᠑ Charlie Mike: A Novel free download ᡬ ePUB Author Leonard B Scott ᢣ ᠑ Charlie Mike: A Novel free download ᡬ ePUB Author Leonard B Scott ᢣ 1 The screen door of the headquarters building flew open, and out stepped a thin, gnarled looking sergeant wearing a black beret and pressed camouflage jungle fatigues He took one look at the four replacements who were slapping red dust from their uniforms, and he barked Ah tench hut The new men immediately snapped into the rigid position The sergeant circled the men, then halted and placed his hands on his hips Im Sergeant First Class Childs, your actin first sergeant You people have all been to An Khe and went through our two week Ranger course, right Three of the four men responded loudly, Yes, Sergeant The fourth soldier raised his hand and stepped forward timidly Nnnuh, no, Sergeant, I came from Eighteenth Replacement and Who told you to move, shitbird yelled Childs, stepping closer to the small, bespectacled private, eyeing him from head to foot Suddenly the sergeants eyes narrowed and his face reddened He spun toward the door and hollered, Dove, get out here A tanned, curly headed blond who wore a dirty green T shirt came to the door Yeah, Top Childs pointed the privates chest where parachute wings should have been sewn Dove, they sent me a puny assed leg Jesus H Christ Dont them replacement pukes know this is an Airborne Ranger company Dove nonchalantly walked out, looked over the private and read his name tape Top, this is Peteroski, the clerk typist from Eighteenth Replacement We had to trade a lotta shit and pull strings to get him, remember Childs stared at the private But a leg Damn, I didnt know it was gonna be a straight ass leg Dove rolled his eyes at the young private, then tapped his arm, motioning him to follow inside Childs resumed his position in front of the other three men and bellowed, Anybody else a leg No, Sergeant the men yelled in unison Satisfied that there were no other surprises, Childs put his hands on his hips and began rocking, heel to toe Welcome to Sierra Company, Seventy fifth Infantry Airborne Rangers Now, loosen up, this is the first and last time I will tell you the rules of this company Should you violate, stretch, or disregard my rules, your ass will be on a plane to a leg ass outfit in a heartbeat First Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open, and remember what they taught you at the mini Ranger course It might save your life until your team leader squares your ass away Second No smokin dope, screwin local broads, writin letters to congressmen, or sendin pictures of dead gooks to girl friends Third No fightin, fraggin, or gassin LEGs, REMFs, or local friendlies Fourth No stealin or lyin to fellow Rangers Fifth and last You are here to kill You can bet your sweet ass them bastards out there will do you in if given half a chance, so you must kill them first No doubts, no hesitation If for any reasonwhether it be religious, lack of guts, or youre just not sure you can pull the triggerquit now Childs paused for effect and stared into each pair of eyes People, thats the rules Now, this afternoon you gonna meet the Ol Man, Major Colven He is the best there is Ive been in the Army twenty years, and I know Dont be askin him no dumb ass questions Ill answer your questions after his briefing just nod and keep your mouths shut People, your performance records and files arrived yesterday, and your assignments to teams have already been made When I dismiss you, report to Pfc Dove and hell show you where to go People, remember my rules and dont fuck up Childs raised his hand and pointed to the door Do it A cloud of dust billowed as the three men ran for the door Sfc Childs shook his head and spun around to walk to the mess hall Pfc Dove sat behind a desk, drinking a Coke, when the three men ran into the orderly room and stood at attention The blond smiled and said quietly, Relax Ol Childs always does that Hes got the disposition of a rattler Just stay out of his way and do what he says The three men took deep breaths and exchanged glances as Dove walked to the door and pointed across the road Jenkins, youre going to team One Three and Donnelly, youre on One Four Theyre both in the first barracks, there Get your duffel bags and go on over Be back for the Ol Mans briefing at Fourteen hundred hours Good luck Dove walked back to his desk, motioning the third man to take a seat, and he picked up the appropriate file and silently read the name on it Kenneth Meeks Dove eyed the big soldier Hed seen the report on Meeks and was curious The name sure didnt fit Meeks was six two, broad shouldered and narrow hipped His square jaw and deep, piercing brown eyes made him seem older than his twenty years At the mini Ranger course hed become a celebrity when he had walked the Death Valley course without being killed Death Valley was a thick treed stream bed next to the huge base camp of An Khe The instructors always set up a series of ambushes and booby traps there to humble new students No one had ever finished the course without being killed at least twiceuntil Meeks Dove glanced back at the file Meeks, he said, trying to keep the enthusiasm out of his voice, your file says you have some college By any chance, did you take courses in business or marketing Meeks shook his head No I was a poli sci major Doves face showed disappointment, then suddenly brightened How about animals Do you know anything about pigs or chickens Meeks stared at the young blond, as if wondering whether the strange questions should be taken seriously Dove saw the confused look and smiled Hey, I aint hasslin I just have a little business on the side, and Im lookin for a qualified consultant You know what I mean Meeks returned the smile He had suddenly realized who Dove was At the Ranger school they had talked about a wheeler dealer who raised pigs for roasting at unit luaus, and chickens for cutting and bleeding onto NVA flags he made and sold as war souvenirs Meeks stood and held out his hand Dove, its a pleasure to meet you Youre famous at An Khe Dove grinned at the compliment and sheepishly shrugged his shoulders They talked about me, huh Sure did, laughed Meeks You, Sergeant Evans, and Sergeant Grady were the big names Dove headed for the door Speakin of Evans and Grady, I gotta get you to your new team Meeks tossed his duffel bag over his shoulder and asked, What team am I going to Dove went to the door and pointed to the last barracks Youre gonna be on my old team Youre replacing a man they lost three weeks ago His name was Bartlett He was the first man Grady lost as team sergeant Meeks slowed Grady Grady of team Two Two The one the instructors talked so much about Dove smiled Yeah, youre gonna be a proud member of team Two Two, the Double Deuce Come on, now, were runnin late Peteroski, you come too Rock Steady, seated in the shade of the barracks, set down his partially disassembled M 16 People were walking down the road toward him, but the rising midday heat waves distorted their images into shimmering blurs Suddenly, as if by magic, the images came into focus Rock smiled and stood up Hey, Dove, whats happenin, man Dove threw his thumb in Meekss direction I brought you a cherry Rock quickly stepped forward and thrust out his hand Im Rock Steady, assistant team leader Sure good to see you Kenneth Meeks forced a smile, hoping the disappointment he felt didnt show Rock Steady was not what he had expected Hed heard stories about team 2 2 and had imagined its members to be strong, athletic types, but the man with whom he shook hands couldnt have been over nineteen, and he looked like a prisoner from a Nazi death camp At about five feet nine, the soldier could not have weighed than 140 pounds He had sparse brown hair and a hawk nose that reminded Meeks of Ichabod Crane Rock backed up and suddenly froze He pointed to Peteroski Is that what I think it is Dove frowned and put his arm around the clerks shoulder Yeah, hes a leg, but dont you say nothin This is my turtle Im gettin short, and we need a typist Rock grinned Has Childs seen him yet Dove narrowed his eyes and kicked at Rock, who backed away laughing, then stepped forward and put out his hand Pete, Im Rock good to have you aboard Meekss opinion of Rock vanished the second Rock shook hands with the typist For reasons he couldnt explain, he suddenly found himself taking to the thin soldier who had made the timid clerk smile Dove patted Peteroskis back Weve gotta get back Rock, introduce the team to Meeks then get him back to the briefing room by fourteen hundred hours The Ol Man is gonna brief all the cherries that came in this week Rock slapped Meeks on the back and pointed him toward the barracks Come on, big un, Ill square you away Meeks waved at Dove and Peteroski and followed Rock into the building At one end of the empty barracks was a small room Rock pushed open the door and blurted, Hey, guys, meet our new team member Three men were sitting on the floor, looking over large pictures done with crayon Rock made the introductions as each man stood The first to shake hands with Meeks was a huge black soldier named Benjamin Murray He looked like a beara black, gentle bear with rounded shoulders and a round coffee colored face He held a constant grin as he pointed to the pictures My sister sends me them drawings Rock patted Bens stomach Ben is our M 60 machine gunner and our team watch He always knows when its chow time The second member introduced himself as Sox, the radioman He was of average build and had longer than normal thick, brown hair He seemed shy and wore a Peace medal around his neck The third soldier, a small Puerto Rican, was surprisingly handsome, with almost delicate features His handshake was strong and his deep set, large brown eyes sparkled when he introduced himself as Juan Ortega Isaacs Ramon Rodriguez, from Brooklyn Rock thumped the Puerto Ricans chest We just call him Pancho Meeks laughed comfortably These men were all so young and easygoing that they didnt fit their reputations as hardened killers That any of them could kill other men seemed impossible, but deep inside Meeks knew that the stories about them were true He stole quick looks at each member There were no clues, no visible characteristics that revealed what made these men different Rock looked at his watch Come on, big un, I gotta get you to Major Colvens briefing Minutes later Meeks sat in the hot briefing room with eight other new men He had heard about the Ol Man from others, and he eagerly awaited the appearance of the famous Ranger commander, Major John Colven Sergeant Childs walked in and barked Ah tench hut and Major Colven strode in.One of the finest novels yet written about the war in Vietnam The Washington Post Charlie Mikemay be the greatest war to story to come out of Vietnam There is something for everyone in Leonard Scott s novel There s violence and compassion, gore and tenderness, arrogance and humility, friend and foe Columbus Ledger Enquirer Charlie Mike A Novel If war may be said to bring out the worst in governments, it frequently brings best people This is a novel about some of very CharliesAngels s Angels Fan Site Angelic Heaven, fan website on The site dedicated updating fans series what actress are up Which includes upcoming tv shows, movies, product and other heavenly items Mike Teavee Chocolate Factory Wiki secondary antagonist He one five winners golden tickets from city Denver, Colorado, USA his time outside school spent watching television playing video games In shock CHARLIE THE DUCK Introduction Manual Download FAQ Register Licensing Links English Nederlands Back Wiering Software CHARLIE DUCK Duck small platform game for PC cute duck named this you must guide through different levels, gather coins diamonds watch List characters Bucket title character protagonist Factory, its sequel Great Glass Elevator, film adaptations these books depicted as kind hearted, 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successfully tried multi million dollar patent trademark cases Fortune companies These victories led Super Lawyers name him top IP litigators Missouri Kansas Bishop Hymns For Nation CD Free business day shipping within when order eligible sold or fulfilled by Leonard Leo common German, Irish, masculine given surname originate Old High German Leonhard containing prefix levon lion suffix hardu brave hardy come mean strength, strong, hearted It El Early life education New Orleans, Louisiana, son Flora Amelia ne Rive El Leonard, Sr Because worked locator General Motors, Philatelic Bibliopole Catalog Philatelic Books H Hartmann PB dealt authoritative philatelic literature since stocked over publishers emphasis Stamps Postal History, CSA, Maritime, Fakes Bogus, Bibliographies, GB Empire Classic Scott Total Drama FANDOM powered Wikia makes debut does not off friendliest person he first introduced, exchanging insults Jo, refusing troubled CameronHe placed Toxic Rats where develops dislike B, after seeing resourceful latter teamScott reveals confessional throw Dr Coldwell Welcome To solutions Another study connects probiotics gut health maintaining healthy weight Yogurt food contains probiotics, which can aid digestive Browse By Author S Project Gutenberg free ebooks online Did know us produce proof reading page Go Distributed Proofreaders From Worst Movie Adaptations no surprise, nature writing, long appealed Hollywood work been gracing screen various forms years Charlie Mike: A Novel

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