ᘢ Download  Format Kindle @Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel For Free ᚹ E-Pub Author Janet Evanovich 퓰 ᘢ Download Format Kindle @Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel For Free ᚹ E-Pub Author Janet Evanovich 퓰 ONEMy Grandma Mazur called me early this morning.I had a dream, Grandma said There was this big horse, and it could fly It didn t have wings It just could fly And the horse flew over top of you, and started dropping road apples, and you were running around trying to get out of the way of the road apples And the funny thing was you didn t have any clothes on except a red lace thong kind of underpants Anyways, next thing a rhinoceros flew over you, and he was sort of hovering over top your head And then I woke up I got a feeling it means something.What I asked.I don t know, but it can t be good And she disconnected.So that s how my day started And to tell you the truth the dream pretty much summed up my life.My name is Stephanie Plum I work as a bond enforcer for my cousin Vinnie s bail bonds office, and I live in an uninspired, low rent, three story, brick faced chunk of an apartment building on the edge of Trenton, New Jersey My second floor apartment is furnished with my relatives cast offs I m average height I have an okay shape I m pretty sure I m averagely intelligent And I know for sure I have a crummy job My shoulder length curly brown hair is inherited from the Italian side of the family, my blue eyes from the Hungarian side of the family, and I have an excellent nose that s a gift from God Good thing he gave me the nose before he found out I wasn t the world s best Catholic.It was early September and unseasonably hot I had my hair up in a ponytail I d forgone makeup and opted for lip balm instead And I was wearing a red stretchy tank top, jeans, and sneakers Perfect clothes for running down bad guys or buying doughnuts I parked my hunk of junk Ford Escort in front of Tasty Pastry Bakery on Hamilton Avenue and mentally counted out the money in my wallet Definitely enough for two doughnuts Not enough for three.I parked the car and went into the bakery where Loretta Kucharski was behind the counter Last year Loretta was vice president of a bank When the bank went belly_up, Loretta got the job at Tasty Pastry To my way of thinking it was definitely career advancement I mean, who doesn t want to work in a bakery What ll it be Loretta asked me Cannoli Italian cookies Doughnut Doughnuts.Boston cream, chocolate cake, jelly, lemon glazed, cinnamon sugar, blueberry, pumpkin spice, chocolate glazed, cream filled, bearclaw, or maple I bit into my lower lip I wanted them all Definitely a Boston cream.Loretta carefully placed a Boston cream in a small white bakery box And Jelly doughnut, I said No wait Maple No Either Maple or pumpkin spice Or maybe the chocolate glazed.The door to the bakery opened, and an old woman who looked like an extra out of a low budget mafia movie marched in She was small and wiry and dressed in black Plain black dress, black scarf on her steel gray hair, sensible black shoes, dark stockings Snapping dark eyes under bushy gray eyebrows Mediterranean skin tone.Loretta and I gasped when we saw her It was Bella the most terrifying woman in Trenton She d immigrated to the States over fifty years ago, but she was still Sicilian than American She was devious and sly and possibly flat out crazy She was also my boyfriend s grandmother.Loretta made the sign of the cross and asked the Holy Mother for protection Considering my lack of church attendance I didn t feel comfy asking the Holy Mother for help, so I gave Bella a weak smile and a small wave.Grandma Bella pointed a bony finger at me You What you doing here To say that my relationship with Grandma Bella was tenuous would be a gross understatement Not only am I the harlot who, to her way of thinking, seduced and corrupted Joseph Anthony Morelli, her favorite grandson, but even damning, I m Edna Mazur s granddaughter Grandma Bella and my Grandma Mazur do not get along.D d doughnut, I said to Bella.Get out of my way, Bella said, pushing me aside, stepping up to the counter I was here first.Loretta s eyes were as big as duck eggs, darting back and forth between Bella and me Um, Loretta said, still holding the bakery box containing my Boston cream.Actually, I was here first, I said to Bella, but you can go ahead of me if you want.What You telling me you first You dare to say such a thing Bella hit me in the arm with her purse You have no respect.Cripes, I said Get a grip.Christ You say Christ Bella crossed herself and pulled her rosary beads out of her pocket You burn in hell You gonna get smite down Get away from me I don t want to be near when it happens.I didn t say Christ I said cripes.You heathen, Bella said Like your Grandma Edna She should rot in hell.Okay, so Bella was a crazy old lady, but that was going too far Hey, watch what you say about my grandmother, I said to Bella.Bella shook her finger at me I put the eye on you I fix you good.Loretta sucked in air and ducked down behind the counter.I m going to tell Joe on you, I said to Bella You re not supposed to be giving people the eye.Bella tipped her head back and looked down her nose at me You think he believe you over his grandma You think he believe you when you ugly with boils You think he believe you when you fat When you stink like cabbage Loretta whimpered from behind the counter.Stay down, Bella said to Loretta You good girl I don t want you to get in the way of the eye.So here s the thing with the eye I m pretty sure it s a bunch of baloney Still, there s the outside chance that Junior Genovisi didn t lose his hair from male pattern baldness I mean no one else in his family ever went bald, and it happened right after Bella put the whammy on him Then there was Rose DeMarco She accidentally mowed Bella over with her motorized wheelchair, and the next day Rose broke out with shingles.Loretta popped up, stuffed a bunch of doughnuts into the bakery box, and threw it at me Run for it I caught the box and looked over at Loretta How many are in here What do I owe you Nothing Just get out of here Hah, too late for her, Bella said to Loretta She got the eye now I ll take an almond coffee cake I want the one in front with the most icing.Under normal circumstances, at this time of day I would head for the bail bonds office on Hamilton Unfortunately the bonds office burned down to the ground not so long ago, so for the moment we re operating out of a motor home owned by a guy named Mooner I ve known Mooner for a bunch of years, and he wouldn t be my first choice for landlord, but desperate times call for desperate measures My cousin Vinnie needed to find a place with cheap rent, and Mooner needed gas and burrito money Voil A mobile bail bonds office Problem is I never know exactly where the office is parked.I drove down Hamilton and cruised past the lot that had been the site of the original office Mooner s bus was there There was a construction trailer parked at the curb behind Mooner s bus, the charred rubble had been carted away, and there were stakes stuck into the dirt Vincent Plum Bail Bonds was in rebuilding mode.It was Monday morning and business as usual, except today there were two cop cars, Joe Morelli s green SUV, and the medical examiner s meat wagon parked at odd angles around the construction trailer and Mooner s bus Four uniformed cops, Morelli, the M.E., my cousin Vinnie, the bail bonds office manager, Connie Rosolli, and Mooner were all standing in front of a small backhoe, looking into a shallow_pit.I ve known Morelli all my life, and he s one of those men who gets better with age He was a handsome, reckless, heartbreaker in high school He s even handsome now that his face shows some character and maturity He s lean and muscular with black hair waving over the top of his ears and along the nape of his neck His brown eyes are sharp and assessing when he s working They soften when he s aroused He s a Trenton plainclothes cop, and he was wearing jeans and boots and a blue buttoned down shirt with his gun clipped to his belt This was in sharp contrast to my cousin Vinnie, who is four inches shorter than Morelli and looks like a weasel with slicked back hair and pointy toed shoes.I parked behind Morelli s SUV and joined the group.What are we looking at I asked Morelli.I m guessing Lou Dugan, he said.A half rotted hand was poking out of the disturbed dirt, and not far from the hand was something that might be part of a skull I see a lot of bad things in my job, but this was right up there at the top of the Gonna Gork Meter.TWOWhy do you THINK it s Lou Dugan the M.E asked Morelli.Morelli pointed to the hand Pinky ring Diamonds and rubies Dugan was at the pancake supper at St Joaquin s, told Manny Kruger he was going home, and that was the last anyone saw him.Lou Dugan wasn t without enemies He ran a topless titty bar downtown, and it was common knowledge that the women went way beyond lap dances He was a flamboyant pillar of the community, and I d heard he could be ruthless in his business dealings.We all looked back at the grisly hand with the pinky ring.Okay, run the crime scene tape, the M.E said to one of the uniforms And get the state lab out here to exhume the body Someone s going to have to stay on the scene until the state takes over I don t want a screwup.Awesome, Mooner said This is like CSI Trenton.Mooner has shoulder length brown hair, parted in the middle He s slim and built loosey goosey He s my age He s a nice guy And his head is for the most part empty since his brain got fried on drugs in high school and never totally regenerated.I m not paying for special duty cops, Vinnie said This isn t my Praise for Janet EvanovichNo less than her plotting, Evanovichs characterizations are models of screwball artistry The intricate plot machinery of her comic capers is fueled by inventive twists The New York Times Chutzpah and sheer comic 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lingerie buyer Trenton, Jersey, becomes bounty hunter make ends meet after losing job Times bestselling author series, co authored twelve novels, Alexandra Troublemaker graphic novel, How Write Secrets Bestselling Author Fantastic Fiction complete list order, latest releases, covers, descriptions availability Book In Order About literature amateurs professionals all striving towards goal creating bestsellers As fate would have certain number authors able outstanding themselves Home Facebook likes talking about this official page Facebook Evanovich, janetevanovich Twitter Verified account NY Stephanie attitude opinion, toxic waste, rabid drivers, armed schizophrenics, August heat, humidity, hydrocarbons janet evanovich Books More FanFiction FanFiction fanfiction archive over stories Come read, write, review, interact fans Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Biography writes humorous, romantic, Best known mystery sassy smart turned hunter, today top crime fiction writers millions eBay PDF format popular platforms gain access read formatting World famous pastrami, cole slaw, disappearing managers FictionDB South River, where raised second generation borned USA studied painting Rutgers University Douglass College, graduating bachelor degree Listen Audiobooks written Audible Readers Pets readers pets posted every Monday Send pet picture jpg gif along webmaster News PO Box Naples, FL Copyright Inc SIGN UP E newlsetter e mails Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel

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