☃ Hardcover Download [ ✇ Amazon.com: Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science eBook: Atul Gawande: Kindle Store ] For Free ☴ E-Pub Author Atul Gawande ♣ ☃ Hardcover Download [ ✇ Amazon.com: Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science eBook: Atul Gawande: Kindle Store ] For Free ☴ E-Pub Author Atul Gawande ♣ Gently dismantling the myth of medical infallibility, Dr Atul Gawande s Complications A Surgeon s Notes on an Imperfect Science is essential reading for anyone involved in medicine on either end of the stethoscope Medical professionals make mistakes, learn on the job, and improvise much of their technique and self confidence Gawande s tales are humane and passionate reminders that doctors are people, too His prose is thoughtful and deeply engaging, shifting from sometimes painful stories of suffering patients including his own child to intriguing suggestions for improving medicine with the same care he expresses in the surgical theater Some of his ideas will make health care providers nervous or even angry, but his disarming style, confessional tone, and thoughtful arguments should win over most readers Complications is a book with heart and an excellent bedside manner, celebrating rather than berating doctors for being merely human Rob LightnerMedicine reveals itself as a fascinatingly complex and fundamentally human endeavor in this distinguished debut essay collection by a surgical resident and staff writer for the New Yorker Gawande, a former Rhodes scholar and Harvard Medical School graduate, illuminates the moments in which medicine actually happens, and describes his profession as an enterprise of constantly changing knowledge, uncertain information, fallible individuals, and at the same time lives on the line Gawande s background in philosophy and ethics is evident throughout these pieces, which range from edgy accounts of medical traumas to sobering analyses of doctors anxieties and burnout With humor, sensitivity and critical intelligence, he explores the pros and cons of new technologies, including a controversial factory model for routine surgeries that delivers superior success rates while dramatically cutting costs He also describes treatment of such challenging conditions as morbid obesity, chronic pain and necrotizing fasciitis the often fatal condition caused by dreaded flesh eating bacteria and probes the agonizing process by which physicians balance knowledge and intuition to make seemingly impossible decisions What draws practitioners to this challenging profession, he concludes, is the promise of the alterable moment the fragile but crystalline opportunity for one s know how, ability or just gut instinct to change the course of another s life for the better These exquisitely crafted essays, in which medical subjects segue into explorations of much larger themes, place Gawande among the best in the field National author tour Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc. Complications Atul Gawande FREE shipping qualifying offers brilliant and courageous doctor reveals, in gripping accounts of true cases, the power limits modern medicine Sometimes only way to know what is truly going a patient operate Surgeon, MacArthur fellow, New Yorker staff writer follows his best sellers Better with electrifying manifesto that pairs most advanced medical science humblest tools checklistAtul Wikipedia born November , an American surgeon, writer, public health researcher He practices general endocrine surgery at Brigham Women s Hospital Boston, MassachusettsHe professor Department Health The Yorker has been since author four selling books Complications, finalist for National Book Award Better, selected About Gawande Gawande, MD, MPH, both Policy Management Harvard School Public Surgery Medical Executive Director Ariadne Labs, joint center systems TH Chan Health Director, Labs Professor Surgery, General Endocrine atulgawande How do we heal TED Talk Our are broken Doctors capable extraordinary expensive treatments, but they losing their core focus actually treating people Doctor suggests take step back look new ways fewer cowboys pit crews Being Mortal Illness, Medicine What Matters End Being on Brand Ready be shipped Want get great something Get coach improve face complexity studied this question surgeon precision shares he found key having good provide accurate picture our reality, instill positive habits thinking, break actions down then help us build them up again It not how you now it re Letting Go explores difference between standard care hospice terminal patients How landed job selection run venture founded by Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett began article wrote, told STAT The Checklist Manifesto Things Right We live world increasing complexity, where even expert professionals struggle master tasks Longer training, ever technologies neither seems prevent grievous errors But hopeful turn, acclaimed finds Who Hindu turning into legal drug dealers easy US profession industry overwhelmingly market dictated spends twice as much per capita other developed co BBC Radio Reith Lectures, Dr Dec Surgeon calls approach two unfixable problems life healthcare ageing death tells A Brilliant Selection For CEO Here Jun Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase just announced inspired choice nonprofit professor, physician all DailyGood School, Yorker, Through work opens conversation about dying living, role ensuring survival, enabling leader non profit seeking formed deliver better outcomes, satisfaction, cost efficiency colleagues have focused research intersection Much examined error deeper fascinating topics original video series from celebrated author, journalist, said closest had come knowing Bezos was fleeting hello Talk Show Hathaway Buffett, Dimon Jan And Charles Munger On Why More Care Mar obsessed beginning realize isn t always globally respected recently As steps risky role, here will out limelight Monday put himself under its microscope Taking helm funded Chase, Amazon.com: Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science eBook: Atul Gawande: Kindle Store

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