ᘌ Easy reader The Acid Reflux Solution: A Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide for Healing Heartburn Naturally ᙖ Kindle Ebook By Dr Jorge E Rodriguez ᛌ ᘌ Easy reader The Acid Reflux Solution: A Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide for Healing Heartburn Naturally ᙖ Kindle Ebook By Dr Jorge E Rodriguez ᛌ Chapter 1 Acid Reflux Nation You Are Not Alone If you are suffering from heartburn, you are not alone In fact, youve got way too much company In the United States, over 50 million Americans complain of acid reflux Thats one sixth of the entire population Roughly 44 percent report an attack at least once a week More than 23 million people experience episodes of heartburn daily Even for a physician like me, who sees gastrointestinal patients regularly, the numbers appear staggering but as a person who suffers or I should say, has suffered from acid reflux, it is reassuring to know that I am not alone Whats particularly sad is that this disease distorts one of lifes most primary pleasures eating Unlike other diseases, you cannot avoid food, one of the primary causes of heartburn You have to eatat least three times a dayso its not something you can ignore I for one thought paying the price of heartburn after every meal was something I was going to have to do all my life Happily, I was wrong The Skinny on Acid Reflux Acute acid reflux, as anyone who suffers from it knows, is a sudden burning surge of stomach acid that flares up into the throat, much like the lava of an erupting volcano And like lava, it burns everything in its path The stomach makes acid to help digest food that has recently been eaten Ideally, that acid should stay in the stomach But sometimes it shoots up into the esophagus This is reflux Reflux usually occurs about an hour after a meal, but it may affect you shortly after you eat Or maybe it wakes you up suddenly at night hours after youve eaten I have many patients who swear the accompanying chest pain is so severe they think theyre having a heart attack We doctors call this sudden, uncontrollable surge of stomach acid gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD Because acid reflux is the primary symptom and major complaint of the disease, the term is often used as a stand in for GERD Another frequently used name for the same problem is heartburn, which is most descriptive For simplicitys sake, we will do the same In The Acid Reflux Solution, youll find these terms used synonymously along with GERD GERD can manifest itself in many ways Reflux can be so painful that maybe youre afraid to eat And while obesity is, in fact, associated with GERD, some of my patients avoid food to such an extent that they lose way too much weight, and I worry about malnutrition and their susceptibility to infections Others lie awake at night, losing valuable sleep time, fearfully waiting for an attack Worse still, chronic acid reflux causes scarring that produces esophageal strictures, which can make it difficult or even impossible for food to get to the stomach A further stage of chronic inflammation of the esophagus is a precancerous condition called Barretts esophagus, diagnosed by a serious change in the epithelial tissues GERD is even associated with 60 percent of malignant esophageal adenocarcinomas that line the esophagusthe fastest growing cancer in Americathat occurs in the area where the esophagus joins up with the stomach Who Gets Acid Reflux Though it may seem improbable, GERD strikes people of all ages Babies, especially those who are not breast fed, often suffer from acid reflux Youve heard of a colicky baby Well, that colic is regurgitation of undigested milk or formula mixed with stomach acid The cranky, crying, fussy behavior too often attributed to a defect of personality is an expression of pain Young adults are also not immune At an age when the tendency to overindulge is greatest, we tend to think were immortal, eating and drinking as if there were no tomorrow Unfortunately, as anyone who has overindulged at a frat party knows, drinking too much does not come without consequences How many people have not been woken up by a little bit of acid or bile in their mouth after a long night of celebration Gross, indeed, but one of the bodys early warning signs If occasional bouts of excess lead to heartburn or even acid reflux, it is usually transitory, and the occasional Alka Seltzer tablet or swig of Pepto Bismol may be all thats needed But if drinkingand eatingto excess occurs frequently and continues long enough, heartburn and indigestion can become chronic problems Symptoms of esophageal discomfort or pain that occur at least once a week can be symptomatic of serious issues People over fifty, though, suffer the greatest frequency of GERD, which may be no surprise As we age, our bodies lose the ability to compensate, as any middle aged weekend warrior can attest to The joints dont work as well, and it should be no surprise that our digestive system also undergoes changes with age Old bad habits, which we can often tolerate in younger years, begin to take their toll And stress can cause overeating and too much drinking Another sad but true fact not to forget is that as we Americans get older, we are prone to getting heavier, and as I mentioned before, overweight and obesity are strongly associated with GERD, something well discuss in depth later on Two major changes in the population have given rise to the high prevalence of acid reflux One is the concurrent epidemic of obesity in America We already know that as a country, we have an issue with food we love it too much Lets face it, with 70 percent of the population overweight and one third of those so obese it threatens not only their quality of life but also their life expectancy, we know somethings wrong with the way we eat The second major factor contributing to the huge number of people suffering from GERD is the aging of the population As and baby boomers reach the age of sixty five and the proportion of older adults nearly doubles by 2030 from what it was a decade ago, the proportion of people suffering from acid reflux is going nowhere but up Signs and Symptoms of Acid Reflux While many older adults suffer from GERD, their symptoms are sometimes less obvious and often serious They will attribute a sour taste in the mouth to a touch of indigestion or dismiss chronic dry cough to the air conditioning or allergies I know than one person who went to the emergency room claiming they had a bad stomach flu only to find out their coronary arteries were completely clogged and theyd gotten there just in the nick of time Acid reflux can even cause tooth decay and mimic symptoms of ulcers abdominal pain, nausea and asthma coughing, wheezing , causing misdiagnoses and years of unnecessary suffering Fully one third of people who think they have asthma actually suffer from GERD They develop the characteristic wheezing and difficulty breathing from aspirating acid Remember that stomach acid weve sometimes tasted after too much partying At times, the backflow slips down into the lungs, causing irritation that triggers bronchial spasms and other symptoms that are exactly the same as asthma Once we treat the GERD, the asthma symptoms go away Just the other day I had a patient who is a doctor himself He suffered from severe asthma for three years before his rheumatologist suggested he be tested for GERD We attached a BRAVO chip on this in a minute to his esophagus and determined that even though he was one of those people who doesnt feel the acid, he was refluxing regularly and severely In his case, medications did not help, and there was a physical repair needed Once it was accomplished, his asthma disappeared Amazing, but true So how do you know if you are suffering from GERD, or if youre having a heart attack How can you be sure its just heartburn Possible symptoms of GERD include Frequent heartburn Hoarse or raspy voice Wheezing and shortness of breath Persistent dry cough Feeling like you have a lump in your throat or food stuck in your chest Difficulty swallowing Pitting or discoloration of the teeth Feeling full too soon Chronic sore throat Trouble getting a restful nights sleep Fewer than half of the than 50 million people suffering from acid reflux actually seek medical help, usually those who cannot sleep at night In fact, than a quarter of all Americans self medicate for symptoms of acid reflux than two times a month But the fact that acid reflux can disguise itself as other diseases is a really strong argument for not diagnosing it yourself Self diagnosis usually leads to lack of objectivity We tend to downplay important symptoms or accentuate minor ones Diagnosing yourself is a little like trying to fly If youre estimating the distance below you as only two feet and youre correct, when you take off, youre in the clear If its a fifty foot drop, youre toast Diagnosing GERD How do you find out for sure if you are suffering from acid reflux Theres a nifty new device called a BRAVO chip Its a tiny computer and transmitter designed to measure pH, or acid level, which is attached to a microscopic suction cup The instrument is threaded down the throat of the patient, pressed onto the esophagus, and left in place The device senses every change in esophageal pH and transmits this information in real time to a receiving monitor secured onto the patients belt, much like a pacemaker Basically, it gives the doctor a chart of when and how often the acid volcano erupts It also tells how far the acid travels A physician like me can read the printout and see exactly if and when acid washes back up into the esophagus The chip stays there for two days, so that a good picture is relayed of just what is going on during eating, sleeping, exercising, and other activities After a couple of days, it simply slips off and is washed out to sea, as it were, with the next bowel movement But by then, Ive got all the information I need To be sure, not everyone needs a BRAVO chip to diagnose GERD Quite simply, your physician may decide based on your symptoms alone that you have GERD But you must be sure it is not a cardiovascular problem that is giving you that pain in your chest in the middle of the night and that you do need the medications you are taking while you are transitioning into your new healthy lifestyle Anyone popping even ordinary antacids, let alone powerful proton pump inhibitors, had better be sure they need them A medical professional should also make sure those antacids are not interfering with other medications or contributing to chronic physiological problems These pills, while effective, are not benign, and I believe strongly that airing the very real consequences of chronic use may help patients take a closer look at their treatment plan and consider some natural alternatives, such as the ones presented in The Acid Reflux Solution.Dr Jorge always makes everything so easy to understand Even if you just skim this book, youll know exactly what Dr Jorge is talking about I like when its that simple If you dont believe me, open a page.WHOOPI GOLDBERGThe Acid Reflux Solutionis a must read for anyone looking for natural ways to reduce heartburn.TRAVIS STORK, MD,host of The Doctorsand author of The Lean Belly Prescription Acid reflux Causes, treatment, and symptoms Health News Acid is a common condition that features burning pain, known as heartburn, in the lower chest area It happens when stomach acid flows back up into food pipe Reflux Treatment, Symptoms, Diet Foods to which backs from esophagus even throat, irritating their lining tissues can be aggravated by many different things, including lifestyle, medication, diet, pregnancy, weight gain, certain medical conditions Symptoms Heartburn, Regurgitation, Dyspepsia Usually, cause no complications In few cases, continued esophageal damage lead scarring, may narrow The narrowing creates strictures GERD same thing Mayo Clinic gastroesophageal disease are closely related, but terms don t necessarily mean backward flow of tube connects throat Treatment Prevention Approximately million adults affected reflux, with about living on daily basis Unfortunately prevalence population still rise gradual increase people who suffer attributed various factors Surprising Health such problem you d think it would simple spot treat But sometimes less than obvious or easy mistake for something else Best Worst Supplements caused creeping usually include pains, bad taste mouth, bloating, gassiness, difficulty digesting swallowing properly Home Remedies Heartburn Reflux gets pushed esophagus, carries drink mouth Gastroesophageal Wikipedia Gastroesophageal , also long term contents resulting either Home prevention If re experiencing couple times week, among one five United States have GERD Relief medications There variety over counter example, antacids foam barriers prescription proton pump inhibitors, histamine antagonists, promotility drugs treating vs Gerd What s Difference Poprotskiy Alexey Shutterstock describes your creep connecting What Between if were thinking disease, read this By Denise Schipani Medically Reviewed Michael Cutler, DO, PhD Ways Treat wikiHow Sep backflow most noticeable symptom Other coughing, post nasal drip, swallowing, Stop About seconds Natural Old Stops remarkably effective old Amish formula stops minute contains very balanced mixture certified organic apple cider vinegar, juice ginger plant just right amount all natural garlic perfect combination achieve almost instant relief ACG Patients physical People will experience heartburn excessive amounts breath, vomiting, breathing problems, wearing away teeth Also called indigestion, pain discomfort move middle abdomen commonly referred liquid content regurgitates refluxes Foods, Avoid Help Jillian Levy, CHHC February becomes irritated inflamed because backing stretching When swallowed, travels down Disease Recipes, Triggers Learn friendly recipes, tips dining out, treatments, Chest occurs splashing classic last longer intense expected Healthy Cure GERD Finding an treatment cure actually quite simple, automatically go route medication looking Article Summary Making Lifestyle Changes Treating Medication Chronic Community QA References Causes Healthline chronic digestive These uncomfortable troublesome interfere activities That Cause Soda other carbonated beverages some main causes bubbles carbonation expand inside stomach, increased pressure contributes Add Your there esophagusThis symptoms, Is acidic juices entering esophagusIt related severe form these problems Having doesn get way summer fun, plan ahead eat smart comes foods universally problematic best strategy avoid them, they often make This One reason Dr Jorge I Rodriguez Lugo Medical Oncology, Ponce PR Dr Oncology Specialist Ponce, Puerto Rico He graduated honors years diverse experiences, especially MEDICAL ONCOLOGY, HEMATOLOGY, affiliates hospital, cooperates doctors specialists without joining any groups 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Sfeir, Practice Cicero, Echenique, Urologist Coral Gables, US Echenique urologist affiliated multiple area, Baptist Hospital Doctors Gomez Mount Sinai New York Gomez, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR System, specializing Cancer ,Hematology Toggle Below financial industry reported during Eduardo Cortes Anderson Cortes, Deputy Chair Professor Department Leukemia Center, Houston Texas, where directs CML AML programs Center since whose clinical interests focus new drug development Tijmes Surgeon McAllen, TX male orthopedic Edinburg Regional frequently Femur Fracture Open Leg X Ray, Wrist Ray Isaza Rouge, LA rating patients Visit RateMDs reviews, contact info, practice history, Ribet Clermont, Family Medicine provider listed primary specialization His credentials lists following affiliations Physicians Winterpark Inc hospital privileges office located Highway Ste Wilson TopNPI practices Fd Roosvelt Torre Plaza Las Americas, Suite Hato Rey PR surgery Rey, drjorgemd Twitter latest Tweets Researcher Clinician TV Radio Host Author sellers Diabetes Solution, The Acid Reflux Solution: A Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide for Healing Heartburn Naturally

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