↓ The Ex Games (The Romantic Comedies) list ↏ Book By Jennifer Echols ✻ ↓ The Ex Games (The Romantic Comedies) list ↏ Book By Jennifer Echols ✻ Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabamaa setting that has inspired many of her books Her nine romantic novels for young adults have been published in seven languages and have won the National Readers Choice Award, the Aspen Gold Readers Choice Award, the Write Touch Readers Award, the Beacon, and the Booksellers Best Award Her novel Going Too Far was a finalist in the RITA and was nominated by the American Library Association as a Best Book for Young Adults She lives in Birmingham with her husband and her son Visit her at Jennifer Echols.com.seat belt seat belt st belt n 1 a trick in which a snowboarder reaches across the body and grabs the board while getting air 2 what Hayden needs to fasten, because Nick is about to take her for a ride At the groan of a door opening, I looked up from my chemistry notebook Id been diagramming molecules so I wouldnt have any homework to actually take home But as Id stared at the white paper, it had dissolved into a snowy slalom course The hydrogen and oxygen atoms had transformed into gates for me to snowboard between My red pen had traced my path, curving back and forth, swish, swish, swish, down the page I could almost feel the icy wind on my cheeks and smell the pine trees I couldnt wait to get out of school and head for the mountain Until I saw it was Nick coming out the door of Ms Abernathys room and into the hall At six feet tall, he filled the doorway with his model perfect looks and cocky attitude He flicked his dark hair out of his eyes with his pinkie, looked down at me, and grinned brilliantly My first thought was, Oh no fuel for the fire About a month ago, one of my best friends had hooked up with one of Nicks best friends Then, a few weeks ago, my other best friend and Nicks other best friend had gotten together It was fate Nick and I were next, right Wrong Everybody in our class remembered that Nick and I had been a couple four years ago, in seventh grade They gleefully recalled our breakup and the resulting brouhaha They watched us now for our entertainment value, dying to know whether wed go out again Unfortunately for them, they needed to stick to DVDs and Wii to fill up their spare time Nick and I werent going to happen My second thought was, Ah, those deep brown eyes Maybe snowboarding could wait a little longer, after all Fancy meeting you here, Hoyden He closed the door behind him, too hard He must have gotten in trouble for talking again, and Ms Abernathy had sent him out in the hall Join the club From my seat against the cement block wall of our high schools science wing, I gazed up at himway, way up, because I was on the floorand tried my best to glare The first time hed called me Hoyden, years ago, Id sneaked a peek in the dictionary to look up what it meant a noisy girl Not exactly flattering Not exactly a lie, either But I couldnt let him know I felt flattered that hed taken the time to look up a word in the dictionary to insult me with Because that would make me insane, desperate, and in unrequited love He slapped his forehead Oh, Im sorry, I meant Hayden I get confused He had a way of saying oh so innocently, like he had no idea hed insulted me Sometimes new girls bought his act, at least for their first few weeks at our school They were taken by the idea of hooking up with Nick Krieger, who occasionally was featured in teen heartthrob magazines as the heir to the Krieger Meats and Meat Products fortune And Nick obliged these girlsat least for a few dates, until he dumped them I knew his pattern all too well When Id first moved to Snowfall, Colorado, I had been one of those girls Hed made me feel like a princess for a whole month No, betterlike a cool, hip teenage girl who dated The fantasy culminated with one deep kiss shared in the back row of the movie theater with half our English class watching us It didnt end well, thus the aforementioned brouhaha I blinked the stars out of my eyes Fancy seeing you here, Ex He gave me his smile of sexy confidence, dropped his backpack, and sank to the floor beside me What do you think of Davis and Liz My heart had absolutely no reason to skip a beat He was not asking me out He was asking me my opinion of my friend Liz and his friend Davis as a couple That did not necessarily mean he was heeding public opinion that he and I were next to get together Liz and Davis were a legitimate topic of gossip I managed to say breezily, Oh, theyll get along great until they discuss where to go on a date Then hell insist they go where she wants to go Shell insist they go where he wants to go Theyll end up sitting in her driveway all night, fighting to the death over who can be thoughtful and polite Nick chuckled, a low rumble in his chest Because hed sat down so close to me and our arms were touching, sort of, under layers and layers of clothing, I felt the vibration of his voice But again, my heart had no reasonrepeat, no reasonto skip two beats, or possibly three, just because Id made Nick laugh He made everybody feel this good about their stupid jokes, from the most popular girl in our class down to the chick with straight hair and bottle glasses who wore long denim skirts with her Nikes And whats up with Gavin and Chloe he asked next Chloe and Gavin are an accident waiting to happen I couldnt understand this mismatch between the class president and the class bad boy, and it was a relief finally to voice my concerns, even if it was to Nick Theyre both too strong willed to make it together long You watch Theyre adorable together now, but before long theyll have an argument that makes our tween love Armageddon look like a happy childhood memory Suddenly it occurred to me that Id said way too much, and Nick would likely repeat this unflattering characterization to Gavin, who would take it right back to Chloe I really did hold this opinion of Chloe and Gavins chances at true love, but Id never intended to share it I lost my inhibitions when I looked into Nicks dark eyes, damn him I slid my arm around him conspiratoriallynot as titillating as it sounds, because his parka was very puffyand cooed, But thats just between you and me I know how good you are at keeping secrets He pursed his lips and gazed at me reproachfully for throwing our seventh grade history in his face, times two Back then hed brought our tween love Armageddon on himself by letting our whole class in on his secret while he kept me in the dark Not that I was bitter But instead of jabbing back at me, he slipped his arm around me, too And I was not wearing a puffy parka, only a couple of T shirts, both of which had ridden up a little in the back I knew this without looking because I felt the heat of his fingers on my bare skin, above the waistband of my jeans My face probably turned a few shades redder than my hair Now, Hoyden, he reprimanded me, Valentines Day is a week from tomorrow We dont want to ruin that special day for Gavin and Chloe or Davis and Liz We should put aside our differences for the sake of the kids I couldnt help bursting into unladylike laughter I expected him to remove his hand from my hip in revulsion at my outburst, but he kept it there I knew he was only toying with me, I knew this, but I sure did enjoy it If the principal had walked by just then and sensed what I was thinking, I would have gotten detention Four years is a long time for us to be separated, he crooned Weve both had a chance to think about what we really want from our relationship This was true Over the four years since wed been together, Id come to the heartbreaking realization that no boy in my school was as hot as Nick, nobody was as much fun, and nobody was nearly as much of an ass For instance, hed generated fire crotch comments about me as I passed his table in the lunchroom yesterday Remember when another heir called a certain red haired actress a fire crotch on camera No Well, I remember Redheads across America sucked in a collective gasp, because we knew The jokes boys made to us about Raggedy Ann, the Wendys girl, and Pippi Longstocking would finally stop, as wed always hoped, only to be replaced by something infinitely worse So when I heard fire crotch whispered in the lunchroom, I assumed it was meant for me Nick was the first suspect I glanced at His mouth was closed as he listened to the conversation at the lunch table However, when there was commentary around school about me, Nick was always in the vicinity He might not have made the comment, but I knew in my heart he was responsible Now I chose not to relay my thoughts on our four year long trial separation, lest he take his warm hand off my hip Instead, I played along Are you saying you didnt sign the papers, so our divorce was never finalized Im saying maybe we should call off the court proceedings and try a reconciliation A strand of his dark hair came untucked from behind his ear, and he jerked his head back to swing the hair out of his eyes Oooh, I loved it when he did that I had something of a Nick problem His hair fell right back into his eyes Sometimes when this happened, he followed up the head jerk with the pinkie flick, but not this time He watched me, waiting for me to say something Oops Id forgotten I was staring at him in awe A reconciliation Probably he was just teasing me, as usual But what if this was his veiled way of asking me on a date What if he was feeling me out to see whether I wanted to go with him before he asked me directly This was how Nick worked He had to win He never took a bet that wasnt a sure thing And if hed been listening to everyone in class prodding him to ask me out, the timing was perfect, if I did say so myself He was between girlfriends not that I kept up with his dating status and therefore free to get together with me Everett Walsh, my boyfriend of two months, had broken up with me last week because his mama thought I was brazen no Therefore I was free to get together with Nick Playing it cool, I relaxed against the wall and gave his poofy parka a squeeze, which he probably couldnt feel through the padding With my other hand, I found his fingers in his lap and touched the engraving on his signet ring, which hed told me back in seventh grade was the Krieger family crest It depicted bloodthirsty lions and the antlers of the hapless deer theyd attacked and devouredwhich seemed apt for our relationship in seventh grade, but not for our relationship now, in eleventh I was no deer in the headlights Not any Coyly I said, Ill mention it to my lawyer Ha He eyed me uneasily, like I was a chemistry lab experiment gone awry and foaming over But Nick was never truly uneasy He was just taken aback that I hadnt fallen at his feet Then he asked, What are you doing for winter break Winter break was next week We lived in a ski resort town It seemed cruel to lock us up in school the entire winter They let us out for a week every February, since the base might or might not start to melt by spring break in April Was he just making convo, whiling away our last few minutes of incarceration at school, or did he really want to know what I was doing during our days off Again I got the distinct and astonishing impression that he wanted to ask me out Perhaps I should notify Ms Abernathy of a safety hazard in her chemistry classroom Obviously I had inhaled hallucinatory gas just before she kicked me out Im boarding with my brother today, I said, counting on my fingers Tomorrow Im boarding with Liz Actually, Liz skis rather than boards, but she keeps up with me pretty well Im boarding with some friends coming from Aspen on Sunday, the cheerleading squad on Monday Nick laughed Basically, anyone who will board with you I guess I get around, I agreed Im on the mountain a lot Most people get tired of boarding after a while, which I do not understand at all And then on Tuesday, Ive entered that big snowboarding competition Really He sounded interested and surprised, but his hand underneath my hand let me know he was interested in throwing me into a hot tizzy than in anything I had to say He slid his hand, and my hand with it, from his lap and over to my thigh Youre going off the jump Did you get over your fear of heights So hed been listening to me after all My friends knew Id broken my leg rappelling when I was twelve That actually led, in a roundabout way, to my familys move from Tennessee to Colorado My dad was a nurse, and he got so interested in my physical rehab that he and my mom decided to open a health club Only they didnt think they could make it fly in Tennessee The best place for a privately owned health club specializing in physical rehab was a town with a lot of rich people and broken legs Though my own leg had healed by the time we moved, I was still so shell shocked from my fall that I never would have tried snowboarding if my parents hadnt made me go with my little brother, Josh, to keep him from killing himself on the mountain Josh was a big part of the reason Id gotten pretty good Any girl would get pretty good trying to keep up with a boy snowboarder three years younger who was half insane And thats how I became the worlds only snowboarder with the ability to land a frontside 900 in the half pipe and with a crippling fear of heights Not a good combination if I wanted to compete nationally This competitions different, I said Growing warmer, I watched his fingers massaging the soft denim of my jeans For once, the only events are the slalom and the half pipe No big air or slopestyle or anything that would involve a jump Chloe and Liz swore theyd never forgive me if I didnt enter this one Youve got a chance, Nick assured me Ive seen you around on the slopes Youre good compared with most of the regulars on the mountain I shruggeda small, dainty shrug, not a big shrug that would dislodge his hand from my hip and his other hand from my thigh Thanks, but I expect some random chick from Aspen to sweep in and kick my ass And when that happened, I sure could use someone to comfort me in the agony of defeat, hint hint But Nick was only toying with me Nick was only toying with me I could repeat this mantra a million times in my head, yet no matter how strong my willpower, his fingers rubbing across my jeans threatened to turn me into a nervous gigglefest Sometimes I wished I were one of those cheerleaders prom queens rich socialite snowbunnies who seemed to interest Nick for a day or two at a time I wondered if any of them had given in to Nicks fingers rubbing across their jeans, and whether I would too, if he asked Anyway, those are all my plans so far, I threw in there despite myself What I meant was I am free for the rest of the week, hint hint I wanted to kick myself Are you going to the Poseur concert on Valentines Day He eased his hand out from under mine and put his on top His fingers massaged my fingers ever so gently Nick was only toying with me Nick was only toying with me Thats everybodys million dollar question, isnt it I said Or rather, their seventy two dollar question I dont want to pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Poseur, but tickets are so expensive I may have spoken a bit too loudly so he could hear me over my heart, which was no longer skipping beats It was hammering out a beat faster than Poseurs drummer Nick nodded Especially if youre buying two because you want to ask someone to go with you I gaped at him I know I did He watched me with dark, supposedly serious eyes while I gaped at him in shock Was he laughing at me inside We both started as the door burst open Ms Abernathy glowered down at us with her fists on her hips Miss OMalley Mr Krieger When I send you into the hall for talking, you do not talk in the hall Oh, Nick said in his innocent voice I was deathly afraid I would laugh at this if I opened my mouth I absolutely could not allow myself to fall in love with Nick all over again But it was downright impossible to avoid He bent his head until Ms Abernathy couldnt see his face, and he winked at me Saved by the bell We all three jumped as the signal rang close above our heads On a normal day the class would have flowed politely around Ms Abernathy standing in the doorway They might even have waited until she moved But this bell let us out of school for winter break Ms Abernathy got caught in the current of students pouring out of her classroom and down the hall If she floated as far as the next wing, maybe a history teacher would throw her a rope and tow her to safety Chloe and Liz shoved their way out of the room and glanced around the crowded hall until they saw me against the wall on the floor Clearly they were dying to know whether Id survived being sent out in the hall with my ex Both of them focused on the space between me and Nick I looked down in confusion, wondering what they were staring at Nick was still holding my hand I tried to pull my hand away He squeezed even tighter I turned to him with my eyes wide What in the world was he thinking After the insults Nick and I had thrown at each other in public over the years, we would have been the laughingstock of the school if we really fell for each other And now he was holding my hand in public He wouldnt look at me, though I pulled hard to free myself from his grasp He just squeezed my hand and grinned up at the gathering crowd like he didnt care who saw us Which was everyone Davis sauntered out of the classroom and slid his arm around Liz Unlike the train wreck that was Chloe and Gavin as a couple, Liz and Davis were the two kindest people I knew They deserved each other, in a good way But even Davis had a comment as he casually glanced down at Nick and me and did a double take at our hands Thats something you dont see every day, he understated to Liz Usually at about this time, Nick is going around the lab, collecting whatever particulate has dropped out of the solution so he can throw it at Hayden We didnt do an experiment today, just diagrammed molecules Nothing to throw, Nick said in a reasonable tone, as if he and I were not sitting on the floor, surrounded by a two deep crowd of our classmates They had all filed out of chemistry class and joined the circle, peeking over one anothers shoulders to see what Nick and I were up to this time Then Gavin exploded out of the classroom, and I knew Nick and I were in trouble He whacked into Chloe so hard, he would have knocked her off her feet if he hadnt grabbed her at the same time Over her squeals, he yelled at Nick, I knew it while pointing at our hands Oooooh, said the crowd, shifting closer around us, totally forgetting they were supposed to be going home for winter break If Davis, Liz, Gavin, and Chloe hadnt made up the front row, the rest of the class would have overrun us like zombies I was just shaking Haydens hand, wishing her luck in the snowboarding competition Tuesday Nick stood, still gripping my hand, pulling me up with him See you tonight, Davis mouthed in Lizs ear Then he turned to Nick and said, Come on Ill fill you in on what Ms Abernathy said after you got ejected from the game Of course Nick didnt give a damn what Ms Abernathy said in the last ten minutes of class before winter break But that was Davis, always smoothing things over Nick finally let go of my hand See you around, Hoyden He pinned me with one last dark look and a curious smile Then he and Davis made their way through the crowd, shoving some of the obnoxious gawking boys, who elbowed them back But a few folks still stared at me Liz, Chloe, and worst of all, Gavin One corner of his mouth turned up in a mischievous grin Gavin was tall, muscular, and Japanese, with even longer hair than Nick I would have thought he was adorable if I didnt want to kill him most of the time for constantly goading Nick and me about each other I certainly understood what Chloe saw in him, even though he drove her crazy too Gavin turned to her Give me some gum No Liz and I dodged out of the way as Gavin backed Chloe against the lockers and shoved both his hands into the front pockets of her jeans You might think the class president would find a way to stop this sort of manhandling, but actually she didnt seem to mind too much By now the crowd had dispersed Nick and Davis were walking down the hall together, getting smaller and smaller until I couldnt see them any past a knot of freshman girls squealing about the Poseur concert and how they were working extra shifts at the souvenir shop to pay for the expensive tickets Go home, people I resisted the urge to stand on my tiptoes for one peek at Nick If I didnt run into him on the slopes, this might be the last I saw of him for ten whole days I dont have any gum Chloe squealed through fits of giggling, trying to push Gavin off Gavin She finally shoved him away He jogged down the hall to catch up with Nick and Davis, holding the paper wrapped of gum aloft triumphantly That was my last piece Chloe called I never would have admitted that Gavins gum theft made me jealous Nick was bad for me, I knew He was the last person on earth I wanted to steal my gum Still, I stepped to one side so I could see him behind the Poseur fangirls I watched him turn with Gavin and Davis and disappear down the stairs, and I couldnt help but feel like a little kid on Halloween night, standing in the doorway in my witch costume with my plastic cauldron for trick or treat candy, watching the rain come down Such sweet promise, and now I was out of luck Damn Chloe stared after the boys too I assumed she really wanted that gum Then she looked at me Oh my God, did Nick ask you out It sounded like he was asking you out, but we couldnt quite tell Ms Abernathy finally came to check on you because the whole first row got up from their desks and pressed their ears to the door I answered honestly For a second there, I thought he was going to ask me out But he didnt Liz wailed To hide my disappointment, I bent down to stuff my chemistry notebook into my backpack as I shook my head At least you got a see you around, Chloe pointed out Normally if he bothered to say good bye to you at all, he would do it by popping your bra True, I acknowledged And then I realized what was going on here Chloe and Liz had been hinting that I should go out with Nick now that they were dating Nicks friends, but at the moment they seemed even eager and giddy about it than usual I straightened, folded my arms across my chest, and glared at Chloe and then Liz Please do not tell me you put Nick up to asking me to the Poseur concert Chloe stared right back at me But Liz, the weakest link, glanced nervously at Chloe like they were busted Come on now I stamped one foot Even yall arent going to the Poseur concert with Gavin and Davis Its too expensive Nick has money than God, Chloe pointed out I turned on Liz You really want me to go out with him after I told you he made that fire crotch comment about me Liz was all about people being respectful of one another We were in school with teenage boys and this was asking a lot, I know That did sound disrespectful, she admitted Are you sure he didnt mean it in a friendly way Incredible Even Lizs sense of chivalry and honor was crushed under the juggernaut called Wouldnt It Be Cute Ironic If Nick and Hayden Dated Again What if he did ask you out Liz bounced excitedly, and her dark curls bounced with her Oh my God, what if you saw him on the slopes over the break and he asked you to the Poseur concert What would you say I considered this Part of me wanted to think Nick had changed in the past four years I would jump at the chance to go out with the boy Id made up in my head In real life Nick was adorable, funny, and smart, but in my fantasies he had the additional fictional component of honestly wanting to go out with me Another part of me remembered his dis four years ago as freshly as if it were yesterday When I recalled that awful night, the image of Honest Nick dissolved, even from my imagination That Nick was too good to be true I couldnt say yes to Nick, because I was scared to death he would hurt me again It doesnt matter, I declared, because hes not going to ask me out If he really liked me, he wouldnt have treated me the way he did back in the day So stop trying to throw us together Okay, Liz and Chloe said in unison Again, too eager, too giddy The three of us turned and made our own way down the hall We discussed how low Poseur tickets would have to go before we sprung for them, but the subject had changed too easily I was left with the nagging feeling that, despite their promise, they were not through playing Cupid with me and Nick 2009 Jennifer Echols Ex Games Kindle edition by Stella Rhys Contemporary What s ice cold but hotter than hell Rebounding with your ex older brother, of course A perfect storm led me to this place Ghosted my fianc, I was suddenly broke, heartbroken and facing eviction Deus Ex Wikipedia Deus is a series role playing video gamesThe first two games in the were developed Ion Storm, subsequent entries Eidos Montral, following Storm closureThe series, set during st century, focuses on conflict between secretive factions who wish control world proxy, effects transhumanistic attitudes technologies The J S Cooper, Helen The Cooper Download it once read device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Invisible War an action game published Interactive for Microsoft Windows personal computers PC Xbox home consoleThe released North America other regions It second direct sequel original gameThe gameplay combining person shooter DEUS EX Reloaded Necromanthus DEUS ShockWave online demo Necromanthus NBA players bring basketball Detroit playground themed league featuring former stars making stop at Little Caesars Arena Detroit BIG will hold court Friday four Pistons 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