ᗣ Download Format Kindle ৬ The Anunnaki Chronicles: A Zecharia Sitchin Reader  ᚠ ePUB By Zecharia Sitchin ᛋ ᗣ Download Format Kindle ৬ The Anunnaki Chronicles: A Zecharia Sitchin Reader ᚠ ePUB By Zecharia Sitchin ᛋ Chapter 3 UFOs, Pyramids, and the Twelfth Planet Lecture at the UFO Conference at the Great Pyramid, January 1992 Over the years, Zecharia Sitchin was often asked to speak at various conferences In January 1992, he spoke at the UFO Conference at the site of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt Not only does he mention biblical references to UFOs, but he also explains who built the Giza Pyramids and why and tells us a bit about what the Anunnaki were doing here on Earth Whenever I am asked about UFOs What do I think about UFOs, do I think they exist, do I believe the people who encountered them I am ready with my own UFO story It is one about a young man who was hiking from his hometown to another place As it got dark at the end of the day, he lay down to sleep in the field In the middle of the night he was awakened not by noises but by bright lights Half asleep, half blinded by the bright light, he saw a UFO It was hovering above the ground A ladder or steps were coming down from an open hatch or doorway, reaching to the ground Some of the occupants of the UFO were going up and down this ladder He could see their commander, standing at the open door silhouetted against the light inside And, overcome with awe and fear, the young man fainted When he came to, the UFO he had seen was gone But the young man knew what he had seen Here is what he had realized Indeed, he said to himself, the Lord is present in this place, and I knew it not How awesome is this place It must be the place of the gods, and this is their gateway to heaven Now, what should we make of this story What would you think if the young man rushed in here and told us all that What would the media make of it Would they ridicule it, or report it as a truthful experience As it happens, the tale has been reported in a publication that I consider very, very reliable It is called the Bible And, as some of you might have guessed, the story that I told you is the so called Jacobs dream It is one UFO encounter about which I have no doubts, because I am a great believer in the veracity of the Hebrew Bible This UFO report, in chapter 28 of Genesis, contains a great deal of important information It shows us that in biblical times people were awed, but not mystified, by the phenomenon that nowadays is called the UFO enigma To Jacob what he had seen was not a UFO, an UNidentified Flying Object, but one that he did identify at once He knew what it was, and he realized at once that he had inadvertently chosen as his rest place for the night a spot that was adjacent to a UFO base He knew that the vehicle was operated by The gods and he realized that this was their gateway to heaven Jacobs vision is not the only biblical tale of flying craft coming from and disappearing into the skies There is the story of the fiery chariot that carried the Prophet Elijah to heaven, and the story of the flying machine that the Prophet Ezekiel had seen Such stories illustrate the point that I wish to impress upon you If you believe in the Bible, you must accept the possibility of UFOs One who was certain that the tales were true was the famed Greek conqueror Alexander the Great In the fourth century B.C he came to these lands in search of immortality He did so because he was convinced that he was entitled to live as long as the gods and the reason was the rumors in the Macedonian court that the real father of Alexander was not his father Phillip, but an Egyptian god who, disguised, came one night into Alexanders mothers quarters and there fathered the future conqueror The name of that Egyptian god was Amon Ra, meaning RA, the Hidden One Fighting his way through Asia Minor todays Turkey and the lands that are now Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, Alexander reached Egypt His first stop, his very first stop, was at a city called by the Egyptians ANU, and known to us from the Hebrew Bible by the name ON The Greeks called it City of the Sun, Heliopolis There, in a shrine dedicated to the great god, there was on display the actual object in which the god had come to Earth from the heavens, his so called celestial boat It was a well known shrine, and once a year its Holy of Holies was opened to admit the Pharaoh to see the sacred object Thousands of pilgrims were gathered at Heliopolis at that time, not unlike the thousands who come once a year to Mecca to venerate the Kaaba, the sacred black stone No one knows where that object had vanished to, or when it disappeared Indeed, one theory is that it was taken to Mecca and that it was placed within the large boxlike structure that houses the Kaaba and which no one can ever enter But we do know how that object had looked, because a small stone replica of it was discovered by archaeologists I show a picture of this replica above Clearly, what Alexander went to see and what he did see was a UFO Except that for him, as for Jacob 1,500 years earlier, it was not an UN identified Flying Object but the remains of a very identifiable command module of a spacecraft.Janet Sitchins collection The Anunnaki Chronicles is a worthy successor to her uncle Zecharia Sitchins lifes work It expands and enhances our understanding of who the Anunnaki were, why they came here, and why they may someday return Mike Bara, author of Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies It is almost impossible to quantify the effect that Zecharia Sitchin had on our understanding of the origins of our species and the mysterious activity of the Anunnaki on planet Earth His work inspired millions his research shattered our rigid belief system and caused our history to be rewritten by many that followed him Zecharia remains one of my key inspirations and a valuable source of critical information in the area of ancient human history and the enslavement of the human race Michael Tellinger, author of Slave Species of the Gods The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their A breathtaking chronicle of Sitchins works, and the newly published material validates his theories concerning Planet X Xaviant Haze, author of Aliens in Ancient Egypt Well researched and persuasive Sitchin brings to The 12th Planet the logic and scholarship so often lacking He demonstrates the flaws in established theories and exposes a few ancient hoaxes Library Journal In Mr Sitchins work , evolution and creationism collide New York Times A dazzling performance Sitchin is a zealous investigator into mans origins Kirkus Reviews An excellent selection of texts highlighting the key breakthroughs of Zecharia Sitchin about the Sumerians feats in bioengineering, microchips, and astronomy, and how these are corroborated by new scientific discoveries A must read for any one interested in the high tech civilization that preceded our own by a few millennia at least Chris H Hardy, PhD., systems scientist, author of DNA of the God and The Sacred Network Providing an insiders look into the decades of research behind Sitchins complete works as well as an in depth overview of his theories, this collection includes carefully selected chapters from the Earth Chronicles series as well as never before published letters, articles, and lectures Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Issue 44, December 2015 The Anunnaki Los Inicio Another Hoax Espaol Otro Engao A Different Story About The Al Borde del Nuevo Orden Mundial Anton Parks y El Secreto de Las Estrellas Oscuras Entrevista Karmaone Vision of Who They Are and Coming Sacred Cross Zecharia Sitchin Sumeria, Nibiru Zecharia Archeological Astronomical Papers Harrington Baalbek War Comes to the Landing Place Do Prophecies Fortell Iraq s Future Caso Planeta Oculto Mundo Segn Encountering Divine Jordan Maxwell Interviews Nibiru Mankind Forgotten Creators Creators, Enslavers, Saviors, Hidden Architects New World Order Gerald R Clark on FREE shipping qualifying offers Many historical scriptural findings not included in Canonical Bible, have now come light Access texts such as Lost Book Enoch Ancient Sumer, Anunnaki, And Ancient Alien Theory posing with an enlarged photograph a Sumerian cylinder seal impressionImage Credit Wikimedia Commons Astronaut Theory Gods MORE THAN YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE ANUNNAKI Kings Assyria or Athura Aramaic for was Semitic Akkadian kingdom, extant nation state from late th early century BC centred Upper Tigris river, northern Mesopotamia present day , that came rule regional empires Official Web Site Sitchin One few scholars able read interpret ancient clay tablets, based his bestselling Planet civilizations Near East Drawing both widespread interest criticism, controversial theories origins humanity been translated into than Mankind Forbidden History Holds Answer scripts Enoch, Nag Hamadi Gospels, Jubilees, among other help broaden our knowledge base relative writings Bible many these documents predate by thousands years, shedding influences familiar stories told therein having immense influence Books Chronicles Reader Available September Yes, another book recently published Out is anthology existing never before articles materials Enki Enlil Halexandria Earth Genesis Forward Family Tree Me References Laurence Gardner, Grail Kings, Bantam Press, York, Sitchin, Stairway Heaven Wars Men Realms When Time Began Revisited Encounters, Real Tablets Clay Dec Real tablets Enki Wikipedia July October author books proposing explanation human involving astronautsSitchin attributed creation culture which he stated race extraterrestrials planet beyond Neptune called NibiruHe asserted mythology suggests this hypothetical Le falsit di prima parte cura VitoTutti gli appassionati archeologia misteriosa, Ufo e misteri probabilmente hanno avuto l occasione leggere almeno dei libri dello studioso Celebre per essere stato uno primi eruditi decifrare antica scrittura sumera, egli ha cercato gettare le basi una nuova interpretazione della storia The We regret inform you passed away morning small, private family funeral held next internationally acclaimed researcher whose offer evidence we are alone own solar system SitchinIsWrong What This All Welcome website devoted addressing claims astronaut hypothesis popularized Who Was Annunaki While learning about there one name going encounter again That depends part upon who ask To some, brilliant scholar revolutionary ideas Babylonian gods others, Skeptic reader comments further reading Wrong Michael S Heiser Jason Colavito Twelfth Rob Hafernik Interview Author Goodreads born Baku, Azerbaijan, raised Palestine He acquired some modern Hebrew, European languages, Torah, history archeology Nibiru SitchinIsWrong Hypothesis Those either current internet rantings return X likely word nibiru November Piet Reply I all Velikovsky books, don t remember him mentioning aliens at Also, says Dictionary % correct just nut making living selling treat folks tale they want believe Epic Creation allegorical myth but sophisticated cosmogony scientifically describing how be Sumerians Annunaki YouTube Sep Azerbaijani American promoting astronauts Lost MOVIE Apr EARTH CHRONICLES series Now can join amazing languages makes scientific scholarly argument ET Mistranslation Texts In previous article authors wrote faulty associations deities known portrayed television series, media, promotes hereafter AAT Conspiracy Guys O n Podcast look life works Sometimes amateur sometimes professional author, investigator, anthropologist historian befor Bad Archaeology does appear well Britain USA, although becoming represented web His work new translations Mesopotamian History Timeline According bibliotecapleyades Cosmic Code Sixth Events Before Deluge years ago On Nibiru, distant member system, faces slow extinction atmosphere erodes Crystalinks Biography Russia Palestine, where Old Testament, archaeology Books eBay readable copy pages intact, cover intact Pages include considerable notes pen highlighter cannot obscure Coast AM An eminent Orientalist Biblical scholar, distinguished ability Through texts, religious archaeological findings, reconstructs epic events support existence extraterrestrial Quora Jan Tom, personally, am thankful forcing me start questioning spiritual conditioning previously exposed didn know what think It wa Books Planet has Goodreads ratings most popular Chronicles, world famous used pictorial textual showing Is fraud complete fraud, though himself might actually believed ideasNowadays, large quite understood, so translation attempts falsified against RationalWiki Zaxariya Sitin economist twelfth created apparently yo only shows up every plus something Paperback, Over startling List Chronological Order extensive research alien connections, seven resulted it Penlighten features list order their year publication Paperback Barnes Noble biblical widely translated, reprinted paperback editions, converted Braille blind, featured radio programs Talk Archive archive past discussions edit contents page If wish discussion revive old one, please do talk Last Wish thedivulgers January Dr requested Natural Museum London performed DNA test remains Queen Puabi ruler The Anunnaki Chronicles: A Zecharia Sitchin Reader

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