ಳ [PDF]-Free Download The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush ಶ Ebook Author Howard Blum ೮ ಳ [PDF]-Free Download The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush ಶ Ebook Author Howard Blum ೮ After a good deal of thought, Charlie Siringo decided to hang his sign on the new iron bridge spanning Bluff Creek It would take a bit of doing hed need to link chains to the top of the bridges battlement and then runem through a couple of holes hed punch in the corners of the painted board that, to his great delight, had turned out as pretty as a picture Sure, Kansas, hed come to realize, had than its fair share of weather on a gusty day the oval shaped sign would be flaying about Nevertheless, Charlie was certain This was the perfect spot.He remembered that two years earliertwo years It might as well have been in another lifetimewhen hed led the LX outfit and eight hundred fat steers up the Chisholm Trail, the sight of muddy Bluff Creek had filled the worn out cowboys with excitement and anticipation It had been a long, slow drive up from the Texas Panhandle during the uncommonly hot summer of 1882, day after day as dry as the piles of bleached chalk white buffalo bones they saw scattered across the flat plains Nights took their time coming, but the thin, cool evening whistling through the scrubland was a blessingfor a while Once they crossed the Red River, the darkness brought new concerns They were in Indian Territory Most of the old chiefs had made their peace, but there was always the fear of half starved Kiowa or Cherokee renegades swooping in from out of the thickening shadows to pick off cattle from the herd, or some ponies from the remuda, and, for good measure, lift a few fresh scalps But Bluff Creek was the landmark that told the cowboys their ordeal was over They were coming out of Indian Territory and heading up the end of the trail Sporting girls, whiskey, and the railroad were only a short, hard ride away in Caldwell.The Santa Fe Railroad had come to Caldwell, Kansas, in 1880, and now that there was a shipping point to the eastern markets days closer to the Texas ranches than either Wichita or Dodge City, Caldwell quickly became a hurrah cow town The Queen City of the Border the cowboys called it And once the LX outfit got near Bluff Creek, it was as if whoring and drinking and gambling was all anyone could think about Around the campfire, there was a lot of hot talk about the rattling good time the boys were looking forward to at Mag Woods celebrated Red Light Saloon.Charlie, too, had every intention of finding himself a bottle of whiskey and a sweetheart to share it The way he saw it, after than two dusty months driving a herd, a cowboy had earned himself a howling night But he was also the trail boss a leader had a duty to his men to impart a few words of commonsense restraint Besides, at twenty seven he was older and experienced than most of the outfit He had seen the trouble a fellow could ride into when coming off the range So as they were heading up on Bluff Creek and the talk was getting pretty feverish, Charlie decided itd be a good time to tell the hands about the scrape he had gotten intoin Dodge City. From the Hardcover edition.Dramatic and colorful with touches of humor and poignancy, The Floor of Heaven has the spark of a television miniseries and the depth of a novel That Blums tale of adventure is tall but true makes it all the enjoyable, particularly because its heartbeat is so keenly American Associated PressHighly enjoyablea narrative history set before, during and just after the Yukon gold rush Blum traces the lives of three storied men a prospector, a cowboy turned Pinkerton detective and a notorious conman whose fates intersected over a stash of goldIt must have been a daunting task wrangling all these conflicting stories into a single, seamless tale, but you never feel that effort on a single page of this unabashedly entertaining book Salon True Grit meets Call of the Wild Thats the skinny on Howard Blums Floor of Heaven, a big sprawling book that pairs colorful cowboys and ornery thieves with noble Indians and the kinds of hardworking prospectors found in Jack Londons tales of the YukonBlums characters have undeniable folksy charm and gritand it doesnt take much effort to imagine them in a movie The Floor of Heaven has the benchmarks of a bestseller San Francisco ChronicleThere is no doubt that all three of Mr Blums main subjects led fascinating livesMr Blum skillfully intercuts his storys plotlines, building momentum toward his big finishentertaining Wall Street JournalPacked with larger than life characters straight out of a John Ford westerna rich taleentertaining American HeritageFull of suspensean amazing real life adventure story, peopled with characters that any novelist would be proud to have invented first rate entertainment Michael Korda, New York Times bestselling author of HERO, WITH WINGS LIKE EAGLES and IKE In the tradition of great history as great literaturehighly recommendedreaders will be richly rewarded by Blums masterful use of a colorful cast of genuine historical characters set in the majestic northwestern wilderness Library Journal Starred Review Wildly compellinga truly memorable frontier tale KirkusA fascinating storyDetailing crimes perpetrated and solved, relationships both happy and tragic, hardships unthinkable in the modern age, and the cold, magical allure of Alaska and the Yukon, Blum captures the spirit and mood of the last of the Old West The final pages, especially, are filled with drama and a strange yearninga huge success Publishers Weekly Starred Review A tense, exciting tale filled with colorful characters BooklistWonderfully original This narrative about the Alaskan gold rush has everything but Charlie Chaplin Resurrecting three of the giant figures of the time a cowboy detective, a genius con artist and the luckiest bastard in the Yukon Blum laces together a grand string of adventures all the impressive for being true that take us deep into the glory hole and the transforming power of greed.Pope Brock, New York Times bestselling author of CharlatanBrings to life the frenzy of the Yukon Gold Rush that opened Alaska, bringing with it fabulous wealth for a few, the violent lawlessness of the lower Wild West, and a breed of charlatan that fiction could not invent From a virtual mother lode of unmined material, Blum casts a narrative that both informs and entertains as he forges the image of the wild days of the last American frontier.William C Davis, author of the Pulitzer nominated Battle of Bull Run and also Three Roads to the Alamo and Lone Star Rising Howard Blum has taken a whole handful of good yarns, and has woven them intoa tapestry of adventure, cattle drives, manhunts, bonanzas,greed, gunslinging, saloon brawls andheists, and of schemers and dreamers who became legends in their time A novelist could hardly make up such characters, but these were real men Blum has worked as hard as a sourdough prospector to mine their memoirs, letters and scrapbooks, to trace their interwoven biographies and write a vivid, amazingly plottednarrative that s like spun gold James Alexander Thom, author of the national bestseller Follow the River and From Sea to Shining Sea Hold on to your seats Howard Blum has thrown us a thunderbolt of a tale about three adventurers scrambling to experience the untamed life on the American frontier before it vanishes The Floor of Heaven is a full gallop epic of fortune seeking and betrayal that leaves you pondering the high price we pay for both domesticity and freedom.Scott Zesch, author of The Captured The Floor of Heaven will make a great movie that goes without saying, since it s by master storyteller Howard Blum But it s than that the best kind of reading experience, where the reader is transported to another time and place and is soon caught up in a glorious adventure It s the spellbindingtale of three fascinating characters a lawman, a con man, and a prospector set against the background of one of the most alluring eras in American history, the Yukon Gold Rush.This isa great, untold story of daring men involved ina dangerous and exciting enterprise the taming of a lawless land.Jim Donovan, author of Custer and the Little Bighorn From the Hardcover edition. 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