〢 Early reader series ⎳ Kindle Ebook By Lauren Karcz ␦ 〢 Early reader series ⎳ Kindle Ebook By Lauren Karcz ␦ Gr 8 UpMercedes Moreno is an award winning artist But she s in a bit of a slump and is going through a lot Mercedes s mom just rushed to Puerto Rico to be with her comatose mother, leaving the high school senior to take care of her 14 year old sister, Angela Complicating matters further, Mercedes is in love with her best friend Victoria and everyone seems to know it except for Victoria A week later, a piano appears on Mercedes s front lawn Angela falls in love and starts to play all the time Shortly after the piano shows up, so does a new neighbor named Lilia, and she s a painter like Mercedes Lilia soon becomes a part of the Moreno sisters lives She helps Angela, who might be a savant, on the piano Lilia also invites Mercedes to paint with her at the Red Mangrove Estates It s here that Mercedes finds clarity, begins to create, and feels inspired again As her life continues to weigh on her, Mercedes spends and time at the estates and soon realizes she can t handle living two lives one inside the estates and another outside of them This is a great title that tackles death, love, creativity, growing up, and moving on There are no tidy endings here, but that just makes this book that is sprinkled with some magical realism relatable It s a good read for fans of Natalie Standiford s How To Say Goodbye in Robot VERDICT A strong purchase for most libraries.Faythe Arredondo, Tulare County Library, CAA dreamy and subtle work of art, THE GALLERY OF UNFINISHED GIRLS explores love, family, and the maddening, magical drive to create art Adi Alsaid, author of Let s Get Lost Francesca Lia Block fans will be right at home with this mix of magical realism, girl power self actualization, and the concept that family can be both biological and found, and theyll likely keep an eye out to see what this debut author will do next Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books The novels mix of self discovery, art making, and the unknown should resonate with fans of A.S Kings work Publishers Weekly bold debut Booklist The Gallery of Unfinished Girls

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