⥂ POTS - Together We Stand: Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia (English Edition) hare ⦟ Ebook Author Jodi Epstein Rhum 䔪 ⥂ POTS - Together We Stand: Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia (English Edition) hare ⦟ Ebook Author Jodi Epstein Rhum 䔪 This is the third edition,What is POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome Have you ever fainted with no explanation, suffered from migraine headaches or been told by a doctor that you may have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome If the answer to any of the above is yes, you may in fact have POTS, or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome POTS is a chronic illness It is defined as a form of Dysautonomia or malfunction of the autonomic nervous system The autonomic nervous system controls all of our bodys involuntary actions such as but not limited to respiration, blood pressure, digestion, body temperature regulation, etc. As such, when one has a breakdown of the autonomic nervous system, multiple systems are affected and multiple symptoms are present Symptoms of POTS can include the following tachycardia, orthostatic intolerance, low blood pressure upon standing, fainting or near fainting, fatigue, general weakness, visual disturbances, insomnia, nausea, joint pain especially lower back, neck and wrists inability to regulate ones body temperature, cold hands and feet, chest pains, etc Symptoms can range from mild to debilitating Symptoms wax and wane and can change at any minute Each person, who has POTS has a unique presentation and therefore can have one to all of the aforementioned symptoms Dr Blair Grubb, a clinical cardiac electrophysiology and world famous POTS expert, says POTS patients use about three times energy to stand than that of a healthy person It is as if they are running in place all the time Activities such as showering, climbing stairs and eating meals can further magnify symptoms The quality of life of a patient with POTS is analogous to a person who suffers from congestive heart failure People who have POTS often experience exacerbated symptoms when going from a supine position to an upright position A person is said to have POTS if their heart rate increases by 30 beats per minute or when going from a sitting to standing position or a heart rate of or exceeding 120 beats per minute BPM thus POTS is measurable and quantifiable Some patients also experience a drop in blood pressure by 20 BPM or when going from a supine to an upright position Within 10 minutes of standing Many others will actually have an increase in blood pressurePOTS is often triggered by Strep, mononucleosis, trauma, diabetes, thyroid condition, onset of puberty, pregnancy, etc Mayo Clinic believes that POTS is common than once believed It is estimated that 1 in 100 people have some form of this illness POTS can be triggered at any age but the most common age typically coincides with the onset of puberty and is often followed by a large growth spurt.Many people who have POTS search for years before a doctor who is familiar with the illness, diagnoses them properly By the time the patient gets the diagnosis they are often frustrated, depressed and have given up on the medical system Patients and their caregivers alike are relieved to finally have a real diagnosis but are now left to ride the Waves of Dysautonomia on their ownThe intention of this book is to serve as a lifeline for all POTS sufferers No patient with Dysautonomia should have to ride the turbulent waves of Dysautonomia alone, for in numbers there is enormous support and strength The patient who suffers from Dysautonomia is not alone it is irrefutable that together WE WILL STANDJodi Epstein Rhum was born and raised in IL She received her B.S in Education from the University of IL Jodi has four children, two of whom have POTS and one who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Having grown up with an undiagnosed mild case of POTS herself, she understands the complexities and frustrations of this syndrome, first hand Jodi, who is a former middle school teacher, has devoted herself to POTS Awareness Jodi has spoken at various schools in the area advocating for POTS patients as well as educating staff members and school nurses on the syndrome She has spoken with many doctors and attends conferences trying to further educate herself on the illness Jodi started a POTS Awareness Site, which now has over 3,000 members She has been on the news and has been interviewed for many newspaper articles trying to raise awareness This book was a culminating effort to learn through her experiences as a mother, a teacher and as a patient Dr Svetlana Blitshteyn is a board certified neurologist who specializes in POTS and other autonomic disorders in her private practice in Williamsville, NY Dr Blitshteyn completed her neurology residency training at Mayo Clinic and is currently serving as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences She graduated from the University at Buffalo Honors College with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Summa Cum Laude, and received her Medical Doctor degree from the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Dr Blitshteyn has been awarded numerous awards and honors, including the American Academy of Neurology Student Prize a Research Award from the Florida Society of Neurology, a US Human Health Award from the American Headache Society and a Marquis Who s Who in Medicine and Healthcare 2011 Dr Blitshteyn has served as a medical adviser for the Dysautonomia Inf Network and has been a regular contributor to the Dysautonomia Inf Network newsletter She was also featured in the documentary Changes Living with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome Dr Blitshteyn has been the principle research investigator on several nationally acclaimed studies and has presented her research at various national and international meetings, including the A Academy of Neurology and A Autonomic Society scientific meetings She also published in many scientific journals on the topic of POTS, headache and other neurologic disorders POTS Together We Stand Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia Jodi Epstein Rhum was born and raised in IL She received her BS Education from University has four children, two whom have POTS one who Ehlers Danlos Syndrome So Close to Death Yet So Far Away Derek C Evans on FREE shipping qualifying offers Growing up a good student athlete middle class suburban area southeastern Pennsylvania The future looked bright for After waking nap during his shift as life guard at age seventeen Reverse Phone Lookup Number Search Spokeo Spokeo searches thousands sources across billion public records look most recent owner that number, whether it s landline or cell phone location, even People GUIDE TOOLS Find Out TRUTH About People Anyone In Minutes Direct Access over databases Download Theses Download Theses Mercredi juin QQ qq mv POTS - Together We Stand: Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia (English Edition)

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