bizarre, leading up to the discovery that zombie are attacking the hotel Jim becomes the reluctant leader of a small group of survivors who work their way through the hotel, trying not to become zombies themselves and to escape One of the big problems with satirical genre stories is the author or authors try too hard to emulate the style of two of the greats in the field Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett Both men make being funny, satirical and witty look easy as you read it, but anyone who s tried to emulate their style knows it s not easy to do Trekkies isn t in the same stratosphere of an Adams or Pratchett story, but authors Kevin David Anderson, and Sam Stall are able to keep the jokes coming at a reasonable pace and to have the story keep moving My big fear picking up the novel was that it could become like an SNL skit and overstay its welcome And while the story, as a whole, loses a bit of momentum from the time we figure out zombies are attacking the con and our team of heroes getting together to try and escape, the story and jokes never go hopelessly off the rails Reading Trekkies, I kept having flashbacks to Sharon McCrumb s two classic murder at genre convention novels, Bimbos of the Death Sun and Zombies of the Gene Pool And while Trekkies isn t quite as entertaining as those two novels, it s still a fun little read It s a far specific genre satire than either of McCrumb s novels If you love and know your Trek, there are a wealth of in jokes and fun to be had here The novel may not be as clever as some of the other zombie mash ups, but it s still a fun read and well worth picking up if you like zombies and you like Star Trek Slice of Sci Fi, Sept, 2010Journey to the final frontier of sci fi zombie horror Jim Pike was the worlds biggest Star Trek fanuntil two tours of duty in Afghanistan destroyed his faith in the human race Now he sleepwalks through life as the assistant manager of a small hotel in downtown Houston But when hundreds of Trekkies arrive in his lobby for a science fiction convention, Jim finds himself surrounded by costumed Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengiplus a strange virus that transforms its carriers into savage, flesh eating zombies As bloody corpses stumble to life and the planet teeters on the brink of total apocalypse, Jim must deliver a ragtag crew of fanboys and fangirls to safety Dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers, their prime directive is to survive But how long can they last in the ultimate no win scenario Today s Night Sky February , Simple and understandable animated graphics in astronomy to give you a better idea what solar or lunar eclipse will look like, detail, the near future The daily night time sky graphic, animated, is updated Other celestial events as Saber Fate stay TYPE MOON Wiki FANDOM powered Saber Seib one of main characters Zero three heroines She class Servant Kiritsugu Emiya Fourth Holy Grail War Shirou Fifth Norma Goodfellow possessed by work Elie Wiesel about his experience with father Nazi German concentration camps at Auschwitz Buchenwald height Holocaust toward end Second World WarIn just over pages 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