ಬ Read Hardcover ᘓ The Elements of Style: A Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural Details from 1485 to the Present  ೉ Ebook By Stephen Calloway ೦ ಬ Read Hardcover ᘓ The Elements of Style: A Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural Details from 1485 to the Present ೉ Ebook By Stephen Calloway ೦ The Elements of Style is the most comprehensive visual survey, period by period, feature by feature, of the styles that have had the greatest impact on interiors of American and British domestic architecture Unsurpassed in its range of illustrations, this magnificent volume covers than 500 years of architectural styles from Tudor to Post Modern and includes a wealth of American and British vernacular styles Everyone from owners of period houses, restorers, and architects to interior designers, do it yourself homeowners, and all those interested in our building heritage will find this reference indispensable More than 3,000 analytical drawings and historic engravings are included in this updated edition as well as 400 photographs in color and over 1,000 in black and white These extraordinary images provide a systematic guide to the features appropriate for every part of a building, from the major components such as doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, and staircases to the small but important embellishments such as moldings and door hardware At the heart of the book is a chronological treatment of the primary styles and periods of architectural design during the past 500 years Each chapter begins with an illustrated essay, then looks in turn at individual features, from doors and windows to ironwork and woodwork The usefulness of this book is further enriched by the inclusion of permanent or semipermanent fixtures such as lighting, kitchen stoves, and floor and wall coverings, as well as strictly architectural details A useful system of quick reference, employing color coded tabs keyed to each feature, enables the reader to trace how particular features evolved over time And at the back of the book, separate chapters dealing with vernacular architecture are followed by a glossary and a fully updated directory of suppliers of authentic materials as well as period and reproduction features For this new edition, a biographical directory of architects and architectural practices has been added Compiled by a team of experts headed by Stephen Calloway and Elizabeth Cromley, The Elements of Style is the first book on architectural styles that is comprehensive, incredibly thorough, and accessible in its presentation of individual details Equally invaluable for authentic period restoration or simply for saying to your contractor, I want one like that this definitive resource presents literally thousands of details. 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