ῴ  [ Get Your Organ Transplant Abroad: The Faster, Cheaper, SAFER Way ] Ό By Thomas Mietzel ‡ ῴ [ Get Your Organ Transplant Abroad: The Faster, Cheaper, SAFER Way ] Ό By Thomas Mietzel ‡ Are you waiting in line for an organ transplant Have you been denied a transplant Either way, it could cost you your life or the life of your loved one We were faced with the same dilemma and elected to think outside the box We began looking overseas for a transplant hospital when we were kicked off the transplant list in the United States by a well known Midwest hospital We were given no hope for a transplant, forced to rely instead on systemic treatments that had little or no statistical benefit This occurred even though in this particular case we had a living donor, thus not removing an organ from the donor pool We had the donor, we had the insurance coverage What we didnt have are a physician and hospital willing to take the risk Whether you know it or not doctors and hospitals are concerned about their rankings If you die soon after the operation, it goes against their rankings which, in turn reduces the likelihood others will seek their care.However, if they simply refuse to do your surgery, they preserve their rankings, their prestige and their illusion of excellence.As her husband I was disgusted by the lack of concern, the rigidity of her doctors and the hospital, and the doctors hiding behind medical committees in making life or death decisions with no appeal or opportunity to plead your case From our perspective, the transplant hospital appeared to be focused on denying a transplant versus completing a transplant We were faced with a stark choice either look at alternative options or come to peace with the death of my beloved wife.You are about to join us on the journey that took us overseas to one of the best transplant hospitals in the world It is a place where living liver donor transplants are completed in one year than in the top 10 US hospitals combined It is a place where the complication rate is a small fraction of what even the best US based hospitals have been able to achieve It is a place where infection rates are lower It is a place where patient centric care is still found.Many people needlessly die waiting on a list Many die because they dont fit into the box demanded by hospitals and UNOS United Network for Organ Sharing Government policies, bureaucratic lethargy, hospitals concerned with their reputation versus healing are but a few of the policies that result in the deaths of patients who could be healed, or life significantly prolonged.Doctors in the US are concerned about outcomes Even at hospitals who promote themselves as hospitals of last resort will discard you if you could adversely impact their rankings and their success rates American medicine is a business, and if you could be bad for business you will have a challenging time receiving a transplant.Wait time on transplant lists causes patients who could be cured to worsen resulting in their removal from the transplant list Patients who worsen are no longer eligible Every few months you are tested to see if you still qualify Thousands of people each year are removed from the transplant list because their condition progresses beyond what is deemed acceptable Many go from curable to disposable.While this book is primarily focused on living donor transplants there is a wealth of information for you even if you need a cadaver donor The team we worked with can direct you in how to proceed with a life saving transplant We have even included the names of people we used to save my wifes life.By all means do your own research Make your own decisions Our decision was between life or death The decision was easy The courage to step outside the box, realizing that American medicine is not the only game in town, was the challenge.My wife and I wish you healing, long life, and peace through these trying times. 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