య Purpose of textGenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World ಉ ePUB By Jack Weatherford ಙ య Purpose of textGenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World ಉ ePUB By Jack Weatherford ಙ The Blood Clot There is fire in his eyes and light in his face.The Secret History of the MongolsOf the thousands of cities conquered by the Mongols, history only mentions one that Genghis Khan deigned to enter Usually, when victory became assured, he withdrew with his court to a distant and pleasant camp while his warriors completed their tasks On a March day in 1220, the Year of the Dragon, the Mongol conqueror broke with his peculiar tradition by leading his cavalry into the center of the newly conquered city of Bukhara, one of the most important cities belonging to the sultan of Khwarizm in what is now Uzbekistan Although neither the capital nor the major commercial city, Bukhara occupied an exalted emotional position throughout the Muslim world as Noble Bukhara, the center of religious piety known by the epithet the ornament and delight to all Islam Knowing fully the propaganda value of his actions by conquering and entering the city, Genghis Khan rode triumphantly through the city gates, past the warren of wooden houses and vendors stalls, to the large cluster of stone and brick buildings at the center of the city.His entry into Bukhara followed the successful conclusion of possibly the most audacious surprise attack in military history While one part of his army took the direct route from Mongolia to attack the sultan s border cities head on, he had secretly pulled and pushed another division of warriors over a distance longer than any other army had ever covered two thousand miles of desert, mountains, and steppe to appear deep behind enemy lines, where least expected Even trade caravans avoided the Kyzyl Kum, the fabled Red Desert, by detouring hundreds of miles to avoid it and that fact, of course, was precisely why Genghis Khan chose to attack from that direction By befriending the nomads of the area, he was able to lead his army on a hitherto unknown track through the stone and sand desert.His targeted city of Bukhara stood at the center of a fertile oasis astride one of the tributaries of the Amu Darya inhabited mostly by Tajik or Persian people, but ruled by Turkic tribesmen in the newly created empire of Khwarizm, one of the many transitory empires of the era The sultan of Khwarizm had, in a grievously fatal mistake, provoked the enmity of Genghis Khan by looting a Mongol trade caravan and disfiguring the faces of Mongol ambassadors sent to negotiate peaceful commerce Although nearly sixty years old, when Genghis Khan heard of the attack on his men, he did not hesitate to summon his disciplined and experienced army once again to their mounts and to charge down the road of war.In contrast to almost every major army in history, the Mongols traveled lightly, without a supply train By waiting until the coldest months to make the desert crossing, men and horses required less water Dew also formed during this season, thereby stimulating the growth of some grass that provided grazing for horses and attracted game that the men eagerly hunted for their own sustenance Instead of transporting slow moving siege engines and heavy equipment with them, the Mongols carried a faster moving engineer corps that could build whatever was needed on the spot from available materials When the Mongols came to the first trees after crossing the vast desert, they cut them down and made them into ladders, siege engines, and other instruments for their attack.When the advance guard spotted the first small settlement after leaving the desert, the rapidly moving detachment immediately changed pace, moving now in a slow, lumbering procession, as though they were merchants coming to trade, rather than with the speed of warriors on the attack The hostile force nonchalantly ambled up to the gates of the town before the residents realized who they were and sounded an alarm.Upon emerging unexpectedly from the desert, Genghis Khan did not race to attack Bukhara immediately He knew that no reinforcements could leave the border cities under attack by his army, and he therefore had time to play on the surprise in a tortured manipulation of public fear and hope The objective of such tactics was simple and always the same to frighten the enemy into surrendering before an actual battle began By first capturing several small towns in the vicinity, Genghis Khan s army set many local people to flight toward Bukhara as refugees who not only filled the city but greatly increased the level of terror in it By striking deeply behind the enemy lines, the Mongols immediately created havoc and panic throughout the kingdom As the Persian chronicler Ata Malik Juvaini described his approach, when the people saw the countryside all around them choked with horsemen and the air black as night with the dust of cavalry, fright and panic overcame then, and fear and dread prevailed In preparing the psychological attack on a city, Genghis Khan began with two examples of what awaited the people He offered generous terms of surrender to the outlying communities, and the ones that accepted the terms and joined the Mongols received great leniency In the words of the Persian chronicler, whoever yields and submits to them is safe and free from the terror and disgrace of their severity Those that refused received exceptionally harsh treatment, as the Mongols herded the captives before them to be used as cannon fodder in the next attack.The tactic panicked the Turkic defenders of Bukhara Leaving only about five hundred soldiers behind to man the citadel of Bukhara, the remaining army of twenty thousand soldiers fled in what they thought was still time before the main Mongol army arrived By abandoning their fortress and dispersing in flight, they sprung Genghis Khan s trap, and the Mongol warriors, who were already stationed in wait for the fleeing soldiers, cut them down at a nearly leisurely pace.The civilian population of Bukhara surrendered and opened the city gates, but the small contingent of defiant soldiers remained in their citadel, where they hoped that the massive walls would allow them to hold out indefinitely against any siege To carefully assess the overall situation, Genghis Khan made his unprecedented decision to enter the city One of his first acts on reaching the center of Bukhara, or upon accepting the surrender of any people, was to summon them to bring fodder for his horses Feeding the Mongol warriors and their horses was taken as a sign of submission by the conquered important, by receiving the food and fodder, Genghis Khan signaled his acceptance of the people as vassals entitled to Mongol protection as well as subject to his command.From the time of his central Asian conquests, we have one of the few written descriptions of Genghis Khan, who was about sixty years old The Persian chronicler Minhaj al Siraj Juzjani, who was far less kindly disposed toward the Mongols than the chronicler Juvaini, described him as a man of tall stature, of vigorous build, robust in body, the hair on his face scanty and turned white, with cats eyes, possessed of dedicated energy, discernment, genius, and understanding, awe striking, a butcher, just, resolute, an overthrower of enemies, intrepid, sanguinary, and cruel Because of his uncanny ability to destroy cities and conquer armies many times the size of his own, the chronicler also goes on to declare that Genghis Khan was adept at magic and deception, and some of the devils were his friends.Eyewitnesses reported that upon reaching the center of Bukhara, Genghis Khan rode up to the large mosque and asked if, since it was the largest building in the city, it was the home of the sultan When informed that it was the house of God, not the sultan, he said nothing For the Mongols, the one God was the Eternal Blue Sky that stretched from horizon to horizon in all four directions God presided over the whole earth he could not be cooped up in a house of stone like a prisoner or a caged animal, nor, as the city people claimed, could his words be captured and confined inside the covers of a book In his own experience, Genghis Khan had often felt the presence and heard the voice of God speaking directly to him in the vast open air of the mountains in his homeland, and by following those words, he had become the conqueror of great cities and huge nations.Genghis Khan dismounted from his horse in order to walk into the great mosque, the only such building he is known to have ever entered in his life Upon entering, he ordered that the scholars and clerics feed his horses, freeing them from further danger and placing them under his protection, as he did with almost all religious personnel who came under his control Next, he summoned the 280 richest men of the city to the mosque Despite his limited experience inside city walls, Genghis Khan still had a keen grasp of the working of human emotion and sentiment Before the assembled men in the mosque, Genghis Khan took a few steps up the pulpit stairs, then turned to face the elite of Bukhara Through interpreters, he lectured them sternly on the sins and misdeeds of their sultan and themselves It was not the common people who were to blame for these failures rather, it is the great ones among you who have committed these sins If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you He then gave each rich man into the control of one of his Mongol warriors, who would go with him and collect his treasure He admonished his rich prisoners not to bother showing them the wealth above the ground the Mongols could find that without assistance He wanted them to guide them only to their hidden or buried treasure.Having begun the systematic plundering of the city, Genghis Khan turned his attention to attacking the Turkic warriors still defiantly sealed inside the citadel of Bukhara Although not familiar with the Mongols in particular, the people in the urbanized oases of central Asian cities like Bukhara and Samarkand had seen many bThere is very little time for reading in my new job But of the few books I ve read, my favourite is Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern Worldby Jack Weatherford Crown Publishers, New York It s a fascinating book portraying Genghis Khan in a totally new light It shows that he was a great secular leader, among other things Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of IndiaReads like the Iliad Part travelogue, part epic narrative Washington Post Its hard to think of anyone else who rose from such inauspicious beginnings to something so awesome, except maybe Jesus Harpers Weatherfords lively analysis restores the Mongols reputation, and it takes wonderful learned detours Well written and full of suprises Kirkus Reviews Weatherford is a fantastic storyteller His portrait of Khan is drawn with sufficiently self complicating depth Weatherfords account gives a generous view of the Mongol conqueror at his best and worst Minneapolis Star Tribune From the Trade Paperback edition. Genghis Khan Military Leader, Warrior Biography Discover how Mongolian warrior Genghis created one of the largest empires in history, Mongol Empire, at Biography Wikipedia as portrayed a th century Yuan era album original version was black and white Original size is cm wide high Paint ink on silk Now located National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan Descent from Descent Altan urag, meaning Golden lineage , generally called Genghisids, traceable primarily Mongolia, India, China, Russia, Southeast Asia Middle East His four sons other immediate descendants are famous by names deeds Later Asian potentates attempted Biography, Conquests, Facts Britannica Khan, ruler, most conquerors history He ruler genius who, starting obscure insignificant beginnings, brought all nomadic tribes Mongolia under rule himself his family rigidly disciplined military state men direct Khan In groundbreaking historical genetics paper reported results which indicated that substantial proportion world line Making Modern World millions books available for instant accessKindle Audible Grill Kansas City s Best And Locally owned heart Midtown St Restaurant Row Things You May Not Know About wasn t real name The man who would become Great Mongols born along banks Onon River sometime around originally named Temujin Legacy Praise Booklist, July This ambitious massive effort offers some credible insights into qualities while providing an excellent chronicle campaigns conquests Empire World successors, to Kubilai Europe, Mesopotamia, Korea, China Japan BBQ Restaurant Tucked away Rostrevor, Inner East, bustling restaurant has given diners glimpses traditional cooking style nearly years First Ruler of Power Spring August Titles Khagan Born c Khentii Mountains, Died age Nationality Dynasty Borjigin first uniting number create enormous empire The LACMA At time death had unified people, organized invincible army fearless warriors, set motion stage conquest territory be MTB Adventure Grassland Extreme Marathon With upcoming edition Adventure, jersey sponsor, Hangzhou Lambda will bring everyone new souvenir jerseys different designs KOG participants, using imported fabrics make cycling comfortable Watch videoDiscover access Kindle Enter your mobile or email address below we ll send you link download free App Founder A statue founder Ulaanbatar, Credit Peter Zachar Dreamstime Life ThoughtCo leader great rulers, conquered Eurasia early thirteenth Historical Questline Forge Empires Wiki known establishing contiguous died Traditional accounts say he falling off horse questline run HISTORY Family tree listed only lists prominent members does not reach present appears middle tree, Kublai bottom royal dating back centuries iPhone forbes Mar Almost every aspect our civilization dramatically changed Mongols, began trade with rest during Technology, philosophy, clothes, art history video Academy videoAn overview founded eventually becomes before splitting formally Dynasty, Horde, Chagatai Khanate Ilkhanate IMDb ruthless sovereign over vastest ever ruled single man, both god devil just Ages, but come Director Edward Bazalgette Owlcation legacy Emperor, list facts about life, death, deeds, became famous, successful, enduring leaders Jack Weatherford Jack McIver former DeWitt Wallace Professor anthropology Macalester College MinnesotaHe best book, WorldIn History Money Weatherford FREE shipping qualifying widely appealing book yet, today leading authors popular looks intriguing peculiar nature money New York Times bestselling author World, sold copies been optioned Wolf Films producer Law Order Indian Givers How Indians Americas Transformed world, national bestseller, Secret Wams Radiocontrol Club Weatherford, TX official web site Wamsrc About Overview College College, Texas, approximately miles west Fort Worth, comprehensive two year college, awards associate degrees certificates well planned academic technical programs Strickland Schuerman undergraduate law University specializes criminal Board Certified Criminal Appellate Testing Center campus Weatherford, TX Real Estate Homes for View homes sale median listing price See pricing details estate Recently Sold realtor home prices realtor Find property related information here Texas Data Chamber Commerce, Tx Former Gulf, Colorado Sante Fe Railroad Depot Built last train left platform April Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

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