☁ Paperback Download ✍ Intermediate Perl: Beyond The Basics of Learning Perl 2, Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, Tom Phoenix, eBook - Amazon.com  ☭ Kindle By brian d foy ♓ ☁ Paperback Download ✍ Intermediate Perl: Beyond The Basics of Learning Perl 2, Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, Tom Phoenix, eBook - Amazon.com ☭ Kindle By brian d foy ♓ Randal L Schwartz is a two decade veteran of the software industry He is skilled in software design, system administration, security, technical writing, and training Randal has coauthored the must have standards Programming Perl, Learning Perl, Learning Perl for Win32 Systems, and Effective Perl Learning, and is a regular columnist for WebTechniques, PerformanceComputing, SysAdmin, and Linux magazines.He is also a frequent contributor to the Perl newsgroups, and has moderated comp.lang.perl.announce since its inception His offbeat humor and technical mastery have reached legendary proportions worldwide but he probably started some of those legends himself Randal s desire to give back to the Perl community inspired him to help create and provide initial funding for The Perl Institute He is also a founding board member of the Perl Mongers perl.org , the worldwide Perl grassroots advocacy organization Since 1985, Randal has owned and operated Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc Randal can be reached for comment at merlyn stonehenge.com or 503 777 0095, and welcomes questions on Perl and other related topics.brian d foy has been an instructor for Stonehenge Consulting Services since 1998, a Perl user since he was a physics graduate student, and a die hard Mac user since he first owned a computer He founded the first Perl user group, the New York Perl Mongers, as well as the Perl advocacy nonprofit Perl Mongers, Inc., which helped form than 200 Perl user groups across the globe He maintains the perlfaq portions of the core Perl documentation, several modules on CPAN, and some stand alone scripts He s the publisher of The Perl Review, a magazine devoted to Perl, and is a frequent speaker at conferences including the Perl Conference, Perl University, MarcusEvans BioInformatics 02, and YAPC His writings on Perl appear in The O Reilly Network, The Perl Journal, Dr Dobbs, and The Perl Review, on use.perl.org, and in several Perl usenet groups.Tom Phoenix has been working in the field of education since 1982 After than thirteen years of dissections, explosions, work with interesting animals, and high voltage sparks during his work at a science museum, he started teaching Perl classes for Stonehenge Consulting Services, where he s worked since 1996 Since then, he has traveled to many interesting locations, so you might see him soon at a Perl Mongers meeting When he has time, he answers questions on Usenet s comp.lang.perl.misc and comp.lang.perl.moderated newsgroups, and contributes to the development and usefulness of Perl Besides his work with Perl, Perl hackers, and related topics, Tom spends his time on amateur cryptography and speaking Esperanto His home is in Portland, Oregon. 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Schwartz, brian d foy, Tom Phoenix, eBook - Amazon.com

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