悑 Format Kindle [ യ To All the Boys I've Loved Before ] For Free ꖮ By Jenny Han 늎 悑 Format Kindle [ യ To All the Boys I've Loved Before ] For Free ꖮ By Jenny Han 늎 To All The Boys Ive Loved Before 1 JOSH IS MARGOTS BOYFRIEND, BUT I guess you could say my whole family is a little in love with him Its hard to say who most of all Before he was Margots boyfriend, he was just Josh He was always there I say always, but I guess thats not true He moved next door five years ago but it feels like always My dad loves Josh because hes a boy and my dad is surrounded by girls I mean it all day long he is surrounded by females My dad is an ob gyn, and he also happens to be the father of three daughters, so its like girls, girls, girls all day He also likes Josh because Josh likes comics and hell go fishing with him My dad tried to take us fishing once, and I cried when my shoes got mud on them, and Margot cried when her book got wet, and Kitty cried because Kitty was still practically a baby Kitty loves Josh because hell play cards with her and not get bored Or at least pretend to not get bored They make deals with each otherif I win this next hand, you have to make me a toasted crunchy peanut butter sandwich, no crusts Thats Kitty Inevitably there wont be crunchy peanut butter and Josh will say too bad, pick something else But then Kitty will wear him down and hell run out and buy some, because thats Josh If I had to say why Margot loves him, I think maybe I would say its because we all do We are in the living room, Kitty is pasting pictures of dogs to a giant piece of cardboard Theres paper and scraps all around her Humming to herself, she says, When Daddy asks me what I want for Christmas, I am just going to say, Pick any one of these breeds and well be good Margot and Josh are on the couch Im lying on the floor, watching TV Josh popped a big bowl of popcorn, and I devote myself to it, handfuls and handfuls of it A commercial comes on for perfume a girl is running around the streets of Paris in an orchid colored halter dress that is thin as tissue paper What I wouldnt give to be that girl in that tissue paper dress running around Paris in springtime I sit up so suddenly I choke on a kernel of popcorn Between coughs I say, Margot, lets meet in Paris for my spring break Im already picturing myself twirling with a pistachio macaron in one hand and a raspberry one in the other Margots eyes light up Do you think Daddy will let you Sure, its culture Hell have to let me But its true that Ive never flown by myself before And also Ive never even left the country before Would Margot meet me at the airport, or would I have to find my own way to the hostel Josh must see the sudden worry on my face because he says, Dont worry Your dad will definitely let you go if Im with you I brighten Yeah We can stay at hostels and just eat pastries and cheese for all our meals We can go to Jim Morrisons grave Josh throws in We can go to a parfumerie and get our personal scents done I cheer, and Josh snorts Um, Im pretty sure getting our scents done at a parfumerie would cost the same as a weeks stay at the hostel, he says He nudges Margot Your sister suffers from delusions of grandeur She is the fanciest of the three of us, Margot agrees What about me Kitty whimpers You I scoff Youre the least fancy Song girl I have to beg you to wash your feet at night, much less take a shower Kittys face gets pinched and red I wasnt talking about that, you dodo bird I was talking about Paris Airily, I wave her off Youre too little to stay at a hostel She crawls over to Margot and climbs in her lap, even though shes nine and nine is too big to sit in peoples laps Margot, youll let me go, wont you Maybe it could be a family vacation, Margot says, kissing her cheek You and Lara Jean and Daddy could all come I frown Thats not at all the Paris trip I was imagining Over Kittys head Josh mouths to me, Well talk later, and I give him a discreet thumbs up Its later that night Josh is long gone Kitty and our dad are asleep We are in the kitchen Margot is at the table on her computer I am sitting next to her, rolling cookie dough into balls and dropping them in cinnamon and sugar Snickerdoodles to get back in Kittys good graces Earlier, when I went in to say good night, Kitty rolled over and wouldnt speak to me because shes still convinced Im going to try to cut her out of the Paris trip My plan is to put the snickerdoodles on a plate right next to her pillow so she wakes up to the smell of fresh baked cookies Margots being extra quiet, and then, out of nowhere, she looks up from her computer and says, I broke up with Josh tonight After dinner My cookie dough ball falls out of my fingers and into the sugar bowl I mean, it was time, she says Her eyes arent red rimmed she hasnt been crying, I dont think Her voice is calm and even Anyone looking at her would think she was fine Because Margot is always fine, even when shes not I dont see why you had to break up, I say Just cause youre going to college doesnt mean you have to break up Lara Jean, Im going to Scotland, not UVA Saint Andrews is nearly four thousand miles away She pushes up her glasses What would be the point I cant even believe she would say that The point is, its Josh Josh who loves you than any boy has ever loved a girl Margot rolls her eyes at this She thinks Im being dramatic, but Im not Its truethats how much Josh loves Margot He would never so much as look at another girl Suddenly she says, Do you know what Mommy told me once What For a moment I forget all about Josh Because no matter what I am doing in life, if Margot and I are in the middle of an argument, if I am about to get hit by a car, I will always stop and listen to a story about Mommy Any detail, any remembrance that Margot has, I want to have it too Im better off than Kitty, though Kitty doesnt have one memory of Mommy that we havent given her Weve told her so many stories so many times that theyre hers now Remember that time , shell say And then shell tell the story like she was there and not just a little baby She told me to try not to go to college with a boyfriend She said she didnt want me to be the girl crying on the phone with her boyfriend and saying no to things instead of yes Scotland is Margots yes, I guess Absently, I scoop up a mound of cookie dough and pop it in my mouth You shouldnt eat raw cookie dough, Margot says I ignore her Josh would never hold you back from anything Hes not like that Remember how when you decided to run for student body president, he was your campaign manager Hes your biggest fan At this, the corners of Margots mouth turn down, and I get up and fling my arms around her neck She leans her head back and smiles up at me Im okay, she says, but she isnt, I know she isnt Its not too late, you know You can go over there right now and tell him you changed your mind Margot shakes her head Its done, Lara Jean I release her and she closes her laptop When will the first batch be ready Im hungry I look at the magnetic egg timer on the fridge Four minutes I sit back down and say, I dont care what you say, Margot You guys arent done You love him too much She shakes her head Lara Jean, she begins, in her patient Margot voice, like I am a child and she is a wise old woman of forty two I wave a spoonful of cookie dough under Margots nose, and she hesitates and then opens her mouth I feed it to her like a baby Wait and see, you and Josh will be back together in a day, maybe two But even as Im saying it, I know its not true Margots not the kind of girl to break up and get back together on a whim once shes decided something, thats it Theres no waffling, no regrets Its like she said when shes done, shes just done I wish and this is a thought Ive had many, many times, too many times to count I was like Margot Because sometimes it feels like Ill never be done Later, after Ive washed the dishes and plated the cookies and set them on Kittys pillow, I go to my room I dont turn the light on I go to my window Joshs light is still on.Lara Jeans personalitygoofy, awkward, prone to strong emotions, and entirely nave when it comes to boysgive this touching story an individuality and charm all its own Han creates a realistically flawed cast, especially half Korean Lara Jean and her sisters, who work hard to be good to one another after their mothers death even when theyre at one anothers throats Publishers Weekly, starred review An ultimately compelling exploration of teenage growth and young love Kirkus A wonderful choice for fans of Sarah Dessen and Stephanie Perkins Booklist March 15, 2014 In this lovely, lighthearted romancereaders will remember the Song sisters and the boys in their lives long after the final page turn School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW One of the 15 Most Exciting Books of 2014 TeenVogue.com This book is amazing HelloGiggles.com A wonderful choice for fans of Sarah Dessen and Stephanie Perkins Booklist All About Jazz Dear All 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