ₒ Good Sport: Why Our Games Matter -- and How Doping Undermines Them library ₥ Ebook By Thomas H Murray ⃡ ₒ Good Sport: Why Our Games Matter -- and How Doping Undermines Them library ₥ Ebook By Thomas H Murray ⃡ Murray uses elite athlete s voices and case studies along with other evidence to create a well sourced and referenced, accessible text that will be of interest to a wide range of scholars Recommended All readers A Curtis, ChoiceMr Murray is second to none in his knowledge of sports doping, and he does an excellent job of exploring the many challenges it raises David Papineau, Wall Street Journal By focusing on what we really prize in athletics, Good Sport provides a framework for how to think about sports and artificial enhancement that celebrates achievement and identifies shortcuts as what they are tools for undermining our values John Feinstein, author of A Season on the Brink, and A Good Walk Spoiled This is just the book one might expect from Tom Murray, who shows that sport is rich in values and meanings that are worth preserving It is thoughtful, incisive, clearly written, and does not shy away from any of the difficult issues affecting sport Dick Pound, former President of the World Anti Doping Agency Murray adeptly distills the complex art and science that has shaped the anti doping program s determined pursuit of fairness Through the adroit use of tangible examples in sports history, he connects the dots between anti doping and pro humanity arguments By the conclusion of this journey, Murray s authoritative voice helps us discover that they are indeed one and the same Doug Glanville, Baseball Analyst, Author, Speaker, and Former MLB Player Tom Murray is one of the world s leading sport ethicists His work has been admired and used by many engaged in sport integrity This book weaves together his vast experiences into a work of significance The first of its genre to be published, it is a wonderful book which will be hugely beneficial internationally David Howman, former Executive Director, World Anti Doping Agency A tour de force on sports performance enhancement and how to think about it Sorting through fundamental questions like What is natural Murray gives the reader a field guide in science and ethics that is required reading for anyone with an interest in the potential of the human body Sally Jenkins, author and columnist, Washington Post Good Sport is a moving exploration of issues involving doping and the deeper meaning of sports The book combines facts, real life examples and a passion for what we love and appreciate about sports, in order to mount a powerful argument for clean sport I would recommend this book to anyone interested in sports doping or who cares about sports in general Gary Green, MD, Medical Director, Major League Baseball Tom Murray confronts the growing nihilism about sports doping with an exceptional appeal rooted in the value of sport itself To the question of, Why not just let them all dope he answers with reason and a moral clarity that has been missing from the public conversation T.J Quinn, reporter and anchor, ESPN It offers a flowing defence of anti doping values grounded in examples designed to test and develop our intuitions on certain key questions It achieves its key aims of clearly articulating a defence of anti doping policy and of encouraging us to engage with central questions as to what we admire in elite athletes It will be of general interest as these questions are so central to sport and its rules and regulations today Nordic Sports Studies Forum Thomas H Murray is President Emeritus of The Hastings Center He served as Presidential appointee on the National Bioethics Advisory Commission and as chair of its Genetics subcommittee He has been president of the Society for Health and Human Values and the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, and chaired the Ethical Issues Review Panel for the World Anti Doping Agency He is currently a member of the Independent IAAF Ethics Board. Good Sport: Why Our Games Matter -- and How Doping Undermines Them

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